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  • Title: Ripple
  • Author: Heather Smith Meloche
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When their too adult lives lead them down self destructive paths, these broken teens find a way to heal in this YA novel perfect for fans of Ellen Hopkins.With her impossible to please grandmother on her back about college and her disapproving step dad watching her every move, Tessa would do anything to escape the pressure cooker she calls home So she finds a shot of muchWhen their too adult lives lead them down self destructive paths, these broken teens find a way to heal in this YA novel perfect for fans of Ellen Hopkins.With her impossible to please grandmother on her back about college and her disapproving step dad watching her every move, Tessa would do anything to escape the pressure cooker she calls home So she finds a shot of much needed power and confidence by hooking up with boys, even though it means cheating on her boyfriend But when she s finally caught red handed, she ll do anything she can to cover up what she s done.Jack is a prankster who bucks the system every chance he gets each transgression getting riskier and riskier He loves the thrill, and each adventure allows a little release because his smug smile and suave demeanor in the face of authority doesn t make life at home with his mom any less tough He tries to take care of her, but the truth is he s powerless in the face of her fragile mental health So he copes in his own way, by defacing public property and pulling elaborate pranks, though he knows in the end this ll only screw up his life even .As they both try not to let their self destructive patterns get the best of them, Tessa and Jack gravitate toward one another, discovering the best parts of themselves in the process An honest portrayal of the urges that drive us and finding the strength to overcome them.
    Ripple When their too adult lives lead them down self destructive paths these broken teens find a way to heal in this YA novel perfect for fans of Ellen Hopkins With her impossible to please grandmother on

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    1. OMG This book was painful to read at times The things the people go through in this book, I can t even This is a story about Tessa and Jack Tessa lives with her mom, stepdad and little sister Willow Tessa s stepdad is an alcoholic Things are not all that great Tessa s grandmother who is the mom of her biological dad that walked out on Tessa and her mom is rich and owns a business called Leighton Custom Homes She wants Tessa to go to the U of M and work at LCH and take over one day Tessa wants to [...]

    2. Un drama, demasiado dram tico La autora abarca mil y un problemas todos al mismo tiempo, que no quiero decir no le puede pasar tanto a alguien , pero me parece que era demasiado para la historia.Los protagonistas eran los t picos clich s de estas historias.Rese a completa en Gracias a los Libros.

    3. This is a beautifully written dark and suspenseful YA debut Two high schoolers, Tessa and Jack, navigate lives filled with pain, grief and anxiety by engaging in dangerous and harmful actions Tessa battles the abandonment of her father, the emotional abuse by her stepfather and the rigid college and career demands of her grandmother Her coping mechanism casual sexual encounters with strangers all the while keeping it from her quarterback boyfriend Jack s family has been destroyed by the death of [...]

    4. I received a copy of this via my local bookstore This does not impact my review in any way Sometimes you read a book that s just utterly forgettable in every way, and that s how I felt here Ripple has a lot of potential with its characters, but ended up as a simple bad boy meets good girl romance This book doesn t really have a ton of positives, but it did manage to avoid outright slutshaming Tessa s sleeping around is a specific issue because it involves cheating, not because she s sleeping aro [...]

    5. Well, Ripple by Heather Smith Meloche was a disappointment I had such high hopes for the books, maybe they were too high And maybe I made the mistake to let the cover do the talking when buying this book It s been a week now that I finished and I already can t tell you much about the characters Or the story There was nothing memorable for me about this book Maybe it was me, maybe it was the story Maybe it just wasn t the right time for me to read it I don t know What I do know is that I don t th [...]

    6. Oh wow, what a gem of a story that I might not have gotten to for a long time But once I started reading it, I could not stop I LOVED IT I loved the two main characters two broken, scarred kids just trying to grasp some kind of power while their lives spiral out of control But this never became a story about two teens saving each other, never became a love cures all type of deal Tessa and Jack helped each other, challenged each other, and fell hard But only THEY could turn their lives around and [...]

    7. I received an Advanced Reader s Copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review This has not influenced my opinion in any way Actual rating is probably around a 2.5 ish Yeah, that seems about right Well, well, well.So, I must admit that I approached this book expecting a lot than what I received instead So frankly, this was a bit underwhelming Wait, scratch that This was very underwhelming, and my expectations for this book weren t even that high to begin with Exceeding, or meeting , a [...]

    8. I ve been looking forward to this novel ever since I read Heather s award winning short story in verse in Hunger Mountain a few years ago Her writing is lyrical and evocative, and her debut novel lived up to my high expectations.This is a story for older teens with cross over appeal into the New Adult market At first glance, it might sound like a familiar tale, two struggling teens intensely attracted to one another, who finally help each other recognize and move beyond their self defeating beha [...]

    9. 3.5 starsTessa and Jack have a lot on their plates for being so young, but they find an uneasy solace in each other To read my full review for Ripple, visit Books Beauty Are My Bag ARC from Penguin First to Read.

    10. This is a fast paced story about addiction s ripple effect on families and two teenagers who find a way to leave the ever widening circle of self destruction.Through the alternating voices of Tessa and Jack, Meloche reveals the psyches of teenagers who find temporary affirmation in the wrong places when their parents alcoholism and other troubles at home become too much to bear Jack compares the thrill he gets from pulling pranks to climbing cliffs It s like I m dangling up high, seeing everythi [...]

    11. Tessa and Jack, two teenagers whose lives are spinning out of control, become one another s unlikely confidants and maybe in this gripping coming of age story Paralyzed by her stepfather s drunken verbal abuse and her wealthy grandmother s well meaning yet myopic plans for her future, Tessa seeks comfort in a series of meaningless hook ups that she will do anything to hide from her popular boyfriend Jack is flip and cocky, but also hard working, earnest, and fiercely protective of his brilliant [...]

    12. I received a free e copy of RIPPLE in exchange for my honest reviewGRADE B Tessa deals with the stress of her absent father and drunk, verbally abusive stepfather by sleeping with random guys to blunt her emotions Jack copes with his brother s death and his alcoholic, schizophrenic mother with his smart ass mouth and harmless but illegal pranks The two open up to each other about their secrets, but danger lurks around every corner, for Borg Tessa and Jack and the loved ones they re trying to pro [...]

    13. Review Originally Posted on Books PrejudiceThis book guys This book I m not even totally sure what to say.We follow Jack and Tessa, who have both had to grow up a bit too fast Tessa sleeps around to deal with her problems And Jack causes as much mischief and trouble for authority figures as he can Tessa s home life is terrible Whereas Jack is hiding a secret If anyone learns the secret, his life will forever change.I didn t think I would like this book as much as I did There were a lot of parts [...]

    14. I LOVED this book Perhaps growing up in a blended family with addiction issues and mental illness made these characters believable and real to me, but I fell in love with them Jack and Tessa are complex characters that navigate not only the day to day issues facing high schoolers, but the very real issues of growing up in highly dysfunctional families while finding ways to both cope and escape I loved the storyline and enjoyed Meloche s writing style There were sentences and phrases I stopped to [...]

    15. Great read The characters are fascinating, the plot satisfying, and the writing superb.The story revolves around Tessa and Jack, who each have their own troubled home lives to deal with while navigating the minefield that is their senior year of high school They find each other and the stakes intensify as they fight their mutual attraction and attempt to keep secrets that refuse to stay hidden.The book is intense as it deals with the issues surrounding addiction and mental illness, but importan [...]

    16. RIPPLE never flinches away from the hard, sad, painful things that happen in life, as well as the misguided ways we attempt to deal with those things Tessa hooks up with guys she doesn t know because it makes her feel loved and powerful things she doesn t feel anywhere else in her life Jack causes trouble in order to show that he can dish out what life throws his way Both Tessa and Jack are such strong, complicated characters living in difficult, complex situations, and I fell completely in love [...]

    17. This provocative novel is about two teens whose lives are like pressure cookers Tessa feels she needs to meet her wealthy grandmother s expectations or her family will lose her grandmother s support and become homeless Jack has a mother whose mental illness is rapidly causing her to unravel He feels obligated to take care of her and hide the extent of her disability.Both teens engage in destructive behaviors in order to let off steam But, it they are caught, their carefully constructed facades w [...]

    18. I really loved this book At first I wasn t sure I was going to like it, but the I read the I was drawn into the lives of the characters The topics the author tackles are tough promiscuous sex, schizophrenia, alcoholism, verbal abuse, low self esteem By the end of the book I was pulling for the two main characters to find a way through the chaos of their lives and come out stronger Very emotional at times I would definitely recommend this book to teens and adults I received an advanced reader c [...]

    19. This is a quick YA read which deals with really heavy subject matter of alcohol abuse, mental illness schizophrenia , and teenagers making self destructive choices to try to feel in control in reaction to a horrible home environment I would have rated this higher if Tessa had been likable Jack made the book for me I did feel like things tied up a bit too neatly but appreciate the author s willingness to address such difficult subject matter.

    20. I think, because I picked this up shortly after reading FIRSTS and THE YEAR WE FELL APART, both of which deals with many similar themes to RIPPLE, the fact that this MC Tessa paled in comparison was especially distracting.I found Jack s story and perspective much interesting, but his descriptions of Tessa were so cliched and, in the end, I was very put off Not for me, but check out some other reviews as some seemed to really love this one

    21. Tessa and Jack both have issues but are dealing with it in different ways Tessa is hooking up others and Jack is causing mischief They meet and are friends and neighbors This book deals with mental illness and family, and drinking This book is amazing and made me cry a couple of times.

    22. DNF at 1 4 markThough I know that self destructive characters in contemporaries are not usually my thing I decided to give this one a go anyway I went in with a clear mind but I just wasn t feeling it For me, the stakes just weren t high enough and I didn t feel enough of an emotional connection to continue on with this book.

    23. Dark and moody, I read this book in one sitting Because I had to know what happened And because I wanted to see how Heather put words together I loved the writing as much as the vibrant and dark story that unfolded.

    24. An amazing book that I couldn t put down Heartbreaking yet full of hope and beautifully written It made me cry just a little, but in a good way A must read.

    25. DNF This one sounded like it should have been for me, but ultimately it wasn t my kind of book I had to put it down.

    26. Tessa lives on the wrong side of the tracks in a nasty house permeated with the smell of their wood burning stove Her stepdad is a drunk and is mentally abusive Although her immediate family is poor, her paternal grandmother is loaded and has grand plans for Tessa Grandmother paid for Tessa s mom and stepdad s hovel but with the expectation that Tessa will go to the college of Grandmother s choosing and will major in business so that Tessa will one day take over Grandmother s real estate busines [...]

    27. To get inside both of the characters heads is likely one of the reasons the book is okay I think I ve read way too many YAs recently that are contemporary fiction where it seems like the only way the characters can be saved is through a relationship Is it me No I didn t think so Jack is struggling with working, playing his violin, and taking care of his mentally unwell mother Tessa is torn between loyalties to her grandmother, her artistic talent, and her penchant to cheat on her quarterback boy [...]

    28. Chaos theory is the theory that a single event can begin a cataclysmic series of events Like, actions have reactions I mean, you and I, we have our issues They seem like different problems I shake my head But they aren t Not really Not if you think about chaos theory Ripple is a rollercoaster ride That s the best way I can say it.Tessa and Jack have had to grow up too quickly Tessa, abandoned by her father, suffering the emotional abuse of her stepfather, and struggling under her grandmother s e [...]

    29. This book had interesting if dysfunctional characters As Tessa enters her senior year in high school, she is trying to balance extreme pressure her biological father never sees her, her alcoholic step father hates himself, but takes his hate out on Tessa, her mother and step father owe her grandmother a lot of money, so grandmother is using this as leverage to make Tessa get into a top ranked college, major in business and take over the family business, her star quarter back, nice guy boyfriend, [...]

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