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Gunfighter Nation: The Myth of the Frontier in Twentieth-Century America By Richard Slotkin,

  • Title: Gunfighter Nation: The Myth of the Frontier in Twentieth-Century America
  • Author: Richard Slotkin
  • ISBN: 9780806130316
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gunfighter Nation completes Richard Slotkin s trilogy, begun in Regeneration Through Violence and continued in Fatal Environment, on the myth of the American frontier Slotkin examines an impressive array of sources fiction, Hollywood westerns, and the writings of Hollywood figures and Washington leaders to show how the racialist theory of Anglo Saxon ascendance and suGunfighter Nation completes Richard Slotkin s trilogy, begun in Regeneration Through Violence and continued in Fatal Environment, on the myth of the American frontier Slotkin examines an impressive array of sources fiction, Hollywood westerns, and the writings of Hollywood figures and Washington leaders to show how the racialist theory of Anglo Saxon ascendance and superiority embodied in Theodore Roosevelt s The Winning of the West , rather than Frederick Jackson Turner s thesis of the closing of the frontier, exerted the most influence in popular culture and government policy making in the twentieth century He argues that Roosevelt s view of the frontier myth provided the justification for most of America s expansionist policies, from Roosevelt s own Rough Riders to Kennedy s counterinsurgency and Johnson s war in Vietnam.
    Gunfighter Nation The Myth of the Frontier in Twentieth Century America Gunfighter Nation completes Richard Slotkin s trilogy begun in Regeneration Through Violence and continued in Fatal Environment on the myth of the American frontier Slotkin examines an impressive ar

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    1. If you can slog through this puppy, Slotkin will blow your mind I read this unwieldy tome for a class this semester, but I have a feeling I ll be using Slotkin s thought processes for a long time past December As a friendly warning, if you like to read watch movies exist without thinking too much, this might be a good book to stay away from If you re interested in powerful myths that guide both personal and national actions, then you might consider cracking at least the intro and first section.

    2. This was a reread I remembered it as intellectually stimulating But, first read in the mid 90s, I didn t remember details Specifically, I didn t remember that some of my worldview comes from Slotkin I remember once telling a friend my ideas about America s manifest destiny vaulting the Pacific to include the Philippines and Japan and later to wash up on the shores of Korea and Vietnam Remember, you heard it from me first, I told her But in fact Slotkin s early pages of Gunfighter Nation are abou [...]

    3. You have to read this book in conjunction with Slotkin s free online film history course on iTunes U Western Movies Myth, Ideology, and Genre.The bibliography includes hundreds of westerns and related genre films, and Slotkin s tracing of the how the lingo of the western invaded military planning and thinking in postwar America is fascinating A terrific way to appreciate history, filmmaking and American cultural reference points.

    4. Great history of violence in America and on the movie screen the chapters on HIGH NOON and THE WILD BUNCH make it a must read

    5. This terrific book goes through American culture throughout the 20th century and describes its media and politics in terms of our national myth the dynamic of the frontier and regeneration through violence Everything from foreign wars like WWII and Vietnam to domestic troubles like unionism and race riots is defined through this myth as a dispute between civilization and progress on one hand and savagery on the other There s never a chance of conciliation between the two sides, so it has to be r [...]

    6. It must be said how boring this book is It is very, very boring It works, mostly, by taking a political structure myth stand action etc and comparing it to a movie Part of the problem is the overlong breakdown of the movie, which goes beyond being helpful and instead just goes on Add into this that this book is DENSE with references 660 pages of text is accompanied by 110 pages of notes and a 60 page bibliography and you are getting ready for a snoozefest.That being said, it is an extremely inte [...]

    7. Slotkin creates a totalizing vision of American mythology, culture, and politics in this text It is an impressive study and narrative of what he calls the Frontier Myth Two criticisms 1 he could have used a better editor it is 660 pages, has multiple examples to make one point, and repeats itself a bit 2 to cover this much history first contact through 1991 , Slotkin has to paint some periods, ideas, and groups with broad strokes.Overall, an important book and a good book.

    8. This is one of the few books that really changed my thinking from College Read it yes it s a slog but then watch as you see everything from Gunsmoke, to The Searchers which became one of my favorite films , to Apocalypse Now in a new light.

    9. Richard Slotkin gives an extra ordinarily good discourse on literary and film media analysis Slotkin connects politics, idealogy, war, and cultural myth from the 1880s to the early 1990s in this tome Particularly interesting is Slotkin s analysis of Populist and Progressive as well as red blooded Conservative political ideologies The most surprising aspect of Slotkin s analysis is the connection of racism or racialism to Progessive political ideology as part of Theodore Roosevelt s explanation o [...]

    10. Described as a slog or a boring read, I m really getting into it I love Slotkin s presentation of the frontier as seen by Frederick Jackson Turner and Teddy Roosevelt I was surprised at Slotkin s theory that Roosevelt s take on the frontier has been influential on American popular culture than Turner s Turner s take was Populist Agrarian and academic Roosevelt defined the frontier as a place where Social Darwininist Progressive Urbanites ruled like feudal lords over a Conservationist commons cr [...]

    11. It disturbs me when I read about young men in the USA glorifies a racist like Theodore Roosevelt just because he was a real man That is just pure nonsense.Rant over Although, Slotkin s books are quite impressive in both scope and depth they are also beginning to get outdated Much of his source material is based on old books and his almost revisionistic analysis of the frontier myth also needs test Yet, nobody seems to be willing to take up the task which is a shame for students of the american [...]

    12. Lengthy read but decent I might have enjoyed it if I wasn t taking notes at the same time Plus it had to be finished in a week for discussion Of course some chapters are much interesting than others, depending in what you re looking to get out of the book Fans or those familiar with early westerns may be inclined to enjoy it I ve only heard of a lot of the mentioned films in passing I do feel it s appropriate to start orend this book by watching a classic Western Maybe SHANE or something with [...]

    13. Read this for a history class and honestly didn t think I d finish it because its really long, but its actually an amazing read Slotkin uses Western movies to further explain the myth of the frontier , which is something I found quite interesting as the book progressed If you are a fan of old westerns and a history buff, then I highly recommend you read this I particularly enjoyed how he not only discussed how the movies reflected the expansion of the west in the 1800 s, but also the way it affe [...]

    14. I grew up on TV Westerns So I thought I thought this might be fun to read I won t say is was fun, Slotkin can be dense reading, but it was fascinating I is also rather thick 660 pages of text, 160 of footnotes, 8 of filmography and 21 of index for a whopping 850 pages.As an example Slotkin sends 12 pp on the Searchers, followed by 10 pages on the Magnificent Seven, both in the context of the Vietnamese War.This turned out to be a good bit denser than I expected Truthfully I read about 1 2, skimm [...]

    15. This comprehensive cultural study of the idea of the Frontier through all media, but especially including the important Western films and novels of the 20th century is essential reading for anyone serious about studying Westerns But it is not dry academic reading If you love Westerns and if you know Westerns, you won t be able to put this book down The index is unbelievably detailed by topic as well as by author and title.

    16. Slotkin starts this book off with a bit of background behind the frontier myth Turner s version of it vs Roosevelt s and the gunfighter cowboy icon He mentions and summarizes a ton of dime novels and westerns, which makes this book very long I think I would have appreciated it if I had been well versed in westerns.

    17. Just a tad bit long winded Worth reading if you are interested in the myth symbol school of American history The Terror Dream by Susan Faludi uses some of this theory and is probably a better read or just go back and read Nash s Virgin Land.

    18. Lengthy and verbose, Slotkin s Gunfighter Nation is not a quick and simple read in fact, some chapters are a veritable chore to get through Indeed, Richard Slotkin has a lot to say in this book of his Thankfully most not all of his chapters are immensely interesting.

    19. Slotkin s works are great to understand the importance of the American myth, its creation and its representation What is even greater in his work is that he looks at every kind of representations, going from great literary classics to popular culture and films like First Blood.

    20. It took me forever to read this doorstop It has obviously been used as a college textbook, relating to America s mythology The chapter on the Sam Peckinpah movie The Wild Bunch as it relates to the post Vietnam War era is fascinating But overall I was disappointed.

    21. As a research work, this book was actually a great deal of fun It explored the depths of the American cowboy psyche historically as it influenced and was influenced by popular culture America truly has a complicated relationship with its bravado.

    22. This is a reference book for me to go back to Something that I will pick up and read again every few years.

    23. Always a timely read Shows the genesis and history of the American fascination with the go it alone rugged individualist frontier ethos and the violence and ethnocentrism that often accompanies it.

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