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Lais By Marie de France,

  • Title: Lais
  • Author: Marie de France
  • ISBN: 9788843029730
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nella seconda met del XII secolo i Lais di Maria di Francia, insieme ai romanzi di Chr tien de Troyes, consacrano in modo clamoroso la fortuna della materia di Bretagna, intrecciandoli strettamente con i rituali della cortese e con il misterro dellavventura Al cuore di questi racconti ci sono il meraviglioso e il segreto, lorigine e la deriva dei personaggi da e versNella seconda met del XII secolo i Lais di Maria di Francia, insieme ai romanzi di Chr tien de Troyes, consacrano in modo clamoroso la fortuna della materia di Bretagna, intrecciandoli strettamente con i rituali dell a cortese e con il misterro dell avventura Al cuore di questi racconti ci sono il meraviglioso e il segreto, l origine e la deriva dei personaggi da e verso regioni sconosciute Lanval, il melanconico cavaliere amato da una fata ma la perder , se riveler il loro a Guilliadun, la bella principessa lontana che attraversa il mare, muore e resuscita grazie alla virt m di un fiore Yonec, nato dal magico incontro di una dama triste e malmaritata con un cavaliere astore Bisclavret, minacciato da un sortilegio che lo costringe periodicamente a metamorfosarsi in lupo Guigemar, novello Narciso, che sale su una nave senza equipaggio per andare lontano, a conoscere l a Straordinari incontri, oggetti misteriosi, personaggi che scompaiono e riappaiono, soprattutto amori difficili, impossibili, idillici, tragici Per i fantastici intrecci, per lo stile personalissimo, che mescola realismo psicologico e sogno, conversazione mondana ed elegia, questi Lais sono considerati la pi bella raccolta di novelle dell Europa.
    Lais Nella seconda met del XII secolo i Lais di Maria di Francia insieme ai romanzi di Chr tien de Troyes consacrano in modo clamoroso la fortuna della materia di Bretagna intrecciandoli strettamente co

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    1. Marie de France was an aristocratic twelfth century poet, from whose name we conclude that she was apparently living somewhere other than France when she wrote her most famous works Probably England she writes in Anglo Norman, which is an important language for anyone interested in the history of English because it s the source of so many borrowings Marie was probably attached to the court of Henry II who, I need scarcely remind you, was himself French and spoke no English , but apart from that [...]

    2. These stories by a 12th Century abbess have everything Love and treason and a noble betrayed werewolf Stephenie Meyer eat your decadent, twinkling little heart out The English is a little stiff, because it sets out to be very close to the mediaeval French poetry, but the power comes through Amazing these lais are not famous I can t resist one extended quote Lord, she said, please come hunting in the forest in the region where I live Stay in my husband s castle, be bled there and take a bath on [...]

    3. I studied Guigemar and Bisclavret, and I ended up wanting to read the rest of Marie de France s lais Bisclavret is one of my favourites, really, possibly due to reading William Burgwinkle s criticism of it and being amused to see it as a gay love story Most of the lais are short and very easy to read, dwelling on knights and their lovers I quite liked Lanval, as well, the Arthurian lai Some of them have little morals in them, some of them are just sweet little stories or sometimes rather bitter [...]

    4. There s so much that we don t know about the lais in this volume which we have from the Harley manuscript in the BL we don t know exactly when they were composed though sometime in the later 12th century , or in what order, who Marie de France was, and who the king to whom she dedicated them Henry II we don t even know for sure that she was a woman though, like other scholars, I m fairly confident that she was from the content of her poems What we have are these twelve short tales, originally wr [...]

    5. This is fascinating How did I get through so many years of schooling without hearing about these lais or Marie de France This was translated from medieval French verse to English prose by Naomi Lewis I suppose French scholars might want to read these lais in original form, but these worked well for me And I appreciate the prose form It s hard enough to translate into another language culture and era without also trying to write in verse.These are all tales of love love lost, love jealously guard [...]

    6. Reading this has helped me pinpoint why I often don t find it all that enjoyable to read these sorts of translations of fairy tales and folk tales The writing is almost always quite clunky, and in this case, where we have prose translations of lais originally written in rhyming verse, it seems that a great deal of the original beauty is lost I think I much prefer books along the lines of The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories, which interpret the stories rather than just awkwardly translate them.T [...]

    7. I wanna do a translation of Bisclaveret If anyone wants to help me, here is what I ve got so far While engaged in making lais,I would not want to forget Bisclavret Bisclavret in Brittany was bornCalled Garulf by the Norms Erstwhile, people told the taleAnd often you would hear occur,That many men werewolves becameAnd set up households in the wood.A werewolf is a savage beast Because at least when fully stirred,He eats up men and does great bad,Travelling and living in that wood.But it must be le [...]

    8. Little is known about Marie de France except that she wrote this collection of Lais, translated an edition of Aesop s Fables, and translated an edition of St Patrick s Purgatory In this collection of lais, Marie de France plays with the tropes of the romance genre she comments on loyalty in courtly love and allows some of her female characters to play leading roles These lais were written in the style of short verse stories that resemble fairy tales and were originally written in the Middle Fren [...]

    9. The Lais of Marie de France is the perfect medieval read for anyone who enjoys fairytales Each short story features elements that fans of the genre will recognize and love beautiful women trapped in towers, daring knights who perform feats of arms to capture their attention, mysterious boats that sail themselves One is even about a king who creates a contest for the hand of his daughter in marriage any men who can carry her straight up the nearby mountain without resting can have her.However, th [...]

    10. This collection of tales written by a 12th century French woman presents us not only with enchanting stories in the vein of Arthurian legends, but also a glimpse into the controversies over love, marriage, and the role of women during the Middle Ages These tales poems in the original, but rendered as prose in this translation were likely written during the lifetime of Eleanor of Aquitaine the strong willed woman who ended up as Queen of both France and England at different times and in many ways [...]

    11. Marie de France is one of the earliest known female authors, though we know little about her beyond her name, that she wrote in French and was evidently of French origin, and that she spent part of her life in England To that extent, I found myself interested by these stories, and from a historical perspective there s a lot here But my problem with the stories and the reason why I m a socio economic historian and not a scholar of literature is that they reflect such different sensibilities from [...]

    12. Really charming little fairy taleish stories about well born once upon a time people and their relationship problems The most striking thing to a modern reader is the adultery thing There s not really a taboo around it, though a lot of the women have very jealous husbands who aren t keen on it One lady makes her lover swear he believes in God before she ll sleep with him It s like they re enthusiastic about this Christianity thing but haven t quite got the hang of it.This really delivers on the [...]

    13. Beautiful and absorbing These Breton lais take you to a magical world of knights and chivalry, courtliness, and love and suffering I enjoyed reading them so much, but, I was a bit surprised to see that some lais address extramarital relationships and marital infidelity, adulterous relationship and illegitimate children in a positive way, a thing which I did not expect in the Medieval literature However, I found the narration and images enchanting, and the prose translation was smooth and beautif [...]

    14. read this over the course of a quiet evening alone with a glass of wine wonderful i love sensualists, even if they get religious reminds me of that one pessoa heteronym, i forget his name, who spends all his poems singing out about how knowing what a blade of grass or a rock IS has nothing to do with words or meaning or anything but just being, and its being being near his own people who sing about that are essential for me

    15. This is for lit class and only covers a portion of the book I enjoyed reading Lanval and La stic from Lais While both poems could be a little sad, lanval definitely had a harder time in my opinion It seemed like Lanval was blessed to have what a lot of women wanted out of a man back then, but that definitely didn t play in his favor in this tale He had to love a woman but keep her a secret at the same time, and if your are talking to someone as beautiful as the mistress was described, then i m s [...]

    16. Strengleika Mar u fr nsku ekkja slenskir mi aldafr ingar vel, enda voru eir ddir norr nu 13 ld vi hir H konar H konarsonar Noregskonungs essi b k geymir pr sa ingu upprunalegum engilnorm nskum texta Mar u.Strengleikarnir eru fallegar litlar sm s gur, e a lj s gur, sem fjalla um stina og hir ina gjarnan st meinum S sta reynd a s sem setti saman er kona dregur ekki r huga m num eim nema s ur s ekki eru til margir ekktir kvenkyns mi aldah fundur Mar a var vins l og umdeild, eins og sj m af skrifum [...]

    17. It was mostly entertaining It s a collection of lais short fairy tales, basically all written by this woman we know basically nothing about My favorite story was probably Bisclavret , which is a werewolf story written from the werewolf s perspective Also he bites his evil wife s nose off, which is kind of cool The rest of the stories, it must be said, can fall easily into several categories unfaithful wife husband, magical lovers, wives locked in towers, and for some reason at least two stories [...]

    18. I don t know a lot about Medieval French poetry, but I can definitely see why the mysterious Marie de France is so well known among medieval writers Her stories written in the form of lais lays are both entertaining who doesn t like romanticized knights and are a definitive product of her time Obviously the stories are quite outlandish, but we can actually tell quite a bit about how people living at her time were Twin pregnancies could have definitely been perceived as omens of infidelity to the [...]

    19. October 2016 I enjoyed revisiting these and my marginalia from last year , but I m totally baffled by my essay question, which is about queer readings of the text I don t normally struggle to find queer subtext, but the majority of these stories couldn t be straighter I must be missing something, because I wouldn t have had a question like this if there was nothing to say I ll have to tackle the critical material tomorrow and see what I can figure out.January 2018 lol past me, guigemar and biscl [...]

    20. The first time I read The Lais was in my senior seminar but since then I can t count how many times I ve picked it up and read a few before bed The Lais is like a collection of fairy tales for adults including lessons If Marie de France lived today she would be probably be famous as a screenplay writer She is witty and fasinating.

    21. Marie took over my dissertation and my life for several months Even after dissertation AD I m able to love her Each lai is a gem She was post modern in the Middle Ages Her voice rings clear and true Her stories are magical.

    22. Marie s tales are a ton of fun and quite a bit interesting as well This edition, though it contains endnotes and a few footnotes, is mostly concerned with interpreting which are mostly good, though general in scope.

    23. The translator s work here is very well done The translation isn t versified, but the prose lends itself to clarity and a brisk narrative.

    24. Whoever has good material for a story is grieved if the tale is not well told Hear, my lords, the words of Marie, who, when she has the opportunity, does not squander her talents Indeed.

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