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Opening Hearts By Iona Findley,

  • Title: Opening Hearts
  • Author: Iona Findley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pregnant and alone at 35 Jessalyn O Donnell returns from her best friend s wedding with a surprise of her own She knows how it happened three sex filled nights with a smokin hot guy, known only as Sam but she has no way to get in touch with him When smokejumper Sam Ricci returns to his hometown after the annual firefighting season ends, he has no plans for fatherPregnant and alone at 35 Jessalyn O Donnell returns from her best friend s wedding with a surprise of her own She knows how it happened three sex filled nights with a smokin hot guy, known only as Sam but she has no way to get in touch with him When smokejumper Sam Ricci returns to his hometown after the annual firefighting season ends, he has no plans for fatherhood His lifestyle is too risky, and he loves his job almost as much as he loves women Everything changes when he runs into Jessalyn again and discovers her plans for single parenthood Sam doesn t want to be tied down Jessalyn would rather go it alone than deal with an absent husband So why, when a twist of fate brings them together again, does it feel so right No Cliffhanger Book 1 is a complete story in the Hero s Heart Series Do you like firefighters, secret babies and second chances If so, this contemporary romance is for you Do you enjoy light, easy reads OPENING HEARTS is perfect for a quick reading getaway MORE IN THE HERO S HEART SERIES Opening Hearts Book 1 Sam and Jessalyn Risking Hearts Book 2 Jake and Hope Joining Hearts Book 3 Zoe and Marcus
    Opening Hearts Pregnant and alone at Jessalyn O Donnell returns from her best friend s wedding with a surprise of her own She knows how it happened three sex filled nights with a smokin hot guy known only as Sam

    One thought on “Opening Hearts”

    1. I will be honest with you but there was something in this book that didn t sit well with me I don t know if it was the plot or Jessalyn the main character but there were moments where I had to put the book down and wait for a while before continuing on This is an Adult Contemporary that came up on an Instafreebie deal I do love firefighters in a book but Sam for me was a bit na ve There wasn t a cliffhanger ending which was a good thing but sadly, I won t be continuing with the series.

    2. DNF 50% This started off well and had an interesting premise but it went downhill Sam just didn t work for me at all He was going to just let Jessalyn hang in the wind knowing it was his kid This went on for a while Eventually he decided to give it a go as a father but he just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    3. It was so difficult to like this The time line was completely off and the pregnancy development was totally unrealistic I mean at 2 months pregnant she was obviously pregnant she would barely be showing by that point, at most she d look bloated but definitely not pregnant and managed to get a perfect scan and find out the sex this doesn t happen until around 4 or 5 months Plus all of the romantic getting to know each other and falling in love parts that actually make a good romance novel were co [...]

    4. There is than just an age difference between the two of them They may have got together for a few days enjoyed each others company They even made a baby together but that is were the similarities end They were keeping it casual not knowing a lot about each other while they were on the boat That made it even difficult when they can t stop thinking of each other They don t even know each other s last name And now there is a baby in the mix Something unexpected causes them to come face to face ag [...]

    5. I m so glad I found this book, and it s FREE on It s a very funny story and excellent dialogue and I found myself laughing out loud on than one occasion This is one you do not want to miss.Jessalyn O Donnell goes on a cruise and meets Sam Ricci It s been five long years without a man, and this smokin hot guy is just what she wants She enjoys three fantastic nights filled with the best sex of her life Since it s only a fling, she only knows his first name She never expects to see him again.Sam [...]

    6. I like this one It was a nice sweet romance with a little spice thrown in Not much conflict Easily resolved and a HEA There was one loose end that was not tied up, but I am not worrying about it It wasn t of great importance.Firefighters are a special breed Just like military and police and anyone else who helps others.

    7. I seriously don t think there is anyone else on this planet who enjoys a Surprise baby story quite like I do For me, there is just something about some crazy good sex and a little bundle of joy bringing two people together that does something for me With that in mind and such a great synopsis that caught my attention I had a feeling this would be a good story But what really sold me was this quote Five years of celibacy Hell, maybe longer And one fling, just one in five years, and she was pregna [...]

    8. This was a great debut read from this author I loved the characters Sam was a smoke jumper, something of a ladies man, and not looking for anything serious in his life A risk taker, he lived for his job Jessalyn was older than him, a successful business owner, and most of the time quite level headed When she goes on a cruise where her best friend is getting married, she meets Sam The two of them have a good time talking, flirting and indulging in a brief fling that ends when Sam is called out on [...]

    9. Overall, an unsatisfactory read Once I reached the 50% mark I began to skim pages This is a book dealing with serious topics at a superficial level The story is as one dimensional as the characters Life changing decisions are seemingly made with less thought than choosing what meal to order in a restaurant Seriously Our heroine is worried about the volume of food she is eating and this topic was given about the same coverage as her decision to give her child the hero s surname even though she kn [...]

    10. The whole book just felt offI typically like books about unexpected pregnancy and than guy and girl fall in love but this book just felt off Some of the dates and facts didn t match up There wasn t much chemistry between the couples I was not fond of how it was written And lots of things that were hard to believe, like in the beginning her waiting for two hours in her OB office cause he was in an emergency C section I work for an OB office and you reschedule appointments not make people wait ove [...]

    11. While the concept of this book was good and I didn t mind reading it I just couldn t get past that it felt like it was the authors first book and she is in high school It wasn t the worst book I ve ever read but it was just to vague There was hardly ever any details At the end she has a complication with her pregnancy well why did she need surgery, what happened to her body that actually needed surgery It was just a basic book for a quick read just don t expect you to be to moved by this book It [...]

    12. What a phenomenal book Jessalyn O Donnell runs an Internet company from home, a very successful business Sam Ricci is a hot shot, a seasonal firefighter, a smokejumper He is also five years younger than Jessalyn Jessalyn and Sam meet on a cruise Jessalyn is on the cruise for her best friend Sadie s wedding while Sam is there for some firefighting training They see each other in one of the ships lounges the attraction is very intense So intense they make love forgetting about in protection Severa [...]

    13. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is Iona Findley s first book in the Hero s Heart series and I will be looking for the next two in the series It is written from a third person s perspective and flows effortlessly through the chapters The way the author chose to begin her book was interesting The exact particulars of how Sam and Jessalyn meet and spend their time together on the cruise is left mostly to our imagination Iona gives the reader enough informat [...]

    14. This was just an okay book for me and not one I would fancy rereading at a later date 2.5 Stars I have to be honest and say that throughout the book I just kept waiting for something of significance to jump out at me and, in my opinion, it never did It left me with a blah feeling and I had trouble believing the big turn around in the hero and the sincerity was lacking.Even though they had no plans to see each other after the cruise, I felt a bit betrayed by the hero when he went and found a red [...]

    15. 3.5 starsI was given this book by the author for an honest review.When I read the summary for this book I was intrigued I don t know what it is, but there is something about unplanned pregnancies and how the couple deals with that that piques my interest.At the beginning of this book, Jessalyn and Sam were little than strangers I enjoyed the build up at the beginning of the story The author didn t rush to get them together as a couple I was, however, a little disappointed in the fact that once [...]

    16. A chance meeting on a cruise ship leads to three days of incredible sex for Jessalyn, a businesswoman, and Sam, a smokejumper a specialized firefighter in this contemporary romance.Neither gets the other s last name before getting separated, but green eyed Jess gets than she bargained for When she returns home to Brooklyn, she finds she is pregnant Determined to raise this baby alone, she hires a contractor, Marcus Ricci, to remodel her home to accommodate a nursery.His employee is his brother, [...]

    17. Wonderful Book I can t imagine giving this book anything less than 5 stars, I would give it if I could This book was a great story of a love found but not realized at first When Jessalyn and Sam first met it was just a casual cruise fling but neither could forget the other Then they meet again a couple of months later, Jessie is pregnant and Sam is the brother of the contractor she hires to remodel her house Sam is not ready to be a dad or to settle down, Jessie isn t looking for marriage Can l [...]

    18. I first got this book AGES ago as a good old freebie and the first time reading it I loved it.Probably about a year later and here I am reading this book again I still thoroughly enjoyed the story line and the writing wasn t bad, however some things did come to my attention that kind of bugged me The biggest thing was the pregnancy itself, the timeline is just WAY off Sam see s Jessalyn and instantly see s that she is pregnant, however skip forward a week and she is telling her family because sh [...]

    19. Heya, Opening Hearts is an easy hearfelt story about taking risks, trusting others and self sacrifice This is a cute little story about the changes that can happen in life and the good things that come out of them I would recommend this story if you are looking for something easy and laid back to read If you re looking for rainy day stories, this is definitely something to curl up with With few risque parts, the author joins a soft romance with a firey passion It s a story where love knows no bo [...]

    20. A Feel Good StoryIt s wonderful reading about a realistic live story with a sensible leading lady who doesn t do silly things just to make the plot jerk forward The H is incredibly lovable and the supporting characters are just as real and likeable It all sounds pretty boring and nice huh BUT that s where the author s skill comes in The ability to craft a story without excessive drama that pulls readers completely in and makes them devour every word all the while giving them the warm fuzzies Ms [...]

    21. Pleasantly surprisingPicked this up as a freebie Quick read, interesting story and characters I would likely read by this author The ending came a bit abruptly I feel the beginning drug on a little longer than necessary Would have liked to know about them and why she changed her mind so easily.

    22. Nice romance to read when you want something short and sweet Very good story with quite a few emotions The characters are nice Overall, I liked it very much I recommend it

    23. Loved it This book was great I couldn t out it down I stayed up until 1 30 in the morning reading it You should definitely check it out

    24. 2 stars Not bad but not good either.Ok to read if you are some where to keep boredom at bay for a couple of hours You will forget the story line and characters the minute you finish reading this book.Free on Don t waste your money buying it, wait until it is free.

    25. I really enjoyed this book Jessalyn meets Sam on a cruise She is there for her best friend s wedding Sam is there for fire fighter training The chemistry sizzles with the first glance Jessalyn has been celebrate for 5 years, maybe longer She is career focused With one look, one touch from Sam, and her career is the last thing on her mind They enjoyed the time they spent together on the cruise, in and out of bed When they left the ship, they didn t exchange last names, or numbers I loved the way [...]

    26. Wow, what a fun fast erotic story No bones about it this hunky firefighter story actually has a story actually has a story It starts off with two people meeting on a cruise She s there for her best friend s wedding and he s there with his smoke jumper s unit on training They meet across a crowded bar and then when they bump into one another it s on Three days and nights of hot and heavy sex On the third day, they dock and the wedding party leaves to have the reception his team is called away to [...]

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