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Ten Little Fish By Audrey Wood Bruce Wood,

  • Title: Ten Little Fish
  • Author: Audrey Wood Bruce Wood
  • ISBN: 9780439635691
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bestselling author Audrey Wood and artist son Bruce create an undersea counting book that s full of the same vivid imagery and fun story elements that have made their alphabet books so successful It s an undersea countdown in the newest book by bestselling author Audrey Wood and her dynamic, digital artist son, Bruce Follow ten little fish as they swim along a beautiful oBestselling author Audrey Wood and artist son Bruce create an undersea counting book that s full of the same vivid imagery and fun story elements that have made their alphabet books so successful It s an undersea countdown in the newest book by bestselling author Audrey Wood and her dynamic, digital artist son, Bruce Follow ten little fish as they swim along a beautiful ocean reef, one by one departing from the school for different reasons, eventually leaving one fellow all alone What will he do Along comes another, and that makes two Soon he becomes a father and she becomes a mother with ten little children of their own The rhyming text helps readers go from one to ten and back again, and each illustration pops with all the color and depth of an underwater playground.
    Ten Little Fish Bestselling author Audrey Wood and artist son Bruce create an undersea counting book that s full of the same vivid imagery and fun story elements that have made their alphabet books so successful It s

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    1. I used 10 Little Fish as a participation story for a bilingual story time to celebrate Dr Seuss fish the Dr Seuss tale was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish The story is brightly illustrated, almost like an animated film Pixar style The repetitive, rhyming nature of the story helps build narrative skills and phonological awareness Although the story goes from 10 fish to 1 and then increased back to 10 with the start of a family, I only had the kids help me count from 10 to 1 I clipped back [...]

    2. An unassuming little book Very bright and colorful and well made, it nevertheless lacks inventiveness in the story and is not perfectly rhymed Thus, it s certainly not the best book ever, but a good one to read with a toddler several times.

    3. I really like this counting book Each page is clear with the words and pictures It directly shows what each one means, and I like how the entire book rhymed Children typically like fish, and I every page in this novel, had fish on it The words are easy to read The pages and the cover of the book is very colorful, which draws children to read it.

    4. These illustrations were very strange It looked like they were a cartoon on tv This would be a great book to use for math skills as well I love the colors throughout this book They are not colors you would typically see in a book.

    5. Ten Little Fish reminded me of Finding Nemo, probably because of the 3D art which is quite remarkable and very warm feeling I personally think it would be a perfect counting for ages 0 8.

    6. Comments on the Story This story was cute, even though we are not supposed to comment about it like that More importantly, the story rhymes all throughout which makes it very easy to listen and follow along and provides kids with a clue about what the next number will be For example, nine little fish swimming round a crate, one goes in, and now there are EIGHT And, eight is easier to remember because it rhymes with crate This is a very helpful tool I liked the twist at the end of the story It di [...]

    7. My son has grown up with Audrey, Don and Bruce Wood s books They are a family of children s book authors and illustrators He rediscovered them on his own in first grade and has read through his school library s collection His most recent read was Ten Little Fish by Audrey Wood and illustrated by Bruce Wood.The book begins like most books with ten little in the title There are ten fish in school and one goes away Wash, rinse, repeat Typically though at one, the remaining member either finds where [...]

    8. Ten little fish are swimming through the sea, and something keeps happening to one of the fish Soon there is only one fish left But not to fear One fish soon becomes two, and then becomes a family of ten baby fish This original twist on the often used structure for counting books makes for a great read, with bouncy phrases that kids will love.The artwork for this book greatly resembles something you would see in an animated film The pictures were digitally created, allowing for a fantastic 3D lo [...]

    9. Ten Little Fish is a wonderful book to use in so many ways The extremely colorful and engaging illustrations are coupled perfectly with a simple plot line that touches multiple domains I myself have used this book for multiple lesson plans The illustrations also have a very real feel to them, with a 3d effect that makes them really pop off the page The colors, social emotional, numbers, and life cycle aspect all give this book a five star rating Learning Extension I would use this book for a fin [...]

    10. This was one of my daughter s most requested bedtime and quiet time stories.I have such wonderful memories of reading this clever, colorful counting book aloud as my little girl dozed off with the glimmering, shimmering Fisher Price Aquarium Night Light splashing soothingly along.Even special are the quiet time memories as her big brother read aloud and she chimed in on her favorite words and phrases I can still see them snuggled together with the awesome blue cover filled with fish as they so [...]

    11. You ll have the kids counting forward up to ten and backward down to one with this book filled with breathtaking colors Ten little fish, swimming in a line One dives down, and now there are turn page If sharing the story in a pre school library story time, lead the children in a fishy song when the story is done.A Slippery Fish hear the tune and words here youtube watch v YkQeX This is a flannel board version Here is a version with actions youtube watch v rkMJH.

    12. This fun counting book uses the formula of a rhyme that finishes each stanza with a word that becomes the first word in the next though For example Ten little fish, swimming in a line,One dives down and now there areNine little fish, swimming round a crate,One goes in and now there are You get the idea The authors are clever enough that the story doesn t seem burdened by the form The illustrations are colorful and engaging, particularly to a child who loves fish.

    13. The story is told as a remade of 10 little pigs but instead refer to fish Fish illustrations remind me of Finding Nemo It ends with a happy ending about finding love and settling down.This book could be incorporated into a lesson to allow students to make connection of items that we can count any object through the use of numbers This book could also be incorporated to teach basic addition and subtraction by providing the students with word problems from the book.

    14. I had to write a review for this book because the children in my preschool class absolutely ADORE IT Especially those between 2 3 years old They cannot get enough of the cute little fishies, the fun rhymes, and the entire story overall Set to the same tune as the song 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed it becomes quite easy for the kids to read along as we read this story over and over and over again.

    15. This book works well as a counting book for kids It lets them play along, as the number the fish are down to is not revealed until the next page At first, it tells them 10 minus one fish is nine, but then they get to guess for the rest of the numbers It also lets them guess what the female fish is if the male fish is a father The words rhyme as well, so it has a singsong effect when read out loud The pictures are wonderful Ages 2 5

    16. It starts off as a straight counting story though the justification for how and why the fish are left behind is pretty weak for a lot of them Then, it suddenly takes a sharp turn and you have this new revelation that returns you to the beginning and requires some explanation The way the prose leads into the next page is clever, but I would not buy this book for my kids or have it in my own classroom.

    17. This book was fun The illustrations were bright and colorful, with a rhyme sequence that made it easy for kids to guess the number even when they weren t actually able to count backwards I thought the ending was creative, clever, and leads to a very nice circular story think If You Give a Mouse a Cookie where it could restart itself over and over againnda like nature and life in general And my storytime kids loved it as part of my storytime about fish, so it s a keeper

    18. I m a fanatic for Audrey Wood, whether the work is a result of a colloboration with husband Don or son Bruce Concept books sometimes translate into a poor storytime selection boring but in this case, counting down is entertaining thanks to appealing illustrations and amusing simple rhyming text Cute choice for preschool fish storytime or anytime

    19. I thought it was a bit sad with how the fish went away you know most of them got eaten or something but my young kids didn t get that part so they found the book cute and fun It s not like the 10 little ladybug book where you see them all together at a party at the end In this book, the way to get fish together is to have babies

    20. From 10 to 1, this creative counting book features a school of colorful computer gererated fish as they gradually disappear from readers view Each page has a rhyme that is completed on the next page After the author counts down to 1, she quickly brings the number back up again, as the final fish finds a mate and they have 10 little babies.

    21. This is a fun counting book with big beautiful illustrations Nice real aloud, even with a large group because of the illustrations One by one the line of fishes gets shorter, until there is only one leften there are two, who fall in love and then start a familyof ten little fishes.

    22. toddler preschool story time print motivation, letter knowledge, vocabulary building This is a rhyming book that counts down Ten little fish are swimming and one dives down, now there are __

    23. This is an adorable book The colors are vibrant and the fish are so cute and full of character A great way to teach counting to a young child and a great way to work on rhyming too The Woods seldom disappoint and this book is a winner as far as I m concerned.

    24. Counting and rhyminging book that follows a very cute story Very colorful illustrations and parts children can read along Content book Would be fun to read with a K 1st grade class and eventually let them read individually.

    25. Counting down was fun until the end where the authors make the last fish fall in love with another fish and become parents Where d that come from The illustrations have the feel of movie animation frames this book is not my cup of tea 4 8 yrs

    26. Super cute book for a Kindergartener learning to count and read about numbers The rhyming had me reading it like a song and it was actually fun to read The colors are very bright to keep your interest as well.

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