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A Taste for Nightshade By Martine Bailey,

  • Title: A Taste for Nightshade
  • Author: Martine Bailey
  • ISBN: 9781250056924
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Manchester 1787 When budding young criminal Mary Jebb swindles Michael Croxon s brother with a blank pound note, he chases her into the night and sets in motion a train of sinister events Condemned to seven years of transportation to Australia, Mary sends him a Penny Heart a token of her vow of revenge.Two years later, Michael marries na ve young Grace Moore AlthoughManchester 1787 When budding young criminal Mary Jebb swindles Michael Croxon s brother with a blank pound note, he chases her into the night and sets in motion a train of sinister events Condemned to seven years of transportation to Australia, Mary sends him a Penny Heart a token of her vow of revenge.Two years later, Michael marries na ve young Grace Moore Although initially overjoyed at the union, Grace quickly realizes that her husband is interested in her fortune than her company Lonely and desperate for companionship, she turns to her new cook to help mend her ailing marriage But Mary Jebb, shipwrecked, maltreated, and recently hired, has different plans for the unsuspecting owners of Delafosse Hall.A Taste for Nightshade is a thrilling historical novel that combines recipes, mystery and a dark struggle between two desperate women, sure to appeal to fans of Sarah Waters and Carolly Erickson.
    A Taste for Nightshade Manchester When budding young criminal Mary Jebb swindles Michael Croxon s brother with a blank pound note he chases her into the night and sets in motion a train of sinister events Condemned to

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    1. 4.5Foodie historical fiction has to be one of my very favorite genres So much so that I started a list in listopia for these Alas, they are few and far between I was so happy to see that Martine Bailey had written another one of these after her very enjoyable An Appetite for Violets Such an interesting era too late 1700s England Georgian As in the first novel, each chapter begins with a recipe reflecting the period and the mood with a tie in to the story The successful recipe for her writing inc [...]

    2. 3.5 Time devours all things love and murder and secrets I loved Bailey s first novel, last year s An Appetite for Violets My description of that one lively, well researched historical fiction, seasoned with mystery and culinary tradition is apt here, although this doesn t quite live up to her debut As in Violets, the setting is the English Midlands in the late eighteenth century, and one of the main characters is a cook at a grand home However, whereas cook Biddy Leigh herself was the narrator o [...]

    3. This was yet another fantastic yarn woven by Martine Bailey that surprises you with every twist and turn as the story unravels and reveals itself Just when I thought the characters and storyline were figured out at certain points in the book, it was like wow They took another direction This was an intricately thought up storyline that I absolutely enjoyed

    4. I loved An Appetite for Violets , and was eager to read Martine Bailey s second novel The Penny Heart is a strong successor atmospheric, dramatic and haunting There are characteristics common to both books beautiful writing, sumptuous and vivid period detail that instantly transports you to the eighteenth century, and a fast moving, constantly surprising plot Both are written in the Culinary gothic style a term coined by Faye Weldon especially for Bailey s writing There are eighteenth century re [...]

    5. A great historical suspense thriller, full of surprises.Won this novel in First read giveaway.Will recommend this book to all who enjoy historical novels.

    6. A Taste for Nightshade A Novel titled The Penny Heart in the UK and Commonwealth is my second novel, following my debut, An Appetite for Violets It again explores culinary crime, in a dark tale of two very different women entangled by love and revenge The novel s inspiration came to me while I was house swapping in New Zealand, after my son and his partner were involved in the Christchurch earthquake Though they were thankfully unharmed, we decided to spend precious time together that ultimately [...]

    7. Books so firmly in that grey middle area of decent are the hardest for me to discuss and I ve held off on reviewing this one for that very reason I just don t have anything to say and what I have said has only been after grasping at the oh so weak opinions I managed to form Yes, I was easily able to walk away from or altogether ignore this book Yes, when I actually did sit down I found myself enjoying the story That said, there were some problems that kept me from really getting into this book a [...]

    8. I KNEW I was going to love this one, from the enticing description to the delicious cover I was captivated from the first sentence, and entranced throughout.I m a sucker for a very particular kind of historical novel, it must have a ring of authenticity, a strong female protagonist or two and a quirky, thrilling storyline What it mustn t be is a bodice ripper, fluffy and feminine, an insipid romance.The Penny heart ticked all my boxes, seized me by the wrist and dragged me back in time to the la [...]

    9. I don t read a very much historical fiction It s not that I don t like it I do pick up timeslip novels from time to time, and there s nothing I like better than a book set in a dual timeframe, but historical novels just haven t been showing up on my radar recently But I m really glad I tried this one I thoroughly enjoyed it.The first thing that struck me was the quality of the writing I have no idea how the author achieved it, but this book manages to create the impression that this is a novel o [...]

    10. This beginning and up to the half way point was 4 plus star it was interesting in both plot and placements York and the countryside of Yorkshire But also in the urban centers of the late 1780 s and early 1790 s in England for the most impoverished and also for the gentile, but unconnected women Either orphaned or by fate left to make their own way to a living With the introductions of recipes for that age for each chapter in which that particular dish was served Yes, quite detailed to scrumptiou [...]

    11. There wasn t anything I didn t like about this novel Set in Manchester, England in 1787 the story centers around Mary Jebb condemned criminal, sentenced to hang for her crime of thievery She begs petitioner, Michael Croxon, not to testify against her When he testifies anyway she finds her sentence commuted to ten years service in the penal colony in Australia One of the last things she does before she s shipped away is have her vow of revenge stamped on a keepsake she sends to Michael Croxon.Yea [...]

    12. Ooh I knew I wouldn t be let down I had read Baileys last book An Appetite for Violets and had liked that So I very much enjoyed this book Was a bit of a mystery tho I don t think it technicaly would be considered one It s also a love story England in the late 1780s A young girl is caught committing a crime and is tried to hang She avoids the noose and then her story really begins Told in two voices Mary Jebb is third person, Grace Moore is first person Their stories connect because of one man s [...]

    13. An excellent page turner better than her first book by miles Will certainly look forward to from the author.

    14. Great story of revenge set in 18th century England and through the desperate conditions of convict New South Wales Kept me in suspense right until the end.

    15. Martine Bailey has a talent for combining Historical Fiction romance mystery and cooking in a most sinister, suspenseful, delicious way Nothing is quite as it seems and she does a marvelous job at drawing the characters out You are never sure how you feel about any of them pity, hate, compassion, admiration Although the first 1 4 of the book went somewhat slow for me, that could be because I didn t have as much reading time as usual to really get into the story Some of these sweeping historic no [...]

    16. Man I love historical novels, and this was so rich with history and well drawn characters, so it was kind of the best type of historical novel as well The book was incredibly atmospheric and vivid, everything could be pictured clearly with incredible detail I was drawn in to the world, and given such a rich, realistic taste of 18th century life The atmosphere seeps off every single page, the foreboding wrapped around you from the first tone setting chapter From that very first chapter you re dra [...]

    17. This is a hugely enjoyable novel a deliciously exciting and atmospheric read with an intriguing and memorable central character, and a wonderfully authentic portrayal of 18th century life.From the first scene there is a vivid sense of foreboding, as two brothers are swindled by a woman on the streets, setting off a chain of events that will have far reaching effects This woman turns out to be Mary Jebb, orphaned and brought up in The Life, the criminal underworld of Manchester, deported to the h [...]

    18. After being arrested for a petty crime, teenager Mary Jebb is sentenced to seven years transportation to the penal colony in Botany Bay On the surface, she is repentant of her crime, but fearing her disappearance and determined never to be forgotten, she inscribes words on two silver pennies, which will have repercussions for years to come and which seals the fate of three very different people.Sweeping across a haunting and brooding landscape, this complex and beautifully written historical cri [...]

    19. It s unfortunate when you re in a phase where you have to dip in and out of books because you just can t read for too long horrible when it happens, but thankfully rather rare So between headaches and being overly busy, great books can just feel good because of circumstance, and that s what happened here I mean, anything described as a world of deceit, double crossing, revenge and murder is a ok.The North of England 1787 Sentenced to death for a simple confidence trick, Mary Jebb escapes the gal [...]

    20. Mary Jebb is arrested after playing a confidence trick on a young, well off businessman, Michael Croxon He is curiously affected by her, but chooses to bear witness against her, despite knowing his testimony will send her to the gallows She is given the sentence of deportation, though, of seven years in Botany Bay Five years later, and she has escaped and made her way back to England the story of her escape comes late on in the book, and is possibly one of my favourite sections She changes her n [...]

    21. I was a great fan of An Appetite for Violets , so was keen to read Martine Bailey s second novel and it did not disappoint The novel is once again a delight of culinary wickedness, alongside all sorts of other wickednesses The structure is very clever, and alternates between the first person voice of young, innocent and timid Grace and the third person narrative which follows the feisty and determined Mary Jebb The young women are at polar ends of the social scale in 18th century England, yet th [...]

    22. I think I really liked it The research was very well done I got into the story and had the delicious feeling of looking forward to sitting down and devouring it That doesn t happen in every book you read I adored the recipes and they were fascinating to read They fit into the chapters so well I wish it could have been just a bit cleaner A bit too racy for my taste I think she is a good writer and will read the other one while I ponder for a bit on this one.

    23. A captivating story about a female confidence trickster who is sent to Botany bay to make amends She suffers greatly and escapes to take revenge on the man who put her there.However, the man has taken a wife and the story springs back and forth between the two women, both treated badly by this man.Fantastic story.youtube watch v pE8k6

    24. Even though the deception and lust for revenge is made clear at the beginning, it still was a fantastic book It s always fascinating to read see how people s minds work and their reasonings behind their actions.

    25. Martine Bailey has done it againe slowly draws you into a tale of twists and turnso women are at the heart of this storyMary and Grace.what transpires will leave you breathless.

    26. Martine Bailey enchanted me with her first book, An Appetite for Violets, and didn t disappoint with this, her second She has an uncanny ability to transport her readers to another time and place through recipes and cooking information Although the specific food described is unfamiliar, just reading the mechanics of its composition is enough to create a sense of this older setting, as well as the people living there And these people are complex, duplicitous, and capable of running scams unlike t [...]

    27. Another lovely offering from Martine Bailey I was happy I had a two hour flight to catch, because it gave me the opportunity to finish this ripping yarn of a novel in which nothing is what it seems The gothic atmosphere and the recipes skilfully woven into the story certainly make for a couple of hours of exciting reading Only start reading if you have enough time to spare to finish it in one go

    28. A realistic novel involving crime, poverty, riches and food This was my first encounter with the work of Martine Bailey, this is her second book and I am now going to have to find time to read the first one as I enjoyed this so much.The story revolves around two women, Mary Jebb who, at the age of 19 is transported to Australia for what would be considered a minor crime nowadays As was customary she leaves a penny heart, a penny engraved with promise, the reason for which becomes clear later in [...]

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