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Lock & Mori By Heather W. Petty,

  • Title: Lock & Mori
  • Author: Heather W. Petty
  • ISBN: 9781481423038
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In modern day London, two brilliant high school students one Sherlock Holmes and a Miss James Mori Moriarty meet A murder will bring them together The truth very well might drive them apart.Before they were mortal enemies, they were much FACT Someone has been murdered in London s Regent s Park The police have no leads.FACT Miss James Mori Moriarty and SherlocIn modern day London, two brilliant high school students one Sherlock Holmes and a Miss James Mori Moriarty meet A murder will bring them together The truth very well might drive them apart.Before they were mortal enemies, they were much FACT Someone has been murdered in London s Regent s Park The police have no leads.FACT Miss James Mori Moriarty and Sherlock Lock Holmes should be hitting the books on a school night Instead, they are out crashing a crime scene.FACT Lock has challenged Mori to solve the case before he does Challenge accepted.FACT Despite agreeing to Lock s one rule they must share every clue with each other Mori is keeping secrets.OBSERVATION Sometimes you can t trust the people closest to you with matters of the heart And after this case, Mori may never trust Lock again.
    Lock Mori In modern day London two brilliant high school students one Sherlock Holmes and a Miss James Mori Moriarty meet A murder will bring them together The truth very well might drive them apart Before the

    One thought on “Lock & Mori”

    1. There was no point to this book You can call it an homage to Arthur Conan Doyle I just call it dull as fuck It was lacking in originality and unbelievable when it tried to be witty The only reason I can see for the insertion of the Sherlock name is to sell the book based on familiarity.Even with willing suspension of disbelief, the plot of this book far overreaches the realms of credibility There s no allusion to the famous series, I don t believe the Sherlock Holmes series existed in this versi [...]

    2. One of these days I ll find a Sherlock retelling that pleases me But guess what IT IS NOT THIS DAY Lock Mori was just toooooooo bland for me And the mystery wasn t even exciting AND the deducing was like a side dish omg how dare they I felt like it was 10% detective skills, 10% random kissing, and 80% family dramaASONS I AM A DISAPPOINTED GRAPE Mori is so very pretentious and yet dull She s a math genius whoo and she speaks like she fell out of an 19th century period drama whooo and she has secr [...]

    3. Don t hate me, but I m going to share a secret with you all I know next to nothing about Sherlock Holmes Yes, I ve never watched any show movie about him, nor read any piece of literature related to him Phew, now that I finally got that off my chest, we can talk about Lock Mori.This book was not what I was expecting in a bad way, unfortunately And I think the aspect that contributed most to my disappointment was the writing The awkward and sort of quirky in a way writing just didn t mesh well wi [...]

    4. Do my eyes deceive me Lock and Mori I may just keel over from pure anticipation Benedict Cumberbatch, you ve officially been YAed.

    5. Okay, if I d read the synopsis or read Sherlock Holmes growing up I might have been prepared for what happens in this book Most all Sherlock re imaginings I ve read, from TV shows like House or Sherlock to books like Every Breath focus on the Holmes Watson relationship, the wonderful bromance sometimes a romance between the quirky, brilliant Holmes and the under appreciated, long suffering Watson I was fascinated that this book focuses primarily on Holmes and Moriarty a criminal mastermind and [...]

    6. I love Sherlock I love anything to do with Sherlock But this I wanted to rip my hair out The frustration was insane between the characterization, the absurd plot, the even ridiculous mystery , but the insta love thing Lock Mori had going on was beyond foolish All lumped together, it was positively rage inducing for me But I ll try to break it down and explain myself instead of just summing up my review with this gif The Mystery A recent string of mysterious murders catches the attention of Lock [...]

    7. I ve read a few different Sherlock retellings recently, and even though I ve had this book since January, I ve kept putting it off for some reason Now, I don t know whether to be happy or sad I waited so long to read this amazing book It s quite a small book, but packed full of plot, and I read it in just a few hours, and now think that the wait for Mind Games might kill me.The other Sherlock retellings I ve read, A Study in Charlotte and the Every series, have had Holmes and Watson, in whatever [...]

    8. UPDATE REACTION 11.02.14 I m a big Sherlock Holmes fan from books, TV show Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and the film with Robert Downey Jr I cannot wait what this book is going to be with a female Moriarty What trouble in a good way as well does this character brings I guess Sherlock, Male Moriarty and I will have tea until this book comes out Cheers

    9. I made two startling realizations I knew that I would probably love this boy for the rest of my life I knew also that I would never, ever forgive him Le sigh time to play sad trombones in the background This was an extremely underwhelming book, considering how it was marketed I mean, female Moriarty I already got a taste of how badass this could have been from Elementary I guess I was expecting equal badassery this time around Instead, all I got was too much kissing, not enough mystery, and very [...]

    10. First, I feel like I need to say that I had extremely high expectations for this book I m a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, from the original novels to different film and TV adaptations I was so drawn to the idea of a female Moriarty what an amazing concept, right Well, I m here to tell you that this book delivered The pacing is lightning fast, the mystery is exciting, and oh my goshhhhhh Sherlock is wonderful.When discussing a retelling of a beloved story, I think it s most important to address chara [...]

    11. 3 3.5 starsAdmittedly I haven t much studied the fictional character Sherlock Holmes, outside of Robert Downey Jr s zany portrayal complete with the cute hat and ever present pipe Of course I know that he s a detective, one who uses logic and science to solve cases I m familiar with the names Watson and Moriarty Otherwise, there s not much I could tell you My interest in Heather Petty s debut, Lock and Mori, isn t the fact that it s a reimagining of Sherlock s boyhood or even that she turned th [...]

    12. Ambivalence This is what I feel toward this book Definitely this story is not about Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis Professor Moriarty This book is a homage, a fan fiction Unnecessary If you read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes you know what I am talking about Sherlock Lock Holmes is quite a pussy in this book I did not see his genius ways, while the author chirped all the time through Moriarty s voice, how genius Lock is, how strange he is, how extraordinary he is Everything I d known of Sher [...]

    13. FULL REVIEW FOUND AT awesomebooknutFinally, something to be excited about I keep reading mediocre ARCs and was kind of getting downhearted about upcoming books until this Seriously So good Pre order it now, people I promise the publisher is in no way paying me to say this although it would be nice if they were This book was just that good.This is a contemporary YA adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, where his nemesis, Moriarty, is a girl And it happens before they re nemeses So there s a romance And [...]

    14. I had a review written for this oned it all got lost Fuck this shit, this horrible book isn t even worth it I M DONE Drops mic and runs away

    15. 3.5 5As a fan of the BBC series Sherlock, I m always up for any retelling of Sherlock Holmes because he is such a quirky and intriguing character When I found out that Heather W Petty s Lock Mori took a her own twist to Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty s characters, I was itching to read the book As a debut, Lock Mori was fantastic and if this book is any indication, then Heather W Petty is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the YA world.Let me start with the characters first Lock hims [...]

    16. I ve been on a serious Sherlock kick lately It all started with the Every Series by Ellie Marney and I highly recommend that one and basically since then, if you mention Sherlock in the summary, I m guaranteed to grab it Lock Mori is set in modern day London where Sherlock Holmes and James Mori Moriarty are high school students Mori s a girl by the way Neither really fit in Sherlock is a bit of an outcast and Mori, since the loss of her mother, has shied away from anyone at school A death in the [...]

    17. actual rating 4.5 starsTW VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN AND WOMEN, EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE, ALCOHOLISMI think many people went into this book expecting of BBC s Sherlock or the original Arthur Conan Doyle s books, and they weren t happy with the result Sherlock is indeed like Elementary and BBC s Sherlock but, thankfully, we never have to look at Bennyhill Chasemusic s face throughout the book, so I actually liked the character 100% than I like BBC s Sherlock which is 0%, as you can tell by d [...]

    18. This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoLock and Mori did not work out for me and this makes me a sad panda I enjoy Sherlock retellings so I was excited to read this book but when I dove in, I was surprised by how meh I felt about it If you want awesome Sherlock bits, this book isn t it Sherlock yes that is actually his first name is barely present in the book He is just a side character In fact, this book should just be called Mori because Lock pretty much does nothing.Lock has ver [...]

    19. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Intriguing, unique, and creepy take on the Sherlock Holmes tale I really enjoyed this one and would highly recommend it to YA mystery fans.Opening Sentence I wore a hat with a feather plume the first time I met Sherlock Holmes.The Review A murder was committed in London Regent Park and two teenagers are going to try to solve it since the police seem incapable of doing so.Sherlock Holmes challenges Miss James Mori Moriarty to a competition of solvin [...]

    20. If you re a big fan of Sherlock Holmes or twisted tales with its basis in the Holmes realm then you are going to find Lock Mori a breath of fresh air.This teen story brings together the young, Miss James Mori Moriarty and Mr Sherlock Holmes Neighbors and schoolmates, these two characters might live close by but their lives are worlds apart Brought together by tragedy, they use their superior intellect to uncover the murders that are plaguing London s Regent s Park Romantic interest does blossom [...]

    21. Perhaps the only good thing about being home sick today was getting to read this book You re a fool if this book isn t on your TBR pile already So Damn Good.

    22. While reading this novel, I sometimes felt like I had written it Certainly not true, of course, but it was a strange feeling because at points it felt like something I d thought about several times, something not meant to see the light of day, but that I might ve as well written In fact, I would even dare to say that thousands, maybe millions of people wrote at least half of the plot of this novel in their heads after binge watching any of the Sherlock series featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as th [...]

    23. I loved this view of Sherlock aka Lock and Ms Moriarty aka Mori I found the pace of the story pretty quick and I loved learning about the two main characters, even when it was tough But I did find Mori to be pretty insufferable at times She wasn t always right and it was awful that she expected everyone to bow down to her.I though Sherlock was honest than she ever was view spoiler but since she s Moriartyd not Holmes this mean she and he won t always be together hide spoiler

    24. Konec je jak z americk ho ak ku, jinak je to ale super n pad Vraha asi odhal te vcelku brzo, j z toho byla chvilku zklaman , ale pak jsem pochopila, e to vlastn v bec nen d le it a e hlavn z pletka je je t o kousek vedle A kdy si p i ten budete p edstavovat mlad ho Cumberbatche, jak psala B ra v jednom ze sv ch blog , nem e v s to nebavit D

    25. Nothing but respect for MY Moriarty.The book was fine I skimmed a lot of the middle I just didn t feel the romance and I thought the killer was pretty obvious I liked the end where Mori actually seemed like her namesake.

    26. To see review with Elementary gifs click here.I enjoyed the book The thing is though, it s not a good Sherlock retelling.Because this Sherlock does not have a clue.The mystery also was very easy to solve and not that very difficult either I figured it out at the funeral after the first murder And it didn t take that much skill to figure out.I could be generous.I could say that I solved the mystery because all those hours of playing Nancy Drew made me a sassy detective, but no It was a fairly obv [...]

    27. James Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes are teenagers living in modern day London In between falling in love with each other James is a girl, don t get too excited , they delve into the mystery of a string of mysterious murders in the nearby park I wasn t impressed with the mystery or the clues that let them solve it, but the updated characters were fine Mycroft impressed me the author gave him just the right amount of page time to make an impression without ruining the strangeness of him and the wri [...]

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