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The Best Place on Earth: Stories By Ayelet Tsabari,

  • Title: The Best Place on Earth: Stories
  • Author: Ayelet Tsabari
  • ISBN: 9780812988932
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Reminiscent of the early stories of Jhumpha Lahiri and Allegra Goodman, this is an award winning collection about characters at the crossroads of geography and faith, from a new voice in international fiction.This debut story collection shows the universal longings that diverse cultures share.Travelling from the bustling streets of downtown Jerusalem to the sun drenched beReminiscent of the early stories of Jhumpha Lahiri and Allegra Goodman, this is an award winning collection about characters at the crossroads of geography and faith, from a new voice in international fiction.This debut story collection shows the universal longings that diverse cultures share.Travelling from the bustling streets of downtown Jerusalem to the sun drenched beaches of Tel Aviv to the cold of Canadian wintersThese stories present characters who are all trying to find someone to believe in.In the opening story Tikkun, a chance meeting between a man and his wild former lover now a restrained, Orthodox Jew sees the couple narrowly avoiding a tragic death, and forever changed by the experience.In Casualties, Tsabari shows us one woman s perspective on Israel s mandatory military service, and what happens when she begins breaking the rules to serve her own needs.Artists, soldiers, lovers, grandmothers and grandchildren, Christians and Jews and Muslims, struggle to connect across the chasms of faith and identity.Often focusing on the lives of Mizrahi Jews, these stories draw from nationalities as diverse as Russia, India, Ethiopia, Baghdad, and the Philippines.
    The Best Place on Earth Stories Reminiscent of the early stories of Jhumpha Lahiri and Allegra Goodman this is an award winning collection about characters at the crossroads of geography and faith from a new voice in international

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    1. Ayelet Tsabari, lives in Canada writes in English and is an Israeli Yemenite author Tikkun, is the title of the first story, giving a hint as to the theme of the entire collection Tikkun olam , in Jewish learning, literally means world repair , which has come to connote social action and social justice The goal of repair can only be effected by humans, separating what is holy from the created world, thus depriving the physical world of its very existence other words, returning to a world before [...]

    2. A very high 4 stars The Best Place on Earth was a great surprise Ayelet Tsabari grew up in Israel, and her family was of Yemeni descent She did her military service in Israel, traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, and has since settled in Canada That background is important because it infuses all of her stories which depict modern life in Israel and the life of dislocated Israelis The stories are at times set in Israel, conveying the political and cultural complexities of modern life in Israe [...]

    3. Israeli fiction has had the effect on me of a loud, rambunctious, youthful group thoughtlessly jostling me aside as they enter a crowded bus I look at it from under lowered eyes, trying without success not to judge From my white middle class American insulation I find the colorful opinions and actions of the Israeli diaspora just too intense for me Gradually, I shuffle aside to accommodate the spirited group, listening without effort When they eventually get off the bus before I do, there is a s [...]

    4. Well, I ve just been in Israel, with short stopovers in Toronto, British Columbia, and India But of course, I ve gone there without leaving my comfy couch What a fantastic trip I didn t have a clue that I wanted to go to Israel, not a clue.I don t think I ve ever read a book with a stronger sense of place It s like the setting is the main character Funny, I usually couldn t care less about story location Yeah, they re in the city, oh now they re in the country, blah blah blah It s character and [...]

    5. 4.25 Another superb collection of short stories It transported me to a different land and culture, much the same as author Jhumpa Lahiri has done in her own works I find them refreshing and satisfying to read in between my full volume books Author Shelly Oria describes it perfectly on the book s back cover With incredible compassion and a delicate touch, she explores the heartbreak inherent in forming bonds, whether with another person or with a whole countrya complicated love song to Israel.

    6. What a wonderful collection of short stories The Best Place on Earth by Ayelet Tsabari, is set primarily in Israel, in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and their suburbs They are stories about the people trying to create lives as we all do, in an ancient, dangerous place.Tsabari offers us moments in her characters lives, moments that open both back onto their past and forward into their futures Like all good short stories, these moments are rich and revealing The characters are all vivid and real.I was dr [...]

    7. A wonderful collection of short stories and a superb writing The stories themselves touch specific motives that are very typical to Israel such as tradition, the army and immigration to or from Israel, but are still very relevant to readers from other nationalities.

    8. What a wonderful collection of stories I splurged and bought a copy via I hope that some U.S publisher will pick up this book and publish it in this country and help it reach a wider audience I d also be curious to see how readers in Israel might respond to it In any case, I m glad that I went ahead and got my copy I ll be eager to read whatever Ayelet Tsabari writes next

    9. Ayelet Tsabari s stories are compelling and compassionate they speak out from the heart of Israeli society and experiences.In Tikkun, the opening story, two former lovers reunite in a Jerusalem caf Lior immediately notices that Natalie has changed Dossit, she says, completing his sentence and confirming the reason why she is covering her hair, wearing a skirt down to her ankles and a long sleeved shirt on a summer day Seven years since she became religious, he learns, since right after they brok [...]

    10. Captivating, moving, evocative, sultrySo while I finish my review, here s a sample of Tsabari s gorgeous writing They could see the shores of the lake now hunks of salt floating in the water like misplaced ice floes His ears popped The lower they got the deeper his heart sank Why would his Dad choose to live here At least in the city there was a crowd one could disappear into, streets and buildings in neat rows, the space organized and contained The desert had always made David uncomfortable, ho [...]

    11. Tsabati has set these eleven emotionally powerful stories all over the world, and filled them with hope, fear, love, loss, and religion The title story is about two estranged sisters trying to reunite, plus there are stories about a woman s shock at learning about her grandson s upbringing, a man who narrowly avoids catastrophe, a young medic in the Israeli army, and Tsabati is being compared to Jhumpa Lahiri, but I must admit I have never read Lahiri, so I cannot confirm that claim You can let [...]

    12. The Best Place on Earth is an excellent book of short stories about life in Israel The main characters are all women some children, some teenagers, some adults, so a nice mix All of the stories revolve around relationships, among families, friends, and lovers Each character is complex, and the secondary characters are also rich not easy to do in a short story The main focus is on Mizrahi and Yemeni Jews, rather than Ashkenazi Jews of which much has been written, at least in English This focus m [...]

    13. I remember a time when I was a very young man who had recently moved to Europe and was learning a new language, that I had a rather na ve epiphany about my new Dutch speaking friends these people think and talk about the same things that I do Ayelet Tsabari s new short story collection, The Best Place on Earth might seem to be about things and people so exclusive as to make wider interest unlikely A collection about Mizrahi living in or remembering their time in Israel, and even specifically, M [...]

    14. Since it s a collection of short stories, stories that I have loved so much that I have briefly reviewed each story Go to the Author s profile and check out the individual stories if you want First, how I got here Israel happens to be the only place on earth with the greatest divide for me As a child, I grew up knowing Jews were bad people, and the term Yehudi was used as a religious profanity I don t remember who told me this, but it was sort of understood Eventually I grew up and ended up an a [...]

    15. This book surprised me on how much I liked it, because in the beginning it had interested me, but I had my eyes set on a different collection But the I read it, the I became immersed in the short stories and the characters in them It became hard to put down, and it was a book where I was torn from trying to devour it in a setting, to trying to savour it.The author is a debut author, which I m struggling with, because her writing style and ability to create such a full and developed short story [...]

    16. I don t normally read short story collections but lately have been making a point to include them on my shelf The first collection I chose was The Best Place on Earth Stories by Ayelet Tsabari and after the first story I knew I had chosen wisely This collection mainly takes place in Israel with connections to Canada It tells the stories of many different characters of Israeli Mizrahi descent soldiers, lovers, and travelers The stories are global in scope and refreshing I don t think I have ever [...]

    17. The stories in The Best Place on Earth revolve around themes of tradition, loneliness, and identity Unlike many stories about the Jewish experience, these ones do not revolve around religious practices in the main Instead, Tsabari s stories examine culture The younger generations are expected to carry on the traditions of their parents and ancestors, but many of the characters in this book are seeking new ways of living The conflicts come when they break away from their parents expectations It c [...]

    18. If you want to get a glimpse into how Israelis are read The Best Place on Earth The stories are beautifully woven, putting you right there between the places, events and people that shaped, and still shaping, Israeli psyche The first gulf war and Skuds falling all around us, the historic Begin Saadat handshake at Camp David, the bustling streets and markets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, sabra native Israelis and new immigrants experiences, returning citizen, line 61 which took many of us from Tel A [...]

    19. I loved this book and was very sad to leave these characters While I am generally not a huge fan of the short story, these stories are truly captivating The characters are presented at a crossroads, trying to make sense of their heritage and place in a war torn country Whether the characters are in Israel or elsewhere, Israel remains in their core Their stuggles to balance culture, identity and asssimilation is painful and fascinating Absoultey one of the best books I ve read in sometime, and on [...]

    20. This is one of the best books I have ever read Through a selection of fictional short stories that read like memoir, the author places us into Israel, through the eyes of her young protagonists Unflinching in her portrayals of growing up Israeli, the author paints us portraits of characters that resemble a cross section of humanity We are all, in essence, one Read this book, you will be a better person because of it.

    21. Interesting, charming look into the lives of Mizrachi Yemeni Israelis, a community that deserves literary attention.

    22. This book was a breath of fresh air Makes me wish I trekked on over to Canada years as to purchase it, but the US cover is growing on me.Comparing an author to Jhumpa Lahiri and some sources compared Tsabari to Allegra Goodman means that she had some very large shoes to fill for me I could see her effort from the start, in Tikkun about old lovers briefly re connecting before and after a terror attack, Say it Again, Say Something Else, about a teenage unrequited crush within a heavily Russian and [...]

    23. I m so grateful this book exists I ve never read a accurate representation of Israel If you re interested in seeing parts of life here no one talks about, this book is for you As an Israeli person, I found it easy to sympathize The struggles and issues portrayed in this book are incredibly relevant still Religion and modernism, mizrathi and askenazi, the wars, the illegal workers, all of these are throbbing subjects in our culture Beyond this, I think the author grasps something very real about [...]

    24. I read two stories from this collection and I didn t like it I had the feeling this was written by a young writer for a young audience It thought these stories were very superficial, especially the second one Maybe the other stories are better but I lost interest Not for me.

    25. I received this ARC from Random House Publishing Group and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Lush This is a word I ve often seen used to describe writing but until now never quite understood Tsabari s collection of short stories is unimaginably lush I poured over the pages, going back and rereading sentences and paragraphs savoring them in the hopes that I could capture the emotion forever.We felt like we were part of a generation, and that life had been made just for us and we d never [...]

    26. I was provided with a copy of this book by Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group All of the opinions in this review are my own.If you are looking for a taste of Israel, this is the book you should read The stories focus on different people that have no connection to one another, but all of them serve as beautiful and truthful illustrations to the life in Israel It is this combination of truth and beauty that gives The Best Place on Earth flavor In this land a sense of danger is mixed with [...]

    27. Beautiful collection of short stories that focus on Israeli life and its citizens and immigrants Each story was incredibly emotional and often focused on outsiders living in Israel The author, Tsabari, is Israeli born but has Yemini descent and now lives in Canada, so the stories feel slightly autobiographical The stories explore a wide range of issues, from religion and its tensions, living in a war torn area, love and relationships, parenting, adolescence, belonging and heritage, and women s i [...]

    28. Thank you Ayelet Tsabari this is the first book I ve been compelled to read from beginning to end in too long Like break up scares, there were times when I thought about abandoning it because it gets uncomfortable, but I kept going, and it was worth it That s all I ask that dark, terrible, and gross elements in books are not gratuitous, lazy, or bleak, but necessary and formative The people in this book are real, written with the kind of observation of things that we all experience but haven t b [...]

    29. Another great grouping of short stories, the first story, Tikkan, absolutely blew me away and it kept going from there Set in Israel these stories feature people coming from other countries in the Middle East and some from even farther away In one story a group of caregivers have come from the Philippines and are in the country illegally All are trying to adjust to new countries, new homes, trying to find their place many times among suicide bombers and a country at war All these stories and the [...]

    30. These wonderful, hopeful stories cracked open a vibrant new world, exposing an Israel that was unfamiliar to me I become involved with each of the engaging characters and wanted the stories to go on longer.

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