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The Broken Road By Melissa Huie,

  • Title: The Broken Road
  • Author: Melissa Huie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Twenty six year old Megan Connors s life is not going in the direction she thought it would With her love life in the dumps, she doesn t think it could get any worse until her long time crush, Shane asks to move in After all, he has no clue that she s been in love with him for the past ten years But fate has a way of turning things around As their relationship goes froTwenty six year old Megan Connors s life is not going in the direction she thought it would With her love life in the dumps, she doesn t think it could get any worse until her long time crush, Shane asks to move in After all, he has no clue that she s been in love with him for the past ten years But fate has a way of turning things around As their relationship goes from just friends to lovers, life takes a turn for the unexpected Shane isn t the person that Megan once fell in love with all those years ago Shane has a past deadly secrets that are only revealed once the FBI knocks on Megan s door Secrets, tragedy, and deceit force Shane and Megan to make choices that will change their lives forever Once Megan learns the truth, will she still want to be with Shane Or will someone else be at the end of her broken road The Broken Road contains mature themes, heart pounding action, edge of your seat suspense, graphic violence and steamy romance, with a side of strong language, drug dealing, and a lot of sarcastic humor.
    The Broken Road Twenty six year old Megan Connors s life is not going in the direction she thought it would With her love life in the dumps she doesn t think it could get any worse until her long time crush Shane a

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    1. 4 Bittersweet stars from me Well, i picked up this book because of the blurb I adore friends to lovers book I m such a sucker for those kind of romances But i have to admit that until the 35% of the book i wasn t hot nor cold about what i was readingI honestly didn t know how i was feeling about that It was seems just okayAnd even when i was thinking to stop reading, my inner shelf wasn t letting me stopI think that this was fault of Shane s mystery aura And thank God, that i didn t stop It turn [...]

    2. Good thing it was free via Kindle Does anyone proofread or edit books any There is no reason for there to be so many grammatical errors in a published work.The ending needed .

    3. i just freaken bawled my eyes out wow i cant believe the seriess of events that took place and how to deal with all the emotions this book gave me i totally cannot wait for the second book hurry up melissa i need to find out whats happening.

    4. Did I hate it No I did however feel like it took forever for the real story to get started The author put a lot of details in the book that took the story nowhere For instance, the lead character walked her dog a million times, and the author would describe the walk or how the character would let the dog outside It was filler and unnecessary By the time the story ended I felt like there should have been , so perhaps there will be a sequel The book had a bit of mystery and suspense to it, which I [...]

    5. Josie s 3.5 Star Review The Broken Road is about Megan and Shane Megan has been in love with Shane for years She has been engaged in the past but she was not able to truly give herself and her heart over to him because of her feelings for Shane Regardless of her true feelings for Shane they have always been close friends Megan has had to deal with seeing him with numerous women, but lately since Shane has been dating Allison their friendship has become strained That is until Shane shows up on he [...]

    6. The Broken Road is a riveting romantic suspense novel that follows the complicated friends to lovers relationship of Megan and Shane.Author Melissa Huie weaves a multi layered tale of friendship, unrequited love, drama, suspense, secrets, passion, and danger that takes the reader on one hell of a wild ride.Megan has secretly been in love with her childhood friend Shane for years, but it was an unrequited love When Shane shows up at Megan s door needing a place to live, fate has a way of changing [...]

    7. No matter how much time passed, Shane always made my heart jump whenever he came near me I m a sucker for a friend to lover romance, but add in sexiness, suspense, thrills, and swoons, I m a goner Megan and Shane have been friends for many years, but Megan has always wanted Even when she was with someone else, she couldn t get Shane off the brain I didn t want to think any, I wanted to feel And by God, I wanted to feel him Oh my gee The moment that they finally get together see excerpt above wa [...]

    8. I liked this book There were a number of things about this book that made it compelling and fun to read I thought the characters were pretty well rounded That being said, just because a character is well developed, does not mean you have to like them I never felt close to the main character in this book, but it didn t stop me from enjoying the read either I find that if the author can keep you reading a book even if the main character is not one you like, it is a sign that they have a measure of [...]

    9. This book had me on the edge of my seat from the second chapter Megan and Shane, wow what a story, it had action, suspense, sadness, and joy Even though I thought that Alex the Vet Doctor was going to be the one for Megan, since Shane was not stepping up, he was truly a dog Married man, Really, come on Shane, was a cutie putie, he finally admit that he liked very much Megan But the terror of things that were evolving between him and the circumstances of Drug, robbery, hostage and murder my god O [...]

    10. Great book I started it thinking i wouldn t like it But as they say you should never judge a book by its cover I started reading it and then found myself not being able to put it down there are only two other authors who have done this to me where they have made it feel like you were standing right there with the characters I even found my self sobbing on one of the saddest parts of the book This book shows you that family very important no matter if it is blood or not Now i am going to sit here [...]

    11. Enjoyed reading this book It could have used a thorough job of editing as there were many sentences missing words but all in all not bad for a freebieI also was disappointed in the abrupt ending.I did love the cover

    12. When I first picked The Broken Road up, I was so excited I really enjoy these unrequited love books I don t know why I just do Anyhow so very excited But then I started having issues with the book While I was enjoying it, there were just these little things that kept bugging me for some reason I don t know if I just had a stick up my ass or what but it was not going well Luckily, it picked back up and I ended up enjoying it Well, let s get down to the nitty gritty I guess one of the first things [...]

    13. I found this book to start out pretty stereotypical, girl engaged with guy, decided it wasn t meant to be and then admits her heart had always belonged to her friend Then the story takes a turn to everything in life that could go wrong goes wrong and there is plenty of suspicion but not real answers I found the beginning of this book to drag and rather boring then instantly like flipping a switch all of the action began to happen I personally would have liked to have seen a balanced story, but [...]

    14. The Broken Road by Melissa Huie is 2012 Melissa Huie publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Megan has been in love with Shane for years So much so, she has never been able to really commit her whole heart to anyone else When Shane shows up at her door with a hard luck story claiming he needs a place to live for awhile the only question for Megan is whether or not her heart can stand being in the same abode as Shane and not suffer immeasurable heartache Ho [...]

    15. Megan Connor has had a crush on her long time good friend Shane for years She had tried to tell herself they would always only be friends and had even gotten engaged to someone else for a while When that didn t work out Megan s life basically became work and home by herself until one night Shane shows up asking for a place to say As soon as Shane moves in the secrets begin to pile up between the two leading Megan to question if she will ever know the truth For the most part I actually completely [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book I enjoyed the characters, the storyline and the writing style.It wasnt what i expected, it was so much .Megan, was actually a pretty good lead female and for me that says a lot because its rare I like any female at all.Shane, his was the twist and turn for sure Just when you think you have him figured out, he isnt what you expect I kinda fell in love with him I just wish there was of him, as he is gone a lot hopefully in book 2The side characters are written well I wo [...]

    17. I received a copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 3.5 Stars Megan Connor has her hands full Her love life is a dump She recently connected with her long lost crush And now he has decided to move in with her To top all that, he also has a girlfriend Shane has no idea that his best friend has always been in love with him But, one day, all that changes Megan and Shane go from friends to lovers but Fate has other plans Shane is hiding a deadly secret And as days go by, the consequ [...]

    18. I had the opportunity to be on the blog tour for The Broken Road series by Melissa Hule and I was mega busy but thought sod it I will make time and honestly, I m glad I did I really enjoyed Shane Megan s story Let me start at the beginning If you haven t read book one please do not read the review for book two as book one WILL BE ruined This book made me feel a massive range of emotions I was angry, I was sad, I was happy, I was crying, I was out of my mind with worry, I was fuming Argh how can [...]

    19. ARC provided by publisher for honest review Holy Cow the twists and turns this takes Megan is the girl we can all relate to the one that has her forever crush, who just never pans out to be mister right So she decides to give up and find herself with mister wrong again then her life takes the turn we would all love and she realizes her crush is rushing on her It is an easy transition because our beloved bad boy is already a favorite with in the family and friend circles, until BOOM not everythin [...]

    20. I really loved this book I loved the characters and the whole story line I didn t know what to expect when I first started this book Once I started I couldn t put it down Melissa keeps you on a roller coaster of emotions from the start Shane and Meagan have a connection not just as best friends but Meagan is down to earth keep to herself type of person She wants the one person she can t have She s been in love with Shane forever and not wanting to ruin it she keeps quite Shane is the bad boy ev [...]

    21. This story is about Megan who went through a break up with her ex fianc about 8 months ago Her friend attempts to get her to see other people to forget about her ex Shane is a close friend that she has had a crush on for a while He is seeing a girl so she comes to realize they will never be together She starts to see a man she met at a bar and he seems perfect Shane does not like him and with good reason Shane and Megan finally tell each other about their feelings, but trouble comes their way.

    22. When I saw this book on the Kindle bestsellers page, I chose it because it looked like an entertaining, quick read It was those things, but it had a bit substance to it than I expected and I wound up enjoying it quite a bit There are several typos in the bookall editing things that made me stumble a bit as I read, but the story was a good one and I enjoyed the characters very much It looks like this is the first book of a series I m very interested to see where the author will take the story li [...]

    23. I received a review copyThe Broken Road was non stop action from nearly the very beginning After we get the back story on Megan and her long time crush on friend Shane, the pace really picks up and things start to get interesting The book is mostly focused on romance, but there sure is a lot of suspense that kept me holding my breath I also loved how many twists and turns there was throughout the book I was always on my toes and not sure what would be sprung on us next If you like a good romanti [...]

    24. I could not set this book down Melissa Huie captures both Megan and Shane exceptionally well This book kept me on the edge of the seat and wanting I fell in love with the characters Plus who doesn t love a good mafia style book Meg and Shane are best friends with a chemistry no one can deny Except themselves or at least they try to deny the attraction they have for one another I loved that this was also a long read because I devoured every page and immediately bought the second book when I fini [...]

    25. Decent story, fast paced action but almost too fast paced Things would happen and the characters would just move on from it I realize that during gun fights, chases, and fleeing for your life there isn t much time for dealing with emotions, but there is still a level of it to be expected when a book is written in first person Megan came off a little flat as a character for me There was nothing deep that made me connect with her on any level and I ended up enjoying the rest of the characters tha [...]

    26. This is a brilliant read I totally loved it Although I found this a little slow to start it ended up being a heart stopping and gripping read Not sure how many times my family looked at me as I gasped out loud reading this Yes it s one of them kinda reads I find it hard to review this as I don t wanna spoil it for anyone Loved the cliffhanger at the end Why Cos I ve got book two on kindle to jump right into lol

    27. The story was ok, but the whole Mexican drug cartel thing was a bit much, a guy going after a dealer would have been believable than the Cartel Shane was kind of lovable, but not around enough for readers to fall for him and for us to want he and Megan s relationship to survive it all Also, there were errors and mistakes with names etc that bugged me.

    28. Good and interesting story, but poor editing Loved the twist but I kind of figured it out ahead of the reveal His answers to Megan were too evasive, so I knew there was something he wasn t telling I will be awaiting the next book in the series.

    29. Holy cliffhangerWhat happens when friends become lovers Shane and Megan have danced around each other for years, best of friends with just an edge of flirty Unfortunately, Shane has a past that is quickly catching up and putting everyone in danger Can their love survive

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