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Before the Scandal By Suzanne Enoch,

  • Title: Before the Scandal
  • Author: Suzanne Enoch
  • ISBN: 9780061456749
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • It Was a Scandal Waiting to Happen .Colonel Phineas Bromley is a legend on the battlefield and in the bedroom Though he s won many wars, and even hearts, nothing could prepare him for his new life When Phin discovers that someone has been pushing his family toward ruin, he assumes the role of a legendary highwayman Riding out in the middle of the night, hiddenIt Was a Scandal Waiting to Happen .Colonel Phineas Bromley is a legend on the battlefield and in the bedroom Though he s won many wars, and even hearts, nothing could prepare him for his new life When Phin discovers that someone has been pushing his family toward ruin, he assumes the role of a legendary highwayman Riding out in the middle of the night, hidden behind a mask, Phin heads straight into trouble and into the arms of the ravishing girl next door.Coming face to face with a masked man did not frighten Alyse Donnelly as it should have Instead, she finds him rather dashing But her foolish heart has led her into trouble before, and helping a fugitive may mean jeopardizing her own plans, no matter how enticing his kisses Now, as the danger grows, Alyse must make a choice between freedom and the chance for true love.
    Before the Scandal It Was a Scandal Waiting to Happen Colonel Phineas Bromley is a legend on the battlefield and in the bedroom Though he s won many wars and even hearts nothing could prepare him for his new life Whe

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    1. Well, this one is really like 3.5 stars I read After the Kiss yesterday, so I thought I d go ahead and get Before the Scandal done today while the characters were still fresh in my mind I was a little disappointed that I still have to wait for Bram s story, but Phineas wasn t too bad at all.Phineas is estranged from his family He left home 10 years ago after a horrible accident and his only link has been his sister s letters to him while he s fighting on the peninsula So he s pretty worried whe [...]

    2. Books like this one are the reason that Suzanne Enoch is a must read for me I found Before the Scandal to be a thoroughly enjoyable book The main characters were very appealing, and I hope to see of some of the secondary characters in subsequent novels I enjoyed the storyline, and found the book to be engrossing and easy to read I am looking forward to the next installment in the series.Phineas Bromley left home at age seventeen after a tragic accident that was caused by his irresponsible behav [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this one Probably than the first in the series The story felt stronger to me, both the hero and heroine s characters were well defined and the HEA was excellent The hero and heroine both suffered for mistakes made in their adolescence, and they are both survivors, used to taking their circumstances with a level head, and using the skills at their disposal to make something for themselves The heroine has been badly treated by her past, but still works for a better future for her [...]

    4. Gosh, I wish did half stars cause this is a 3.5 for me.I had a bit of trouble getting into this one and I m not too sure why cause I loved Phin, and Alyse was a character who had been through so much Each of them had their own scandal in the past that they were still trying to deal with I really didn t care for the ending It seemed a bit too easy after what had all happened But, having Lord Bram and Sully come to help Phin made up for it I m still looking forward to Bram s book.

    5. This was a pleasant surprise I did not like the first book in the series at all, but my mother saw this at Target and bought it for me anyway It was much better I found the heroine in the first one to be ungodly whiny, but Alyse was funny, charming and easy to relate to and root for It gives me hope for the next one in the series.

    6. I m not sure why I don t read Suzanne Enoch because I ve enjoyed everything I ve read by her I gobbled this one up in a day and really liked Phin Alyse s story Looking forward to Bram s story next.

    7. This book gets the fourth star mostly because I just enjoyed reading it We re back in Regency Romancelandia, this time for the story of Lieutenant Colonel Phineas Bromley, who resorts to robbing coaches in order to find clues as to who is harassing his family He s helped along the way by his ruined childhood friend, Alyse The book fails as a whodunnit, because the culprit behind all the trouble at the Bromley estate is obvious from almost the first page I also wish the scandal involving Alyse, w [...]

    8. In Suzanne Enoch s Before the Scandal, the second installment in the Notorious Gentlemen series, get ready to be hooked into a wild ride of romance and danger When Colonel Phineas Bromley received a mysterious missive from his sister Elizabeth, he took a leave from fighting the war and returned home to London Little did he know and later find, someone tries to push his family into ruin First the fire, then the wells, and the loose bloodhound Phin needed his ally Thad Gordon, and someone close to [...]

    9. Phineas dikabari bhw kakaknya sakit keras sehingga dia tergopoh gopoh pulang ke rumah Setibanya di rmh ternyata masalah utama bukan kakaknya melainkan tanah yg di Quench yg diterpa masalah terus menerus Phineas juga bertemu kembali dgn Alyse Donnelly pacar semasa remajanya, menimbulkan kembali percikan asmara diantara mereka Sayangnya Phineas menyelidiki masalah gangguan tanah di Quench dgn cara menyamar ala Zorro yg merampok kereta berkuda milik org kaya Hal ini menyulitkan posisi Alyse menjadi [...]

    10. It s been a while since I read After the Kiss Several months, in fact I had to really think about who some people were, and I never could place Phineas in a remembered context Once I got over that nagging feeling, Before the Scandal reminded me of nothing than Arrow Seriously.Phineas Bromley returns to the family home after a ten year absence, expecting to find his older brother William on his deathbed When he arrives, he finds that rather than just having a devious sister who pulled out all th [...]

    11. I love the entire triology of the Notorious Gentlemen You are pulled in as soon you begin to read page one I felt like I was there, in the moment Great read

    12. Letnan Kolonel Phineas Bromley, pulang ke rumah Pulang ke Quence Park Setelah 10 tahun, ia mengabaikan kenangan menyakitkan dan mencoba menemui kakaknya, William Phin tidak punya banyak waktu untuk memikirkan sikap dingin kakaknya, karena keanehan keanehan yang terjadi di Quence Park membuat Phin harus menjadi perampok Semua orang takut pada Perampok itu, kecuali Alyse.Aku lebih suka seri ke 2 ini daripada yang ke 1 After the Kiss Yang ke 2 ini sarat sekali dengan kekeluargaan dan dibumbui denga [...]

    13. Originally posted on Romance Around The Corner romance around the cornerA few years ago I attended RomCon in Denver, Colorado It was the first year of the conference and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet many authors both known and unknown to me , as well as other readers of the genre I went home with a car full of books yes, we drove all the way from Connecticut and this book was in the goodie pile from the event It took me a long time to take the plunge and give historical romance a try, [...]

    14. Writing Style and StoryWitty and easy to follow, Suzanne Enoch delivered another great story, and a nice subsequent story in the Notorious Gentlemen saga I have to say I was rather bored by this story, at least in the beginning It seemed confusing at first, and slow to build up, but the climax in the story was quite exciting and fun to read Phineas yes, that is his name , arrives at home after being away at war for ten years, per the strong request of his sister Their crippled older brother, Phi [...]

    15. Years ago Alyse Donnelly and Phinneas Bromley were the best of friends Their childhood homes estates were next to each others and they grew up playing together About the time when Phin began to see Alyse in a romantic light, he left For the past ten years he has been fighting on the battlefield and making himself a hero and a colonel.Alyse was once the bell of the ball Coming from a titled family and having looks and charm she was sought after by many gentlemen But a scandal and the death of he [...]

    16. I almost didn t start this book because the first in the series was such a disappointment But Before the Scandal was enjoyable all along I didn t give much thought to the highway man aspect although I thought it fit in the story or less Certainly the demise of said highway man was cleverly done Phin has always been a hot head but being in the military has taught him some self discipline and he needed it He wants to find out who s been causing accidents and just put them out of his misery but he [...]

    17. First off, I thought this was the first book My bad Second, it wasn t bad, but it didn t thrill me Phin didn t strike me as particularly Notorious , and Alyse s scandal was TAME The accident with Phin s brother may be reason for people to look at him with trepidation, but I d hardly call it notorious And Alyse s embarrassment could have been easily overcome.I think one problem I had was how helpless Alyse was She didn t have a SINGLE FRIEND left over from her London days I love when heroines hav [...]

    18. lk p c kle Ba lad Her ey in devam yd.Ailesi Zor Durumda Olan Phinas Bromley in ngiltere spanya sava nda sava yar m b rakarak ailesine 11 y l aradan sonra geri d nmesi ile ba l yorOlaylar geli iyorAilesi ile aras nda her ne ge mi se 11 y l onu ailesinden uzak tutmu turK z karde i Elizabeth sorunu zmek i in a rmas ile olaylar ba l yor lk kitaptaki yak kl m z Sullivan ve Bram da roman n sonlar na do ru hikayemizde yer al yor Kad n kahraman m z ise Alyse ad o zaman n artlar na g re lekelenmi bir han [...]

    19. Hep Seni Bekledim kitab benim a mdan ne ok s k c nede ok can al c bir kitapt Bir Amanda Quickten daha ok beni heyecanland rd kesin Bir kovalamaca vard ama s k c de ildi A klar anlatmaya pek fazla yer verilmesede ben be endim hikayeyi Bo zaman n z de erlendirece iniz t rden bir roman Konusu ba karakterimiz Phin in k z karde inden abisinin hastaland zerine bir mektup almas ve kendini r zgar h z yla do du u evde bulmas yla ba lar Eve geri d nmesiyle eski an larla bo u urken Alyse olan a k da g nden [...]

    20. Hero comes home from the military because his sister has written that his brother is ill When he arrives, his brother is no ill than usual he s in a wheelchair, and we re given to understand from the very beginning that it s from an accident that the hero blames himself for and others perhaps blame him too But things aren t going too well on the estate, and whether they want him to or not the hero is going to figure out what the problem is But the heroine complicates things She s an old friend, [...]

    21. Phin returns home after 10 years away fighting because his wheel chair ridden brother is dying Younger sister Elizabeth sent an urgent letter and Phin raced across the continent to discover his brother is ok but the estate is in danger He can t get either sibling to explain the problems and still feels guilty over his brother s accident Phin doesn t feel comfortable home until he sees beautiful Alyse who was his best friend when younger She is companion to an elder relative and treated as a serv [...]

    22. I really wish I could do half stars on these reviews This book was better than the other I read today but not quite worthy of four stars.Lieutenant Colonel Phineas Bromley is well known on the battlefield as an honorable soldier But he hasn t been home since his reckless heedlessness caused an accident that crippled his brother for life Now he s come home at the urgent appeal of his sister who indicates that things are in dire straits Phineas returns to a less than ideal situation where his brot [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book, but mostly the beginning and the end There were parts of the middle that got kind of models It was almost a 3 star book until the last couple of chapters From there I decided to promote it to four stars I really enjoyed the characters and the plot and especially the mystery of why someone would continually wish to do damage on an estate such as the one owned by William I liked Finn and Elise a lot, they both had their charms and Finn was very smart I think Elise playe [...]

    24. Poor Alyse Donnelly, doomed to live with her cousin whom she detests and be a companion to his horrible mother Yet how can she regret staying with them when her long time friend Colonel Phineas Bromley returns from war.Phin Bromley never wanted to return home after what happened ten years ago, but when his sister sends him a note saying that his brother was dying he made no hesitation head home Yet when he walks into the dinning room and sees his brother is perfectly fine he knows something is a [...]

    25. This was probably my favorite book from the Notorious Gentlemen series The hero and the heroine are both very likeable The heroine doesn t start off weak and grow stronger she s strong from the beginning I didn t like the solution to the problem the villains for all intents and purposes get away with what they ve done There were multiple witnesses to the attempted murders yes multiple murders , so I see no reason why the villains couldn t be brought up on chargesSomewhere in the series I would h [...]

    26. This second book in the Notorious Gentlemen series was as entertaining as the first Alyse and Phin were childhood friends, until Phin, driven by guilt, left to join the army and go to war Phin receives notice from his sister that their wheelchair bound brother was deathly ill, so he comes home And he discover his brother in good health his sister wanted him home because mysterious accidents were befalling the estate Phin is bound and determined to find out what was going on He meets Alyse again [...]

    27. Filled with intrigues, mysteries, secrets, a hunky hero, and plenty of love this book is a sure winner I even like Ms Enoch s style of writing It s clear and to the point, and without all the weird words that some writers seem to have fallen in love with.Biggest drawback with this book, I would have to say is the cover Defenately not a book to be judged by the cover With historical romances, it s in bad taste to used badly photoshopped and badly posed photos It takes a genre with a bad reputatio [...]

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