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  • Title: The True History of the Black Adder: At last THE Cunning plan in all its hideous hilarity
  • Author: Jem Roberts
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
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    The True History of the Black Adder At last THE Cunning plan in all its hideous hilarity None

    One thought on “The True History of the Black Adder: At last THE Cunning plan in all its hideous hilarity”

    1. Not so much a true history of the Blackadder himself, as it is a true history of the people who made Blackadder such a amazing, timeless comedy To appreciate this book it helps if you have a working knowledge of British comedy because loads of comedy people are referred to and it can feel a little like you re on the edge of a conversation about people you don t know at times But apart from that I found the book really interesting I love all that behind the scenes television stuff But it was also [...]

    2. Depending upon your knowledge and interest in British comedy of the 1970s and 80s, you will either find this book exhaustive or exhausting Although the book purports to be about the Blackadder TV show, it d be apt to describe it as a general history of British Alternate Comedy movement, with the series being the nexus that brought them all together Along the way we go behind the scenes on Not the 9 O Clock News, Saturday Live, Mr Bean, Jeeves and Wooster, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, The Young Ones [...]

    3. So this is definitely not a book for the casual Black Adder fan To benefit from this book one must be a definite fan of British comedy, or a Black Adder nerd.While a big fan of Black Adder, I suspect I am not quite a big enough fan to really have enjoyed this book.For a 400 page book, there was probably 100 pages worth of good stuff for me, the rest was filler There is so much crossover in British comedy with the 50 or so acting comedians, it really was just an ego stroking, self congratulatory [...]

    4. The first in depth overview of a series where even the official complete colletions have tended to leave out actual proper episodes, Jem traces the entire history of the dastardly Blackadder dynasty literally from the first historically identified Adder to the one who made the Royal court miss Twenty Thousand Years Of The Two Ronoids , figuratively from Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis university silliness right up to their big budget wasting of everyone s time , and historically from Richard I [...]

    5. A very well written and considered history that had me captive until the bits that followed goes forth.While the four series were in frame the sheer brilliance of the writers and actors excused the mutual backslapping, but once the fractured aftermath begins the narrative loses all its lustre and drifts which is very disappointing I skimmed the final quarter of the book after devouring the first three quarters.

    6. A great book for a great series A very well researched piece bordering on obsessive , with a wealth of information that even the most knowledgable fan of the show should find something new on reading it If you have an interest in Blackadder then this book is a must.

    7. Lots of background information about Blackadder the comedy To really enjoy the book you need to be a fan of the comedy series.

    8. Very informative and well researched book As a massive Blackadder fan, I found it fascinating but it s certainly not one for someone with just a flitting interest in the show There is a lot of biographical information background included of all the main actors, writers, producers etc as well as background information of comedy shows revues and televised that inspired the whole Blackadder team A great read if you have than a passing interest in Blackadder or indeed British comedy from the 1970s [...]

    9. You ll love it if you re a seriously over the top fan of the series or if you and I share a surname Otherwise it might appeal to fans of Rowan Atkinson but it s not for the rest of us The goofy pretend history sections are just annoying, not funny, and even this Blackadder couldn t see the point of them.

    10. Blackadder s a funny old show After an expensive flop of a first series, its creators were forced to go back to basics, relying on writing and character driven comedy instead It paid off three series and a couple of specials later, it s very probably the UK s best loved sitcom, making superstars of its cast Who can think of World War I poetry without recalling Baldrick s modernist effort The German Guns When the focus was on the show itself, it was very good indeed, but at times it descended in [...]

    11. The Blackadder series is certainly one of my favorite comedies ever Not only talking about the somewhat mystified and forgotten history of Blackadder Saga, this book also talked the history of people involved in this one great journey Blackadder is surely one of series in which sequels cannot be created without being free from shadows of greatness of its prequels, which means Blackadder should stay as it were, being all great and legendary, occupying an important place in the great hall of Briti [...]

    12. An enjoyable behind the scenes look into how Blackadder was made, how the cast and writers met and lots of did you know facts about some of the series best punchlines It s helpful to know the big names in British comedy at the time since so many of them are mentioned even if they didn t feature in the show itself since Blackadder links with so many other famous sitcoms of the day This book makes you want to rewatch the series again with fresh eyes.

    13. Midnight s Children is a masterpiece, but it s not the kind of book you read at the end of a long day, so I chose this as a companion I grew up on Blackadder so it was fun to learn about what went into making it.I even finally got round to watching Blackadder Back and Forth as a result I refuse to accept it into the canon.

    14. Very good.Lots of interesting tidbits about the show, the people involved, related projects and things, in a narrative that works through each series in turn.Not a book I d normally go for, but an inspired gift the back story turned out to be really interesting.

    15. Pretty thorough backdrop to the story of Blackadder, as opposed to the Blackadder story, which is the scripts Would be a good companion to the DVD documentary, as covers the same ground with detail and very little in terms of surprises For the fan with extra curiosity.

    16. like some others here I think the book rambled a bit after talking about the last series I learnt that I should appreciate Richard Curtis a whole lot than I do For some reason I gave Ben Elton a whole heap credit for the success of Blackadder than I should have.

    17. Interesting, but rather dry and factual Often interesting facts, and nice to read others opinion of the series As it is so detailed, it s better to take it in small bites.

    18. I love an insight into the creation of a landmark work, and this book provides it for Blackadder ,so some sort of hat is in order.

    19. Interesting reading, but difficult to read it reads like a history The transitions between topics are abrupt.

    20. Behind the scenes of one of Britain s funniest shows reveals interesting information on cast members such as Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, and Rowen Atkinson.

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