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Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms By Rod Espinosa,

  • Title: Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms
  • Author: Rod Espinosa
  • ISBN: 9781616557225
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once upon a time, a greedy dragon kidnapped a beloved princess But if you think she just waited around for some charming prince to rescue her, then you re in for a surprise Princess Mabelrose has enough brains and bravery to fend for herself A third edition of Rod Espinosa s charming tale
    Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms Once upon a time a greedy dragon kidnapped a beloved princess But if you think she just waited around for some charming prince to rescue her then you re in for a surprise Princess Mabelrose has enou

    One thought on “Beyond the Hundred Kingdoms”

    1. Princess Mabelrose has been kidnapped and struggles to find her way home She isn t kickass, but she has grit.On the negative side This book is a little heavy on the prayer While the word Christian isn t used, and there is no clear sense of what type of god is occuring, the kneeling before bed with clasped hands image is used and it is one of the most important things she is taught.Yet,Her parents are interracial and not the only interracial couple in the book Mabelrose s skin color is her father [...]

    2. Kauniisti piirretty tarina k yh n maan prinsessasta, Mabelrosesta, joka joutuu julman lohik rmeen sieppaamaksi Mabelrose ei varsinaisesti ole mik n pikkun pp r ja n s kk selviytyj tyyppi, mutta olosuhteiden pakosta h n p tt karata lohik rmeen linnasta Sattuman kaupalla h n ottaa mukaansa tarvikkeita, jotka vaikuttavat aivan tavallisilta, mutta joilla on taikavoimia, lukuunottaatta taikasormusta, jonka Mabelrose arvioi auttamaan lent misess Mabelrosella on enimm kseen onni matkassa, sill lohik rm [...]

    3. A perfectly lovely tale of a kind, sweet princess She s kidnapped by a dragon and prays for a Knight to come save her She learns the dragon s defences have never been broken so she decides to help herself and escape There we find this princess has a plucky spirit, she s able to take care of herself but being a lovely girl she still dreams of a romantic prince The book is a quest as she travels her way across the whole land trying to reach home She meets people along the way, some good, others ev [...]

    4. This was genuinely bad The art is stiff and awkward, the plot is disorganized and bizarre, the dialogue is stilted, and the lettering is strangely like comic sans While I m all for the thoughtful inclusion of religion in fiction see my religious fiction shelf for a wide range in many genres the segments with prayers seem forced, didactic, and uncomfortable And for all that it s called The Courageous Princess, the gender roles presented are straight out of the 1950 s This is the sort of book that [...]

    5. A very light mashing up of various tales with a courageous young heroine and her spikey companion, aptly names Spiky The drawing style was rather old fashioned manga influenced, and felt a bit dated to me because of that And it s a rather heavy tome with the hardcover, but it still was a quick and fun romp through a fantasy realm I do wish that the characters were a bit three dimensional, though, past the whole selfless Mabelrose bitre, she was raised that way, but I m sure she has a bit to he [...]

    6. Although this book doesn t follow the path of any one particular fairy tale, bits and pieces of traditional tales are sprinkled among the plot I thought the ending was a little rushed, and there are still loose ends to tie up, but then I realized this is volume one of a trilogy So now I have to go find the other two

    7. The storyline is great The dialogue is kinda blah The pacing is sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow I want to love this so much it has the makings of awesomeness Hope the next book is better Checked it out from the library and my 5 and 7 year old daughters have both re read or re looked at pictures several times It s better than most of the stuff they pull off the shelves I m looking at you Disney princess and Rainbow Magic books.

    8. I m a babysitter That s my job So when a kid comes downstairs with a book saying I should read it while she s playing Minecraft you read the book This was a cute fairytale with a lot of familiar themes I ll probably read the other two volumes While the kid is playing Minecraft Obviously.

    9. This is the story of Mabelrose, a princess who is a little different than other princesses Then she is captured by a dragon and has to escape I really liked all the allusions to classic fairy tales This was a fun book, beautiful art and I look forward to reading the next one.

    10. Note this review is for the entire trilogy as a whole This was delightful A great story, a strong heroine who can save herself sure she has a moment or two of woe is me but she gets out of it quickly This was so good I don t even know what to write I just highly recommend this for those who love a strong female fairy tale Strong and smart but not with fists or some mean headstrong Very relatable character I feel like this speaks to not just young ladies but the little girl in us all that is brav [...]

    11. This book was a pleasant surprise an enjoyable almost feminist reinvention of the usual folktales that retains just enough epic tropes to make it feel vaguely familiar and comfortable I will definitely try to get my hands on the rest of the series.

    12. This is such a great graphic novel and it s very underrated I highly recommend this to anyone it s an exciting story of a princess who saves herself

    13. This was the first graphic novel I ve ever read, and it was really delightful I like that the Princess Mabelrose isn t the fairest in the land, but has learned to be kind and brave and prayerful.

    14. This was another graphic novel I read along with my daughter Princess Mabelrose is captured by a dragon rather than awaiting the help of a heroic prince, she finds her own way to freedom My daughter especially enjoyed the various animal friends that were featured in the story.

    15. This is but the tail end of my review, if you wish to read the entire review please visit my blog, Of Books and Pen Final Thoughts I recommend this graphic novel to any parent looking for something to read to their younger children, or for children that want to get into comics Sure, there re no super heroes and it s set in a fairytale world, but Mabelrose is a wonderful role model for young girls and boys The princess is the embodiment of courage and faith, showing that even in the toughest time [...]

    16. Little bits of popular fairytales like Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, and Cinderella come together to form the world of the Hundred Kingdoms When a prince killing dragon takes the kind and brave Princess Mabelrose captive, she decides to save herself Her initial rush to freedom is made possible by the magical items she steals, but the dragon pursues her With some help from new friends, and kind strangers, she does her best to elude this greedy tyrant while making her way home On the other side of the [...]

    17. Okay, I loved this comic book and can t wait to get my hands on the second The reason I picked up this graphic novel is because it was being added to the collection at my library and I wanted to know who to recommend this comic to however I was trapped in the story shortly after beginning and didn t want to go do many of my other duties today I did them, no worries It was a rather quick read, I say this because I would read a few pages and do a task over and over till I finished and somehow I go [...]

    18. This is the first volume in the Courageous Princess trilogy Mabelrose is a spunky princess who treats everyone in her kingdom, peasant and noble alike with unmatched kindness and who craves adventure When Mabelrose attends her first ball she is taken in by the cutting remarks of her peers and believes herself to be plain and frumpy Soon afterwards she is stolen away by an evil dragon and kept prisoner in his castle thousands of miles from her home Mabelrose finally decides that it is silly to wa [...]

    19. This always catches my eye when it is returned to the library It s a sweet and simple story of a kind fairy tale princess who is the daughter of Aladdin She is kidnapped by a dragon but rescues herself, and then has adventures around the 100 kingdoms with her magical items and her talking porcupine friend Spiky The art style is a bit old fashioned like 70s manga and the storytelling is a bit formulaic but I think it adds to the classic fairy tale feel of the story Princess Mabelrose is a good pe [...]

    20. I purchased this book for the middle school graphic novels as a request I was excited to read it because it looked really fun and adventurous, and had decent reviews It was full of fantasy and adventure, and I liked the main character, plus I can see why some manga fans would like it because the artwork was very manga style However, there were just too many strange animals and settings that I just couldn t get into, I couldn t buy into the world building The text was also small and hard to read [...]

    21. This solid fantasy adventure in graphic novel form should appeal to Narnia fans who liked the Christian allegory aspect of that series Prayer and religion are big parts of the princess s life, and there s a strong focus on staying true to your values kindness, generosity, respect, etc even through hardship This makes the book stand out and definitely fills a gap in the body of typical fantasy adventure graphic novels for kids.

    22. I read this to with my 6 year old and she really liked it There were a couple of elements that were a bit scary for her, but only slightly I liked the concept of the princess not waiting around for some prince to save her, but just getting to rescuing herself a message I ll gladly pass to my daughters Cute kids story

    23. Liked the art and the hints at fairy tale elements, but could have done without the emphasis on praying even to an unnamed deity See my review of Hereville for proof of my hypocrisy fickle nature Just OK, not mind blowing Graphic novels for kids have come far since this won an Eisner, I think.

    24. Solid storytelling, though character and place names feel a little high school fan fiction I wonder if this got such rave reviews when it first came out because there was nothing else like it for kids There s better stuff out there now, no disrespect I ll probably get around to the other volumes eventually.

    25. I read this one many years ago, so when I saw it was being re released, I ordered it This story of a princess who decides not to wait around for someone to save her, but to rescue herself, is just wonderful The first volume is filled with action, adventure and great characters I ve given this to a lot of reluctant readers over the years, and it s consistently been a huge hit.

    26. My almost 10 year old granddaughter loved this graphic novel She thought the story move quickly and illustrations totally supported the story It was really good The main character Mabelrose finds a friendly animal, a porcupine, and they work together.

    27. This was great I loved the creativity of the world and that she s just a very ordinary princess and particularly anything but courageous when called upon to be I hope to see her character evolve even stronger as the series goes on.

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