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Diaspora By Greg Egan Michał Jakuszewski,

  • Title: Diaspora
  • Author: Greg Egan Michał Jakuszewski
  • ISBN: 9788374805285
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Naj mielszy ze wsp czesnych pisarzy fantastyki, Greg Egan, stworzy kwantowy nowy wspania y wiat, doskona opowie o czasach, w kt rych nie tylko ludzkie ycie, lecz r wnie sama cielesna rzeczywisto jest ju tylko wspomnieniem Jest trzydziesty wiek wiat przerodzi si w szerok sie sond, satelit w i serwer w, cz cych ca y Uk ad S oneczny w jedno rodowisko LNaj mielszy ze wsp czesnych pisarzy fantastyki, Greg Egan, stworzy kwantowy nowy wspania y wiat, doskona opowie o czasach, w kt rych nie tylko ludzkie ycie, lecz r wnie sama cielesna rzeczywisto jest ju tylko wspomnieniem Jest trzydziesty wiek wiat przerodzi si w szerok sie sond, satelit w i serwer w, cz cych ca y Uk ad S oneczny w jedno rodowisko Ludzko r wnie si przekszta ci a Wi kszo ludzi wybra a nie miertelno , sta a si wiadomym oprogramowaniem zamieszkuj cym rozmaite polis Inni wybrali wymienne cia a robot w, pragn c zachowa kontakt ze wiatem fizycznym Nieliczni uparcie trzymaj si cia a, wiod c anachroniczn egzystencj w b ocie i d unglach Ziemi.Jest te Sierota, bezp ciowe, cyfrowe stworzenie wyhodowane z ziarna umys u.Gdy na cielesnych ludzi spada nieoczekiwana katastrofa, mieszka cy polis u wiadamiaj sobie, e im r wnie mog zagrozi dziwaczne astrofizyczne procesy z pozoru ami ce fundamentalne prawa natury Sierota z garstk uchod c w wyruszaj na poszukiwania wiedzy, kt ra ocali wszystkich Ta droga zaprowadzi ich do wy szych wymiar w, po o onych poza makrokosmosem
    Diaspora Naj mielszy ze wsp czesnych pisarzy fantastyki Greg Egan stworzy kwantowy nowy wspania y wiat doskona opowie o czasach w kt rych nie tylko ludzkie ycie lecz r wnie sama cielesna rzeczywisto jest

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    1. Yatima surveyed the Doppler shifted stars around the polis, following the frozen, concentric waves of colour across the sky from expansion to convergence Ve wondered what account they should give of themselves when they finally caught up with their quarry They d brought no end of questions to ask, but the flow of information couldn t all be one way When the Transmuters demanded to know Why have you followed us Why have you come so far , where should ve begin Where indeed Initially, the first twe [...]

    2. Ever since I read Permutation City, Egan has been one of my favorite hard sci fi authors, and when I cracked open this book and saw that the first forty pages were a hardcore blow by blow of an AI becoming self aware that would do Marvin Minsky proud, I knew that I would love it too Brief plot synopsis in the near future where humanity has trifurcated into AIs, sentient robots, and flesh bound transhumans, an unexplained binary neutron star collision and subsequent gamma ray burst forces the rem [...]

    3. I want to give this book five stars I want to give this book one star It s amazing It s terrible.Keeping Earth habitable is a pressing concern today Even if we manage to avoid eco catastrophe and I m optimistic on this , that s only a small hurdle in the grand scheme of the cosmos We only have about a billion years left before the Sun swells so much that it cooks the atmosphere A few billion years after that, the Sun will engulf Earth itself bye, bye, homeworld Even if we manage to emigrate to t [...]

    4. Hablar de Greg Egan, es hablar de la ciencia ficci n m s hard que se pueda encontrar en nuestros d as Cuando Egan pone su imaginaci n en marcha es dif cil de igualar Di spora es una de las novelas m s duras a las que me he enfrentado, no tanto por el argumento, sino por el lenguaje cient fico que maneja, que abarca matem ticas, f sica, biolog a, metaf sica, cosmolog a, astrof sica o qu mica Egan no dibuja en profundidad a sus personajes, son meras piezas en su desfile de teor as, a cual m s incr [...]

    5. I love the super technical approach in this book There is a rich combination of hard core chemistry, biology, particle physics, astronomy, cosmology, mathematics and that is on top of technologies like super computing, artificial intelligence and bio engineering The first section on the pre birth development of Yatima is mind blowing bio engineering, psycho engineering, just a wealth of concepts that left me breathless.There are three types of people in the story There are regular human beings s [...]

    6. Absolutely stunning concepts are fired at you every couple of pages, coupled with a writing style which makes hard science fiction just about comprehensible The feeling of the vertigo of extreme knowledge reminds me of Arthur C Clarke and Olaf Stapledon at their unsettlingly cognizant best.Importantly, it s worth noting that this is a narrative leap forward from it s spiritual predecessor, Permutation City, which tended towards being quite dry, despite it s philosophical enormity In Diaspora, Eg [...]

    7. If you come to hard sci fi in search of ideas about how humanity might change as we integrate with our machines, or how the universe or universes might fit together well beyond the observable world we know, you might well love this book It s got some interesting ideas Unfortunately, it s so bogged down by over the top science ish writing, weak character development and two oddly stitched together plots that I kept cursing in annoyance as I read, rather than delighting at the novelty of author Gr [...]

    8. I love this book despite some minor flaws, and although it reminds me in some ways of my own debut novel, bermensch , it ends up going in some very different, mindbending places A full review will be posted later in 2016.

    9. Diaspora is one of the greatest science fiction books I have ever read Reading it brought into my mind a sense of wonder and of sheer visceral infinity that I hadn t felt for years.And yet I would recommend this ambitious hard sci fi novel to almost no one How can that be How does such a strange, lonely situation arise Cue digression Have you ever seen a Shakespeare play I mean an actual play, performed live on stage, in the original early English.The first such play I saw was the Duchess of Mal [...]

    10. Comienzo del libro El comienzo del libro es duro, definitivamente es duro y puede disuadir a m s de uno a seguir leyendo aunque no a m.La originalidad de la propuesta del autor no se parece a nada de lo que yo haya le do hasta ahora, que no es poco es uno de los alicientes que me impuls a seguir, ya que el lector comparte la confusi n inicial del protagonista cuando viene al mundo, un mundo con una Humanidad muy distinta y diversa a la que se plantea en la SciFi generalmente.En este principio qu [...]

    11. My memories of when I used to subscribe to the science fiction magazine Interzone in the 80s and 90s are largely of two types of stories The magazine had a penchant for a brand of rather gloomy anti cyberpunk futurism especially in the 80s, with Britain under Thatcher s iron heel when everything looked bleak, and era which also gave rise to such wonderfully dark comics as V for Vendetta and Crisis of a sort that made Jeff Noon s books look positively utopian I m sure Noon must have had stories i [...]

    12. Greg Egan is smoking some hot science cigarettes Diaspora is a novel ahead of its time with number of hard science concepts True for a regular Joe this novel would be too much to get, myself being somewhat in the middle I was able to get basic ideas behind Egan s concepts though sometimes I couldn t get details of some elaborate geometrical or physical theorem, no shame in that Story is about conscious software searching for answers and new home for themselves in the universe Thanks to an older [...]

    13. Science fiction as a literary endevour is at a natural disadvantage A novel set in the distant future cannot take for granted any common points of reference It is forced to explain itself, to construct worlds and cultures through description and exposition Further the characters are often alien perhaps literally and are difficult to relate to How can one feel sympathy for characters a thousand years removed, whose experiences are so vastly different from our own To overcome these limitations, ma [...]

    14. I m of a soft sci fi than a hard sci fi guy, and Diaspora ranks nanocrystalline adamantium on the hardness scale There s a lot of fundamental particles as wormholes theory, virtual humans, extra dimensions, astronomical events and the like But it s also surprisingly human.It asks plenty of interesting questions Like, what does identity mean if you can shape your form and outlook at will And if you can clone yourself as much as you like, what does that do to relationships Are you still human if [...]

    15. Something else entirely In his previous novels, Greg Egan s hardcore scientific speculation has always seemed to be shoehorned, slightly awkwardly, into his decently imagined, elegantly written plots A less brave writer might have reined in the science, and created a conventional novel Egan, instead, turns it up to 11, and may, in the process, have kickstarted an entirely new kind of writing.Hundreds of years from now, humanity is mostly a collective of self generating, autonomous software runn [...]

    16. I took my time with this one In some ways I m glad I did, because it stands as a singular achievement even among Egan s own generally good to excellent books It s one of the best science fiction novels I ve ever read, and is one of those rare works of fiction that accepts the consequences of its ideas Most other sci fi engages in some plot handwaving in the service of whatever the big idea is, but Diaspora doesn t shy away from any of it It helps that the main character does pretty much exactly [...]

    17. Probably one of the most important s f book I ve read, it s so completely and utterly amazing A dark and thrilling hard sf story about a very distant future, post humanity and evolution of post human consciousness Packed with very convincing extrapolations concerning evolution of science and civilization, space travels and im possible contacts with other forms of life Absolutely recommended for fans of Lem, Clarke, and all those interested in philosophy of mind, A.I and cognitive sciences I will [...]

    18. An excelent book of really hard science fiction on artificial inteligence virtual reality and transhumanism carried to the very extrems ,it explains mathematical theorems as theorem of Euler and mathematical concepts as fiber bundles.It has a exceptional first chapter where we see the detailed birth of a virtual artificial inteligent being,a transhuman named Yatima

    19. God, this book blew my mind Especially the end the journey this person goes on, and how FAR s he goes AAAH

    20. This novel is full of fascinating consequences of post corporeal humanity, and rigorously pushes ideas to extremes that few authors are willing to extend For that reason, it can become daunting at moments for some as distances stretch into cosmic scales and time is examined and experienced at epochal durations An unprecedented and unexplained disaster drives the software descendants of extinct humanity to seek reassurance and safety from any future re occurrence to lengths unforeseen and wondrou [...]

    21. If you read the article the ideas of the book sound quite promising Diaspora focuses in large part on the nature of life and intelligence in a post human context, and questions the meaning of life and the meaning of desires If, for instance, the meaning of human life and human desires is bound up with ancestral human biology to spread one s genes , then what meaning do lives and desires have, and what serves as the basis of values when biology no longer forms a part of life Unfortunately a lot o [...]

    22. In the past few weeks this is the second book I could not finish.It has some great ideas, such as the birth of an artificial intelligence, and the state of humanity nine hundred years later and others I will never discover now My problem was the way they were presented The first forty pages were about the birth of an AI The text was very technical I can imagine that someone with knowledge on informatics or other related sciences could enjoy it, but I didn t understand what was going on, and sta [...]

    23. Primero de todo decir que las dos estrellas en verdad no son reales, es la nota que le he puesto al ser un libro que no estaba preparado para leer.Para leer Di spora uno debe de tener unos conocimientos cient ficos bastante amplios, o bien ser un fan tico de la ciencia ficci n m s extrema.Y es que este libro no lo clasificar a como Hard Scifi, creo que se merecer a su propio termino propio, algo como Extreme Scifi XDSi como en mi caso no dispones de una base cient fica amplia, te recomiendo que [...]

    24. Es el primer libro de Egan que leo y me ha costado bastante Ha sido una elecci n un poco a lo loco pero no me arrepiento, los dem s resultar n m s f ciles de leer Para este en concreto me ha venido bien tener algunas nociones de f sica, agujeros negro, cu ntica y algunas cosas m s Me quedo con una sensaci n como de no haberme enterado de todo lo que he le do pero con ganas de empezar otro t tulo de este autor y eso es una cosa que me impulsa a seguir leyendo.

    25. This is the second book I have read by Greg Egan He writes hard science fiction with enough elements linked to the possible in hard science The setting of the story is a little disorienting with fleshers humans , Gleisners conscious robots , and the virtual beings of the polis personalities in a supercomputers software living in a community A gamma ray burst threatens flesher life on earth and Yatima a member of a polis decides to travel through a wormhole to guarantee that the other forms of li [...]

    26. The same caveat applies to this book as to every other Egan novel If you are neither inherently fascinated by mathematics and physics taken past the bleeding edge, nor willing to tolerate possibly pages of physics discussion that you don t get, then don t read this novel It s not the book, it s you and that s ok, it s just not worth your while getting frustrated.That said, if you re willing to dive in, I think this is another of Egan s awesome novels Spoilers coming.The premise is that at the en [...]

    27. It s almost a thousand years in the future, and humanity has changed, diverged Some live in the old ways, with varying degrees of genetic modification Others have transferred themselves into entirely robot bodies And still live as software, with lives interacting with the physical world only on their own terms, even running on different time scales A rare astronimical event causes the deaths of many, humanity starts exploring outward to find the cause and to protect intelligence from fate, and [...]

    28. Fascinating work if you like your science fiction extra hard The author shows off his knowledge of mathematics and contemporary theory in physics as part of the plot The ending felt unresolved.

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