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All-Star Superman: Volume 1 By Grant Morrison Frank Quitely,

  • Title: All-Star Superman: Volume 1
  • Author: Grant Morrison Frank Quitely
  • ISBN: 9781401211028
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two of the comics industry s top creative talents, writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely, the acclaimed team behind JLA EARTH 2, reunite to redefine Superman based on the timeless, essential iconic elements that everyone knows about the Man of Steel In the first volume, the World s Greatest Super Hero rescues a doomed group of astronauts on the surface of the sunTwo of the comics industry s top creative talents, writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely, the acclaimed team behind JLA EARTH 2, reunite to redefine Superman based on the timeless, essential iconic elements that everyone knows about the Man of Steel In the first volume, the World s Greatest Super Hero rescues a doomed group of astronauts on the surface of the sun when he s exposed to massive amounts of solar radiation no one could possibly anticipate how he ll be affected except Lex Luthor
    All Star Superman Volume Two of the comics industry s top creative talents writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely the acclaimed team behind JLA EARTH reunite to redefine Superman based on the timeless essential

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    1. Okay, other than Frank Quitely giving Supes the physique of a championship bowler, this book wasn t bad It certainly was NOT the loathsome, Batman persona raping shit bomb that All Star Batman Robin the Boy Wonder, Volume 1 was I still haven t forgiven you for that Frank Miller I think that Grant Morrison did a good job capturing the essential, archetypal goodness of Superman in this homage tribute restoration of the icon of icons Still, this was a swing and a miss for meough a well intended and [...]

    2. Despite the fact that I read a lot of comics and I do read a lot of comics I don t read a lot of superhero comics Which isn t true at all, because I read a lot of superhero comics it s just that almost all the superhero comics I read are Batman I am absolutely obsessed with Batman in a way I ve learned to live with, and I don t feel the need for non comics fans or non superhero fans to get it, because so many other people obviously already do.But If, say, you were getting into comics but you wer [...]

    3. 4.5 starsThis is what I would recommend to someone who is not a fan of Superman Morrison manages to take all of the things that make Superman such an iconic character, and turn it into a great story.

    4. Dear Grant Morrison,It s not you, it s me I should have known better I ve never been a big fan of Superman We both know that I m much of a Batman sort of girl I can t think of a single Superman book that I ve loved I probably should have left well enough alone But I was curious, and anything had to be better than Frank Miller s All Star Batman That much was true At least you seem to understand Superman s character, in a way that Miller no longer understands Batman s and has never understood Sup [...]

    5. 5.5 stars Introduction Now, I have a little confession to make I seem to be making so many book confessions lately, right I had only read a few Superman comics over the years, which included Superman Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow and Superman Secret Identity The reason why I have not read that many Superman comics was not because I hate Superman I actually really like his character , but it was hard for me to look for some recommendations for good Superman stories while recommendation [...]

    6. I ve had this Comic for ages without reading it I should ve read it sooner, as it s really good The storylines for each episode are all different, yet often interlinking all of the usual suspects in terms of characters are in it The artworks nice Retro mixed with modern with a good amount of detail when needed.However, what let it down a bit for me was the way that Clark Kent Superman himself was drawn sometimes As this massive, thick necked Jawed man, that was even obviously not human So, Supe [...]

    7. Look Superman playing super fetch with his super dog Aw Hey, guys Guess what I read yesterday Superman Isn t that weird Well, it was Buy 1 Graphic Novel, Get 1 For 1 Day my work And I had stocked up on the latest volumes of the three series that I am currently in the middle of Fables, The Walking Dead, Chew I just needed one And the stock was looking slim yay sales boo none for me When this guy that I work with, Tyler, hands me Grant Morrison s All Star Superman Since he knows what he s talking [...]

    8. I keep wanting to like Superman, to find those epic stories that boil him down to the essentials and show why people love him so much All Star Superman was one recommended to me, and I came away with nothing but meh Most of this feels so over the top and hokey Black kryptonite Jimmy Olsen what are you doing Atlas and Sampson s pissing match over Lois, let me puke , which only buries the nicer moments.Also, I have never, ever liked Quitely s art Too many potato faces and giant bodybuilder necks W [...]

    9. Morrison is a great comic book writer, but he has a few obvious flaws that can make his work difficult to digest, and have always kept him from reaching the same heights as Alan Moore.All Star Superman, while using the same deconstructed narrative and mind blowingly bizarre gift of invention that are his trademarks, manages to overcome those limitations and essentially create the platonic ideal of what a Superman story should be.In twelve issues this series manages to truly show how an epic stor [...]

    10. How do I rave without giving everything away or repeating what others have already said This is Morrison at his best and most focused It s still out there, sometimes cerebral, funny, wacky But it s mostly charming, classic, and true This is how I think about Superman, omnipotent yet vulnerable, strong yet sensitive And Clark Kent steals every scene he s in like a chubby Dick Van Dyke Very well done Looking forward to Volume 2 and then buying the whole in a collective hardcover edition.

    11. Poor Superman is always going to start off on the wrong foot with me, and having him written by Grant Morrison doesn t make things much better Fortunately, I ve read Morrison s We3, where he lets Quitely s art do what it s supposed to do tell the story so I expected to see as much here Secondly, Morrison s approach to this series pleased me, as he stated in the planning stages, that he did not want to rehash Superman s origin story, yet again The point of All Star Superman is to give us the esse [...]

    12. Let it not be said that throughout my history of reading comics I have not given Superman and his creative teams ample opportunity to make me a fan Because I have Probably opportunity than both my free time and my wallet really appreciate, to be honest This persistent and futile, I now realize , pursuit of the Man of Steel s fandom was most likely fueled by a few fleeting moments of brilliance in stories about him I ve read in the past Those stories being It s a Bird by Steven T Seagle and a sh [...]

    13. I honestly don t know what to think of this now that I have read it I was fun, it was colorful and brilliant, and yet overall it didn t make much sense to me It s like when they sat down to write this superman book they decided to explore x number of stories and themes and in the end all those themes and stories didn t flow with each other in the amount of allotted pages they were given Here s the gist of what I saw in this book Superman is dying by the hands of Luthor Luthor is okay with going [...]

    14. Too much hard to follow techno jurgons and incomprehensible weird sci fi elements to enjoy the Superman adventures properly, and all the episodes felt rather disjointed and scattered instead of a firmly connected chronological development of a single plot Still, independently, the plots of each of the episodes works, even though they were not very interesting other than Superman slowly dying and finally revealed his trueself to Lois so that they can spend some quality time together, which was fu [...]

    15. 2.75 starsI enjoyed the first couple of issues in this than the ending ones The artwork was pretty good but not exactly my cup of tea The dialogue was good, and the characters were somewhat interesting There was some action, but not an overbearing amount Like it didn t distract from the plot.I don t really have much to say about this because it didn t stand out to me I don t find Superman a compelling character, but I can see how Superman fans would be into this The contrast between Clark and S [...]

    16. This is so good SO GOOD.When Morrison and Quitely are together, they really are masterful storytellers Morrison is a wordsmith in his dialogue and plots out each issue so they re perfectly paced Each having their own moments of quiet and action Quitely is one of those artists whose work you have to spend that little extra time looking at to fully appreciate it Morrison doesn t restrain him He lets him do his best work Side Note If the Man of Steel film left you with a bad taste in your mouth, an [...]

    17. I have a friend who s trying to convince me that I m giving short shrift to Supes overa lot of other superhero characters This despite the fact that I am, to those who know me, of a horror noir crime reader I don t love uplifting stories I barely like them, unless the uplift comes up out of some verifiable muck The one Supes story that I love is the Judd Winick story, Superman Shazam First Thunder which fits the bill exactly, IMO.So I can t say that I love this book It was all right In fact it [...]

    18. This is one of the better comics I have read in quite some time Morrison can get pretty heady sometimes but this is really a love story to the Silver Age Superman Sort of like Moore s Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow it takes all the crazy silver age stuff the key to the fortress, Jimmy Olsen s signal watch and crazy identities, etc, etc, etc and turns it on it s head and makes it work Quitely s artwork while hard to call pretty is extremely effective His Clark Kent is AMAZING and you ca [...]

    19. Am not quite sure where I fall on this Some of it displays signs of brilliance bit there a there are a few meh moments which I ll touch on in a TFF review Some characters had great art for them Lois, Clark and a couple of others but I didn t like the artwork for the front cover nor the weird purple alien not a big Superman fan so not too sure on this character, the other not quite Superman Supermen, Luthor and Jimmy Olsen But the story was strong and I may stick around for Vol.2.

    20. I have never before written a review for a comic book This is a new experience, to say the least If the review is not written as well as my normal reviews, I hope the reader will grant me pardon All Star Superman is a concept whose genesis is in the effort by DC Comics to have something of their own to compare to the new take on the comics that Marvel created with their Ultimate series of titles The difference is that these All Star titles are designed to be short mini series events, unlike Marv [...]

    21. If I was asked to choose the best superhero book of all time, it would obviously be Youngblood Kidding No, if I had to pick one comic as the definitive superhero story, All Star Superman would be my choice It s a modern classic with a timeless feel that distills everything that s great about superhero stories in one nice package.The plot is simple Superman is called to outerspace to save Dr Leo Quintum and his science team P.R.O.J.E.C.T after Lex Luthor sabotages their ship Luthor knows that Sup [...]

    22. All Star Superman is a comic that I had heard lot about Many have said that it is The Superman comic that you should read, and how can you argue with a name like All Star Superman But after reading it I hope this is not the best Superman can do The story is a complete mess as is the art style All Star Superman is an example of how the universe behind the characters have grown too large for a new reader to understand it I, who vaguely knows who Jimmy Olsen is, found myself confused from time and [...]

    23. All Star Superman Vol 1 and 2 written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quietly Over the years I ve been deluged with all sorts of comic media telling me how great a writer Grant Morrison is So, I ve gone out and read a lot his works and by a lot, I mean I ve read a lot the end result of this reading comes to the conclusion that he is one of the most overrated writers writing comics today This comic is proof of that The pacing is too quick for the plot, characters are introduced too fas [...]

    24. This was my second time reading, and I am raising the rating from 3 4 stars I think I m doing that because I ve read lots of Morrison Quitely team ups, and I think the art is a bonus as opposed to a liability when I first read it Also, I really like the ideas here that are pushing the boundaries of what Superman has always been, expanding into new territory or further exploring things just touched on elsewhere.Strongly recommended.

    25. Decent, fast paced comic with a great setting, and possibly my favorite rendition of Clark Kent so far I loved the ending, too The only thing I couldn t stand was the absolute ego trip Lois Lane is given in the first half I cannot abide that woman Her existence in this abundance practically knocked off a whole star from the rating What is it with superheroes and bad taste in women, huh

    26. Not much really thrilled me but I was somehow glad I stopped to visit The art was a bit off, the story telling took some liberties that pushed me back in my chair, but something kept me involved Still not sure what it was

    27. The thing I never liked about Superman was that he constantly seemed to get new powers, unexplained, deus ex machina style and that honestly bothered me This has some of that, but it also has a lot of deep character development, emotional heft, and really great art as well.

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