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The Spike By Arnaud De Borchgrave Robert Moss,

  • Title: The Spike
  • Author: Arnaud De Borchgrave Robert Moss
  • ISBN: 9780708819739
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • An excellent but convoluted novel about worldwide intrigue and manipulation of the news It makes you wonder if maybe there isn t than a grain of truth to the story.
    The Spike An excellent but convoluted novel about worldwide intrigue and manipulation of the news It makes you wonder if maybe there isn t than a grain of truth to the story

    One thought on “The Spike”

    1. Was glad to discover this title one I hadn t heard about before Seems to be the first of a series which ran to two installments featuring an ambitious young 1960s reporter following his ideals It is presumably the first collaborative project between two journalists of that era and naturally contains some conventional genre writing There are some obvious devices being used to propel the story along It starts off fairly slow as the two writers clumsily build exposition And you can see from the fir [...]

    2. This is part of Arnaud de Borchgrave s Marty Singer series Marty is a 54 year old former Washington DC homicide detective who retired early for health reasons While waiting for a subway train he watches Wendy Gerson, a young commercial real estate attorney, pushed in front of a subway train by a young man Marty s gives chase but his attempt to catch the perp is fruitless Then Marty s adopted daughter is injured trying to stop a masked man from barging into her workplace, a nonprofit serving as a [...]

    3. Silliness runs rampant in this dated Cold War thriller There s something going on with the Commies trying to undermine God s chosen America , but I couldn t see it for all the lame sex going on The female characters in this story are just there for decoration Oh, and sex The wunderkind who is the main characters simply shoots to the top of the journalistic world with very little effort Similarly, it takes him very little effort to get women to have sex with him every few pages There s not one li [...]

    4. This book intertwines the paths of journalists, politicians, spies, and activitists through the 60 s into the early 80 s I chose it because I needed a book, there was limited selection, and I met the author at a conference on Pakistan a few months ago.It was fairly entertaining and easy to read, although probably not worth your time if you can find something different Some of the characters were interesting enough to keep my interest, but for the most part it was fairly predictable and it s sett [...]

    5. Not a bad spy thriller book, but not great, and with an obvious point of view that a softening of the U.S governent s view of the intentions of other countries here the former Soviet Union is very bad news for the well being of the U.S Interestingly, when the book was published, there was Congressional testimony indicating that Soviet tactics described in the book were fairly accurate Also, many of the characters in the book reportedly were based on real life figures.

    6. Well, I took real long to read this book I didn t like this book for its dirtiness I cannot apreciate the way they throw sad dirty facts about the aftermath of a war without humanity.I hated the way they showed every single woman in the face of this earth as a whore But yea, it had suspense, thriller, fast scenes etc that is the only reason that I gave this book 2 stars

    7. Apparently the Spike referres to when the editor drops your story i.e your story got spiked Interesting spy novel, kept my attention but not up there with the greatest.

    8. xcellent investigative, nonfictional story told in a fictional way info on world s secret intelligence and how they influence the journalist to twist the daily read.

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