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You and I Forever By Melissa Toppen,

  • Title: You and I Forever
  • Author: Melissa Toppen
  • ISBN: 9781506135052
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • You and I, Book ThreeTwenty one year old Anna Blake has lived her life by one simple rule never get attached At least she did, until her life was completely turned upside down by a man that not only consumed her, but literally brought her to her knees.Bentley Reed.For the first time, Anna feels like there is to life than heartbreak and disappointment Bentley hasYou and I, Book ThreeTwenty one year old Anna Blake has lived her life by one simple rule never get attached At least she did, until her life was completely turned upside down by a man that not only consumed her, but literally brought her to her knees.Bentley Reed.For the first time, Anna feels like there is to life than heartbreak and disappointment Bentley has shown her a world where anything is possible A world where dreams really do come true and true love, the kind that takes your breath away, actually exists But in real life, nothing this perfect lasts forever Just when things seem like they couldn t get any better, tragedy strikes, leaving Anna to face one of the hardest things she has ever had to endure It s easy to love someone at their best The true test is loving someone when they aren t Can Bentley be the man Anna needs when it all falls apart Or will Anna learn once and for all that the man she loves is not capable of loving her the way she needs Passionate, emotional, gripping You and I Forever is the third and final installment in the irresistibly addicting You and I Series.
    You and I Forever You and I Book ThreeTwenty one year old Anna Blake has lived her life by one simple rule never get attached At least she did until her life was completely turned upside down by a man that not only c

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    1. You and I, Forever is the final installment of the You and I Series If I could choose one book from this series I loved the most, it would be You and I, Forever There is love, anger, jealousy, sadness and sex Everything we generally look for in a book I fell in love with Bentley even than I thought possible Finally, we get to see ALL of Bentley, which includes the secrets he always held so closely Anna has been through so much in her life and now with Bentley, it s a whole new roller coaster ri [...]

    2. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I thought Melissa s first two books were amazing but she out did herself with this one You and I, Forever took me on an emotional roller coaster, and as heart breaking as some of the book was, it was wonderful The book picks up right after the end of the second one and Anna and Bentley are making their relationship work and things are going really well until Anna finds out there is something wrong with Patty Anna devotes her time to [...]

    3. Bentley and Anna are reconciled They realize their love is a once in a life time thing Anna knows Bentley will be there for her no matter what It s a good thing too cause it s about to get intense Everything is changing It seems like once Anna deals with a hot situation, they keep coming She will learn just how strong she is, and importantly, she ll find out just how strong the bond between her and Bentley is.Bentley s life is changing too He s got so much business he s dealing with The problem [...]

    4. Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review by the author Wow, I don t know how to even start, but I have to say that this was such a beautifully written series You and I Forever, the conclusion to the series was just marvelous and I m sadden that we will not have of Bentley and Anna, but I m so happy that it finished with such a bang Bentley and Anna go through so much in this whole series, so many ups and downs and mistrust involved, but in this last book we had quite some tearful moment [...]

    5. I was given a copy for an honest review.I was so excited and so looking forward to You and I Forever I was dying to know what else would be in store for Bentley and Anna and Melissa did not disappoint This has to be one of my absolute favorite series I loved everything Melissa had to offer, the characters are amazing, the chemistry is hot, and it had the perfect mix of drama and angst The story and love between Anna and Bentley has not been an easy road They have been through so much and I am dy [...]

    6. I was given a copy of this book for an Honest review I could not wait to read the final installment of this series.The journey of Anna and Bentley has been quite the ride, from the first time they metall the way to the end All the up s and downs the laughter and tears, and the Hot sex I have loved every part of their story.In this book you will see Heartbreak as Anna prepares herself for the one thing she neversaw coming She will need to be stronger than ever.This book will have your emotions al [...]

    7. ARC given in exchange for an honest review I want her to not just believe in happy ever after, I want her to get her happily ever after At least the best one that this life can offer her After all, she gave me mine After just coming off my readers high from finishing You and I Together, I couldn t wait for book 3 conclusion to this series I love these characters and craving the HEA they deserve What a rollercoaster ride.Anna has sure had a rough lifeis book but a lot of emotions Laughing, crying [...]

    8. Solid SeriesI really enjoyed this series Typical rich man struggling college student An ex pro soccer player turned successful business owner and an dancer who was unable to fulfill her dream as a professional dancer due to an injury She s now dancing in a underground gentlemen s club to make ends meet while in college Both have issues with loss and relationships, but come together in pursuit of their happily ever after I gave it a 4 for minimal drama and rushed or skipped over sex scenes A wort [...]

    9. I can t even put into words how much I loved this series I laughed and in this installment, Melissa managed to make me cry at 3am It s ok, It was needed It was beautifully written, the perfect ending to a story full of emotional highs and lows This couple makes you want to believe in fairytales Ugh I m just so sad that it s over I can t wait to see what else Melissa has up her sleeves She has truly made me a fan for life.

    10. Melissa Toppen did an AMAZING job with Bentley and Anna s happy ever after You will get so wrapped up in their story that you feel like you are apart of it It takes your heart and emotions on one hell of a ride So make sure that you pick up You and I Alone and see how Bentley and Anna s story starts Bentley Reed will always hold a special place in my 10 star read all 3 in the series Don t miss out on the series that all your book friends will be talking about.

    11. Wow What an amazing ending to an amazing story This was probably my favorite one of the 3 What an emotional roller coaster Anna went on If it wasn t for Bentley I don t know if she would have gotten through it This book made me laugh and made me cry I am thankful for having the opportunity to read this book Thanks Melissa

    12. You And I Forever By Author Melissa Toppen Bentley and AnnaI have found this series to be amazing, breath taking and beautiful Bentley and Anna s relationship is raw and real Their life together isn t perfect, it is messy full of pain, sadness, joy and happiness This book is not a fairytale but a insightful tale of how the real world can be in all it s painful glory This is not just a story but a beautiful message that the reader can decipher for themselves Life doesn t give us a normal love sto [...]

    13. I was given an ARC for an honest review What can I can about Author Melissa Toppen is WOW what an awesome job she did on this series This is the final book in the series that we get to see what happens with Anna and Bentley I love this book it was about how their lives come together as a couple Regardless of the obstacles they ve had to face together they seem to get through it together finally I loved Bentley even this time around because he never gave up on Anna if she had her doubts about t [...]

    14. The conclusion to this great love story and series I m always excited and sad to read the ending of a series I been waiting for this but bummed it s over Will these two get their much deserved HEA Or will tragedy strike destroying any progress they have made Can Bentley be the strong selfless man Anna needs These two characters have had there fair share of heartache and finally opened their hearts to each other But old habits are hard to break This part of the series is very emotional so be prep [...]

    15. This is the final book in the series and it doesn t disappoint It is, as always written with so much emotion,the words often moving me to tears.The story pulls you in from the first few pages you connect again with the characters and youll find it hard to put down.I loved the ending it was all Id hoped for and ,but im sad this great series has now ended.They ve been through so much already,but Bentley is determined to be there for Anna never giving up on her.Again Anna faces heartbreak but Bentl [...]

    16. I was given the arc for an honest review Well if you have been along for the ride with these two you know what I mean when I say I literally died a few times I hate to see their story come to an end but I am super happy that there is Lo s story coming Melissa writes with so much emotion it rips you away from the real world and you completely sink into the sea of her imagination I have cried like ugly cried, I have gotten butterflies in the very pit of my stomach with the love Anna and Bentley sh [...]

    17. This was an awesome ending or should I say beginning of Bentley and Anna s story It definitely brought out my emotions I said cried, happy cried, and found myself holding my breath at one point I can t wait to read Lo s story.Anna amazes me with the growth she goes through from the first book to this one She is still an awesome person I would love to have as a friend It s not often I find a leading lady who I truly love but Melissa has managed to accomplish that.Bentley is the same dominate man [...]

    18. I was given an arc in exchange for a honest review.I loved this final installment of the series.The story is amazing and beautiful.I loved delving back into the world of Anna and Bentley, and was took on an emotional roller coaster throughout the story, hell the entire series It is written to perfection, with so much passion and emotion that I was brought to tears several times I was pulled into the story straight from the beginning and didn t emerge until the very end, and was left with a huge [...]

    19. G Kelly Jonhson Totally in love with this series Could and will read again and again Melissa, thank you so much for this series This is a story that makes you feel so much It gives you the feelings of real life, unconventional love that feels so real, so raw I would and have already recommend this series to my daughter and our friends I hope you take the time to fall in love with these beautiful characters as I have.A wonderfully well worth journey

    20. Review contains a spoiler I could not put it down, literally read it in one sitting, until 3 am A little heart ache and alot of love and a HEA The only thing that I feel is missing is the ending cuts us off before the story is finished What about the baby I would have loved for the birth to have been included or even an epilogue with a 6 month to 1 year update I will continue on to the spin off with Lo s story and see where that leads Overall great read.

    21. I loved this story so much Alex had found out that Patty had a brain tumor and only have weeks to live and Bentley had made her life comfortable until the end Bentley had taken Alex to Hawaii after Patty had passed and they ended up getting married Alex ended up getting into an accident when she was kidnapped and when she woke from the hospital she had found out she is pregnant Alex has had alot of ups and downs and deserves some true happiness

    22. I received a copy for this book for a honest review Anna and Bentley are amazing couple nobody is perfect but love would grow stronger even if you don t know it yet about your feelings She lost love ones but gain new people to love as a family but will always think of her biological family and none biological Sad this is the end of there series but can t wait for Lo story and hear about Anna and Bentley.

    23. I really loved this series I have enjoyed the progression of Anna Bentley s journey While I m sad it s over, it ll be great to get of them in Lo s book Can t wait for her story I laughed, cried, swooned it made me happy The writing is fantastic I will definitely be reading her other books Fabulous series.

    24. Just Finish You I Forever as an ARC and I Love Melissa To open This Is Book 3 In the series Love Anna And Bentley Their Story is Grt She Is Not the naive little school girl she has guts and He is the Braun business man but together they Figure why the HELL NOT Fairy Tales are worth trying or Are they Gotta love a book you can Get Lusty and Lost InI Know I Do

    25. I totally loved the whole series but this book brought me to tears Bentley and Anna have a wonderful story full of all the ups and downs I totally felt all of their pain and happiness throughout I was saddened when it all came to an end but like all other good books They must come to an end I truly hope we see a bit of their future in Taming Lo Well done Melissa

    26. Loved this series It s the first series I have read by Ms Toppen, and I really enjoyed her writing techniques The series had me bound from the very first chapter of book one, and stayed with me until I finished The characters were very developed and realistic I read all three books, plus the bonus book at the end of book 3 in about 3 days Highly recommend this book

    27. Omg get your tissues ready you are going to need them for this one I want my very own Bentley Reed Where can I find one This man is incredible and what he does for Anna is just simply amazing Every girl deserves a Bentley in her life Thank you Melissa for bringing Bentley into mine.

    28. I absolutely LOVED this series Cannot wait to read everything by this amazing author Melissa, you are awesome

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