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Final Entries 1945: The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels By Joseph Goebbels,

  • Title: Final Entries 1945: The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels
  • Author: Joseph Goebbels
  • ISBN: 9781844156467
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr Joseph Goebbels, Hitler s Minister of Propaganda kept a diary throughout his time as a member of the Nazi Party and this covers the period of the last weeks of WW2 from February April, 1945 Edited, Introduced and annotated by Professor Hugh Trevor Roper, this is a remarkable account from within of the crumbling of the Nazi empire by its arch apologist.
    Final Entries The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels Dr Joseph Goebbels Hitler s Minister of Propaganda kept a diary throughout his time as a member of the Nazi Party and this covers the period of the last weeks of WW from February April Edited

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    1. In college I learned that Josef Goebbels had written not only a novel, but a critical study of Dostoevsky Reading about the Nazi hierarchy at a later time I learned that he had, as a young man, almost joined the Communist Party in Berlin, it being a decision between them and the Berlin National Socialists much workerist than the Munich branch that Hitler dominated at the time He was neither an unintelligent nor an undereducated person As such, excepting Finance Minister Schacht, he was exceptio [...]

    2. A unique view into Goebbels soul It s inevitable that what he was writing was put on paper with a view to future readers, and therefore it s accordingly shaped, but still there s so much to be gleaned A must read for all interested in the history of the third Reich.

    3. Interesting look into the last month or so of the Third Reich The military situation reports are extremely dull and hard to get through but I suppose they could be entertaining to someone that focuses on military history The sections after the military situation reports are fascinating because it shows Goebbels trying to deal with comprehend explain away Germany s imminent defeat He seems to relish in blaming Goering and the Luftwaffe for most of Germany s problems and brings this to Hitler s at [...]

    4. Could stretch to 2.5 stars.Probably the least informative of the three volumes published from the Goebbels wartime diaries mostly because he pretty much was a prisoner in Berlin and its immediate vicinity I found the military updates less than accessible because they were very detailed it was like looking at an elephant through a microscope and often the words did not match up with the nearby maps in the book and the maps were very hard to read, too small print and too much shading that obscu [...]

    5. Honestly this book, to start off, was a great read for me This is because this book explained mainly the things happening around the Reich from the start of March to the final final days of 1945, ending at April 18th, where Joseph Goebbels writes notes to one of his surviving sons which tells him to survive for Germany Unfortunately, Joseph Goebbels is no longer alive since he committed suicide on May 1st, 1945 The war in Europe had ended on May 7th, 1945 However this book is continued with a li [...]

    6. I got it long time ago as a gift and I finished it just recently It was fascinating to read from historical point of viewbut hard to swallow considering who wrote them and the presented ideas were scary.

    7. As with all his diaries and the reminiscences of Nazi officials this is a dreary collection of comments that remind us that the Nazis were not special or different just in the place to do the damage.

    8. Utterly insane from overall reasonable smart individual.Interesting denials and history interlacing seen from the second to Hitler An historical account to ponder upon.

    9. Dejando de lado la horrorosa introducci n, es un libro bastante instructivo del car cter de P.J Goebbels.

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