One thought on “سانتا ماریا”

  1. I learned that love is something beyond what we can see with our eyes but its some thing that u can only feel it in ur heart.I found a deeper meaning of love.I understood that the true love is only some thing that can help u become closer and closer to Godis kind of love can cause u to be one with God.u can say u have fell in love only when u can see the face of God in the eyes of who u love.GOD IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN GIVE MEANING TO UR LOVE,IF U WANT TO TASTE THE REAL LOVE,LOVE SOME ONE WHO CA [...]

  2. majmooe daastanhaye kootahe ostad shojaee baa name santa maria ke mesle hamishe onvane jazabist in majmoe dastan baes mishavad ke seyed mahdie shojaee niz dar zomreye dastane kootah nevisane be naam e iran jay girad.

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