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Just One Night, Vol. 1 By Kim Black,

  • Title: Just One Night, Vol. 1
  • Author: Kim Black
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One night is all Blake Hanson requires.Tomorrow he will move on to the next eager and willing sub.And women are always eager for him.No commitments No feelings.Just Sex.It is his only rule His guide.And he never loses control, until
    Just One Night Vol One night is all Blake Hanson requires Tomorrow he will move on to the next eager and willing sub And women are always eager for him No commitments No feelings Just Sex It is his only rule His guide A

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    1. This new series from Kim Black will leave you wanting for What happens when a naive young woman meets a experienced Dom for one night of pure sex For her fireworks explode and for him the world turns upside down I really enjoyed this short story, the author gives us Blake s and Alyson s POV that help us understand whats in their mind.Can t wait for the 2 book to see if Blake will survive without her I don t think so

    2. I received a free ARC of this book from the author for an honest review Wow I want Seriously, I really enjoyed this book it was just too short for me I want even You ve got the sexy wealthy Blake and normal girl Alyson with a sexy encounter that leaves you wanting Alyson is shy and never tried BDSM before, let alone had a real orgasm She happens to answer an ad from dom Blake andwell you really should read to find out what happens D Just have an extra pair of panties standing by

    3. I received a complimentary copy ARC in exchange for an honest review STORYLINE 5 BOOKSKim Black s Just One Night is playful, sexy, erotic Who doesn t love a good ALPHA DOM story It is written in the POV point of view of both characters This is my favorite writing style, as there are two sides to every story While this story does end in a cliffhanger, it is a major anticpation builder for what s to come for the two characters Blake and Alyson I cannot wait for volume 2ARACTERS 5 HEARTSBlake is se [...]

    4. 5 Stars This is the first book in a new series This is my first book by this author and I cannot wait for by her This book, while super short, was sexy and totally left me wanting This is Blake and Alyson s story Blake is a Dom He knows what he wants He only takes women for one night and never repeats When he puts out an ad, he gets a response from one woman who is going to rock his world Alyson is living all alone in the city with no one She isn t a virgin but she might as well be When she re [...]

    5. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review I am so glad that I had the chance to read this book What a delightful novella.Blake is a Dom and he is a man with a purpose be with sub once and then move on to the next one Alyson is a twenty two year old woman with limited experience Looking for work, she stumbles onto an ad on the internet A man was looking for a submissive She decides to apply for it and that s when she meets Blake Breaking his own rules, he accepts a night with the inexperience [...]

    6. Oh this was a little gem and Alyson oh Alyson, she made this book for me Her inner monologue and her error in replying to the add was priceless She really did grab all my attention from the get go.Now Blake jeez swoonworthy much, but sorry Blake you had to take a back seat for me As much as I loved your character I am team Alyson all the way lol I love how he s besotted with her too, after her initial reply to his ad and her reply to Hard Limits hilarious I am cross though, I do hate serial rele [...]

    7. This is a first part in a very HAWTTTTTT series Blake Hanson has no time nor does he want to have any relationships with woman He just needs them for one reason only.He just needs one night to dominate a woman, to get them to submit to him.d all woman are than willing to do so.Alyson Lane responds to an ad from Blake and gets than she bargains for Both Blake Alyson are great characters and this story was so easy to get into If I didn t fear giving anything away, I would write If you haven t p [...]

    8. I absolutely loved this book from the minute I picked it up.Blake has one rule his way or no way until the naive Alyson responds to his ad thinking it was going to be for a job I actually found myself getting nervous for her as you can feel that even when she finds out what the ad was for she goes for it.I love the way it is a 2 way point of view and that before they have even met he has broken some of his rules and he s determined Alyson will just be like the rest in and out but you can feel th [...]

    9. An add for an experienced sub, certain criteria must be met.Enter the Dungeon at your own risk Special VIP treatment Welcome to a masters domain, skilled in the art of BDSM.One night no strings should be easy peasy right Wrong Clearly taken out of context.Alyson had no idea what she was walking into, so she wings it.Blake gives than what he s ever given.After alls said and done neither are the same.Holy hells bells what a cliffy I need to know if or how this up in the air revelation will transp [...]

    10. ARC provided to leave an honest review Just One Night Vol 1 was a very Hot novella about Blake, the experienced Dom who only has subs for one night Alyson a shy, naive 22 y o, who answers Blake s ad thinking she applying for a substitute teacher job When she finds out she applied for the wrong Sub position, they continue to email she has him thinking she does have the right Sub knowledge she agrees to meet him at his club But what happens when Blake does find out that Alyson is truly inexperienc [...]

    11. HOLY HOTNESS This is a short read, but PACKED full of steaminess Blake Hanson doesn t do relationshipsever He s a DOM, part owner of his sex club and lawyer He always has contracts with his clients night, that s all they get Alyson sees his personal ad in the paper for a subt the kind she thinks She makes him lose his mind, she s like no other female This book was hot from the beginning I look forward to book no 2 in this series It s a MUST read

    12. STARS 5POV FirstSERIES YesCLIFFHANGER YesBlake only wanted one night He was a Dom and didn t do relationships When he went through the subs at the local BDSM club where he was a silent partner, he began placing ads for subs They only ever got one night No repeats No strings attached No feelings He was a wealthy man and didn t have time for anything than work in his life.Alyson was a simple girl She d never experienced an orgasm Her sexual partners were minimal and inexperienced lovers at that W [...]

    13. I gotta say, I am really enjoying the introduction of serials to my mix of reading Sometimes a short read with some heat and kink is just what the Kindle ordered Just one Night by Kim Black is the newest serial series to peak my interest.A Dom working his way through woman after woman, not looking for anything other that a string of one night stands A young woman with very limited experience, intrigued by a lifestyle she knows little about Blake and Alyson bring the heat in what I expect to be a [...]

    14. This is the start of a serial and I m presuming that just one night won t be enough for Blake or Alyson.Alyson s naivety was quite sweet and luckily it was a man like Blake who she d agreed this tryst with Things could have got so much worse if he had gone all out Dom mode After all, he was wanting and expecting an experienced sub and she was as innocent about the whole BDSM lifestyle as you can get Googling replies to questions does not make you clever and knowledgeable, it makes you quite the [...]

    15. First you will meet a very wealthy and sexy Blake Then a very na ve young women name Alyson Alyson happen upon an ad for a sub, she assumed substitute teacher The ad was kind of odd with requests, which she didn t understand But she was looking for work, and fresh out of college So she sent her application off in hope she get the job.Blake was intrigued by Alyson s application He was bored with the same ole same ole and her naivety appealed to him for some reason He couldn t help but to engage i [...]

    16. Blake has lived by a certain set of rules when it comes to women he beds for a long time One night and one night only never When the latest responder to his ad for a Sub shows up he is immediately thrown off his game and the rules seem to fly out the window Although if he is being honest with himself the rules seemed to fly out the window the moment he saw her picture Alyson knows that she should have corrected Blake s assumption of her being a Sub the moment she realized her mistake in respond [...]

    17. Awesome book, loved itWell, although this is a very quick read it is not one that I will forget quickly and I looked straight away for the next in the series, only to realise that it is not released yet Oh well Anyway without a doubt, I really enjoyed this little novella and wanted much .Blake Hanson, is a one night Dom, eager and willing to have his night and then move onto the next his next submissive But something happens, he meets Alyson and everything he knows and wants is turned upside do [...]

    18. If your looking for a short sexy read that leaves you wanting and begging for then this is the book for you I loved this book so hard and can t wait for the next in the series Some seriously panty melting chemistry is going on between the two characters.I love how Blake is immediately taken with and drawn to Alyson He feels compelled to take her on, even though he normally wouldn t It hilarious how Alyson ends up in the situation she s in And once she s there she knows that s where she needs to [...]

    19. This was a well written short story that leaves you wanting Blake is a Dom who has a rule, one night only Alyson is someone who knows nothing about BDSM but is looking to find something she hopes Blake can provide Both our characters were unprepared for the other and the emotions they encounter Will the rules get broken or will one night be enough I loved the characters right from the start and enjoyed the inner struggles that both characters had in side their heads about the upcoming meeting I [...]

    20. One helluva steamy encounter Just one night was one amazingly delicious novella to read The story of a cut throat Dom who never indulged in than one night with his subsNo commitments whatsoever.Then Alyson responds to his e mails and from the first message something deep inside begins to irritate him because he begins to feel something indescribable.Blake gave something to Alyson she never had and she in return had managed to make him feel A steaming hot sexy encounter which will leave you want [...]

    21. First book in a new series This is also the first book I have read by Kim Black I completely enjoyed it Loved that it was a short read and left me wanting The story is told from both characters perspective Blake is bossy, sexy, confident and a Dom who puts out ads for a sub for one night only No repeats No novices Just one night Alyson s replies to ad but for a completely different reason She doesn t know Blake but once she figures things out, she learns a few new things Alyson is a likable cha [...]

    22. Just One Night is Vol 1 in a three part series So that being said, it leaves you wanting but no major cliffhanger.It s a great beginning and introduction to Blake and Alyson Blake is a hot alpha who doesn t do relationships He arranges one stand with subs Alyson answers he ad thinking she is applying to be a substitute teacher Alyson has no experience in being a sub They both agree to one night There share a great night at Blake s private suite at the Dungeon I hope that their one night turns i [...]

    23. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.Just One Night by Kim Black was a quick easy read for me and I absolutely loved it Alyson respond to an ad that she thinks is for a substitute teacher What she does not realize is that it is actually for a submissive, something she has never done before Blake is the man that placed the ad there is something about Alyson that has him intrigued enough to want to meet her in the club for one night Blake only does one nights But can one night wit [...]

    24. Awesome novella by Kim Black I really liked that she put humor into this read and found myself laughing outloud at times Alyson, the main female character, and her way of thinking and her inhead remarks were cool and i had times thinking i wish she was real and my friend because she is funny and cool This was a very well written, sexy, and witty novella, but of course this is written by Kim Black and i love how she puts some humor in her works Now I must wait for the next onehopefully it will no [...]

    25. Wow Kim Black this book was fantastic 3This is the first book in the authors new series Just One Night I had been dying to get my hands on this book and I wasn t disappointed LOVE LOVE LOVED IT It grabbed me from the start and I couldn t put my kindle down It is a super hot, sexy, witty and captivating read That will leave you begging for .Blake is only looking for one night with subNo commitments and no tiesHe has never lost controlCan t wait to read what happens next in this story

    26. This is the first volume in the Just One Night series and I really enjoyed it It was a fun, steamy, quick read I liked both the characters, Blake and Alyson, and I am anxious to see if things can work out between them for than just one night Blake doesn t do than one night with any woman but Alyson might be just the woman to make him rethink that rule I am curious what happened in Blake s past to make him avoid relationships.Great start and I am looking forward to Volume 2.

    27. This is my first book from this, and my god it was good Just one night is the 1st book in the Just One Night Series It s a quick sexy, steamy sometimes funny read Also is naive girl that want to experience something new and Blake is a dominant, who will get her exactly was she was looking for Love that we get both point of views, therefore we can get a better understanding of what is going on Looking forward to the next book on this series

    28. Sexy Dom, Blake Hanson s only requirement is one night with a sub One night, just sex, nothing Alyson a naive 22 yr girl mistakenly answers his ad thinking she is applying for a substitute teacher On a whim she decides to meet Blake for the one night When Blake and Alyson meet the sparks fly between the two and the hotness level is scorching across the pages.This is a fast fun book with characters that are relatable and leave you wanting

    29. Sexy Dom, Blake Hanson s only requirement is one night with a sub One night, just sex, nothing Alyson a naive 22 yr girl mistakenly answers his ad thinking she is applying for a substitute teacher On a whim she decides to meet Blake for the one night When Blake and Alyson meet the sparks fly between the two and the hotness level is scorching across the pages This is a fast fun book with characters that are relatable and leave you wanting

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