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The Evidence Against Her By Robb Forman Dew,

  • Title: The Evidence Against Her
  • Author: Robb Forman Dew
  • ISBN: 9780316095570
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • On a bright September day in 1988, three children are born Robert Butler, Lily Scofield and her cousin Warren and they are inseparable from birth Robert and Lily marry, but for all her days Lily loves Warren When he falls in love with the younger Agnes Claytor, Lily s life is changed irrevocably Set against the landscape of a turn of the century small mid western toOn a bright September day in 1988, three children are born Robert Butler, Lily Scofield and her cousin Warren and they are inseparable from birth Robert and Lily marry, but for all her days Lily loves Warren When he falls in love with the younger Agnes Claytor, Lily s life is changed irrevocably Set against the landscape of a turn of the century small mid western town, this is a classic story, a love story, a story of a family that readers will ache to follow into the next generation Like Henry James and Edith Wharton, Dew has written a beautiful, moving, and accessible story about the evolution of an American family.
    The Evidence Against Her On a bright September day in three children are born Robert Butler Lily Scofield and her cousin Warren and they are inseparable from birth Robert and Lily marry but for all her days Lily loves

    One thought on “The Evidence Against Her”

    1. I found this book very unsettling Both my mother and my mother in law are from small Ohio towns And each of them grew up during the timeframe of this novel I felt echoes of each of them in the various female characters in the book, yet I felt no connection with any of the women in Dew s novel And certainly no sympathy for their family dramas.In general, I enjoy a book where seemingly nothing happens The small events of every day can be so much interesting than overblown plots But, this book see [...]

    2. The fact that this book isn t a best seller tells you what s wrong with contemporary literary fiction Used to be a book like Dew s or like Anne Tyler s, would win the National Book Award or the Pulitzer A book about family About, gasp, women Now we re completely obsessed with a certain kind of prose and we dismiss all books like these all family dramas as worthless We dismiss them as women s fiction As Oprah books As if Ursula Hegi s bookStones From the River , for example, an Oprah book, wasn t [...]

    3. This story starts with the birth of three children and ends when they re all grown up and married I felt like this whole book was about character development and there didn t really seem to be a plot As the title made me believe that someone would eventually do something worth finding evidence against I kept waiting for something big to happen, but it never did The writing style was interesting but the story was somewhat boring.

    4. This was engaging to read, but left me feeling what was the point It s a character study without much of a plot, but I also didn t feel like it left me anything to ponder when I had finished it.

    5. This is a slow read Be prepared for a lot of description and character development But, if you can tolerate it, you will be rewarded with a vivid glimpse of families and homes and life lived in the early part of the 20th century that will make you feel like you ve met these people and seen these places, and that you care about their fates Good insight into interpersonal relationships First book of a trilogy I m on to the next book.

    6. This novel begins with the birth of two cousins a close family friend into elite families in a small town in central Ohio near the end of the 19th century But the book quickly loses focus abandons its original almost entirely by midway through and it s not at all clear what takes its place.

    7. About the only thing this book had going for it was its provocative title But the story was boring and in as much as I can remember there was really no evidence to bring against her except maybe some other women being catty bitches, but not even in an interesting way.

    8. This is a quietly told account of families in a small Ohio town, focusing on two generations although starting with an earlier one and bringing in children born in the 1920s, so with characters from four generations total Two brothers marry two sisters they bear children simultaneously as does another family , resulting in three children who grow up together Two who are not cousins marry Attention shifts to a fourth family for much of the book, although all of the characters remain important.On [...]

    9. It was hard to put down, yet oddly perplexing I awaited angry twists that never came and was in a constant state of trying to figure out motives and emotions of the characters that were never made clear Normally happy circumstances seemed overshadowed by a darkness that threatened to expose the scenario s true nature, yet it never happened It had a brooding sort of feel and I found myself wary of all the characters I ve never read a book like it before or felt such a jumbled emotion upon complet [...]

    10. The Evidence Against Her was not at al what I expected I picked up this book because it was set in the 1910s and I wanted to immerse myself in language from that time I thought, solely based on the title, that it might be story of a sordid woman, perhaps even a killer I was wrong It s not It s about two families and the characters that make them up.For a saga it was somewhat interesting, though because it was told as opposed to showing us the drama through the character s eyes there is little to [...]

    11. This is the first in a trilogy of books by Ms Robb Forman Dew and recommended by It is set in a small Ohio town about 1900 1925 cir It is the story of two turbulent families living in turbulent times I thought the story was pretty good, the writing fair I enjoyed it enough that I ve already begun reading the 2nd book in the trilogy Sometimes the author is too wordy A few times it was difficult to determine if the author had lost touch with reality or she was attempting to describe the delusional [...]

    12. This book puzzled me Initially, I struggled with the author s writing style She moved quickly through present, past and future, but in no meaningful order It took awhile to get used to that, but eventually I was able to get into the flow The suspense builds nicely through character development Lots of detail is spent focusing on the younger years of the main characters, and then as they get older there are big jumps of time, which makes you feel like you re hurtling towards something big and dra [...]

    13. This story was a whole lot of nothing happening and then the end The prose was pretty and very descriptive, and the reader is able to envision the unfolding scenes and the locations in great detail, but I could not find a single character in this book that I gave a damn about They were just not interesting to me This is the first book in a trilogy but I don t believe I will be bothered with the rest I had no questions at the end which would prompt me to read on To be fair, it held my interest en [...]

    14. Essentially this appealed to me most as a genealogist and historian It s almost like it starts with the skeleton of what you know of family history places, dates, marriages, schools attended, homes lived in, professions, etc and adds the stories you wish you knew A family tree with character development The plot feels effortlessly, almost heartbreakingly plausible and the uneven story structure, with the odd jumps in time and shifts in tone and POV, mirrored the process of piecing together the h [...]

    15. Maybe closer to 4 stars.The story moves slowly, much like life in small town Ohio in the early 20th century, but the richness of the characterizations sustains interest, although the plot does drag in a couple of places You may recognize yourself and your own relatives as envy, self doubt and misperception quietly color and shape this extended family s relationships How much of any handed down family history is true That seems a central theme of the novel, the first of a trilogy although the sec [...]

    16. The book is set in the small Ohio town of Washburn where nobody ever goes except on purpose It follows the lives of 3 residents two are first cousins,two are boys and one girl,all born on Saturday, September 15, 1888.The author introduces her characters search for happiness from their childhoods, marriages and their becoming parents.I cared about the characters very much living their semmingly quiet lives and am glad that this is book one of a a trilogy I m now on a search the second book, The T [...]

    17. This was one of those books that you start and then make it to the end only because you feel like you should, not because you really care about it I never quite figured out who or what this story was supposed to be about and in the end, I really didn t care I read in the notes at the end and it seems this is part of a trilogy I have no interest in reading any about these character or their lives I didn t hate the book but I won t remember it or any of the characters from it a week from now.

    18. Story of many generations of 3 Ohio families at turn of 19th to 20th century and beyond Some interesting characters including Agnes and her mother, Catherine Deals with how families pull together during times of a crisist also deals with how people within a family can see the same events quite differently I wish there had been written about fewer characters Seemed, at times, to be trying to write about too many people All were searching for happiness, and true to life, not all found it.

    19. I found this to be a thought provoking book The subtleties of the characters were beautifully drawn out The relationship of individuals inside the family were exacted and precisely realized.I did find it disconcerting that once a character was exposed, that was the end of her Further interactions with the family were short or merely alluded to.Reading the author comments at the end of the book, I find that this is to be the second of a trilogy I would be delighted to know about the women I ve a [...]

    20. For the life of me I can t remember how this made my must read list, but it was absolutely awful The only gratifying part about the book was that most of the main characters in the book, who were terribly self possessed, ended up dying untimely deaths and those who didn t manage to die were well on the way to living out miserable lives by the time this book came to a merciful conclusion What a disappointing effort by a National Book Award winner Maybe I should have read the book that won the awa [...]

    21. Less a novel and of a character study It s well written and engaging, but you spend the entirety of the novel waiting for something, anything to happen, especially with such an eye catching title that has nothing to do with the story as far as I can tell It never really does.I give it three stars because again, it s well written, and I enjoy a good character study very much But it s probably not a book most readers would like as much as I did.

    22. Another book that I go back to again and again, and get something new from each time I chose this book by its cover, and was not disappointed it is period literary fiction, but so much In fact, the cover art is cleverly revealing of one of the lovely plot points that make this novel so worth reading.Incidentally, something about The Evidence Against Her always urges me to read Art Corriveau s Housewrights alongside, and the two are a perfect pair.

    23. Excellent fiction Life in a small town in the late 1800s Moving through the beginning of the 1900s An upper middle class existence The main character Agnes is not considered pretty by the standard of the day but finds love and family of her own As all families this one is dysfunctional but the the town they are one of the leading families No matter how idyllic on the outside every family and town has secrets and sadness There is a sequel which I would like to read.

    24. I keep reading this chapter after chapter hoping to find some sort of plot that will correspond to the tittle but it has not happened Lovely prose but such a flat storyline Not entirely impressed with this author for being able to tell a good story 2 3 through I gave up on this boring drawn out story.

    25. It took me a while to realize not much was going to happen in this book Once I understood it was a revelation about the interactions misunderstanding self absorption of individuals within family units, I relaxed and enjoyed the depth of character development.

    26. if you read this book, realize that it is a triology and so the first novel is a lot of setting up characters and the story yeah didn t realize this the first time i read it the story is set back in another era of america when times were slower, and her writing reflects that.

    27. Please see my review at Grace s Evidence Against Her Book Review Please click that my review was helpful at so that my rating continues to climb

    28. The characters were interestingly drawn though the story was very, very slow moving I did find it interesting that the novel was set in Ohio and the author is from Ohio I felt at the end that the characters had become comfortable friends.

    29. This was not fantastic, but parts of it did make it difficult to put downe characters were well drawn and arranged in an interesting way but it there was a lot of tension and build up to a climax that doesn t quite happen that was a bit disappointing.

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