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You and I Together By Melissa Toppen,

  • Title: You and I Together
  • Author: Melissa Toppen
  • ISBN: 9781506134956
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • You and I, Book TwoAnna Blake has lived her life by one simple rule never get attached At least she did, until her life was completely turned upside down by a man that not only consumed her but literally brought her to her knees.She never dreamed that accepting a job as a dancer at one of the most secretive and exclusive clubs in the country would bring her face to faceYou and I, Book TwoAnna Blake has lived her life by one simple rule never get attached At least she did, until her life was completely turned upside down by a man that not only consumed her but literally brought her to her knees.She never dreamed that accepting a job as a dancer at one of the most secretive and exclusive clubs in the country would bring her face to face with the one man she simply could not resist.Bentley Reed.Rich, powerful, sexy Bentley can have any woman he wants But to him, there is only one Determined to prove to Anna that he can be the type of man she needs, he sets out to win the ultimate prize her heart.But things are not always so black and white While Bentley struggles against Anna s resistance, she has her own battles to fight Because when you are dealing with a man like Bentley Reed, anything can happen.You and I Together is the second installment in the irresistibly addicting You and I series.
    You and I Together You and I Book TwoAnna Blake has lived her life by one simple rule never get attached At least she did until her life was completely turned upside down by a man that not only consumed her but litera

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    1. Fantastic I received an Arc for an Honest review.What a fantastic continuation to Logan Anna and Bentley s story.What i love about this book the most is Logan, her character she is so strong and independent i am just in love with her, she takes no sh%t and stands her ground,she tells it like it is and doesn t let Bentley or anyone else stop her from what it is she believesis right sure she has insecurities but what female doesn t.Trust becomes an issue for them both as some secrets are revealed [...]

    2. ARC copy given in exchange for an honest review A life with simple things Where love and happiness are really all that matters Wow I forgot how much I missed Bentley and Anna Melissa quickly reminded me why I fell in love with these characters in book 1 Sexy, rich and sweet Bentley Reed, who hides behind his money, women and clubs, let s his guard down when it comes to Anna Blake In Anna s mind, how can this rich and powerful hunk fall in love with her A young, college dancer Because after lovin [...]

    3. You and I Together is the second book in the You and I series You need to read You and I Alone before reading this.I definitely loved reading of Bentley and Anna s relationship I felt like I got of a first hand look into their relationship and I got of the feels in this book Unfortunately for Anna, she doesn t know everything about Bentley and so it was a bumpy ride for their relationship Will they be able to truly open their hearts and really let each other in I FLOVED this second book in th [...]

    4. I recieved a copy for an honest review.I was so looking forward to the continuation of Bentley and Anna s story, and Melissa did not disappoint at all Anna, I must say is one of my favorite female characters I love her independent dont take any crap attitude But as it came to light in the story sometimes these traits cause issues.Trust issues, played a huge role in this one Anna choosing to hide things from Bentley only seemed to come back and bite her in the end Can the two work passed their is [...]

    5. I just can t get enough of Bentley he is every woman s wet dream I think he appeals to the girl in us that wants that one guy to give her the look the look that shows how totally devoted he is Ms.Toppen really has a way to make you just connect with each character I loved Bentley in book one and book two was no different Bentley and Anna have come to be each other s world They battled their own walls to finally be at piece to be in a relationship Although Anna still had doubts I loved seeing her [...]

    6. WowJust Wowd just when you think you are falling for Bentley Reedmhe makes you wanna throat punch him However he does redeem himself, as the fabulous Melissa Toppen puts itHe can t be perfect all the time Anna is trying to open up, to accept the feelings that she has for Bentley Bentley is head over heels in love with Anna, however one night when he thinks she is going behind his back, he feels she is betraying him Such a wonderfully written story Makes you feel like you are going through all th [...]

    7. I love this book Anna and Bentley are trying to figure out how to be a couple while separated by half the country They have to fight their own insecurities as well as their pasts Melissa Toppen writes awesome characters and she puts so much depth and reality into them that it s almost hard to believe that they are not living people This book is sexy, serious, sweet and scary all tied up in a nice and neat package Loved.lovedloved it Thanks again Ms Toppen for not disappointing

    8. After reading You and I Alone, I was really excited when Melissa sent me a copy to beta read for her Not only did the first book hook me in, I felt so invested in the characters, that I just HAD to know Chapter after chapter, I was engaged into the lives of these two people and I couldn t put the book down I might ve late night messaged her a couple of times nearing the end, because I didn t want it to end, savoring the last couple pages Anna and Bentley are up there as one of my favorite coupl [...]

    9. Bentley wants Anna exclusively Only problem is Anna has had a lot of loss with love Bentley is a player Rich and powerful So when they become exclusive Bentley s past keeps coming up feeding on Anna s inner demons She doesn t think she better looking than his exes Can he prove there is no one else Great read Great series.

    10. Happy release day to Melissa Toppen I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC of You and I Together after having loved You and I Alone and devoured it immediately It was a great follow up to You and I Alone and again, I felt like Melissa didn t take us on an expected journey I love good surprises.Overall Rating 4.5 stars Kept telling myself just one chapter Often when book 1 in a series ends with a couple together, book 2 immediately finds some fake and dramatic way to break them up I hate that I [...]

    11. Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I have to say that I feel privileged to have the honor to get to read this series as a beta reader I couldn t have asked for a better series than this one and I love, love absolutely love Bentley Reed and Anna Blake.Melissa Toppen has done an excellent job so far with this series and if I thought I loved You and I Alone.I have to say that I m even in love with You and I Together I could just imagine how I m going to feel when I read You and I For [...]

    12. YOU AND I TOGETHERBy Melissa Toppen Author Melissa Toppen again writes us a beautiful tale of the hardship and the rewards that with loving someone and the reality of lifeThe absolute power that we give to the person who steal our hearts, the people who travel the road of the good, the bad and the ugly Yet still love us with a fiery passion of one who is living their last day on earth trying to make the absolute most of every second.Anna and Bentley showed us this in spades with flaws, beauty, l [...]

    13. Once again Melissa Toppen has written a sexy hot book This is the second installment of Bentley and Anna s love story At the conculsion of You and I Alone Bentley admitted he loved Anna and wanted a exclusive relationship In You and I Together the reader gets to see Anna s POV of their relationship and it s challenge s Bentley is on the West Coast trying to open his new club while Anna is busy with work and school Both of these stubbron people are use to getting their own way and not having to t [...]

    14. I received this book for an honest review This is book two in this series by Author Melissa Toppen It picks up where we left off at the end of You and I, Alone.I love this story from the beginning, but book two is even better We are continuing the story of Anna Blake aka Logan and alpha Bentley Reed These are so good for each other, but have a hard time due to Anna having issues with trust due to what has happen to her in the past The thing with Bentley is he never gave up on her, but did get ve [...]

    15. Anna is still trying to adjust to having Bentley around Her decision to let him into her life has changed everything He consumes her thoughts, her heart and soul No matter how much she fights against it, Bentley breaks down those walls.Bentley has slept with a lot of women He never considered making one of them his Until Anna She s everything he wants and He can t get her out of his mind and heart Bentley knows he can win Anna s heart if she will just give him the chance.They both wonder where [...]

    16. The story of Anna and Bentley continues in Book Two of Melissa Toppen s trilogy One night wasn t enough and as Bentley s club expansion in Seattle gets underway, Bentley finds every opportunity to return to Chicago to be with Anna She is his addiction, he can t get enough As he expresses his feelings for her, and she must come to grips with her own heart, Anna s past creeps up on her Past hurts and relationships surface and create a lot of drama While she deals with her own issues, she is faced [...]

    17. I was lucky enough to beta read this and then to receive an arc of it In this part of Logan Anna and Bentley s story we get to see how vulnerable people really are in a relationship For Logan we see her battle with her self confidence Most females can relate to is this really happening to me At some point we have all had to deal with a few nasty exes or jealous females in your new relationship Those ones that say things about your man and you listen because they have known him longer Then those [...]

    18. Melissa does an awesome job with this part of the story The emotions filling me while reading this kept me glued to the pages Anna is the same strong, stubborn, hard headed, outgoing, confident, beautiful, but slightly insecure woman I still love her and want her as a friend The connection with her is just made stronger in this portion of her story.At the end of the last book I found myself a little disappointed and mad at Bentley But he has won his way back into my heart in this segment of thei [...]

    19. I received the Arc for a honest review I must say Anna and Bentley s story started off with me swooning in You and I alone, but You and I together has me completely in love with their relationship, the characters seem so real and I love how much detail is brought to life I have to say even know Bentley is like a god of book boyfriends and I love him to death, I absolutely love love love Anna She is a strong woman not a whiny girl that does everything a man says which is so much appealing this b [...]

    20. Ink Angels received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Anna and Bentley have fire Toppen does not disappoint in her sequel to You and I Alone I appreciated the great character development and the way Toppen slowly draws the reader into Anna and Bentley s story, leaving me curious to learn about Bentley s sordid past and their future together I love that Anna and Bentley suffered similar life altering trauma, but are in no way the typical book couple Toppen has done it again and this Ink An [...]

    21. I was so honored to receive an Arc for an honest review Sorry no spoilers you gotta read it for yourself Where to begin I love this series I love Bentley and Anna together Lots of goosebump moments and a few with my heart racing too I love how Anna is so independent that s probably what sucked me in initially Such great detail in this series Ok, there were so many moments that took my breath away and were trailing the pages and really were all throughout this book Melissa can t go wrong in my ey [...]

    22. I need You and I Forever Now I won You and I Alone from a contest and it was fate After reading Melissa s Second book in the series, she is one of my top ten authors I love how her leading lady Anna is strong and independent and realistic at the same time Bentley is just wow The author makes you feel right along with her characters When an author can pull you in with her writing and make you feel what her characters are feeling, you know you are reading a great book I cannot wait for the next on [...]

    23. Jumping jahosphats, I need book 3 ASAP This fabulous author has such a talent for pulling you into her characters emotions No skimming over passages to get to the meat of them, you want to keep living within the story even after you ve hit 100% I so would love to see these two peoples final piece of the journey before the June release date Thank you for giving us what I like to call the model for a wish list erotic romance book.

    24. This book was awesome I loved how Anna and Bentley overcame thier differences and fears in this book It made the characters real and a lot of people can really connect to Anna or even Bentley I also liked how thier relationship was not all sunshine and rainbows but hard work which is definetely relatable then these happily ever after stories All in all this was a good read and I really recommend this series Melissa toppen is a great writer

    25. I love how this book continues right from the fist book and it s easy to follow Anna still struggles with the fact that Bentley is in live with her and only her His past tries to destroy their love but they work things out Anna snuggles with the fact her ex that was very mean to her and he keeps showing up and tries to make trouble for her

    26. Loved it Wow She has done it again I can t seem to get enough of Anna and Bentley This story is very well written Love how these two fight for each other and what they won t do to have the past to stay in the past Can t wait to see what happens next with Anna and Bentley Are they finally going to be together forever stay tuned

    27. SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD I love this series and it just keeps getting better and better Can t wait for Book 3 Anna Logan and Bentley are perfect for each other and kudos to Melissa Toppen for writing such page turners A few typos and grammar mishaps but not detracting to the writing at all Love, love, love this series

    28. Absolutely fantastic Tears streaming from my eyes for the last half of the book It was heart wrenching to read about their pain and watch them do it to themselves Oh how our insecurities can be the death of us who have naive souls who want to see the good in everyone, even when it is not there My tears have dried, I have a small smile and a glimmer of hope On to You and I Forever

    29. Loved this series It s the first series I have read by Ms Toppen, and I really enjoyed her writing techniques The series had me bound from the very first chapter of book one, and stayed with me until I finished I read all three books, plus the bonus book at the end of book 3 in about 3 days Highly recommend this book

    30. I loved this book just as much as the first one Love Anna Bentley s continued journey of finding their happy ever after There s just the right amount of angst, steam drama Couldn t put this down Great series looking forward to the last book in the series.

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