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High Maintenance By Lia Fairchild,

  • Title: High Maintenance
  • Author: Lia Fairchild
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From Bestselling Author, Lia Fairchild Lexy s apartment is a dump, but she refuses to move in with her controlling fianc Instead, she takes matters into her own hands, getting down and dirty to fix things Then Tate, the super s sexy son, shows up Lexy and Tate spar over the latest maintenance issues, generating heat than the record breaking temperatures that haveFrom Bestselling Author, Lia Fairchild Lexy s apartment is a dump, but she refuses to move in with her controlling fianc Instead, she takes matters into her own hands, getting down and dirty to fix things Then Tate, the super s sexy son, shows up Lexy and Tate spar over the latest maintenance issues, generating heat than the record breaking temperatures that have invaded their city As her attraction to Tate grows, Lexy becomes resistant to her fianc s demands, putting a wrench in her relationship and her impending marriage BONUS Get a sneak peek of the new dark romance, Compulsive.
    High Maintenance From Bestselling Author Lia Fairchild Lexy s apartment is a dump but she refuses to move in with her controlling fianc Instead she takes matters into her own hands getting down and dirty to fix th

    One thought on “High Maintenance”

    1. Judging a Book by it s Cover Two very toned bodies wearing white bottoms and no Synopsis is okay, unsure about the whole entertaining than flirtation while having a fiance thing thoughLooking Deeper Third person narrative.Lexy assumed the lease on an older model apartment after her dad passed away and wanted to finish the lease out, against her older and wealthier fiance s wishes He s controlling and manipulative Their relationship was tumultuous Her apartment was falling apart around her but [...]

    2. Lexy is a strong willed, smart, independent, Latino woman who wishes to make her own way in the world I enjoyed the sexual innuendos at the beginning and throughout the story The characters are well developed and relatable I enjoyed Lexy s best friend, Mimi, and her quirky neighbor, Mrs Granger Lexy s fianc , Julian, is rich and arrogant, but tries to give Lexy the feeling that he allows her to make her own decisions while still manipulating behind the scenes.Tate and Lexy s banter is clever and [...]

    3. Although only a novella, this story is well developed and the characters are complex and relatable I m not a huge fan of contemporary romances, but this one entertained me for an afternoon and prompted me to give some other similar style books a fair go.The main couple, Lexi and Tate, have great chemistry and I think their relationship develops at a realistic pace While one or two scenes were predicable Ie the laundry room scene , they were still good fun and that s the whole point, right The se [...]

    4. I love this It was a quick read that had all the essential elements to keep you interested Lexi has a very controlling fiance Her apartment is slowly crumbling down, needing constant repairs spurring her fiance to repeatedly ask Lexi to move in But Lexi is also very determined and independent She will not allow Julian her fiance to control her.Then Tate the maintenance man s son shows up to help out his dad and Lexi and Tate immediately hit it off.Can Lexi resist the attraction to Tate Can Lexi [...]

    5. High Maintenance is an incredibly heartfelt and wonderfully hope filled journey of learning to not fear following your heart This is one of the hardest things in life you will ever do Saying it is easy, but actually following your heart while seeing everything solid and trusted fall away would cause most to abandon their new path for the familiar one they left behind Why risk the unknown when the known has everything you thought you ever wanted, but in truth it was just a bunch of compromising [...]

    6. I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for a reviewThis was my first read from Lia Fairchild and I was not disappointed HIGH MAINTENANCE is a fast paced, short read novella, even though its a novella there is a lot packed into the story and plot The characters in this book are very well written and the chemistry between Lexi and Tate is amazing and is felt off the pages as they get to know each other as friends, the problem with this chemistry is that Lexi is engaged to someone el [...]

    7. High Maintenance is a charming, sexy, and humorous novella about a heroine struggling to retain her independence from an overbearing fianc and keeping her strength to see her dreams through to fruition Lexy is a spunky sassy gal that caused me to grin than once reading about her can do attitude even when it ended up going a bit sideways.Julian is the fianc with the pedigreed upbringing that can t learn from bad experience that throwing around power and money won t always get you the happy endin [...]

    8. This isn t a very long book, but it is so very well written, but enough character development that you really don t think about it being shorter than some you might read The author really has a way with innuendo The first few pages of reading, I was thinking that I knew where the book was headed, but I kept reading and I am very pleased that I did.Lexi and Tate were entertaining and you could feel the chemistry between the two I could have easily settled into a much longer book with these two Th [...]

    9. I enjoyed this short, sexy read Somehow, even in a novella like this, Lia Fairchild continues to instill depth and dimension to her characters, even the side characters Actually, this would be a great taste, if you ve never tried this author Though not all her books categorize as romance, there s a common thread in all her writing of realistic, well developed characters and truly relatable conflict I loved Tate just the right amount of alpha And Lexy just the right mix of vulnerability and stubb [...]

    10. High Maintenance was a quick read that I enjoyed Being a novella, the story progressed quickly I liked Lexi and Tate and found them both to be relatable characters Tate really paid attention to Lexi and knew what she was really about right away, compared to her sleazy fianc e who doesn t really care about Lexi s hopes and dreams This novella was good fun and I liked the supporting characters as well, especially Mimi and Mrs Granger.

    11. Miss Fix itLexy is having all sorts of problems with her apartment Everything is broken, breaking, or in need of repair The super always seems to be busy or not interested in fixing it One complaint too many has a knock at her door.Engaged and supposed to be planning a wedding, Lexy is not prepared for her reaction to Tate The super s son Tate is here to help fix Miss Fix it s problems.If only she could keep him away from her thoughts

    12. This was my very first time reading a Lia Fairchild book and I must say I really enjoyed it I loved the premise of the book and I absolutely loved Tate I highly recommend this book if you are in the mood for a quick, light and happy, feel good book I am excited to try other books by author Lia Fairchild

    13. Like all of Fairchild s books, the characters are a hit in this book the good guys and the bad guys, and for a novella, everyone in between The banter is fun, the problems are real, and the twist is a surprise even though I ve come to expect it from this author It s short and interesting and will make you want to read her other books, which I recommend as well.

    14. There were several underlying funny parts that made me laugh This is a wonderful novella filled with plenty to keep the reader hooked Love, a but of mystery, a few funny jokes and some steamy scenes.I look forward to reading from this author I totally enjoyed it I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    15. I received this novella in exchange for a honest review I enjoyed this story very much I loved the main characters, the humor, and the story line This is the 1st book I ve read by this author and I will definitely read of her books You won t be disappointed.

    16. This was a cute, lighthearted read, this is the perfect book after reading a few dark reads lately Lexi is strong willed fun Tate was super cool lovable If you need something easy, fun light then totally pick this up read it now

    17. Cute, fun, short read just what I needed lighthearted and totally worth it I love how he calls her Kitten and how she named the kitten Cupcake The name they decided on in the end was perfect for their shop

    18. Enjoyable Fast paced novella filled with a hot man who claims his woman and shows her how a realm treats a woman.

    19. Lexy is a strong independent woman and doesn t need a man to make her dreams come true Tate is just what she needs in life.

    20. This is a novella but it has a well developed plot I enjoyed Tate and Lexy s interactions The story is humorous and there is great banter between the characters Overall it was a great, fun read.

    21. This was a really great novella I loved the humor in the story and the pacing was great I really connected with the characters Highly recommend

    22. Cute story This was a cute, short story about Lexy and Tate and how their relationship grew Lexy is a strong character who s dealt with a lot in her past and present.

    23. This is a quick read of a girl who just can t find it in her to move in with her fiance She is a modern day Miss fix it, when things start going wrong with her apartment and the building she lives in One day the maintenance man s son steps in to help out and let the fireworks begin But what to do about her fiance Lines are crossed, things happen that can never be forgiven READ this book to find out

    24. I loved this book The chemistry between them was great The only thing that I disliked was that it was not longer The story flowed very well and did not feel rushed I will read from this author as this was a first by her I would recommend this if you want a short but great story.

    25. Hilariously sexyI haven t laughed this hard in a long time From the first page Fairchild has the reader hooked and wanting

    26. This is the first story I have read from this author I really enjoyed it It had humor and romance.If you like Alice Clayton you will enjoy this story.

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