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The Boxes By William Sleator,

  • Title: The Boxes
  • Author: William Sleator
  • ISBN: 9780141308104
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Orphan Anne Levi tolerates her distant Aunt Ruth, with whom she lives, but adores her mysterious Uncle Marco, who flits in and out of their lives at irregular intervals When he gives Anne two unusual boxes with strict instructions not to open them, curiosity gets the better of her Opening the first one, she releases an unusual crablike creature that grows and reproducesOrphan Anne Levi tolerates her distant Aunt Ruth, with whom she lives, but adores her mysterious Uncle Marco, who flits in and out of their lives at irregular intervals When he gives Anne two unusual boxes with strict instructions not to open them, curiosity gets the better of her Opening the first one, she releases an unusual crablike creature that grows and reproduces rapidly the life form and its offspring construct a fantastic palace in the basement and communicate with Anne telepathically Dismayed by what she has done, Anne opens the second box, which she had hidden in her closet, revealing a clocklike object that has the ability to slow down time at the basement creatures request, but only when Anne agrees to carry messages between the creatures and the clock Unfortunately, the owners of a suspicious development company are intrigued by the time slowdowns and increase their ominous efforts to control Anne, her home, and the strange devices within it Susan L Rogers, Chestnut Hill Academy, PA School Library Journal
    The Boxes Orphan Anne Levi tolerates her distant Aunt Ruth with whom she lives but adores her mysterious Uncle Marco who flits in and out of their lives at irregular intervals When he gives Anne two unusual

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    1. Quirkly sci fi fun for the middle school boy The protagonist is female, but I found interest from the boys in my classes Odd Uncle Marco, Annie s only respite from her feisty Aunt Ruth, leaves her in charge of two mysterious boxes Don t open them and keep them safe for me until I return What a temptation for our angst ridden protagonist In short, the boxes stop time There s much to it than that a little romance, plenty of adventure, and menacing creatures with telepathy Fun stuff.

    2. The Boxes is a story of a girl who matures over the course of a week Annie was just a girl who was living with her aunt Her aunt hated her and just thought she was just another mouth to feed The only time she was happy is when her uncle Marco is home She has some friends in school, but her two main friends are just using her to secretly date She also has a friend by the name of Henry Henry is probably her only real friend One day when her uncle Marco came home when her aunt was at work He had he [...]

    3. Another fun William Sleator book This one combines a mysterious uncle, the Pandora myth, evil real estate developers, and some creepy gothic elements into a lively quest and battle against the bad guys Like many Sleator books, there s a fun element of warped physics going on as well This is clearly a YA book, as the writing is okay but not stellar but it s a fun read regardless His best books, in my opinion, are still House of Stairs and Singularity Really, I mostly wanted to hear about awesome [...]

    4. Annie s Uncle Marco entrusts two boxes to her like Pandora, she peeks inside Out scurries a creepy crawly it reproduces, starts building, and tells Annie telepathically to open the second box, a time altering clock Everything else slows down so the creatures can build faster Unscrupulous developers steal the clock, but it slows them down, and Annie recovers it Uncle Marco reappears, praises Annie for snooping, and accompanies her through a doorway in the creatures structure to the unknown Fascin [...]

    5. Uncle Marco is Annie s favorite person in the world He s exciting and mysterious and he doesn t put her down like Aunt Ruth does If only she could live with him But Uncle Marco is always travelling, although Annie doesn t know quite where he goes Then Uncle Marco brings home the two boxes and gives Annie two instructions 1 Do Not Open the boxes and 2 Don t tell Aunt Ruth about them Annie wants to obey Uncle Marco, but the boxes give her a funny feelingThe Boxes is a companion to Marco s Millions [...]

    6. This is a fun story about Annie whose strange Uncle Marco gives her two boxes and tells her not to open them whatever she does Like Pandora, she is overwhelmed with curiosity and opens the boxes She finds a strange clock and even stranger little creatures Enter some evil property developers and a budding friendship with her neighbor Henry and the story is off and running This book begs for a sequel.

    7. I think this book was amazing It has a lot of imaginative information with twists and turns in the middle and the ending was just heartbreaking the thing I liked about this book is that it has a very nice story line and everything adds up in the end when it was not all put together in the beginning My favorite part of this entire book was when Annie was opening the boxes to see what was inside because it was so nerve wrecking.

    8. Didn t realize there was a prequel Still, you can read this on its own I guess I did Twas a very creative tale, which I will not spoil Is not an adult novel Rather it s for middle school readers or some teens too I liked the ideas the author presented Would like to have read such in an adult novel.

    9. I loved this book It had a lot of mystery It was relatable and I read this so fast and I would read it again I would recommend this book to everyone.

    10. Imagine that one of your family members left you boxes and said don t open them doesn t it make you want to open them up even People tell people to not stick their nose where it doesn t belong or mind their own business These things make people s curious mind attract to what they want to know inside their puzzle mind The Boxes is an excellent mystery novel because of the way it is related to life which it seems true about how people really acts, the mind pulling force of mystery pops out at you [...]

    11. SPOILER ALERTThe book that read is called The Boxes by William Sleator The genre of this book is fantasy The main character of this book is Annie She has short black hair, dark eyes, and is in good shape She is very shy, obedient, and curious throughout the whole book She feels like she is being abused and is very sad because her parents died in a car crash She also has a bedtime, chores, and is too young to date just like many young disciplined people The initial story problem is that her Uncle [...]

    12. 5th grade booktalk ScifiHave you studied Greek mythology Not the Percy Jackson kind, but the real stuff Okay someone tell me the story of Pandora.Pandora, the first woman, was created by the gods and given to Epimetheus as his bride She took with her a jar or, in some retellings, a box given to her by her creator, Zeus, as a wedding present Zeus told her that she must never open the jar and of course, she opens it, spilling out death and evil into the world Pandora struggles to get the box close [...]

    13. Annie is a girl living with her Aunt Ruth, who is lazy and dislikes her Her Uncle Marco she likes very much, and one day he leaves her two boxes with specific orders not to open them and not to keep them together She does, and something pops out Meanwhile a real estate company is trying to get Aunt Ruth to sell her house.It s hard to go into why I dislike this book without plot spoilers, but here they are For one thing, the main villains in the book are the real estate company, and to a lesser e [...]

    14. Anne is a curious child, so it s odd that her Uncle Marco entrusts her with two sealed boxes WHICH MUST STAY SEALED before he disappears on a trip Of course, Anne cannot resist the temptation, and ends up releasing weird crablike creatures that take over her basement and send her telepathic messages about what she has to do for them She also releases a time control device that the crab creatures order her to use When the safety of her little world is threatened by a curious development company t [...]

    15. William Sleator s, The Boxes, is a thrilling adventure that drops you into the enigma of the Boxes These boxes were left by Uncle Marco, one of the characters Annie, his niece, the main character is specifically told NOT to open the boxes Unfortunately the mystery of these boxes are so strong that she can t help it but open these boxes What she finds inside is something out of this world I can t emphasize enough how William s writing brings you into Annie s character and puts you in her spot The [...]

    16. Annie lives with her cranky, hateful aunt Ruth, and sometimes her charming, kind, but frequently absent uncle Marco One day, before Marco leaves on one of his frequent, lengthy excursions, he trusts Annie with two mysterious boxes, which he tells her she is absolutely not to open for any reason Of course, she opens them right away, and is sucked into a strange conflict between some strange, telepathic crablike critters, and the silently malevolent clock that they worship The clock can slow down [...]

    17. What if some one told you not to open a special box would you open ofcouseit.The genre of thhis book is science fiction.I thought the book was really good.One day uncle Marco went on a trip and brough two special boxes he gave the two sealed boxes to Annie uncle Marco said not to open aturthem.Of course she is tempted to open the boxes and when she opens the boxes she sees these crablike creatures they posses a power Annie could never imamgine she mostly spends her time in her room.Annie in the [...]

    18. While this is listed as book 2 of a 2 book series it was actually written first even though it does take place chronologically after the events of book 1 This book and its companion are both enjoyable stories, with this one being slightly the better But they both have Sleator s signature twist endings that are both intriguing and sad Book 1 of this series has an especially sad ending, perhaps the saddest ending of all his stories The protangonist in this book, is Anne, the niece of two of the ch [...]

    19. Annie s mysterious Uncle Marco leaves 2 boxes at her Aunt Ruth s house and tells Annie absolutely do not open the boxes and keep them apart Then, just like always, Uncle Marco vanishes Aunt Ruth s unreasonable demands and nasty mouth are so much worse for Annie when Marco is gone Of course, Annie opens the box in the basement and a creature emerges and starts to build a civilization Then, she is enticed to open the other box in her room which turns out to be The Lord of the Civilization Together [...]

    20. This book is a fantasy based novel I enjoyed reading this because this book included show not tell , descriptions, and a good plot which led to a magnificent ending The Boxes, had my full attention every time I would read it It brought me into a different world I went into the world of the main character who was in first person throughout the whole story I could create a picture for everything I was reading, and that is hard to do when reading unless you are reading a great book Overall, William [...]

    21. Although I have seen this pitched as young adult science fiction, it works equally well for younger students My second grader picked this book out at the school library and happily plowed through it in a single evening I liked that the unusual elements and events weren t explained away as magic but were instead presented just as the facts of what happened I liked that the plot and characters included loose ends that were never fully explicated, in contrast to the tidy wrapping up that you tend t [...]

    22. The Boxes is a good book I would recommend it to anyone who s interested in any science fiction books dealing with controlling time The book is a quick read, but is interesting The basement creatures, as they call them in the book, aren t as scary as they are pictured on the cover Also, the clock doesn t seem scary, but it is vicious.There really isn t a moral to the story, but it s not like everything has to have a moral I think that author William Sleator is a great writer because he puts such [...]

    23. Annie s self absorbed friends and relatives rely on her to act as their messenger, a role she begins to resent when she realizes how seldom they take an interest in her problems After opening THE BOXES, Annie becomes the nervous system in a symbiotic relationship between a society of insect like creatures and the device they revere as their deity Sleator is like the YA version of Dean Koontz, with horrific plots that hinge on scientific or paranormal phenomena.

    24. The boxes is a great book, for people who like scic books When annie s uncle marcos is going on an adventure he leaves annie in charge of two boxes Marcos told her that the boxes can not be together, there was a metal, and a wood one Of cource annie was courious to see what was inside the boxes Opening the box is all annie cares about Eventually annie pries open the wooden box, and a crablike creature comes out.

    25. Sleator s weird, distant tone can be effective sometimes, but here it s very difficult to see past Mostly, that s due to the fact that the distant tone belongs to our protagonist, a 13 year old girl.I love the moral complexity that s introduced early on, but the book doesn t have any way of dealing with the moral questions once they ve been posed And the ending is not an ending at all but a beginning to the next book in the series, which I doubt I ll be reading.

    26. This was a weird book with a disjointed feel that seemed to belong in a series As I later found, there is another book, but it doesn t seem to tie to or complete this story At any rate The Boxes was too up in the air for me to find out It was entertaining, at least for the complete plot of Annie s little race against time with the real estate company.

    27. This was probably my least favorite Sleator book An uncle leaves precious boxes with an irresponsible child who opens them against express orders, and then that s all fine and good because the uncle was hoping that would happen and gave the warning to tempt curiosity What the hell

    28. As a Young Reader s Choice winner, I expected from this one It was ok, but somewhat predictable and not as thrilling as I d been led to expect Interesting ideas, but clunky writing, and forgettable characters He could have done so much with the concept.

    29. Starts off pretty suspenseful and spooky but the author, perhaps driven to wrap things up in under 200 pp does so too perfunctorily, with everyone happy despite the brooding tone established in the book s first half.

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