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Quarry By Max Allan Collins,

  • Title: Quarry
  • Author: Max Allan Collins
  • ISBN: 9781783298839
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • The assignment was simple stake out the man s home and kill him Easy work for a professional like Quarry But when things go horribly wrong, Quarry finds himself with a new mission learn who hired him, and make the bastard pay.The longest running series from Max Allan Collins, author of Road to Perdition, and the first ever to feature a hitman as the main character, theThe assignment was simple stake out the man s home and kill him Easy work for a professional like Quarry But when things go horribly wrong, Quarry finds himself with a new mission learn who hired him, and make the bastard pay.The longest running series from Max Allan Collins, author of Road to Perdition, and the first ever to feature a hitman as the main character, the Quarry novels tell the story of a paid assassin with a rebellious streak and an unlikely taste for justice Once a Marine sniper, Quarry found a new home stateside with a group of contract killers But some men aren t made for taking orders and when Quarry strikes off on his own, god help the man on the other side of his nine millimeter
    Quarry The assignment was simple stake out the man s home and kill him Easy work for a professional like Quarry But when things go horribly wrong Quarry finds himself with a new mission learn who hired him

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    1. Quarry is hired to kill Albert Leroy, a virtual nobody The job comes off without a hitch but when Quarry gets back to the apartment he d been using as a lookout, his partner is dead and the money is gone Quarry needs to know who hired them for the hit and the Broker is suspiciously uncooperative Can Quarry find his partner s killer and get his money The three Quarry books published by Hard Case Crime were entertaining and so was this one Quarry s a shit but you still end up rooting for him Like [...]

    2. I killed him You murdered him.From the outset, Max Allan Collins establishes his Parker like character, in hit man Quarry as a methodical ice cold killer who fears nothing of bringing death to those he s been contracted to do so A blistering opening sequence in an airport which ultimately sees Quarry carry out a rather clinical murder sets the tone of the character as well as providing a glimpse into the treacherous world of murder for hire From then on in, the plot centers around a single contr [...]

    3. By the time we get to the 1970s there s been a real change in the character of tough guy American fiction In the immediate post Second World War period there was still a curious, old school morality to the genre Yes, there may have been murders, beatings, rape and general mayhem, but there was still a pretty clear binary sense of who was good and who was bad Mike Hammer may do all types of things to get at his prey, but he is still a good guy and the bad guy or bad gal, it s nearly always a woma [...]

    4. I got this book recommended based upon my taste for Richard Starks Parker and Blocks Keller both tough men that life on the other side of society the less legal side one could say.When we meet Quarry he is doing his job and killing a target at an airport, a job of opportunity as Quarry was around and this job needed to be done Much to Quarry his chagrin he does the job well and makes his objections known to his boss The broker He then hget to his job he originally came for which is in essence th [...]

    5. I enjoyed the first few Hard Case Crime books I tried, but I ve been having bad luck recently The writing in this one is terrible, the story is uninteresting, and the main character and narrator is an empty bore Almost did not finish.

    6. According to Max Allan Collins afterward, This book was the first to be written of the Quarry series It was re released a few years later by his publisher with a different title The Broker, a change he was unaware of, so when the opportunity to bring it out once again came around, he changed the title back to its original.I like the Quarry series, but you can tell this was an early, unpolished work Quarry s character is unsettled, and you get the feeling that Collins was struggling a little to m [...]

    7. Early Max Allen Collin s gets a 3.5 star rating I have some books in the series on my Nook and will read them sometime soon just to see the improvement in Collin s writing Having read his run on Batman and Ms Tree I know his writing level from those efforts Quarry thd character is a hired Killer and as expected in a hard boiled mystery is not a very nice guy.

    8. If Max Allan Collins hadn t written his Nolan novels, then Quarry would probably be known as his last name only homage to Richard Stark s Parker Collins freely admits that Nolan was a Parker rip off, but he explains in his afterword to the recently reissued Quarry that with his Quarry novels he wanted to take it up a notch from the Parker Nolan novels in two ways First, Quarry would be a professional killer rather than a professional thief Second, Quarry would tell his own story in the first per [...]

    9. It was great to finally read this, the first of the Quarry books While I knew the high points of what happened, it was great to finally get all the details I think this was one of Collins first books it s pretty good, but certainly not one of his best Still, it introduces us to Quarry.It s important to note that the next two books were published out of order They are correctly ordered here on GR in the series series 50490but on Fantastic Fiction, they are ordered in published order You really wa [...]

    10. Good book Right in the beginning I felt that MAC was overdoing the Parker imitation but soon enough the narrative captured me and I continued All my criticisms were acknowledged by MAC in his afterwords this was an early book and he was honing his chops.

    11. So excited to be revisiting this series I have the newest Quarry novel, QUARRY S CLIMAX, coming on October 10th thanks to Titan Books for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review Reading these reminds me why I love these old noir pulp fiction Hard Case Crime books

    12. Enjoyed the book If you re reading it because of the tv series, there s little relationship between the two.

    13. I have been a fan of Collins for awhile and have read several of his books in the Nate Heller and his Disaster series This is the first Quarry book I have read and I was not disappointed I recently saw the TV series on Cinemax based on the Quarry books so I was looking forward to reading this This first novel in the Quarry series was first published in 1976 and has now been reissued as part of the Hard Case Crime novels The book is told from the first person perspective of a hired killer Quarry [...]

    14. Synopsis blurb Cult favorite Quarry, the killer for hire, is back in print with this debut novel and four other early works by author Max Allan Collins They don t come any harder boiled than Quarry After carrying out his assignment in a down at heels river town, the gunman finds someone has played him for a sucker To figure out who, he must solve the murder he committed This new edition includes a previously unpublished Afterword by the author My take.The start of another Max Allan Collins serie [...]

    15. Have you worked the front office of the fertilizer plant for so long you don t remember it s shit you re selling This is me dipping my toe into 70s Noir, something I have never read before It was ok but not great my view of the 70s in general Lots of shallow sex with deep muffs, greasy queers, and sleepless nights Add in the violence and I can see this fitting in nicely on Cinemax I m going to put this on my Lovable Criminals shelf, though it s a stretch, because I ll only read another if the li [...]

    16. I liked reading Quarry first story but you can see it was written by a very young Max Allan Collins He hasnt mastered the hardcore,nasty qualities of Quarry The twisted humor isnt there like in the new Hard Case Crime books.A good novel for being one of his first written but i like Quarry that is hardcore, amoral This story he was almost a good guy which is not what you expect of Quarry.Still Quarry is rare, interesting for a character like him and is second only to Richard Stark s Parker.

    17. PROTAGONIOST Quarry, hitmanSERIES 1RATING 4.0WHY Quarry is a hitman who normally works for a man he calls Broker The assignment is in a small town Quarry can t figure out why the hit is called on a seemingly harmless man named Albert Leroy He pulls off the job, but then things go south He ends up staying in the town after the hit to wrap up the loose ends A few weak points, but overall enjoyable.

    18. I ve read a lot of Collins books, but somehow I d never dipped into the Quarry series I m glad I did Based on this, the first one, they re tight little crime stories reminiscent of the Parker novels by Donald E Westlake writing as Richard Stark Except whereas Parker is a thief who avoids violence when he can, Quarry is a hitman.In this one, Quarry has to solve the murder of a guy he just killed Who hired him to do it And why Quarry puts himself into a precarious position by asking questions when [...]

    19. Ruthless hitman known only as Quarry works for The Broker but starts to feel that he needs to end his deadly career before it s too late After his latest assignment goes badly wrong and his backup partner Boyd is murdered Quarry turns on his employer and goes after the person who set him up Author Max Allan Collins knows how to keep his narrative tight and hardboiled by confining the majority of events to the location of Port City while creating a world of hidden secrets and double crosses To su [...]

    20. A Classic pulp crime novel I really enjoy the Quarry character and can t wait to read the second in the series.

    21. The first Quarry novel published but the second chronologically and also the second one I ve read More Quarry goodness in the form of a likable but morally bankrupt protagonist plus generous helpings of sex, violence, and intrigue As far as actual plot goes this one was probably the most gripping I ve read Most authors would probably have saved this inevitable kind of story for further on in a series but Collins came right out of the gate with this one and I commend him for it.

    22. It s fun A bit sexist but fun nonetheless.Quarry not his real name is a killer for hire His main customer is a bloke called The Broker also not his real name who provides Quarry with his hits The relationship between Quarry and The Broker is strained at the start of the novel That relationship fractures when a hit goes terribly wrong.You ve probably read a book like this before But given that it was written in 1976 I m sure the novel was fresh and original at the time it was published Collins hi [...]

    23. I ve enjoyed other books by Max Allan Collins, in particular the Disaster Series, so I thought I might enjoy one of his earlier works again available from for the Kindle Here he creates an amoral character, like Highsmith s Ripley, but with dialog that reminds me of El Leonard Very quick and easy read but enjoyable if you don t mind reading about a hired killer that is your lead character.

    24. Totally getting my primal on with this guy He does shooting, sexing playboy bunnies, plays pool, goes swimming i love that Max Allan Collins was mentored by Richard Yates

    25. Quarry by Max Allan Collins is the first book in the Quarry series Quarry is the only name we the readers are given for the main character The normal speaking language of the book makes this novel easy to slide into This narrative is like wading through murky waters Quarry is faced pace and is very much a roller coaster that won t let go Collins builds a world of true danger and intrigue while not giving the reader than the absolute bare necessities The world is a seedy underbelly comes to life [...]

    26. This is the second Quarry book I ve read, andI have to say I like this series Very pulpyand old fashioned this one originallywritten in the late 60 s I think.It s starts off very slow despite a bangof the first couple of chapters but hitsits stride about a hundred pages in Thenit bubbles along until it gets to whatI felt was a great ending that made me likethe whole thing overall.Quarry is bad guy but he s likeable and ifyou can dismiss what he does for a living,you should like the book This par [...]

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