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Beautiful Lies: Paige's Story By Sharlay,

  • Title: Beautiful Lies: Paige's Story
  • Author: Sharlay
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • PAIGE S STORY After a tragic accident Paige Carter has spent the last year of her life falling in love with a man named Taylor But there are two huge problems OneShe is already in a relationship with her boyfriend Rick TwoTaylor doesn t exist outside of the dreams in her head Can Paige solve the mystery behind why she has fallen in love with a man that doesn PAIGE S STORY After a tragic accident Paige Carter has spent the last year of her life falling in love with a man named Taylor But there are two huge problems OneShe is already in a relationship with her boyfriend Rick TwoTaylor doesn t exist outside of the dreams in her head Can Paige solve the mystery behind why she has fallen in love with a man that doesn t exist and can her relationship with Rick survive the craziest love triangle yet Find out in Paige s story of love, lies and deceit Paige s story is the first book in the Beautiful Lies, New Adult Contemporary Romance Series and can be read as a standalone.
    Beautiful Lies Paige s Story PAIGE S STORY After a tragic accident Paige Carter has spent the last year of her life falling in love with a man named Taylor But there are two huge problems OneShe is already in a relationship with

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    1. Beautiful Lies Series HOW ARE THE BOOKS IN THE BEAUTIFUL LIES SERIES LINKED 1 Book One is all about Paige Carter.2 Book Two is all about Liv Carter Liv is Paige s younger sister.3 Book Three is all about Jenna King Jenna is Paige s best friend.4 Book Four is all about Nate Carter Nate is Paige s older brother Nate s story is all about him and a girl called Emma King Emma is Jenna s younger sister.5 Book Five is all about Tyson Miller Tyson is Nate s best friend.6 Book Six is all about Rick Adams [...]

    2. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a wonderful book to read.I loved everything about it the plot, the characters And the ending was perfect was emotional and made me cry.The synopsis for this book is really quite vague, it doesn t give you much insight into what the book is about It left me intrigued about the story as I didn t know what to expect from it After reading it, I m glad of this vagueness The least you know about what is going to happen before r [...]

    3. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review SPOILER ALERT This book was strange Not bad strange, no really good strange One year ago Paige had an accident and after that she continues to dream about Taylor But she don t know anyone with the name Taylor So who is he And why is it that she keep dreaming about him When she meets an artist with the name Taylor, it is like her dream But is he real And does he dreams about her too The story was so well written, it kept me intere [...]

    4. Recieved ARC from author in the exchange for an honest review and I would like to say ThankyouFirstly this was different from the books im used to reading Yes it has Romance and it had a twist to it When I read the synopsis I was really intrigued and wanted to read it to find out what it was about and i don t regret it one bit This is not your average love story It starts off with an accident and goes from there, there are twist and turns along the way, that will keep you wanting This is the fi [...]

    5. Beautiful Lies follows Paige and her long time boyfriend, Rick, as they work at an art gallery buying and selling paintings Paige falls into a coma for a month where she falls in love with someone who is not Rick When she wakes up she has to deal with the consequences of being in love with two people simultaneously.I was immediately interested in this story because it features emotions that are incredibly hard to interpret and deal with, with a psychological twist Sharlay has a firm understandin [...]

    6. To those people who no longer believe in love exists lives Beautiful Lies by Sharlay is the first book in the Beautiful Lies 1 The synopsis on this one was intriguing, and I enjoyed the story and I like the concept, different from my reads of late I was drawn into the storyline, as I wanted to know the link between Paige, Taylor and Rick and had so many theories while reading I was right on some, but it didn t matter, as there were a few twists that took me by surprise My heart s openr you I lik [...]

    7. To be honest, I really didn t expect to like this book as much as I did since I haven t been an adult fiction reader for a while But this book surprised me For the most part I REALLY enjoyed this book The only thing that got me was the end After the accident happened with Paige I still felt a little confused about the events that unfolded after the fact But maybe that was just me.What really matters is that overall, this was a great book It kept me up until 4 30 A.M reading I COULD NOT put it do [...]

    8. Generously given this wonderful ARC copy of Beautiful Lies by Sharlay for an honest review Wow That was a very heart touching book the story between Paige great name by the way Taylor and Rick is just amazing I loved the detail in which this whole story is made of It is almost like the author has experienced this before The emotions behind this book, for me, were breathtaking I loved the funny and heartbreaking story this book tells and I can t wait to see what else Sharlay brings out in the wor [...]

    9. I received an arc from the author in exchange for an honest review Woah I finished this about a minute ago so bare with me while I m still trying to put my feelings into words for this review I think its truly the mark of a good writer to craft a story in such a way that when I look down to see how far along I am then suddenly realize that I m about to reach the end, I can fully understand what it s like to be lost in a story The seamless writing and captivating plot make this a winner for me I [...]

    10. A story about a young woman who wakes up from a coma with a complete alternate reality in her head or atleast a relationship with someone who only exists in her dreams How do you juggle a dream boyfriend and a real one This was definitely something I ve not come across before, which was what made me want to read the book.I mean, it s not like the voices in your head that all some of us have This is an ongoing relationship with someone she dreams about every night.I liked the story and the plot p [...]

    11. I received an arc from the author in exchange for an honest review This was a very touching story Its a lot different then the normal books I read and Im so glad i decided to read this book The connection between Paige and Taylor was beautiful When Taylor told Paige what happened, i cried with everything that happened to Taylor and Paige they still found a way to survive and move on I feel horrible that Rick was stuck in the middle and had to witness his love fall in love with someone else I hop [...]

    12. This book is a must read Sharlay has done it again The end of this story is going to leave you wanting I can t wait to officially make this book part of my collection.I absolutely can not wait for all of the Sharlay fans to get their hands on this book I have had the honor of reading book one and omg, I need now This story has an amazing twist and I can t wait to see where it leads

    13. THIS BOOK JUST MADE MY BRAIN SCATTER ALL AROUND THE PLACE TOTAL MINDF k FOR REAAAALS Another thing about it is you fall in love with art You ll feel like you re in the canvas as well You live with the paintings You feel everything You fall in love You feel giddy Excited Thrilled Wondering Sad Mourning Happy EVERYTHING TOTAL 5 FUNFREAKINGTASTIC STARS MUST READ And it s a HEA

    14. This was an amazing book packed full of emotion I loved the mystery, heartache and need to understand It is gut wrenching at times and you feel as though the characters decisions are wrong but the you read and feel for these characters the you truly understand I can not wait to read from Sharlay

    15. PAIGE S STORYAfter a tragic accident Paige Carter has spent the last year of her life falling in love with a man named Taylor.But there are two huge problemsOneShe is already in a relationship with her boyfriend Rick.TwoTaylor doesn t exist outside of the dreams in her head Received an ARC from Sharlay in exchange for review From moment that I came across summary on Sharlay s page, I was hooked by just reading the summary It has mystery written all over it and I wanted to know, what happened to [...]

    16. Received ARC in exchange for an honest review3.5 STARS As soon as I read the synopsis for beautiful lies I was instantly attentive to every single word on the pages My mind was going around and around in circle trying to figure out who Taylor is is he even real What was the deal It definitely had the whole mystery factor.Paige, the main character was spending a lovely day celebrating her two year anniversary with her boyfriend They re on their way home and go to collect wine to celebrate but tra [...]

    17. A gifted copy was received for an honest review.4.5 StarsI loved this story It was full of twists and turns that held my interest until the very last page.Paige has it all incredible family and friends, a career she loves and an amazing boyfriend of 2 years Then one night, an accident changes her life completely During a month long coma that resulted from the accident, Paige dreams of a man named Taylor and falls deeply in love with him However, when she awakens, her boyfriend, Rick, is the only [...]

    18. I received this book in exchange for an honest review Overall this book was pretty good It was romantic, exciting, a little mysterious and a lot hopeful I like to think I am a fairly spiritual person and I was very intrigued by the thought of something greater than the mind bringing two people together emotionally and spiritually like it was just meant to be All the characters were interesting and likable I wanted to know about the sister and this mysterious Gavin or the receptionist and the cl [...]

    19. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.It is not often that a story grabs my attention as much as this one did From the start of the book the story didn t go how I imagined it would, I was even starting to wonder if I would enjoy the book after the bizarre twist is revealed, however, persevering was the only option because I had to know what would happen next It is incredibly difficult to review this book without giving away spoilers but the less you know about the plot [...]

    20. I received a copy of this book for an honest review Every now and than you read a book that just touches you and this my friends is that book Sorry about that run on This story is about love and lies Paige world is perfect as she know it Until one day she wakes up and realizes the man she is with is not the one she expects She is looking for the love of her life Taylor The only thing is she has been dating Rick for the last few years Paige soon figures out that Taylor is only a man of dreams The [...]

    21. Sharlay Thank you for allowing me to read your fabulous book for a honest review WOW I didn t see that end coming I was trying to figure out the twist in this story I had some of it correct, but WOW This is a great story and I can t wait for the next series This book is about love, lost, and finding out what truly was missing and true, unconditional love It has a lot of sweet, happy , loving parts Then there are gut wrenching WTH Is going on l breaking my heart And I won t spoil anything But dam [...]

    22. ARC was given for an honest review I was left absolutely speechless when I finished this book This story is filled with such emotion that you cannot help but feel it with the characters This was so wonderfully different than anything else I have read A wonderful love story with twists and turns I loved all the characters I was so happy for the couple and truly felt sorry for the one that doesn t get Paige, because he was such a great guy and deserves his own HEA This story is a must read for any [...]

    23. I was sent this book as an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest reportThis was a tremendously interesting book which had me trying to second guess the author all the way through.It had mystery and suspense and the story line never lacked for momentum The dialogue was clear and in places quite witty The twist in the story is well hidden and the ending is just right for the die hard romantics Thoroughly enjoyable and recommended even to the tune I have bought Sharlays PRETEND to see if the qualit [...]

    24. I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest reviewI was entrapped in this book I felt quite emotional through this story It s a beautiful story about fate how two people are meant to be together Once I started to read this story I could not put it down till I had finished Sharlays writing is beautiful in this story I highly recommend this book Definite Star read from my opinion

    25. Cryingly Beautiful Received ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.I must start off by saying that if I hadn t received this ARC I would have over looked this book Mainly because of its vague synopsis.But once I started reading I just couldn t put it down The author had me intrigued, captivated and drawn in with her emotionally descriptive characters and scenes which are portrayed in her writing.Not usually a fan of love triangles due to the fact that usually one of the characters [...]

    26. Beautiful Lies by Sharlay takes us on a mind trip with Paige, Rick Taylor When Paige is involved in a hit and run accident right in front of her boyfriend of 2 years Rick, she is left in a coma for a month and begins consecutive dreams of Taylor Once she awakens she can t stop the dreams and continues to fall madly in love with Taylor, thus tearing her real relationship apart.The concept has the potential to be fantastic I ve never read anything like this before so to say I was excited when I op [...]

    27. Whoa Again I was caught with this one in one sitting The story makes me yearn for book 2 please a sequel to the story of Taylor Paige Sometimes things really happen hard to explain hard to accept but if it really is destined to fate it is When you least expect things when you can t explain things then what you need to do is have faith because it was meant to beTrue love really finds its ways even in most unbelievable ways that s how Taylor Paige s story I describes the dreams she had the feeling [...]

    28. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review Honestly I loved the story and the characters Paige is involved in an accident that alters her entire life She goes through so many mixed emotions, most of which she tries to deal with herself, but she realizes she can t She ends up in a relationship with the man of her dreams, in her dreams, while she is in a real life relationship The choice between life and dreams is not something we often have to contemplate The author does a great job of m [...]

    29. This book was an amazing surprise This was the first book by Sharlay that I have read but it will not be the last In this story we meet Paige and Rick who are in a very loving relationship Then tragedy strikes and Paige is injured and spends a month in a coma During the coma she meets the man of her dreams Here is where all the drama starts This book has all the feels Love, anger, angst, and finally forgiveness.This book deserves than five stars The writing style is stellar and the characters a [...]

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