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Impacted By Alyne Roberts,

  • Title: Impacted
  • Author: Alyne Roberts
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a meteor hits the ground, it leaves a crater The earth is forever impacted from the collision Everyone has a past Everyone has a future Every action has an equal and opposite reaction The aftermath can leave you impacted, forever changed Ryder and Kallie s story continues as they struggle to overcome the consequences of the choices they ve made.
    Impacted When a meteor hits the ground it leaves a crater The earth is forever impacted from the collision Everyone has a past Everyone has a future Every action has an equal and opposite reaction The afterma

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    1. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team This is the second book in the series and you need to read the first book to understand this one I really enjoyed Impacted I was very hesitant on reading this book since the last book just really didn t jolt me But, I HAD to find out what happened So glad I did We see all the same characters in this book with a few new additions The story moved nicely and was well written I can t wait to see what happens in the n [...]

    2. I was very kindly provided with a copy of Impacted to read and review.This is book two of the Conflicted Encounters series and really needs to be read after Jolted for any of the main story to make complete sense The story picks up at the exact place that book one left off at as Kallie and Ryder are now having to live with the consequences of her actions Having been apart for so many months is there a way to their happily ever after or are they both too changed to find their way back to each oth [...]

    3. After reading Jolted i was dying to get my hands on the second book in the series Impacted But time went by and i forgot about it So when i saw that it was available for RR, Kallie s and Ryder s story was suddenly rushing through my brain as if i read it the day before when in reality it s been months Kallie and Ryder have been estranged since Kallie had to go back to her old life in order to help her dad with his business Before she knows it 6 months have passed since she left and couldn t be [...]

    4. If you have not read Jolted you WILL need to read that first This is the second book Now that is out of the way, this book was AMAZING I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ryder Kallie is great as well.The story picks up and 6 months have past and Kallie is STILL back home helping her family and MISERABLE She was went back into a routine where she just works She has left Ryder to help her family but she is lonely without him and when she realizes that it has been 6 months since she has seen him she literally leav [...]

    5. Impacted in book two in the Conflicted Encounters Series It can not be read as a standalone, you must read book one, Jolted, first There was a major cliffhanger at the end of Jolted At the end of Jolted Kallie gets a text and it s enough to have her dropping everything and heading back to the small town she met Ryder in Impacted starts right where Jolted left off We find out what the text said and who send it I was hoping that Ryder would take Kallie back with open arms Ryder is happy to see Kal [...]

    6. i received a copy from the author in exchange for a honest review 3.5 4 starsI want to start off by saying that I enjoyed reading Impacted a lot than I did the first book, Jolted so I m glad I picked it up I liked Kallie and Ryder a lot better in this book also I felt their chemistry towards each other so much and the sexual tension was great as were the sex scenes Their feelings felt real and I liked the plot On another note, I came across a few spelling errors every now and again And I also [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book on exchange for my honest review for an upcoming blog tour to promote book 2 in this series Firstly if you have not read Jolted you WILL need to read that first I didn t have too long to wait to read this book as I started it pretty much after finishing jolted, and I am so glad I did I couldn t wait to find out what happened to Kallie and Ryder.I loved this book And Ryder, well he may just be my new book boyfriend and believe it or not I don t have many lol It pick [...]

    8. I recieved a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.First off, I adored this book.I loved the first one and read both of these books in each one sitting It takes off right where Jolted ended and let me tell ya, I enjoyed the ride it took me on Usually I m kinda iffy about second books in a series since most of the time the characters worked everything out just fine in the first one and the second book seems like unnecesarry drama added, but since the first instalment ended on such a c [...]

    9. 4 out of 5 stars ARC for ReviewKallie and Ryder story continues after their time apart.Kallie returns to town for the wedding of her friend Scarlett after months away from Scarlett s brother Ryder They are still attracted to each other but both have broken hearts from their separation and their lack of communication between them.Kallie is busy helping Scarlett plan her wedding but does not trust the guy she is getting married to named Adam It just does not seem like something Scarlett would do a [...]

    10. Received this book on a read and review basis Impacted is the second book in the Conflicted Encounters series and picks up 6 months later and also right where the first book, Jolted ended.Kallie and Ryder have now been apart and end up coming together again as Kallie is back in town to help Scarlett Ryder s sister plan her wedding The chemistry between both Kallie and Ryder is as hot as ever but in the story lies the question of whether they can find each other again and work through their past [...]

    11. I was thrilled to be able to continue on in Kallie and Ryder s story Kallie returns to Ryder and the journey to mix the present with her past to develop her future is in full swing throughout Impacted Ryder, hurt from Kallie leaving him in Jolted, must decide if love is worth the risk of being hurt again With great love comes the possibility of great heartbreak There are soo many quote worthy lines in Impacted, I loved it I do feel Impacted needed dialogue to balance out the scene setting and i [...]

    12. loved the book for the continuation of the story, these two really grow on you you want to hug them, slap them have an adventure with them, watch them grow We saw Kallie in her life before the running away and it was nice to see that yes there was life there her mom was a great character Kallies view of her was interesting all the assumptions she made, but funny too we all have the belief our parents would or would not act in a specific way Ryder was a the poster boy of mixed signals but it was [...]

    13. 3.75 starsThe continuation of Kallie and Ryder s story this picks up immediately after the end of the first book Faced with the consequence of tragedy, Kallie and Ryder must come to a decision about their relationship With no spoilers, Kallie finds herself running away after being faced with a tragedy, yet again Finding herself in this small town has led Kallie to being a stronger person ready to fight for what she wants Kallie finds her voice and fights for what she wants which was great to see [...]

    14. This is an excellent second book to a series I had very mixed feeling about the first book, but wanted to know what happened between Kallie and Ryder I feel the author was much comfortable with her characters in this story The continuation of Kallie and Ryder had me devouring the book in a days time A real love story that shows realistic flaws and triumph when they believe in each other The story of how a tragic event that doesn t make sense can lead to the path of where one belongs in the worl [...]

    15. I received this book in exchange for my honest review I really enjoyed this book, along with the first one It was a nice ending between Kallie and Ryder There were a few parts in the beginning where I was a bit confused when they were both going back and forth between there feelings for each other, it also frustrated me because Ryder took so long to finally give in and was giving a lot of mixed signals You could really feel the chemistry between Kallie and Ryder There was such a push pull betwee [...]

    16. I received a copy for an honest review.Impacted is the second book in the Conflicted Encounters Series and can not be read as a standalone Impacted starts right up where Jolted left off I was so excited to finally read this story so I knew how Kallie and Ryders story finishes In this story I could really feel the love and chemistry between the two When Kallie leaves to help her father she is so sad so when she decides to go back to Ryder Time has past since they have been together and they are b [...]

    17. What an amazing second book I was so happy to find out what would happen between Kallie and RyderThe chemistry between the two is fantastic After up and heading home to help her father and the business, Kallie is just down right miserable and so she decided to go back to her little town to see how things are with Ryder Things didn t exactly pick up were they left off, but over time they couldn t stand to be apart Kallie is such a great friend to Scarlett and only wanted the best for her She even [...]

    18. 3.5 4 stars This ARC was kindly gifted in exchange for an honest review This is the second book in the series I ve read It has been so long between books, that it took me awhile to get caught up I think the first book was better, but in this one we see the characters grow The majority of the time was spent with Ryder and Kallie going back forth with their relationship while I understood Ryder s hesitation with taking Kallie back, it was a bit frustrating This story is also about Ryder s sister w [...]

    19. Wow I loved the first book in this series, but this one is amazing I fell in love with Ryder and Kallie in book one and love how their story unfolded in this one Alyne has a talent for weaving words together in a passionate love story, even with the pain and heartbreak these characters have faced The secondary characters are all amazing and these books have left me wanting to know about them and their story as well I also want of Ryder and Kallie If you haven t read this series, I recommend th [...]

    20. Ahhhh Finally I can find out what happens I was a little sad in the beginning because it was a little bumpy but then I saw hope for the two of them This continuation is a wonderful story and just goes perfectly with the first You must read Jolted first to understand what is happening in Impacted I hope to see from these characters and maybe see a few storylines develop hopeful one for Scarlett and Luke hint hint

    21. Love this book so much I love Kallie and Ryder so much hope get to read of them i couldnt put this book down its a must readYou wont regrets getting this book I cant wait to read from this Author

    22. Too many spelling errors that sometimes you don t know what the author meant It has highs and lows There are times that it gets boring The Adam situation was weak but then that s just me.

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