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Щастливият принц By Oscar Wilde,

  • Title: Щастливият принц
  • Author: Oscar Wilde
  • ISBN: 9544599223
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Щастливият принц”

    1. Totally rewritten and expanded from the original short and succinct review in the light of some personally derogatory comments concerning my even daring to mention Wilde s anti semitism Nov 18th, 2011I ve always liked Oscar Wilde s prose, if not his drama, but I thought this was an exercise in hypocrisy, or perhaps it was just Oscar Wilde, locked out of the gates of the wealthy aristocracy, just venting his spleen on them You would think a man who lost everything because of the prejudice against [...]

    2. There is no Mystery so great as Misery Stories like this are the reason I still love Classic short stories I loved the concept But again, this story has a bitter sweet ending Like it s the rule of classic literature to not give happy endings I understand, I really do, that they just show reality But don t know why they just make me over sad.The living always think that gold can make them happy OVERVIEWThere is a statue of a prince called Happy Prince at the place where everyone can see it It is [...]

    3. The Happy Prince and Other Tales The Happy Prince and Other Stories , Oscar Wilde 1854 1900 The Happy Prince and Other Tales also called The Happy Prince and Other Stories is a collection of stories for children by Oscar Wilde first published in May 1888 It contains five stories The Happy Prince , The Nightingale and the Rose , The Selfish Giant , The Devoted Friend , and The Remarkable Rocket.The Happy Prince In a town where a lot of poor people suffer and where there are a lot of miseries, a s [...]

    4. Surely Love is a wonderful thing It is precious than emeralds, and dearer than fine opals Pearls and pomegranates cannot buy it, nor is it set forth in the marketplace It may not be purchased of the merchants, for can it be weighed out in the balance for gold.

    5. El precioso espejo de lo que representa la amistad, el altruismo y la verdadera felicidad.La prosa de Wilde, es, sin duda alguna, una bocanada de aire fresco My courtiers called me the Happy Prince, and happy indeed I was, if pleasure be happiness So I lived, and so I died And now that I am dead they have set me up here so high that I can see all the ugliness and all the misery of my city, and though my heart is made of lead yet I cannot chose but weep.

    6. This book is about the friendship between a swallow and a statue of a Happy Prince The Happy Prince truly was just that happy in life because he lead a sheltered existence My courtiers called me the Happy Prince, and happy indeed I was, if pleasure be happiness This distinction foreshadows the story s intent to outline for us a deeper meaning in happiness In life, the Prince was shielded from all misery He passed, and was immortalized in the statue, which looked down upon the city We meet the sw [...]

    7. Metaphors abound in this Oscar Wilde fairytale A swallow delays his migration to help the statue of the Happy Prince correct some wrongs that were overlooked when he was alive.

    8. There is a sadness that permeates all of Oscar Wilde s workbut it is a sadness that helps us find joy with who we are This story is one of my favorites a beautiful tale for children.

    9. I read this short story after a long time The story is as beautiful as I found it on my first reading However, this time I noticed something important that I missed before the theme of same sex love quite a fete in England of the times, even if it is subtly dealt with This story has been written before Wilde s other significant and longer works such as The Picture of Dorian Grey , his brilliant plays and De Profundis Clearly, he is struggling to put across in his ingenious style what is so close [...]

    10. The Happy Prince led a privileged and sheltered life and knew only pleasure In the city, his image as the Happy Prince was immortalized in the form of a bejeweled statue covered in fine gold leaves, set aloft on a tall column But a transformation came over the Happy Prince when his new vantage point opened his sapphire eyes and leaden heart to the suffering of the poor in the city The Happy Prince began to weep Oscar Wilde wove an uplifting story of friendship, loyalty, compassion and sacrifice [...]

    11. The most beautiful story I have ever read in my life I cried reading it as a child and I still cry reading it as an adult The Happy Prince, a short children s story, tells the life of a prince who was made into a golden statue after he died In life, he lived a sheltered happy ignorant life, but in death he saw all the suffering throughout the city The relationship between the prince and the sparrow is incredible further, the shallow greed and hypocrisy of the town officials and authorities at th [...]

    12. Ben bunlar bug ne kadar nas l okumam m, diye diye ah ettirdi bana Masal anlat m nda be tane yk var i erisinde Hepsi de k ssadan hisse mant ta yan ancak yaz ld zaman dilimine ve toplum yap s na g re ola an st g l uan i in de g ncelli ini koruyan, yaln z k kler i in de il b y kler i in de uygun, son derece zg n hikayeler bunlar Hepsi zerinde uzun uzun konu abiliriz Metaforlar zebilir, bulundu umuz yerden kar l klar n g sterebilir, z mleyebiliriz Bu tarz alegorik yk ler, gen ken daha g l tesir ediy [...]

    13. Written for children, between 1882 1891, these beautifulstories of delicate charm are for literate adults who alonecan perceive the irony and awareness of life s cruelties A poetic wistfulness also mingles with the artless musicalimagery One critic says they remind him of Fragonard and Rossetti Another is impressed by the simplicity of Biblical language.Reviewing the fables a rather hysterical GR slams OW foranti semitism because of a perfunctory aside 100 years beforePolitical Correctness Schol [...]

    14. Having now re read this, I still feel as though I cannot be sure if I read it once before It s possible But it s also possible that I only heard it read Odd.In any event, it is a lovely, simple fairy tale about sacrifice, selflessness and the responsibility of rulers to care for their subjects but also about the ways in which good deeds can go unappreciated, and about the blindness which charitable people can exhibit in their desperate quest to serve the needy.Also, here is the line which prompt [...]

    15. I have read this story when I was at middle school but I had like zero feeling for the book Now I get to reread it and wow I cry The sacrifice for love, for friendship is really admired Five stars from me

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    17. 5No estoy llorando, solo es una basurita en mi ojo ESTRELLAS No logre encontrar aqu en la edici n de este cuento que le Lo cual es una pena porque tiene una portada hermosa Pero bueno, no hay nada que les pueda decir de este cuento que no hayan escuchada ya Lindo lindo Golondrina, Golondrinita

    18. view spoiler It s about the extraordinary friendship of a Swallow a bird and a statue named Happy Prince Happy Prince came from a place where there is nothing except happiness comfort, a place where sorrow is not allowed to enter He never experienced misery all his life Because of his happily lived life, people immortalized him when he died Since then, people in the town admired him not only for living his life without anything but happiness in it but also because of his beautiful appearance.Swa [...]

    19. Oscar Wilde n en sevdi im masal ocukken okumu tum, y llar sonra tekrar okudu umda da ayn tad ald m K k ocuklar i in harikulade bir se im olur yi okumalar

    20. As a child, I was a very annoying one My mom told me that when she read this to me I keep complaining, Why does a statue talk I think they don t build statues with hearts Well, that wasn t nice Why don t he let the swallow go It will die Or maybe he is stupid It s weird Why the town councils don t think of thieves Yep, I was that kind of kid.I don t remember this story at all so I decided to re read re listen Hahaha this While some of those questions still come through my mind when I listen to t [...]

    21. This story follows the friendship between the Happy Prince and a Swallow The Happy Prince as a boy lived in complete luxury and happiness, unaware of the suffering outside his palace walls The swallow by chance meets the prince after deciding not to migrate yet, because of his love of a reed Upon meeting the bird the Prince tells the Swallow his story and of his sorrow for the suffering he now sees in his city The Prince asks the Swallow to help different people in need by stripping away valuabl [...]

    22. Whatever I read by Oscar Wilde I really like, and it always gives me a bittersweet feeling The pattern in Wilde s literature is so beautiful This one is no different Similar to The nightingale and the rose this one is about great sacrifices for people in need, sacrifices that go unnoticed by the shallow and rich people which could really make a big difference.My reviewthereaderdiary

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    24. Absolutely loved this story.It truly moved me It s the story of a swallow that one day, while migrating to Egypt, lands on the shoulder of a golden statue The statue cries on the bird and tells him of the poor people in the city he watches over, and pleads that he help him alleviate there suffering.This moved me and brought me to tears by the end of it It s a thoughtful bittersweet story about helping others in need and caring for one another.

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