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The Farthest Away Mountain By Lynne Reid Banks,

  • Title: The Farthest Away Mountain
  • Author: Lynne Reid Banks
  • ISBN: 9780006729983
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once upon a time, in a village nestled in a mountain valley, lived a girl named Darkin Darkin wants three things than anything else to visit the farthest away mountain, to meet a gargoyle, and to marry a prince Everyone in her village thinks she s crazy, especially since no one has ever been to the farthest away mountain But one day, when she is nearly 15, she heaOnce upon a time, in a village nestled in a mountain valley, lived a girl named Darkin Darkin wants three things than anything else to visit the farthest away mountain, to meet a gargoyle, and to marry a prince Everyone in her village thinks she s crazy, especially since no one has ever been to the farthest away mountain But one day, when she is nearly 15, she hears the mountain calling her Darkin sets off on a tantalizing journey that will change her life, and the lives of others, forever.
    The Farthest Away Mountain Once upon a time in a village nestled in a mountain valley lived a girl named Darkin Darkin wants three things than anything else to visit the farthest away mountain to meet a gargoyle and to marr

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    1. I LOVED this book Everything a child s fairytale should be While I enjoy many current junior fiction titles, they just can t capture the vintage charm that stories such as this contain The Farthest away Mountain is going right up there with The Ordinary Princess as a book that will, without question, be read to my daughter The heroine is brave and kind and good, but not immune from making mistakes or struggling in the midst of trials I found the moral to be wonderful and the story balanced with [...]

    2. This book has sentimental value for me This was the first book I read when I was a young girl, roughly around the age of 7 It made me feel magical, and truly was my escape at the time, which is probably why I love it so much I remember while reading this, imagining that I was Darkin on this wild adventure to get to the farthest away mountain This really is the ultimate fairy tale And as a young girl, this book was so incredibly magical to me, I must of read it about a thousand times Definitely w [...]

    3. My friend Linds had this on her shelf and suggested I give it a try being short and having time during our hang out I figured sure This is very much like the Gail Carson Levine fairy tale books though this predates them by 20 years of course A young girl with a very set dream, the will to make it happen and fearlessness to see it through This would have been one of my favorites as a child if I had read it then.I like that for Dakin it wasn t her being stubborn or arrogant, she had QUESTIONS and [...]

    4. Just fyi, I m reading this for the first time at 26 years old I m reading it because a friend said it was her favorite book growing up.My first reaction was happiness because I saw this book was written by the same author as The Indian in the Cupboard, which I remember I liked as a child But then after I read 20 pages, I became scared to go back and re read my favorite childhood books like The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, Mrs Piggle Wiggle, The Great Brain, and The Castle in the Attic [...]

    5. Forests always gave Dakin a shivery feeling, half unease and half excitement The Farthest Away Mountain was a delightful read From purple, orange and blue coloured snow to dinosaurs, this book delivered some unique traits and twists despite following the rather typical fantasy setting of our protagonist, Dakin, setting out on a quest oh, I do love those adventure quest fantasy stories, though Dakin was a lovely character even though she dreamed of marrying a prince, she was courageous and went o [...]

    6. I recognized this cover immediately when I stumbled across it here, even though I haven t seen my copy of the book in probably a decade I loved this story because it was one of the first books I read about a girl who was willing to set out on her own to explore the world she wanted to see She s not forced to head to the mountain because of war or a mysterious quest she wants to see it, and she goes The world she finds there might seem overly familiar now that every fantasy archetype risks being [...]

    7. This was a book that I grew up loving It was one of my favorites I was so excited to read it out loud to Lucy First, Lucy loved the book My son even sat still for a good chunk of the book to listen and he is 3 Lucy is 6 and she loved it She understood it mostly and I had to remind her of a couple things here and there I didn t use all the vocab, sometimes just making it a little simpler But she liked it I give the book 2 stars because reading it wasn t as enjoyable as I thought I didn t like the [...]

    8. I just picked this up for a quick re read This was a book from elementary school that I read once and loved so much, the name stuck in my head and I was able to look it up years later I loved fantasy as a child, and I think this book may be one of the reasons why Re reading it, I can see why I loved it Dakin is independent and adventurous, and the story has really vivid imagery And I really like that the ending view spoiler didn t have her marrying a prince, and instead finding her true happines [...]

    9. I recently reread this, and I have to say that it wasn t even half as good as when I first read it when I was seven or eight.There were several misspelled words and sentences, and not enough plot development.I know its a children s book, but that shouldn t mean anything A book should have correct words and should tell you everything you need and want to know about the story But sadly not all books are like that.I remember this book being so good, but the truth is that it really isn t.I wish I ne [...]

    10. Oh, how I loved this book I remembered this book from when I was 10 years old I loved it My fond memories of this book led me to re read it at 28 I still love it This is a book for a young person who loves to read I would recommend it to any child who is looking for a longer challenging book The themes are benign and the fantasy charming There are some very mild scary parts but they come no where near disturbing It s just precious

    11. This is one of those foundational books for me I read it as a child, I searched for it as an adult, and re read itd it s still magic It has everything I need in a fantasy, and everything a children s book should have I think this really influenced my taste in literature Irrevocably.

    12. This was one of my favorite books as a kid When I was in fourth grade, my teacher read it to us with silly voices for all the characters I think that is what really made me love the story But the idea of the story is really neat and fun It is a great, original fantasy story

    13. all of it reminded me of cartoons full of trolls, witches, goblins and so on, I loved those cartoons as kid.

    14. One of my favorite books ever I read this as a kid and still have my copy, and have reread it so many times Even as an adult since it just takes me back

    15. Oh man, thinking of this book makes me laugh I read it at a young age, at my mother s insistence She told me I would like it and I tried to tell her she didn t know me and didn t know what I would like I don t know if I was right, because honestly I think anyone could enjoy this book It s wonderful, but isn t that a given, since Lynne Reid Banks wrote it The protagonist really wants to be a princess which I related to , but she s not dainty whatsoever she is a strong as hell female Great example [...]

    16. I simply loved this adorable book by Lynne Reid Banks The Farthest Away Mountain is a children s book about a magical journey to conquer evil Even though it s geared for children, I gobbled up this adorable adventure The language was beautiful and the characters so sweet 5 stars amberkatrinareads 2018books thefarthestawaymountain

    17. The book was a quick read but it was one of those books that you can t put down you just want to keep reading While reading it the details were very well written to the point that it was very visual I would recommend this to anybody who wants a quick read and loves fantasy books.

    18. This was my favorite book from childhood and I picked it up again as a bit of comfort It was so great to vaguely remember it and slowly put it together as I reread I want to keep it to read to my daughter.

    19. Read this when I was 11 am now 26 and amazingly still remember tid bits So I have to say it went over quite well Its hard to find a good fantasy but this is defiantly a nice one.

    20. I borrowed the audiobook on cassette as a child and was enchanted by the imagery, a favourite from years ago that I never quite forgot.

    21. I adored this book I wish I had known about this as a young girl I will definitely read this with my children someday.

    22. Lynne Reid Banks fantasy story begins with once upon a time , always a bad sign and usually the hallmark of inexperienced writers However, it soon transpires the author aims to present us with a fairy tale about gargoyles, trolls, speaking frogs, magicians and witches obviously, this requires the age old beginning of once upon a time , since the author clearly couldn t think of a original beginning Hardly a good start for a story aimed at young adult readers and older children in the mid 1970s, [...]

    23. One day a girl named Dakin hears a far mountain call to her When she asks the mountain, if it did call her to come to it, it nods to her affirmatively Dakin is almost fifteen years old and dreams of nothing, but visiting the farthest away mountain as it s referred to, seeing a live gargoyle, and marrying a prince So when boys from the village start asking her to marry them, she tells her family her reasons for firmly refusing them and remains without a husband Her reasons being that she must go [...]

    24. I just re read the Farthest Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks to my daughter, probably 25 years since I first read it I recall enjoying the story as a kid, but unlike some fellow second time around readers, reading it now I found depths in it that were even intriguing.Fifteen year old Dakin is quite the prettiest girl in the village but she s refusing to do the expected and get married until she s done the things she wants to do she wanted to visit the farthest away mountain she wanted to meet [...]

    25. Oh, so many mixed feels I loved this when I was younger, but I can t really decide what I think of it now It s a quest story, which is amazing, since usually quest stories are dominated by male heroes rather than female ones However, the heroine conquers by having hysterics and displays of emotions rather than any true virtue of her own well, kindness, I suppose What, an obstacle LET ME LAUGH AND MY JOY WILL DEFEAT IT What, another obstacle LET ME CRY AND MY SORROW WILL DEFEAT IT Her reward is a [...]

    26. This was one of those books for me that I read in school and thought was just crazy I could never remember what it was called, so I was pretty stoked when I found it again It is a classic style fairy tale that is pretty fun and imaginative So in that regard it s a really good book Though it brings up some fundamental issues with the classic fairy tale Like why do most characters in these fairy tales have almost zero grounds for motivation In this story, like in many fairy tales, the main charact [...]

    27. Lynne Reid Banks The Farthest Away Mountain is a fairy tale story with engaging peeks behind the scenes The plot follows Dakin, an adolescent girl from a quaint village who wakes one morning certain that the nearby mountain has called her by name Despite the fact that no one has visited it in living memory, she sets off to uncover its secrets, meeting a strange and often very funny set of creatures along the way Many traditional fairy tale elements an enchanted frog, a giant s castle are reinven [...]

    28. My daughter and I started this pretty much right after we finished The Fairy Rebel I had read this one several times as a child and considered it a favorite In some ways it holds up, in other ways, not so much I still love the gargoyle brothers and had fun going Ahhhhhhh at my daughter When I asked her what her favorite part was about the book, she said making the pictures in her head, which is wonderful As to the not so good, I had to bite back some serious giggles when I realized that the witc [...]

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