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Yamada & The 7 Witches vol. 01 By Miki Yoshikawa,

  • Title: Yamada & The 7 Witches vol. 01
  • Author: Miki Yoshikawa
  • ISBN: 9786020266084
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ketika Yamada si pembuat onar tidak sengaja berciuman dengan anak teladan, Urara, mereka saling bertukar tubuh Banyak masalah, banyak keseruan, komedi romantis yang dimulai dari sebuah ciuman dimulai Dunia wanita ternyata asyik juga, ya
    Yamada The Witches vol Ketika Yamada si pembuat onar tidak sengaja berciuman dengan anak teladan Urara mereka saling bertukar tubuh Banyak masalah banyak keseruan komedi romantis yang dimulai dari sebuah ciuman dimulai

    One thought on “Yamada & The 7 Witches vol. 01”

    1. A k ara farkla okudu um en iyi manga E er manga okumay seviyorsan z Yamada ya bir ans vermenizi neriyorum Bence pi man olmayacaks n z.K saca konudan bahsetmek istiyorum Yamada, 2 s n f rencisi zel bir okulda okumas na kar n s n fta kalma potansiyeli ta yan bir serseri ve o okula nas l girdi i bilinmiyor D Shiraishi ise tam bir ders manya Harbi k z kafay derslerle bozmu Velhas l bu ikisi merdivenlerde arp p yuvarlan yor ve kazan n i inde ba ka bir kaza ger ekle iyor p yorlar Olay ise burada kopuy [...]

    2. 3.5 for the first four books.Cute and surprisingly a lot funnier than I thought it would be A touch smutty, which is fine in doses but gets kind of repetitive There s really only so much embarrassment you can create with characters body swapping.Beware of deceptive titles, however Whatever the covers say, these aren t your ordinary sort of witches , and you may be waiting a very long time expecting black cats and cauldrons to show up, because as far as I ve read at least, there aren t any.Positi [...]

    3. I think this is one of my favorite mangas of all time I couldn t stop reading it and it was hilarious Can t wait to start Vol 2

    4. Quick thoughts Surprisingly fun opening volume despite some cliches The characters are well defined and amusing and the body switching is cleverly used Would like to read .

    5. I really enjoyed although it s very similar to the anime episodes I have watched so far The manga does have depth than the anime though.

    6. I first heard of Yamada kun and the Seven Witches from an Anime News Network post I watched most of the anime series with my brother this past summer, and although I did really like it, at parts the show rushed through material, particularly towards the end I wanted to read the manga to have the experience of truly getting everything out of Yamada kun.I m glad to say that this was an incredibly enjoyable start to a series that I know will have me rolling on the floor with laughter Miki Yoshikawa [...]

    7. I must say.I Love These Characters.Especially Shiraishi I absolutely love her She s not remotely squeamish is that the word about kisses She s smart She s all whatever about the body swapping.Also, kudos to Yoshikawa sensei for being able to keep all the ticks in her characters, even when they switch bodies Even if you didn t see them talk, you d still know who was in what body.I look forward to seeing the other witches and their powers

    8. Miyamura Suka komik ini,, salah satu sebabnya gara gara Miyamura ini.Tokoh yang paling bikin ngakak gara gara tindakannya yang sangat berani Bener bener memberi bumbu di komik ini, yang bisa dibilang lumayan banyak ngasi servis kipas XDbumbu yang itu lho XDD

    9. ok uzun s redir delinquent shounen okumuyordum ok ho uma gitti ama 213 chapter yay nlanm ve hala devam ediyor Sonuna dayanabilir miyim belli de il.

    10. Um was es in dem Manga geht k nnt ihr im Inhalt nachlesen und genauer eingehen m chte ich nicht, um Spoiler zu vermeiden Auf jeden Fall hat mich eine sehr gute Freundin von mir berhaupt auf diesen Manga aufmerksam gemacht Ich will schon lange welche lesen, aber bis jetzt war ich immer zu geizig einen zu kaufen Daher hab ich ihn mir ausgeliehen und ich glaube das ist der Beginn meiner Manga Sucht.Anfangs hatte ich keine Ahnung, ob ich berhaupt mit dem Manga zurecht kommen w rde Au erdem war ich z [...]

    11. Holy misleading title, Batman I was expecting to see the kind of witches in Volume 1 of Yamada kun and the Seven Witches that are advertised on the series covers, but the cover art is a themed pin up and our setting is actually a college prep high school I can see how our body swapping friends could be interpreted as witches or may become full blown witches in later volumes, but I couldn t help being disappointed that the cute magical girl in a witch hat branding on the cover wasn t accurate to [...]

    12. These are so much fun The art is wonderful, the characters are believable and charming, and everything has an air of levity to it despite the surprisingly intricate social plotline.10 10 For all fans of romance.

    13. Ryu Yamada is a delinquent His time at Suzaku High School is marked by poor attendance, bad grades and getting into fights His surly attitude is reflected by other students giving him a wide berth and teachers giving him hassle One day, after being reamed out by a teacher, Yamada spots honor student Urara Shiraishi going up some stairs He stomps up the steps to get ahead of her, to show her well, just show her He s so focused on getting ahead that when he pivots a couple of steps about Shiraishi [...]

    14. My original review pokemaster12 2015I found this delightful manga after watching the anime I thought the anime was cute, adorable even, and so I knew that I had to read the manga next.Volume 1 of Yamada kun and the Seven Witches follows what I consider the standard character introduction trope of all manga You are basically introduced to the main characters here You ve got Ryu Yamada, a bad boy with an even badder reputation, and Urara Shiraishi, a beautiful girl who just so happens to be the to [...]

    15. Yamada kun and the Seven Witches has a unique premise that is at first very zany and kinda overly high on the fanservice I have read enough spoilers to know that it gets serious later on This review won t be very expansive to avoid giving away spoilers of future volumes that I have read online.The story begins when delinquent high school student Yamada decides to chew out the smartest girl in school Shiraishi Then, he trips and falls into her unfortunately, this is at the top of some stairs, so [...]

    16. It begins with a kiss Yamada isn t the ideal student,Urara is, but this comes at the cost of friendship and a fun school life, then as chance would have it, they kiss, and awaken to find that they ve swapped bodies Their confusion as to why this has happened, doesn t stop them from taking advantage of the situation Yamada has a strong sense of justice, and while he plods his way through the ensuing events, he actually ends up helping Urara She at first keeps him from failing school, but as their [...]

    17. 3.5 5I wasn t really sure what to expect from this It sounded fun, intriguing The artwork looked pretty, and it definitely is.While this is probably an odd comparison, since I have read very little and seen very little of the authors work, it reminds me of the style of Fairy Tail Raven Master The dramatic comedy and facial expressions, even the echi and pervy moments, felt very similar to that authors work So, I guess, a recommendation, if you like one or the other This is about two people who a [...]

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