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Crossings By Ashley Capes,

  • Title: Crossings
  • Author: Ashley Capes
  • ISBN: 9780992553746
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deep in the Australian bush, something dark is stirring.When wildlife ranger Lisa Thomas finds a pile of animal entrails on her doorstep she immediately suspects her abusive ex, but the sudden spate of deaths that follow seem beyond even Ben s vindictiveness.Worse, her father s health is deteriorating fast and when the harassment and deaths continue, it only fuels her feelDeep in the Australian bush, something dark is stirring.When wildlife ranger Lisa Thomas finds a pile of animal entrails on her doorstep she immediately suspects her abusive ex, but the sudden spate of deaths that follow seem beyond even Ben s vindictiveness.Worse, her father s health is deteriorating fast and when the harassment and deaths continue, it only fuels her feelings of powerlessness To add confusion to growing fear, Lisa must also investigate reports of a giant white kangaroo, reports that suggest the creature is no mere hoax Yet the mysterious kangaroo is impossible to track down and the Lisa searches the she s sure an even greater threat lurks in the wilderness
    Crossings Deep in the Australian bush something dark is stirring When wildlife ranger Lisa Thomas finds a pile of animal entrails on her doorstep she immediately suspects her abusive ex but the sudden spate o

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    1. Lisa loves living in the small country town of Lidelson She has a real passion for wildlife and works as a volunteer, alongside Robert, rescuing injured wildlife.When Lisa s violent ex arrives back in town dead animals start turning up on her doorstep Could these two incidents be related or has something sinister arrived in the once quiet town of Lidelson.As the body count, both human and animal, begins to rise Lisa finds that she also comes under suspicion.I loved the Australian colloquialisms [...]

    2. Print Version AvailableAfter a short delay you can now order Crossings as a print book, either via or other retailers, or even directly through my website AZM Crossings AshleDirect cityofmasks crossings.Ebook is live If anyone is looking for a supernatural thriller with some light horror, Crossings is now available in kindle format for about 1 or so, with print version on its way Crossings AshleSeptemberAs Crossings heads into proofing, I d like to announce a few giveaways I ll run for the nov [...]

    3. Wow Just Wow I ve really enjoyed reading Ashley Capes work in the past but Crossings has left me speechless I finished the novel than a month ago and it still haunts me In a previous review I mentioned that I was in awe of the author s dark mind, and I still am, however, at the time I was unaware of just how dark it actually was Crossings can best be described as literature infused with fantasy and Ashley Capes is exceedingly good at writing this type of novel On second thought, he is just an e [...]

    4. Well written weaving mysticism and real life well Murder mystery bound to outback symbolism Great feel to author s descriptions Would have liked a few answers as to why how at the end.

    5. Ashley Capes is fast becoming one of my favourite authors His epic fantasy series The Bone Mask Trilogy is among my favourite fantasy stories of all time and he s just released the second book in the series check it out now if you re a fantasy lover in search of a new author to follow I ve read pretty much everything he s published, and his most recent release didn t disappoint Crossings is difficult to categorise it s probably most fitting in the paranormal genre But essentially, I think I d cl [...]

    6. Disclaimer I received a free electronic copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.This is the second book I have read by Ashley Capes the first was The Fairy Wren, which I gave 5 stars , and it was every bit as fantastic Capes s books straddle the line between genres they are a unique blend of supernatural and thriller, with a dash of crime mystery Point blank readers who enjoy any one of those genres should be reading Ashley s books.Crossings follows Lisa, a volunteer wildlife ranger, [...]

    7. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the book from the author and it s always a bit nerve wracking to review a book when you know the author is going to pay attention I m not going to lie or withhold opinions just because I feel grateful and honored, but I don t want to hurt their feelings either Turns out this time my worries were unfounded since I genuinely enjoyed Crossings.The book has several smaller storylines to go with the flaming hell roo They bring both depth and intrigue to the boo [...]

    8. Absolute 5 star book.This story touched on a lot of subjects Domestic abuse, Alzheimer s Dementia, the fires that take Australia from time to time, the outbackI totally loved this book It is another of the un put downables Beautiful cover, fantastic up and coming author Written so well, I felt it should be on the Top Ten best sellers list Ive read other books by this fantastic Australian author and loved them but none of them blew me away like this one, Crossings Synopsis Takes place in heat swe [...]

    9. One of my favorite things about Crossings was that it was set in Australia I love Australia and this book reminded me of the short time I got to spend there That was also one of the things I had trouble with I just had trouble with some of the slang and different verbiage for things, but really I can t hold it against the book too much It s just the difference of reading an American author versus an author from another country Overall, this was a really interesting story and I enjoyed it quite a [...]

    10. I received a free download of this book from Story Cartel, thank you I enjoyed this book It had enough drama and mystery to keep me guessing throughout.The ending was a little bit lacking for me, as I still had several questions that went unanswered, but overall it ended the way I wanted it to end.The setting in Australia was fun for me to read about I liked the way the characters talked, and I was able to imagine that I was really there in the brush with the kangaroos.I would recommend this boo [...]

    11. I love Australia and I have been to visit one time and would love to go back again I also am a big animal lover So this book was a good one for me since it has both in it The story had me wanting to not put this book down I enjoyed it The character seems to me like a strong survivor I liked her I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

    12. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.A new book, or novella as is the case here, from Ashley Capes is always a treat, so when he asked me to read and review his latest work, Crossings, I of course jumped at the opportunity the core idea was as intriguing as the cover, portraying a kangaroo painted in flames a sure indication that the author had based this story in his native Australia.Lisa Thomas, the main character, is a woman leading a complicated life she work [...]

    13. 3.5 Stars We received a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review I liked the new twist on a scary animal, though I wish I could have learned a bit about it The primary focus was on Lisa finding her way through life and when things couldn t get any worse, there s something killing wildlife and leaving it for her to find.There s a bit of a mystery to the story, which I enjoyed I liked how the author outlined what was going on and didn t give too much away until nearing the end At first [...]

    14. When I see a book with a kangaroo on the front cover, unless it looks like a zombie kangaroo, it doesn t normally strike me as threatening But this book is quite the opposite And it is all about kangaroos, so in a way, the cover is quite fitting The main character, Lisa, seems to continually have a run of bad luck in the story Her dad s mind is starting to go in and out, her ex shows up, and dead things start showing up on her doorstep and in her yard Strange things are happening in the area Lis [...]

    15. Life isn t easy, not for anyone That quote, from main character Lisa s befuddled Dad, pretty much defines this book.Life isn t easy not for Lisa a character you can really relate to, not for Gerry the cop and would be suitor, not for her evil ex, not for her co worker or most anyone else in this town.This book was an interesting read I can say without a hesitation of a doubt that the first 13 chapters were brilliant and the book was hard to put down The book took a turn and stumbled amid evil pe [...]

    16. Another awesome book, I so loved A Whisper of Leaves, so when the author ask me to read another book I jumped at the chance, first of all I got to say I love the cover it s different and it s just cool I have never read a book about kangaroos so it s different and awesome this is a mystery type book my favorite I am a animal lover so I certainly hope no animals were harmed in the making of this book lol, I do feel for the main character all these problems she s having an abusive ex I can so rela [...]

    17. Wonderfully written book, much suspense Much psychological stress on Lisa and some mysterious things left open Not a bad thing for me, most of my classmates hated the open ended stories our english teacher let us read, but I liked many of them.I ve just read Crossings a second time, tough there are pretty much blood, many killed animals and men I thoroughly enjoyed it I especially liked the description of the situation with Lisas father and of the fight against the bush fire to save their lives [...]

    18. Ashley Capes can jump genres and still suck you in to his story I had a hard time putting it down American English and Australian English have some translation issues But that didn t take away from the story at all And Ashley took the time to answer my questions about what had been lost in the translation This is a must read Ashley Capes is still one of my newest favorite authors.

    19. Volunteer wildlife ranger Lisa Thomas and her offsider Robert were once again called to pick up a dead kangaroo it was a common occurrence but one Lisa was sad about Her ritual of sprinkling salt over the dead animal s body had been passed down through her family, with her father and grandfather also performing it Everyone in the area expected it of Lisa When Lisa unexpectedly found dead animals on her front doorstep in the small Victorian town of Lidelson, she wondered if it was kids skylarking [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this suspenseful, paranormal mystery I liked the writing and the realistic touches like the dialogue and everyday events of life that grounded the novel in reality while seamlessly introducing the supernatural elements All of this then allowed the dramatic scenes to shine through with their tension and suspense, and were all really well written There s a few different stories running parallel to each other that then begin to merge together the declining health of Lisa s Dad, the [...]

    21. Crossings by Ashley Capes is a novel that follows Lisa Thomas uncovering the truth behind the deaths that s somehow associated related with a giant white kangaroo Along with it, she s also dealing with her ex Ben, who s rage is quickly growing.I give this book 2.75 out of 5 stars I ll round it up so it ll be 3 out of 5 stars on The book s fine The cover s great and the description s catchy Although I didn t like how the plot went I like the idea but it wasn t handled smoothly There were holes wh [...]

    22. An interesting journey with lots to offer at each corner The intrigue keeps you turning the pages and the characters unfold with and depth the further you travel The atmosphere is beautifully set and when the tale ends you re left feeling very rewarded A great novel.

    23. Disclaimer I received a free copy in exchange of the honest review of the book Overall, the book is good for passing time However, at times, I did lose my focus.

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