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If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit By Brenda Ueland,

  • Title: If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit
  • Author: Brenda Ueland
  • ISBN: 9781555972608
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • In her 93 remarkable years, Brenda Ueland published six million words She said she had two rules she followed absolutely to tell the truth, and not to do anything she didn t want to do Her integrity shines throughout If You Want to Write, her best selling classic on the process of writing that has already inspired thousands to find their own creative center Carl SandbuIn her 93 remarkable years, Brenda Ueland published six million words She said she had two rules she followed absolutely to tell the truth, and not to do anything she didn t want to do Her integrity shines throughout If You Want to Write, her best selling classic on the process of writing that has already inspired thousands to find their own creative center Carl Sandburg called this book The best book ever written about how to write Yet Ueland reminds us that Whenever I say writing in this book, I also mean anything that you love and want to do or to make Ueland s writing and her teaching are made compelling by her feisty spirit of independence and joy.
    If You Want to Write A Book about Art Independence and Spirit In her remarkable years Brenda Ueland published six million words She said she had two rules she followed absolutely to tell the truth and not to do anything she didn t want to do Her integrity s

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    1. If you want to Write, or do ANYthing you are passionate aboutdraw, paint, teach, imagine, createis book inspires I even had to blog it burnah To really remember it, I want to put it down here My favorite word in the book Waggish Meaning fanciful, whimsy, silly.Some favorite quotes Van Gogh said If you hear a voice within you saying you are not painter, then paint by all means, lad, and that voice will be silenced, but only by working the creative impluse of Van Gogh, a great genius, was simply l [...]

    2. I first read this book when I was 13, so I can t vouch for how useful it might be to an adult reader All I know is that no book has changed my life as dramatically as this one did when I was 13 I m only slightly exaggerating when I say that this book has the power to cure minor mental disorders and to help you find direction in your life Reading this book was like one long epiphany for me It is an energizing read, written in simple, clear, vivacious prose by a woman without a shred of pomposity [...]

    3. If you want to read a good book about writing, don t read this one Read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott Read On Writing by Stephen King Read anything else, really The redeeming factors of this book were 1 It was short , and 2 It made me realize that Van Gogh was kind of a badass, and I ll probably go out of my way to learn about him Onto the not so redeeming factors 1 I have a huge, nagging suspicion that Ms Ueland is not a very good reader One of the things that makes me long to write and write we [...]

    4. For a book published in 1938, this book was shockingly progressive Everyone has their own unique writing voice Everyone has their own truth to tell Women should shut the door on their kids and write Women should pursue their creative impulses instead of being tethered to the idea of being the perfect wife and mother stuff here Some dated content as you can imagine from a book from 1938 but if you separate the wheat from the chaff, you get a lot of delicious wheat here I ll be using a lot of her [...]

    5. I had to read the book Carl Sandburg said was the best book ever on writing The poem that came If You Want To Write For Brenda Ueland 1891 1985 I found you in a box, broken now, mildewed,packed with the cr me,books read in collegebarely recollected,dog eared pages,notes in tea stainedmargins, a badge of honorfor any author.I would have set you aside,dismissed you as self help,thought you antiquated,Book of the month,had he not spoken of youwith reverence, perhapseven awe, this scientistto whom a [...]

    6. I have read this book every couple of years since I was a teenager I gave it to my Dad to read and he loved it, and said it was so hard to get through because every line was true and made you sit there in awe wondering about your life I think it s true you have to forget the blahness of similarly titled books and know this book is as much about how to live as how to write This author wrote it in 1932 or so, and lived to be an octegenarian swimmer She constantly quotes Keats, Blake, Dostoevsky, C [...]

    7. I never had any aspirations of becoming a writer Writing, to me, was not enjoyable I did not feel freed, or accomplished, and as though I had created a piece of art when I got done writing a paper Papers were written for the sole purpose of impressing the teacher and getting a good grade Brenda Ueland s If You Want to Write A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit completely changed my notion about writing It made me understand that writing, or painting, acting or whatever else you want to do, [...]

    8. This is by far and away the best book I have ever read on writing, and I have read a number of them.Her approach is one of pure enthusiasm and letting go of your notions of writing well or worrying about your style , instead she advocates tapping into what is true and genuine for you and just putting the words on paper, and seeing what happens.I plan on purchasing her fictional and memoir books, and re reading parts of this book for inspiration for a long time.

    9. First of all English is my second language, I am deeply sorry for my mistakes It s hard to describe my disappointment with Ueland s book What a waste of time and money It is so short, yet so painfully monotonous, filled with long excerpts taken from diaries and letters of few famous artists mostly van Gogh, Blake and Great Russians and pupils from Ueland s writing class.While the author often mocks the great writers that she personally dislikes Steinbeck Scott Fitzgerald, seriously , her own sty [...]

    10. This book should be a great help in the freeing of your thoughts and the genius that is in all of us Great opener, eh I believe in Ueland s thesis that everybody is talented, original and has something important to say I also believe, as she does, that this creative power I think is the Holy Ghost She further thinks that most creativity is drummed out of people early in life by criticism I think her philosophy applies to any creative process wood working, gardening, painting, quilting, etc anyth [...]

    11. I m only 25% through this book and it s the most moving thing ever She talks a lot about the general fraudulence and darkness in the world of art and art appreciation that reallly gets me down a lot and she s very comforting and wise about the heartbreak of that stuff as well as figuring out how to get past it It s killing me, it s so good And I can t believe how modern it feels it was written in 1938 This woman writes about this sort of fraudulence and art for money or art for fame attitudes wi [...]

    12. I m going to go against the crowd here I liked the book However, it was not as life changing for me as it was for the many who have read it.This would have made a good pamphlet or even blog post Why It s repetitious I do agree with Brenda Ueland s theory that writing or any type of creative work must be true to yourself It s always your own voice that comes out the best in whatever you do.I also agree with her assessment of critics What really do they know I cannot think of one critic who has wr [...]

    13. Constantly, I fall into reading books about writing without having read any other book by the author John Gardner, Stephen King, and now Brenda Ueland, to name a few off the top of my head I won t mince words, I really like reading books about writing, not for tips and tricks or secrets, but to catch some of the light coming off of the authors, some little shards of passion, and also to see what drives other writers to, well, write I loved the books on writing that I read by both of the aforemen [...]

    14. I found something in this book that I lost several years ago I am so happy to have found inspiration from Brenda to finally follow through with my dreams The last sentence in this book is as follows, And if it has given you the impulse to write one small story, then I am pleased I have rediscovered my voice and started writing again all because of the guidance that this book offered me.

    15. A quote from the Preface to Second Edition At that time when I was writing the book, Carl Sandburg, an old friend, was at our house Sometimes, looking out at Lake Calhoun in the cold November evening, he would begin to thunder in his mighty voice so much like Isaiah s, I used to think about the wild grey waves, the North wind, the new moon, the gunmetal sky He liked the book He said That is the best book ever written about how to write I agree Brenda Ueland, YOU ROCK And this book was published [...]

    16. A simple little book, formatted for the Kindle and republished, put up for free one time, and I downloaded it since I compulsively collect books about writing Not the How to of writing dialogue or description or plot outlining, but books about the real art of writing, the truth of it, the flow of creativity that so easily gets blocked Ueland s book is one of those gems I treasure, to read over and over, because just reading a page or two will open the desire to work, give me the confidence to si [...]

    17. It doesn t really matter when I finished or when I began reading this book What matters, is that it is a journey into a woman s heart and in that journey, it s also, if you are listening carefully a path to your own heart For in any good writing, there must be the heart.This book is not so much about writing as it is about how we are imposed certain rules and norms by society and Brenda Ueland honestly lets her dismay for those be aired She doesn t care about what you think and tells us, if we w [...]

    18. This is the holy grail of creativity I read many books about creative people s lives, hoping to glean some knowledge and inspiration This book is the motherload, the culminationThe author is a writer as well as a teacher, which gives her the birds eye view as well as being a layperson in this field Although her subject is creativity and imagination in writing, I find that substituting music or even just creativity for writing , this book applies whatever field you need it to At the end of her bo [...]

    19. The author of this book is unbelievably kind, and it really comes out in the book She constantly focuses on the positive, and I m sure she had to be a fantastic teacher It s a nice read, if you currently feel blocked it s probably the best moment to get this book However, if your only focus in life is to sell your writing, this might not be the book for you although it might contain answers if you re failing to sell This book isn t about skills or market, it s about being , it s about attitude a [...]

    20. Brenda Ueland spent most of her ninety three years as a writer If You Want To Write , which was originally published in 1938, is her best selling guidebook to finding your own creative center and expressing it through lively and memorable prose Carl Sandburg called it the best book ever written about how to write Ueland advises that artistic genius exists within all of us, and awakening it is a simple matter write about what genuinely interests you, and be honest with yourself and your audience [...]

    21. I m usually a bit gunshy of how to write books, but I thought this one came pretty close to being as good as they get The focus was on fidelity to the self and how to let one s voice out I liked the image of Christ as the most creative person to have ever lived I really liked chapter 10 Why women who do too much housework should neglect it for their writing to set a good example for the children menial work at the expense of all true, ardent, creative work is a sin against the holy ghost.

    22. I m sorry, I know tons of people love this book, but I am DONE reading it at 56% of the way through it Here s what I wrote as I read to explain why As I read, I can t help but think, If this woman quotes her students one time, I m going to smack someone Is this a book about writing or a book about saying Oh goody you re the bestest writer ever and always to all her students Please Spare me And a little while later I m beginning to this this writer s advice isn t worth having I have decided that [...]

    23. Sometimes I have a difficult time with reading books on writing like this one, for a variety of reasons Ueland becomes bizarrely metaphysical at times While I can deal with references to the muses and inspiration personified, some of her ideas, like calling creative power the Holy Ghost, tread into terra incognita I feel like I m being cornered at a party by a strange old woman pontificating about her writing philosophy.Her biases about various writers are equally unusual She is critical of writ [...]

    24. This is one of those timeless works with tons of good advice about writing I love Brenda Ueland s philosphy Here are a few great quotes The last is my favorite I learnedat inspiration does not come like a bolt, nor is it kinetic, energetic striving, but it comes into us slowly and quietly and all the time, though we must regularly and every day give it a little chance to start flowing, prime it with a little solitude and idleness No writing is a waste of time no creative work where the feelings, [...]

    25. I discovered this book at the International Miami Book Fair Greywolf Press What a gem Do you want to know how true creative power flourishes Read this book It s a writing book, but you won t find anything here about plot, characterization, POV, or structure This is about the creative process and I couldn t stop reading it Brenda Ueland has not only a fine intelligence about writing, but she understands creativity better than most writing teachers or workshop leaders who tend to drill mechanics, [...]

    26. This book ranks right up their with Julia Cameron s Artist s Way Like that author, Ueland taps into who you really are and what you are trying to do and what is blocking you Everyone can and should write or create.The problem is most of us think we can t The well of creativity dries up so easily by fears, anxieties, doubts, criticisms, shoulds coulds musts This book teaches you to free your inspiriation and creativity, and by it teaching you to write the truth you want to share, you realize the [...]

    27. If You Want to Write, Be My Guest, Because I Don t Feel Like it Right Now.Sooooooo many quotes and excerpts Numerous quotes and super long excerpts I have no problem with either, but I wanted to know what she had to say, and what she had to say was very useful, just far far scantier than expected Holy cats.

    28. I loved this book It has a lot to offer a writer I think if a person wants to improve on their writing they need this book on their shelve It is a very encouraging book.

    29. Very inspirational and witty, Ueland has strong opinions she s unapologetic about and is the best of encouragers.

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