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The Boy Who Carried Bricks: A True Story By Alton Carter Janelda Lane,

  • Title: The Boy Who Carried Bricks: A True Story
  • Author: Alton Carter Janelda Lane
  • ISBN: 9781937054342
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I decided to buy this book because I live in the same town as the author and have met him a couple of times Seeing who he is in the community today I would have never guessed what a terrible childhood he had I am just amazed at all he has overcome and wish him continued success in the future The book is easy to read and the author spares no details I think if it gets into the right hands it could certainly make a positive difference in some peoples lives which is the ultimate goal of the author [...]

    2. EVERY teacher should read this book AND anyone who works with children It was recommended to my by a great friend Alton should not have endured many of things he had to live through I wish there was an easy answer to fixing the system He mentions several times in the book that an act of kindness by many unknowing people got him through all the terrible things in his life While reading I thought back to several of the kids in my class, did I do enough for them as a teacher Could I have done Will [...]

    3. This book is special as it was written by a friend and a person who has overcome obstacles imaginable He was supposed to be one of those that fell through the cracks and ended up dead or in jail His story is inspirational and gives hope to othersThis book has a roller coaster of emotions, happy, sad, angry, helpless and happiness at the ending as that is the best part.

    4. Inspirational, heart wrenching, and insightful, this true story of perseverance and positivity will captivate mature readers A great book for educators to read as well.

    5. My daughter s entire school is reading this so I wanted to read it as well I couldn t put it down Heart wrenching and honest

    6. This book was recommended by a friend who knows the author through their church, and all of the events in the book took place less than 70 miles from where we grew up It was shocking to read about such horrible abuse in his home, but as we all know, that unfortunately happens all over the country, and all over the world What was so distressing and disheartening was the way it was overlooked by DHS for so many years, and how many of the places Alton was sent to get away from that life were actual [...]

    7. If I could have given 6 stars I would have This is an inspirational story of a boy who went through the foster care system in Oklahoma in the not so distant past Despite a horrific homelife, and many brutal experiences in the system, he had a goal to have a nice life and to be someone some day He taught himself to respond positively in many negative circumstances and took advantage of the mentors who came in and out of his life The chapters are short, the writing is descriptive without being ove [...]

    8. While this book was emotionally difficult to read, it was worth every bit of the discomfort It s a painful glimpse at how many foster children experience life Yes, it would be great for all teachers social workers to read, but also all adults It shows how just a few kind words can affect a child who rarely hears or sees kindness in daily life.

    9. An inspirational true story that is tough to read at times because of how much hardship is portrayed At times, I was moved to tears I wish this book were a bit polished and literary, but it was still excellent This book is relevant to me because it takes place in my home state of Oklahoma, and the author is going to speak to my school district.

    10. I read this book in two settings and was mortified at not only the home experience of Alton and his siblings but the sad situation of some of the DHS placements he endured This book will bring awareness to the need for loving foster homes and than anything, for social change I am so glad I took the time to read this and recommend it to readers from middle school through adult.

    11. This book will stay with you long after you close the pages It is a story of heartbreakingly sad abuse and neglect But than that, it is a story of hope and resilience It is a testament to the author s faith and strength.

    12. great book about the horrors of how foster care used to be but the author does an amazing thing by always being hopeful Great inspiration

    13. I m a huge fan of Alton Carter and all that he managed to overcome The book didn t compare to hearing him speak about his experiences in person Still an important and worthwhile read.

    14. Heartbreaking to know this is how some children live and angers me to know this is how some families act The good in the story doesn t shine as much as I want, taking time to highlight the families who did care Sadly, those who really need to read this story and learn the silver lining and there is good out there but it does depend on you and your choices, probably won t ever read this.

    15. The Boy Who Carried Bricks is a sad and inspirational true story by Alton Carter about his years as a foster child It s sad because of the horror Carter experienced during his formative years, but equally inspirational because of how Carter stayed true to himself even while the rest of his family fell apart The Boy Who Carried Bricks will enlighten you about the realities of the foster care system, as well as pull on your heartstrings.Anyone who reads The Boy Who Carried Bricks will not fail to [...]

    16. I had the privilege to meet Alton Carter, the author of this book This of course made me very excited to read this dynamic man s story of success Regardless though, the reader is very sympathetic to Alton as he experiences abuse and mistreatment during almost his entire childhood The abuse is explained in detail but is not graphic nor inappropriate for middle school teens Just about the time Alton s life seemed to get better, he would be mistreated and picked on by another person he trusted Some [...]

    17. I found this book on the New Children s non fiction shelf I started reading it while I was still at the Library I ve never really done that before Over the past few months I had brought many books home but they just didn t call to me I was determined not to leave the library with a book I didn t want to read So, I started reading the first chapter Alton Carter s autobiography draws the reader in right away His writing in the first person feels like he is talking in present time even though he is [...]

    18. Exceptional reading Should be required reading for middle school students in Oklahoma as well as all teachers and coaches A true American story that has been told in the hearts of many people Finally, the voice How did the author, Alton Carter, know that he wanted to be different from his family How did he know that he had to leave them behind What on earth motivated his bravery Mr Carter showed the brokenness of our families, schools, governmental systems established to protect children and als [...]

    19. This book started when Alton was born 3 days before I was born and about 100 miles away in OK and concluded in May of 88 when both he and I graduated from high school That though is where the similarities in our life journey end I wonder if I was in class with Alton how I would have reacted to him I remember boys like him and it seemed I pretty much stayed away from them because they scared me This is a sad story, but also a story of strength and the power of ambition I am definitely going to en [...]

    20. This story was actually really fascinating, inspiring, and hard to read at times because of the subject manner Fans of stories like A Child Called It will love this book I did absolutely dislike the way it was published The font is small and crammed in on page, and I don t really get why they went with such juvenile illustrations when this book reads way like adult nonfiction, than something for young adults or children While the story was still good, the writing had almost no flow to it.

    21. Harrowing tale of growing up in an abusive, drug filled family, foster homes and a stint at Lions Boys Ranch during the scandalous time of an abusive director Carter finally finds a home that gives him stability and a chance to succeed Ends with a touching reconnection with Lions Club Now a youth minister, Carter shares his story so that teachers, social workers and others will be inspired to make a difference in the lives of children in need.

    22. I think this will be a great book for struggling ELLs Short chapters, simple sentence structure, obvious themes along with action and hardship will hook the reluctant readers It also has a YA book cover that I think is appealing to teens Boy Who Carried

    23. This book was the monthly selection for the mother daughter book club I m part of with my 12 year old It is a quick read and a true story It is about a young boy who grows up in extreme poverty and is put in the foster care system It definitely opened my daughter s eyes as to how many children in our country live and how fortunate we really are.

    24. The writing style wasn t my favorite, but I think it suits what will probably be this heartbreaking book s target audience It s written pretty simply and clearly Carter outlines the various forms of abuse he dealt with during his childhood, and what it was that helped him not go down a dark path.

    25. Read this book less than 24 hours from picking it up from the library Heart wrenching, yet hopeful read I found myself wanting to strangle several of the adults in his life who didn t fight for him Behavior communicates and so many adults didn t take the time to dig deeper I recommend this book for parents, educators and student ministry workers.

    26. Anyone who works with children from teachers to counselors and everyone who cares about children should read this book.It is heartbreaking what some children such as Alton have had to go through but inspiring to see how each of us can make a difference in these children s lives.

    27. Reviewed for Foreword Books Indiefab Awards.Well written, engaging story about a boy s life growing up with an abusive family, moving into foster care, and ultimately becoming a successful and inspiring adult Definitely a good read, although the prose was a bit sparse at times.

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