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The Reincarnationist By M.J. Rose,

  • Title: The Reincarnationist
  • Author: M.J. Rose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book one of The Reincarnationist series A bomb in Rome, a flash of bluish white, and photojournalist Josh Ryder s world explodes As Josh recovers, thoughts that have the emotion, the intensity, the intimacy of memories invade him But they are not his They are ancient and violent with an urgency he cannot ignore pulling him to save Sabina and the treasures she protectsBook one of The Reincarnationist series.A bomb in Rome, a flash of bluish white, and photojournalist Josh Ryder s world explodes As Josh recovers, thoughts that have the emotion, the intensity, the intimacy of memories invade him But they are not his They are ancient and violent with an urgency he cannot ignore pulling him to save Sabina and the treasures she protects But who is Sabina Desperate for answers, Josh turns to the Phoenix Foundation a research facility that scientifically documents past life experiences He is led to an archaeological dig and to Professor Gabriella Chase, who has discovered an ancient, powerful secret that threatens to merge the past with the present.Here, the dead call out to the living, and murders of the past become murders of the present.Previously published.
    The Reincarnationist Book one of The Reincarnationist series A bomb in Rome a flash of bluish white and photojournalist Josh Ryder s world explodes As Josh recovers thoughts that have the emotion the intensity the in

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    1. Good reviews and a subject close to my heart I was really looking forward to reading the Reincarnationist and there is a story hidden here, but it s so hard to see the wood for all the trees The story jumps about in what I m sure, was meant to be an exciting way but only serves to puncture what little momentum and atmosphere had been built by the preceding chapter It seems to me that there s an awful lot of plot but not enough skill to make it come alive At the same time, the characterisation is [...]

    2. i would give this book less than one star if it would let me It started out with such promise, but ended up making me promise to never read another of this author s books The plot begins, albeit in an disjointed way, in two timelines, with the main character experiencing past life regressions after a jarring accident What follows is an attempt to cash in on the style of writers, the like of Dan Brown and Steve Berry Unfortunately, this offer has neither the gripping plot, nor the follow through [...]

    3. A pretty good read until the end A young man is tormented by visions of what seems to be a previous life When he s drawn to a dig in Rome that turns out to be a tomb of a Vestal virgin, there is to the story It s a good thriller, blending the present time frame with multiple lives in the past in a way that allows us to feel what the character must be feeling, as it s sometimes quite slippery and confusing The ending, though, is disappointing, as it just kind of ends without any good resolution. [...]

    4. Interesting concept completely disappointing follow through I couldn t get behind the character s motivations, most of the dialogue felt unreal, the irregular structure panned out to have little purpose, and my goodness there was no need for the one major sex scene, ahahaha, I cracked up through the whole thing and I m sure that was not the intention of the author I hate to be a downer about someone s published work, but in all honesty I skimmed the last half, and I would have tossed it aside al [...]

    5. It started with such promise, but I abandoned it midway through Reminded me too much of a Dan Brown thriller, and I found myself rolling my eyes almost constantly I liked the premise a lot, but didn t like the writing at all.

    6. Admit it You re curious about reincarnation.Who isn t intrigued by the possibility that we may have lived a past life Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism famously enshrine the idea, but reincarnation belief is global Eskimos, Pacific Islanders, the Yoruba of West Africa, the aborigines of Australia, and the Teutonic and Celtic tribes of Europe all accept the idea of multiple rebirths The biggest surprise a 2013 Harris Poll found one in four Americans believe in reincarnation That s 80 m [...]

    7. This was a fast read and an interesting premise the main character has flashbacks to past lives, and he and some shadowy other figures are seeking the Memory Stones, ancient relics that supposedly will prove that reincarnation exists However, there are a number of subsidiary characters and subplots that make the action unnecessarily confusing, rather than functioning as actual red herrings.

    8. What can I say about The Reincarnationist besides FABULOUS After an accident in Rome, photojournalist Josh Ryder begins experiencing flashes of past memories from another life, another era As these flashes intensify, he s drawn back to the time of ancient Rome, Vestal Virgins and the mysterious Memory Stones Through the eyes of Julius, he is reunited with a powerful love for Sabina, the Vestal Virgin he has sworn to protect and would willingly die for, a woman whom would be buried alive if their [...]

    9. The blurb M J Rose offers a spellbinding, psychologically riveting epic thriller of secrets, history, and murder that will challenge the way we think about who we are and who we were.My review Not spellbinding Not riveting, psychologically or otherwise not epic not a thriller not challenging It took me 3 weeks to slog through it I kept hoping it would get better It didn t The writing is amateurish and the plot obviously contrived I can recommend this book only to people who have trouble falling [...]

    10. I bought this at a work charity book sale a while ago I guess some tv show called Past Life is based on this series of books, I ve never seen it It feels like it s trying to be a Dan Brown book After an accident, a guy starts having flashbacks to a past life in Rome A precious artifact is stolen from a dig in Rome, an archaeologist attacked, and now this guy is there with the other female archaeologist, trying to recover this artifact and figure out what his flashbacks mean And there s a priest [...]

    11. Sorry, wanted to like this one but just could not get into it In truth I so disliked this particular read that I did not finish it There are just too many good books out there that I want to get my hands on.

    12. A fast paced, exciting tale melding reincarnation and a modern couple s quest to find meaning and love in their tumultuous world Read it in one sitting because I couldn t put it down

    13. Since I had already read The Book of Lost Fragrances and Seduction of the series, I decided to read The Reincarnationist which is the first book in the series There were surprises good and bad , about reincarnation, and a really good story This is what books should be satisfying John Ryder has been having what he calls lurches for over a year They started when he was caught in a bomb blast in Rome The lurches put him in ancient Rome in the body of a priest named Julius who is in love with a Ves [...]

    14. This was another quick and easy read that kept me in suspense throughout, however, I didn t like it quite as much as The Memorist Overall I really liked the book but I just had a couple of problems with it.First, the book is called The Reincarnationist, who is identified in The Memorist as Malachai Samuels, however Mr Samuels is a VERY minor chracter throughout this book I think the title is misleading because The Reincarnationist has nothing to do with this book Maybe The Memory Stones or somet [...]

    15. La reencarnacion es un punto que en mi vida me he preguntado en varias ocasiones de verdad sucede hay personas que de verdad pueden en algun momento de su vida recordar sus vidas pasadas Esta es la premisa del libro, la cual me la encuentro super interesante.Nos muestra la vida de Josh Ryder, fotografo periodista, que luego de una explosion y haber estado en coma, recuerda mediante flashback, dos de sus vidas pasadas, pero la principal, es la de Julius, el cual existio en la antigua Roma, donde [...]

    16. I d been very impressed with The Book of Lost Fragrances so I wanted to read something else by M.J Rose Unfortunately, she seems to be one of those authors who tells the same story over and over again The Hypnotist is also about reincarnation and people obsessed with it Here our main character is Josh, a photographer badly injured a year ago when he caught a terrorist attack on camera Since then he s been having psychotic episodes in which he remembers his past lives Julius, a pagan priest in Ro [...]

    17. Dear God, this is a boring book What started out so promising in terms of story line and subject became bogged down in tedium ad nauseam The premise of the story is that the hero is having spontaneous past life regressions that impinge on his current life at the weirdest moments He s been having them for than a year, is even seeing a regressionist therapist, and yet he cannot bring himself to believe they are really regressions Makes you want to kick the guy in the head, he s so stubborn Maybe [...]

    18. The Reincarnationist is about the tenth book by M J Rose and is a thriller set in the present and the past thanks to numerous past life flash backs.After nearly dying in a terrorist bomb, Josh Ryder is haunted by memories of a past life in Rome The medical profession cannot explain or solve his new memories and flashbacks and so he turns to the Phoenix Foundation who specialise in past life regression.A trail of present day murders seem to link up to his past life memories of being a pagan pries [...]

    19. I read 4 6 of this series in 2014 and really enjoyed them So I figured it was time to go back and read the beginning of the series Even though it was missing the strong main character of the last three, it was an intelligent and intriguing read, with lots of twist and turns that kept me guessing until the very end However, it doesn t get a full 5 stars from me because I didn t feel a strong emotional connection to any of the characters I can t put my finger on why but I missed that extra ingredi [...]

    20. 2 1 2 3 stars Forgot that I had tried to read this a couple of years ago Sometimes it comes down to what you feel like reading and this time I was willing to put up with some less than quality and at times very repetitive, writing for a decent story and excellent premise The Story ended abruptly so I believe there must be a sequel Many writers improve with practice so will try out next book to see where this story goes Must add very tired of the word lurch

    21. This book spells out BORING until the last 100 pages The story are too scattered and it is so hard to link them together Many things were left explained and this book could had been a better read if those irrelevant stories were taken out, which meant leaving the book at only 50% of its original thickness.The characters are not likable at all except Rachel Esme Josh seems to be obsessed with any women he met, lusting over them The author seems to have an issue with breasts too as she kept emphas [...]

    22. As a believer in reincarnation and a lover of history, I really wanted to like this book But no matter how I tried and I really tried I just couldn t The characters were pretty poorly developed, making it difficult to care about any of them Halfway through the book an additional character was added, bringing her own past life that was somehow tied to the main protagonist But this new female only existed to provide answers later on, and not because she was important to the plot in any other way H [...]

    23. Reincarnation Not a true believer, but my mind is open.And that is all this story asks,is that the reader has an open mind.Josh Ryder is a photojournalist haunted by events in his past and present He deals in logic,believes in what he can see through the lens of his camera But what he sees through the camera lens is not always logical and doesn t come through in the finished picture.And he frequently has trouble staying in the present On a trip to Rome, determined to find answers to his frequent [...]

    24. Many of the other reviews have this book pegged correctly, and the ones who say it was suspenseful which book did you read There wasn t one iota of suspense.The only thing that really kept me reading was that the reincarnation idea was interesting and that the pace was good enough to keep the pages turning, but not nearly enough to say this was a good book.But if you liked the Da Vinci code, then you probably will like this book, since neither book had much of a plot sorry guys, Da Vinci code wa [...]

    25. After a near death experience, Josh Ryder begins having flashes where he seems to be remembering being a pagan priest in ancient Rome, trying to save the woman he loves and the sacred treasures that they both revere from the onslaught of Christianity Seeking answers brings Josh to the Phoenix Foundation, a group that helps children who experience past life memories The Phoenix Foundation doesn t work with adults, but Josh takes a job with them in exchange for the opportunity to learn about rein [...]

    26. After a near fatal accident, photojournalist Josh Ryder is haunted by dreams of past lives While trying to find some stolen gemstones believed to be powerful pagan memory stones for the Phoenix Foundation, Josh realizes that his past lives are trying to send him a message to save his own present day life and that of the future world Wow Very original This fast paced, thought provoking, intricate page turner will stay with the reader long after the last page has been read The ending is a surprise [...]

    27. Josh Ryder is a man in the wrong place at the wrong time In Rome to photo journal an important meeting he is caught in the blast of a suicide bomber During his recovery he begins to have visions that place him in ancient RomeFor the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal Urban Fantasy Review site on the web, Bitten By Books for the review of The Reincarnationist in it s entirety You won t be sorry.

    28. I m not a huge fan of Historical Fiction and I was nervous about reading this Some of the story takes place in 386 391 A.D some in the mid 1880 s, and of course some in the present day It took me about 60 pages to get into and I almost gave up I m so glad I stuck with this This was an amazing book I had no problems keeping up with the back and forth between the years I simply couldn t put this book down during the last two days it took to finish this I was completely spellbound I was shocked at [...]

    29. The ending is almost solely responsible for this one star rating I can handle characters dying What I can t handle Unresolved plot lines One chapter would have offered at least a modicum of resolution on several fronts.

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