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Tra le braccia del pericolo By Karen Robards,

  • Title: Tra le braccia del pericolo
  • Author: Karen Robards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bella e intelligente, Lynn una trentacinquenne divorziata che, pur di sanare il turbolento rapporto con la figlia adolescente, decide di accompagnarla in una vacanza a diretto contatto con la natura tra le selvagge montagne dello Utah Con loro, una ventina di ragazzine, qualche mamma e le sei aitanti guide dell agenzia organizzatrice, tra cui Jess, il pi bello, arroganBella e intelligente, Lynn una trentacinquenne divorziata che, pur di sanare il turbolento rapporto con la figlia adolescente, decide di accompagnarla in una vacanza a diretto contatto con la natura tra le selvagge montagne dello Utah Con loro, una ventina di ragazzine, qualche mamma e le sei aitanti guide dell agenzia organizzatrice, tra cui Jess, il pi bello, arrogante e sciovinista dei maschilisti, dotato di un vero talento per incantare le bambine e irritare le madri Se a livello emozionale la situazione complessa, almeno sul piano pratico tutto sembra procedere per il meglio il tour perfettamente organizzato, il tempo meraviglioso, e i soli guai in vista consistono nelle occasionali scaramucce tra madri e figlie Ma gli sbalzi d u delle inquiete adolescenti non tarderanno a dimostrarsi di gran lunga la minore tra le difficolt Nel folto delle foreste si cela qualcosa di molto pi selvaggio, imprevedibile e pericoloso degli orsi favoleggiati dalle guide, qualcosa di talmente malvagio e sanguinario da non poterlo neanche immaginare E quando Lynn e sua figlia finiranno per ritrovarsi isolate dal gruppo, persino la forte protezione di Jess potrebbe rivelarsi del tutto insufficiente
    Tra le braccia del pericolo Bella e intelligente Lynn una trentacinquenne divorziata che pur di sanare il turbolento rapporto con la figlia adolescente decide di accompagnarla in una vacanza a diretto contatto con la natura t

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    1. When Lynn Nelson s teenage daughter, Rory, and fellow schoolgirls go on a vacation camping trip in the mountain wilderness of Utah, Lynn goes along as one of the chaperones Jess Feldman, owner of Adventure Inc along with his brother Owen, are the tour guides for the girls adventure into the wilderness Rory has a crush on Jess, but it s Rory s mom that Jess is interested in Jess and Lynn start off on the wrong foot, but after Lynn and Rory plummet from a crumbling cliff edge, it s Jess who comes [...]

    2. With the end of the world stuff circulating around the Internet and the world media, I picked up quite a fitting read for the occasion, and I promise you that it was all by coincidence Karen Robards is a favorite author of mine and every now and then I pick up something of hers just to get my fix of Ms Robards who delivers kick ass romantic suspense with a superb dose of sensuality in almost all of her novels of the genre Similarly Heartbreaker is a contemporary romantic suspense packed with non [...]

    3. I really detested the beginning of this book I HATED the bitchy main character, and her bitchy, spoiled brat daughter The main character actually thinking to herself SMUGLY that at least her ass isn t as big as the other moms WOW Meanwhile she is SMOKING to keep her weight down Does she wonder why she has NO FRIENDS AT ALL No, she doesn t care As long as she is smarter and better looking.I detested her I wanted her to die in the damn avalanche.Of course, the hot main dude is completely into her [...]

    4. This was an interesting story line but the heroine annoyed me way too much Even when Jess was saving her life she was all about how she was going to sue Adventure s Inc and it was constant, I think even after they made love Wow Talk about a b itch Didn t like it.Then what really tipped it over the edge for me was when the man she loved hurled himself out the window right before a house blew up, she s being a reporter and reporting on the story She didn t run over to him and kiss him or hug him b [...]

    5. Lynn Nelson is an anchorwoman in Chicago Her relationship with her 14 year old daughter, Rory is rocky to say the least When Lynn books a vacation in hopes she can bond with Rory, she has no idea she ll be right in the middle of murder Plenty of twists, turns and a bit of romance I really had a hard time putting this down I love this author s Romantic Suspense

    6. Very dramatic, could not have predicted the story or outcome, very involved, dramatic, good story and characters intermingled with romance that at times seemed a bit unrealistic, but fun to balance out the circumstances.

    7. So this book really throws you for a loop as it progresses.The characters are pretty well rounded, but we get to know them a little too suddenly They literally tell their life stories and backgrounds in a few pages about half way through, which kind of kills the tension between Lynn and Jess.Lynn I literally hated her character for the first hundred or so pages All she does is bitch and whine about every single little thing She whines about the whole vacation, down to the people there who aren t [...]

    8. I picked out Heartbreaker on the recommendation of the store clerk in the used book store I was heading for a flight and I needed something to read I had never read Karen Robards but with those waiting lines at the airport facing me, I grabbed the book and dove in.Heartbreaker is non stop action, which is the best sort of book to have while you re waiting to board a plane I couldn t care less that the person behind me just jumped ahead of me in line because I just kept reading And it s got humou [...]

    9. Set in some bizarre alternate Utah, I enjoyed the story, but thought the setting was a deal breaker These people would have been dead of hypothermia in the freezing cold Uintahs in June, slushy trails, freezing run off Plus Wilderness areas are specifically areas where there are no roads, no off roading, no jeeps, no mining It did make me realize that the books I read that are set in places I m not familiar with are probably terribly inaccurate and I just don t know it I d give three stars for s [...]

    10. I got to Chapter 34 and was really disappointed where the book went from there although I see that this was to develop Jess s story but I think it would have been stronger if there were scenes in his POV , so I skipped to the HEA However Lynn was incredibly judgemental and unlikeable, and when she and Jess had four rounds of sex on a rocky ledge after he was shot and she sent her daughter off, I really struggled to buy into their story any longer What happened to Rory at the end She wasn t ment [...]

    11. Honestly I don t care much for romance novels of any kind, so why did I read it Well it was in the bag of books my sister dropped off Bad sister lol Anyway it was rather predictable but aren t all romance novels so This followed the man and woman meet she doesn t like him, he pretends not to like her danger follows, they have to trust each other and help each other to survive and of course fall in love in the process Yay This novel was well written, you could tell the author had thought the char [...]

    12. I almost returned this library book unread couldn t get past the first couple chapters of Lynn s Chicago TV anchorwoman whining and complaining which was annoying than humorous I never did find her a particularly sympathetic character Nor did I find Jess, an adventure tour guide who is solid in a lot of ways, to be a consistent character But I got sucked in to the suspense The Waco like cult bomb end of the world plot felt dated as did the descriptions of computers and the lack of Homeland Secu [...]

    13. First time reading this author and I liked it for the most part Lynn is on a wilderness adventure with her 14 yr old daughter in order to have bonding time She is brittle, bitchy and overprotective Her daughter Rory is deservedly pulling away After an accident leaves Lynn and Rory stranded with Jesse, one of the leaders of the adventure, she is forced to trust someone to help her Lynn is a difficult character to like throughout the whole book and the choices she makes are often strange The book [...]

    14. Not my type of book and I really had to force myself to finish it I was quite disappointed as this is not what I expected of Robards I don t see the title of the book fitting anywhere with the plot as it seemed to be about religious fanatics Characters seemed to get lost along the storyline and all this with a bit of romance thrown in here and there It was like everything was thrown in together haphazardly If I had not read any other books by Robards, I would have stopped right here but thank Go [...]

    15. I found this book very disappointing The storyline was completely far fetched, even for a suspense type story I also found it disturbing that the main character eventually ends up hooking up with the cowboy she thought was flirting with her 15 year old daughter I mean reallyfalling cliffs, bizzare religious cults and one man single handedly saving the world from a bomb Are you kidding me I confess I had to skim the book just to find out what the resolution was, couldn t bring myself to read it l [...]

    16. Fun story Lynn really wasn t very nice or even rational at the beginning, but you could see where she was coming from and she was strangely likeable, as Jess found The romance developing as she dropped her rather silly assumptions about Jess was very enjoyable.The action scenes were very exciting and the funny bits, like the kayak and the donkey made me laugh out loud Karen Robards is author who alays seemed to deliver a story that fits my preferenes

    17. I read this book ages ago and it was the first book I ve read with a love scene So the book is kind of special to me I love the humour, the suspense, the adventure and how there was two storylines between Lynn s and the other girl, I ve forgotten her name Her struggles to save her sibling, Lynn s struggles with her adolescent daughter, Rory s struggles with her crush and Jess s struggles with his past It s a great read

    18. Heartbreaker G Karen Robards When divorcee Lynn Nelson, a beautiful single mother, agrees to help chaperone her teenage daughter Rory s wilderness trip, she and Rory become separated from the rest of the group, surrounded by an unknown menace, with only outfitter Jess Feldman standing between them and the mysterious evil.

    19. This was a good book, the suspense was good and the characters were well developed The mother, Lynn, complains alot in the first few chapters, but redeems herself I probably would have complained too in those conditions I love stories about surviving in the wild, throw in a few bad guys and I m hooked.

    20. Talk about a thrill ride The story starts off a little irritating but then the ride begins and does not let up or slow down until the final pages I really enjoyed this book The intensity keeps you going page after page Although the characters are not really done in depth, the suspense than makes up for it.

    21. When a vacation turns out much differently than expected, due to an unstable cliff and murderous cultists intent on destroying the world, anything can happend it does Lynn gets even adventure than the outfitters promisedd than she ever dreamed of.

    22. Despite the title, this was a hilarious book The situations, and the characters reaction to them cracked me up I wouldn t have minded the daughter falling prey to a mountain lion she was beyond obnoxious The hero and heroine were absolutely terrific.

    23. Lynn, a TV reporter goes on a horse back class trip with her 14 year old daughter Rory As they looking at a rainbow they fall off a mountain cliff Hot cowboy Jess climbs down to rescue them soon they find them running for their life from a religious cult.

    24. Excellent read by Karen Robards Great suspense, suprise around every corner, pager turner, romance, sensual, feels like your with the characters A Great read Contemp, suspense, romance

    25. This was just bad The beginning was mildly interesting, mom and daughter go on wilderness vacation and encounter trouble However,once the romance and end of the world story lines start, you have to put your common sense on a shelf.

    26. Great bookReally good book I love the ending statement that when a man does battle with a dragon sometimes the Dragon wins This book shows the beauty of when the Dragon loses I love this author and this book just reaffirmed that Great read.

    27. It was a little dated in the fact that there were trying to get to a phone couldn t use a pay phone, situations that don t exist today Lynn main character was annoying at times, Jess was of course lovable, and than what she gave him credit for Overall I liked it.

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