Color Me Crazy By Carol Pavliska,

  • Title: Color Me Crazy
  • Author: Carol Pavliska
  • ISBN: 9781633751781
  • Page: 389
  • Format: ebook
  • Never fall for a rockstarJulian Wheaton views the world through a kaleidoscope of synesthesia, seeing the colors of every sound he hears His life as an iconic rock guitarist was a stressful psychedelic trip that nearly destroyed him Now he s abandoned the rock n roll lifestyle for the peaceful sanctity of his recording studio, but when fiery Cleo Compton comes to woNever fall for a rockstarJulian Wheaton views the world through a kaleidoscope of synesthesia, seeing the colors of every sound he hears His life as an iconic rock guitarist was a stressful psychedelic trip that nearly destroyed him Now he s abandoned the rock n roll lifestyle for the peaceful sanctity of his recording studio, but when fiery Cleo Compton comes to work for him, she brings chaos with her.Cleo Compton has had her flings with rockstars and it s left her wary and bruised Julian may have those sexy bedroom eyes and drool worthy tattoos, but Cleo is determined to keep things strictly professional until Julian turns out to be every dream she s ever chased When he risks it all to hit the road with a band again, Cleo fears he ll return as the one thing she can no longer abide a rockstar.
    Color Me Crazy Never fall for a rockstarJulian Wheaton views the world through a kaleidoscope of synesthesia seeing the colors of every sound he hears His life as an iconic rock guitarist was a stressful psychedeli

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    1. Ok, now this is a weird book, or at least it starts in that way But give it a shot because once you get into it there is no way you are not gonna love it.It took me some time to find my footing but after the first few awkward chapters i really enjoyed it Actually i turn to love this book the moment i found out what it was really about It might get a little distracting at first but mind you it s a pure little jewel after all Refreshing, very unique and absolutely delectable, Color Me Crazy has a [...]

    2. My love for this book runs deep Not only is this story a humorous, super hot romance with amazing characters who have truly believable flaws and outrageous quirks ones that kept me smiling or laughing throughout , but it s well written and IULDT.PUTWN I ve read this awesome story countless times already and can t seem to get enough of it I regret nothing.Author Carol Pavliska s rock star romance debut stimulates your senses with vibrant characters, witty humor, and sizzling sexual chemistry Warn [...]

    3. Color Me Crazy is the best romance I ve read in a long time I laughed out loud so many times in this book It s the kind of story you want when everything has gone wrong at work, deadlines are imminent, and your kids or whoever whines in your life is whining It s the perfect escapist romantic comedy filled with warm, funny, likable characters If you like Susan Elizabeth Phillips, who I adore, you will love Carol Pavliska Cleo is my favorite kind of heroine She s fun, impulsive, and can t help but [...]

    4. Such a fun read I couldn t put it down I read it all in one sitting Julian and Cleo have me laughing my ass off while they re falling in love.Julian was an anti hero and a refreshing one at that Cleo is vulnerable, smart, and very much someone I can relate to and be friends with If you want something fun, real, and very rock and roll, check this book out.

    5. As a rock n roll loving woman , I jumped on this book I was informed this was a debut book for Ms Pavliska , and WOW what a debut This book had it all to me humor, love, drama, smart mouth heroine, cocky slightly crazy , totally yummy, ex rock star I enjoyed how this book was not all sex , it had a real story to it Now don t get me wrong it has sex, and oh my my my it s hot But that isn t all there is too it You have two misplaced people trying to find themselves and fall in love and keep it Can [...]

    6. HOLY CRAP For me Color Me Crazy seemed like something different to get me out of this funk I was stuck in Never did I ever expect to get what that book contained Color me crazy may not be for everyone but wow Julian was a rock star at a young age He hit rock bottom and fell further, but that was a long time ago He s getting his life back on track and is living his life the way he wants He sees and hears colors Things do not always work out well for him And as a parent of a special needs child Fo [...]

    7. I received an advanced reader copy of Color Me Crazy for review This book made me laugh out loud several times I think we can all relate to the woman who doesn t quite have it together, who is just shy of graceful and occasionally an outright disaster I love that about Cleo Julian is the rock star every girl has dreamed of at least once in her life but he s so much He s a synesthete Imagine the benefit and hardship of actually seeing the music while being a rockstar There were certainly times w [...]

    8. ARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review REVIEW TO COMEThe rating says it all, though.May 27th, 2015The original review to Color me Crazy has been posted here on All the Things In Between Here s a snipped of what I thought of it Sorry people, I need a minute A minute to squeal and reel and make a cartwheel or two I wouldn t normally be capable of performing I just feel like euphorically shaking my butt to the awesomeness that is Color me Crazy.Carol Pavliska wrote an amazing co [...]

    9. What a unique book, for me anyway I really enjoyed this book First of all I got a real kick out of some of the scenes between Julian and Cleo They were just downright Laugh out loud funny There were a couple of ugly tear moments also, but I m not admitting to those.If you are looking for the usual Alpha male, it definitely isn t Julian Did I mention I adore Julian I think this was my first book that actually dealt with a Rock star and band that actually had some problems Trying not to give any s [...]

    10. This book took me by surprise Once I got into it I could not put it down Perfect words in the perfect places to make me laugh and tear up and really connect to the chemistry and the narrative Such a satisfying depth and reality to these unique characters and the story itself it s exactly the kind of book that is perfect to just sink into at the end of the day And plenty of steamy scenes and hilarious comments to keep things light too Lines and images from the book kept popping into my head today [...]

    11. I can t express how much I enjoyed reading this book I was laughing so hard, and I was not even on the 2nd Chapter The characters are well developed, one can relate to their dilemmas And their banters were so witty and enjoyable The story is fast paced and engaging You will not want to put it down I was hooked after the first nipple pinch

    12. I started Color Me Crazy yesterday and I finished Color me Crazy yesterday What a fun read The characters are sexy yet vulnerable, flawed but so likable If you like a funny romance with just the right amount of naughty you will love Color Me Crazy I really could not put it down.

    13. In this book you will meet Cleo, Julian, Addie, Sherry, Mitich, Sheik, those are the main characters,The intrigue goes something like this Julian is a well know guitarist and violonist, he is a genius in the music since an early age and his mother was pushig him towards perforing Julian has is own way of dealing with life and what she s brought to him He as a way of seeing and associating all of his thoughts with color, it s called systhesia.His life was a bit messed up when he join the group ca [...]

    14. GREAT This is a rock romance book that has everything a rock fan is looking for including a hot rocker on its cover Color Me Crazy has steamy sex scenes, romance, drug addiction, and some of the best humor written in a book like this The laughing helps with the warm fuzzy feeling that you get when reading some of the steamier pages Julian, who became a rock star at an early age, had given up the life when the drugs and his medical condition got the best of him He happens to meet one of his siste [...]

    15. NEW HOT ROCKER ALERT Whoa What a book What a ride Rock n roll, baby I love rock stars books, but this one is quite unique Julian has synesthesia This condition brings him bad than good Once a huge guitarist in a huge band, now he tries to live normal life with his recording studio Cleo is 30yo woman who is without a job and quite frankly she doesn t know where is the life taking her But there comes an opportunity to work for Julian They became quite close, but Julian gets an opportunity to hit [...]

    16. Julian Wheaton was a famous rock star until his demons brought him crashing down He hit rock bottom and then took back control Now he owns a recording studio His life long fight with synesthesia has made him vulnerable and a loner Then he meets Cleo Compton who has always had a thing for rock guitarists and hires her to be his studio manager Will his life ever be the same This story has it all love, forgiveness and healing The dialogue and characters are amazing Carol Pavliska s writing captured [...]

    17. OMG This book will have you laughing so hardyou will be falling out of your chair It is a mix of crazy, independent, stubborn characters I love how Cleo Julian are instantly drawn to each other but they each try to make excusesfor it shrug it off as something else They learn each other s past, struggles heart aches but still find each other in the end I love how Julian describes the colors he sees how sounds look to him Color Me Crazy is the best title for this book Sheik is my absolute favorite [...]

    18. I loved this book It has humor, angst, characters with flaws and foibles, and hot sex I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants than the typical rock star romance book The characters and story line are well developed and very likeable I found myself laughing one minute and then saying things like, No, don t do it the next And guess what it was well edited so there weren t major mistakes that got in the way of the story The only thing I don t like is that I finished it and have to wait [...]

    19. Wow I loved this book This book was a definite 5 star read for me I loved that it was different to the usual rockstar romances I have read I loved both the lead characters even when they stuffed up There was humour that made me laugh out loud at times hard to read in public and hot sex scenes, but I also really connected with characters in a heartfelt way It also has an awesome epilogue so I m not left wondering which I think is fantastic I m looking forward to reading from this author.

    20. OH MY GOSH Julian is so freaking amazing Cleo is insanely hilarious Julian thinks he is a freak because he has a condition were he sees colors and sometimes it gets really bad Cleo is freakishly obsessed with rock stars She has even dated a couple before meeting Julian Julian has a major secret that he is keeping from his new roommate This is a MUST read book When I got done with this book I was begging Carol for of Julian and Cleo

    21. LOve, love, love it I lol from the start The characters seemed so real for me it read like a movie I so could see what I was reading I love it found my self a new author to love I hope to read about sheik soon

    22. Astonishing COLOR ME CRAZY is the book to read this year Poetic, urban, with extraordinarily fascinating characters and plot twists that will have you reeling And the writing is stupendous Carol Pavliska is a star One of the most inventive, creative, and brilliantly written ever Totally fab

    23. Five glorious Big Red stars If I could I d give six.I can t even I ll go giggle happily in the corner now And yes, that s all I have to say about this book.

    24. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.I LOVED Color Me Crazy l I was sucked in from the very beginning and couldn t put the it down This book was an amazing emotional roller coaster In some parts I laughed so hard that my sides hurt and in others my heart ached I totally loved Cleo and Julian too Their chemistry was super hot and the banter between them was hilarious Color Me Crazy was an awesome read and I can t wait to see what Carol Pavliska writes next.

    25. Not my usual genre, but this author is so smart and funny The characters are so well done and the story takes some surprising turns If you like contemporary romance, you will love this book The story really drives the steamy parts If you are not a fan of contemporary romance, you will be pleasantly surprised if you give this a try Again, the story is excellent and you can skim the steamy parts.

    26. OK, so I am pretty bad at writing book reviews, but pretty good at making lists So, I decided to write my review in list form Here are the things I love about Color Me Crazy 1 Cleo is the perfect heroine She is funny, clumsy and a bit of a mess She is also intelligent and capable of handling whatever is thrown her way Cleo reminds me of myself in my early twenties 2 Julian Not only is Julian a musical prodigy with synesthesia, but he also happens to be vegan, a runner and British It would have b [...]

    27. Wow Where to begin There were so many things that I absolutely loved about Color Me Crazy I was drawn into Julian s rock star world right away Passion, humor, rock roll this book has it all Julian and Cleo are so real and have amazing chemistry They had me laughing hysterically from the very beginning and just continued to grow on me throughout the book, flaws and all I found Julian s synesthesia fascinating and it added an extra spark to the story that sets it far apart from others in the genre [...]

    28. Let me start by saying this, what a fantastic debut for Carol Pavliska This book what not what I expected in a good way It is that book that you think you will just read a few chapters and the next thing you know you are reading the last page I love how the characters are written as though you actually know them Julian is a sexy rock star that has met his match with the hilarious red head Cleo that comes barreling into his life It is funny,sweet,sexy and a touch of heartbreak To me the perfect l [...]

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