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La seconda moglie By Karen Robards,

  • Title: La seconda moglie
  • Author: Karen Robards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cresciuta in una baracca di Boston all interno di una famiglia allo sbando, Ronnie pensava di poter trovare la felicit nel matrimonio con il maturo e ricchissimo senatore Honneker Pochi anni sono bastati a disilluderla con il lusso e gli agi sono arrivati la solitudine, l umiliazione per le frequenti scappatelle del marito, il disprezzo dei figliastri pi vecchi di leiCresciuta in una baracca di Boston all interno di una famiglia allo sbando, Ronnie pensava di poter trovare la felicit nel matrimonio con il maturo e ricchissimo senatore Honneker Pochi anni sono bastati a disilluderla con il lusso e gli agi sono arrivati la solitudine, l umiliazione per le frequenti scappatelle del marito, il disprezzo dei figliastri pi vecchi di lei, l ostilit di un elettorato che l accusa a ragione di essere troppo bella, troppo giovane e troppo sexy per interpretare in modo sufficientemente credibile la parte della mogliettina innamorata Pur di non provare pi la povert , Ronnie per fermamente determinata a impegnarsi a fondo nel suo ruolo, fingendo che le cose vadano per il meglio finch nella sua vita non irrompe Tom Quinlan Consulente d immagine del senatore, incaricato di affiancarla nella campagna elettorale, Tom bello, brillante, intelligente e molto, molto leale Talmente leale da rifiutarsi di interpretare la parte dell amante segreto della donna di cui si sta innamorando, preferendo lasciarla, allontanandosene definitivamente Ma quando lo scandalo la travolge con violenza, arrivando a metterne a repentaglio la vita stessa, il cuore di Tom non pu resistere e lo riporta al fianco di Ronnie, a dispetto di tutto e tutti
    La seconda moglie Cresciuta in una baracca di Boston all interno di una famiglia allo sbando Ronnie pensava di poter trovare la felicit nel matrimonio con il maturo e ricchissimo senatore Honneker Pochi anni sono bast

    One thought on “La seconda moglie”

    1. A weak, thoughtless, inconsiderate, self centered, money grubber bimbo this is our heroine One of the worst I have came across in a very long while.

    2. Note Romance books rarely go above a 3 for me, so that s not an unusual score Gorgeous red head raised in a poor divorced family is determined to become wealthy A discussion with a Senator visiting her school leads to an internship to a full time job to marriage after he s divorced His kids hate her because they think she broke up the marriage Meanwhile, her husband is slipping in the polls, and our heroine is seen as a liability So a campaign consultant is hired to work with her on her image Of [...]

    3. This book was too long for the amount of content and I really struggle to get behind a heroine with such a weak character Not only did she try to seduce an employee very low , she would rather have an affair than give up her cushy gig with money and stuff I can t abide infidelity When I rate a book with characters or events that are my hot buttons, I struggle to separate that from the writer s skill and try to be objective Don t think I did well here.

    4. I m usually sad when a good book comes to an end, mostly because I want to find out what happens next and often because I like the characters In this case, I was relieved to be finished with it.I didn t like Ronnie, the main character, at all And I didn t find the love story believable It was lust, nothing She and Tom barely knew each other and only mentioned physical attributes when they talked or thought about each other the color of her hair, how hot she looked in a dress, her white skin, et [...]

    5. I really tried to power through this one but alas, I failed I couldn t finish it The characters were shallow, selfish and immature At first, the senator s wife sounded like a driven young woman who pulled herself out of poverty by succeeding in collegebut even though she was capable of building a career for herself she chose to marry up Vain and obsessed with being rich, she puts up with her husband s infidelity and step children s hate just for the luxury of living as the senator s wife Instead [...]

    6. Ronnie and TomI had a really hard time getting behind Ronnie It s just stuff, leave him if you re that unhappy The book seemed to drag on too I liked Tom s character, I just wasn t convinced of his thing for Ronnie.

    7. Karen Robards is consistently great and she knows her audience Great characters, humor, intrigue,and hot sex What do you want

    8. I liked the book Possibly because i am the age or older than the Senator s Wife and the yung woman is my grand daughter s age.Believable.

    9. One of my least favorite Karen Robards books thus far and I LOVE her writing There was something about the story line that just seemed a little cheap If this is your first Karen Robards book please choose something else Obsession, Pursuit, Vanished, Superstition there s so many better options This book isn t a good representation of Karen Robards as a writer.

    10. Ronnie Honneker likes the idea of being Senator Lewis Honneker s wife much than she actually likes being married to him She may prefer the status of her marriage the power, the prestige, the wealth, the comforts and beautiful things that such a marriage provides, but for Ronnie it is also an acutely lonely marriage For she is the second wife Married to the Honorable Lewis Honneker, a man twice her age who is wealthy, successful, and revered by the voters in his home state of Mississippi.What th [...]

    11. Not a fan when both hero and heroine are cheaters Ugh 1 star for the suspense of finding out how the two stories of Marla and Ronnie finally connected.

    12. Ronnie is the gorgeous young wife of a much older and richer senator Tom is the political consultant brought in to make her palatable to voters I loved their dynamic they feel like real people to me, with normal flaws rather than deep dark secrets Tom is not an alpha in the slightest, which is a major relief even in romances written today, let alone books from the 90s And Ronnie is beautiful and doesn t have to pretend she isn t, and the narrative doesn t paint her as arrogant for it In another [...]

    13. Honestly, I really really liked this book I liked how the writing was so light which makes it a fast paced book even though it deals with heavy social issues like second wives and politics and cheating At some point, I really got annoyed at Ronnie because of the reason why she stays married with an asshole for a husband Most of the time I just wanna yell at her for being so selfish and for dragging Tom into her mess But somehow she finds the l ight in the dark and decided for the better.And I li [...]

    14. I would have given this book 2 stars if I had read it while on vacation It seemed like a good, semi trashy beach read I bought it at a used book sale because the title seemed familiar, like I had read a review of the book and seemed interested in it I was probably thinking of the book written by Sue Miller with the same title Whoops It was somewhat intriguing, but the ending was way out there While I was getting close to the end, I kept thinking, there isn t a lot of book left, how is it going t [...]

    15. Not really the best of the author s books I agree with several readers comments on the heroine being TSTL so won t add to that The only redeeming quality about the book is KR s writing style and the suspense story which wasn t too hard to figure out but still unfolded in an interesting way KR has come a long way since writing this, so if you have never read any of her books, would suggest you try her later books first, as they are far intriguing.

    16. Ronnie is a 29 year old 2nd wife to a senator twice her age who the people don t like and label her as a home wrecker but she is lonely enters Tom Quilan political consultant they fall for each other and the senator ends up dead and Ronnie is blame Tom is the only one we ho believes her This book is better then I 1st thought

    17. CuteVery cute and sweet love story I wish I read this book first because the last book regarding political scandal and murder was so well written it has just eclipsed this book I have to admit I didn t know the true bad guy until the end, but the main characters were horrible about being secretive Still very good book.

    18. Oh boy These are some conniving, manipulative and unscrupulous characters I liked the touch of mystery with a hint of suspense Ronnie is my least favorite character in the entire book, couldn t sympathize with her at all Overall, I enjoyed the read and Karen Robards writing style which gets an A.

    19. 2nd read November 2016 2 I have no idea why I gave this book such a high raiting in the past Now, after re reading, I m bumping it down to 2 star because of the cheating element.1st read before 2010 4

    20. i liked this book, but I was expecting from it The ending is kind of weird and it s hard to really like any of these characters raises interesting questions about boundaries and the choices we make.

    21. Too predictable I read this book after reading The Midnight Hour by this author I guess not all her books are great Finished it, just to finish it Easy read made me feel dumb for reading it though

    22. I really liked this book It starts out as a book about the senators 2nd wife and her life of fitting in But later on in the book it takes a turn then towards the end it takes another turn I completely wasn t expecting Great read

    23. Good book Like the authors writing style Love story and a mystery Did not figure out who did it Have read several other books by Karen Robards and plan to read Enjoyable and fast reading book.

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