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Freedom to Love By Susanna Fraser,

  • Title: Freedom to Love
  • Author: Susanna Fraser
  • ISBN: 9781426899447
  • Page: 258
  • Format: ebook
  • Louisiana, 1815Th r se Bondurant trusted her parents to provide for her and her young half sister, though they never wed due to laws against mixed race marriage But when both die of a fever, Th r se learns her only inheritance is debt and her father s promise that somewhere on his plantation lies a buried treasure, if she can find it before her white cousins take possessiLouisiana, 1815Th r se Bondurant trusted her parents to provide for her and her young half sister, though they never wed due to laws against mixed race marriage But when both die of a fever, Th r se learns her only inheritance is debt and her father s promise that somewhere on his plantation lies a buried treasure, if she can find it before her white cousins take possession of the land.Then British officer Henry Farlow, dazed from a wound received in battle outside New Orleans, stumbles onto the property Th r se insists he stay with them to recover, and he is quickly captivated by her intelligence and beauty Thanks to her care, he is back to full strength just in time to fend off an attack by her cousin, inadvertently killing the would be rapist.Knowing they will find no justice in the law, the trio flees Henry risks being labeled a deserter, but than duty compels him to see the sisters to safety, and Th r se comes to rely on Henry for than protection On their journey to freedom, they must navigate another new territory love But when they arrive in England, an unexpected inheritance puts their newfound commitment to the test.
    Freedom to Love Louisiana Th r se Bondurant trusted her parents to provide for her and her young half sister though they never wed due to laws against mixed race marriage But when both die of a fever Th r se l

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    1. I was attracted to this book because its heroine is one of the gens de couleur libres free peoples of color who lived in the French colonies in the 18th 19th century Since I did an honors thesis on the subject when I was in college, I tend to pounce on anything that features that population in literature, fiction or film.In this book set during the Battle of New Orleans, one of the final major battles of the War of 1812, British officer Henry Farlow is wounded, dazed, and the sole survivor of hi [...]

    2. Title Freedom to LoveAuthor Susanna FraserPublisher Carina PressCopyright 2015ISBN 9781426899447Format E bookGenre Historical RomanceSeries Book 1 of Freedom to Love Series The course of true love never did run smooth William ShakespeareNever is this the case for Therese Bondurant and Henry Farlow The two belong to separate worlds She the free people of color in New Orleans and he the English aristocracy So how did these two even meet you ask Oh, just a little thing called war.The novel takes p [...]

    3. Vikki s MusingsWhen I stumbled across Freedom to Love on Net Galley, the book description drew me in I had read A Christmas Reunion in October and enjoyed it immensely I immediately requested this book and to my delight, the publisher approved my request for an honest review Freedom to Love pulled me in from the first page when Henry Farlow awakens in the aftermath of the Battle of New Orleans with a hole in his side cold mud beneath him and a dull gray sky above Dozens of dead soldiers lay scat [...]

    4. Reviewed on my blog, Becky on Books on 1 7 15.I loved this book Th r se, Henry, and Jeannette are such wonderful characters, it s impossible to not be rooting for them all from the start, even when they seem to be at cross purposes Deep down they re all such strong, caring people, though, you know that they can t stay on opposite sides of anything for long.Th r se, who is illegitimate and one eighth each Native American and African American, is able to pass as white but even in the American Sout [...]

    5. Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread Compared to all the historical romances about Americans in Britain or indeed in Europe in general there are remarkably few about Brits in the US Likewise, there aren t as many multicultural historical romances out there as I d like So, obviously I snapped this one up, and it pretty much satisfied my needs on all counts.Henry is fighting with the British Army in the southern states of the US during the lull in the wars in Europe following N [...]

    6. Find this review and at Lusty Penguin Reviews Freedom to Love by Susanna Fraser is a delightfully entertaining historical romance filled with love and acceptance The author draws the reader in with lush, vivid descriptions of the time period, Louisiana during the year 1815 I really enjoy reading historical romances and was excited to read one set in America.Th r se Bondurant, a New Orleans resident of mixed race, recently discovered she has a younger half sister, Jeannette, who is a slave Since [...]

    7. First offI was drawn in by the cover Rarely does a lovey dovey cover draw me, but for some reason this one did The summary really did it in for me Yes, it is a historical romance, but its deeper then that Therese is a mixed race girl who is trying to find a treasure hidden by her deceased father to help her support herself and help get her half sister s freedom While digging and looking around, Henry stumbles into their lives with a wound from the war going on They take care of him and he can t [...]

    8. An enjoyable historical romance that didn t shrink away from the darker aspects of early 19th century America, Freedom to Love was a great read From the likable characters to the unique story, this book was a lovely romance.Th r se was a strong heroine for sure She was determined to find a way to free her half sister, even if it meant facing danger Through everything she went through, she remained resilient and maintained the kindness that made her a likable character I thought she was great.Hen [...]

    9. There is much to admire in Fraser s FREEDOM TO LOVE, but not much to hug The mixed race Th r se and wounded defeated British soldier, Henry, are decent, loving people Henry will do anything to protect and help Th r se and her enslaved sister, Jeanette who, frankly, is the most interesting character of the lot And, he is often called to do so as the three make their way from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Canada and across the sea to England The road encounters, challenges and dangers, as well as the [...]

    10. Freedom to Love is a fantastic historical romance by Susanna Fraser I fell in love with the characters Therese, Jeanette, and Henry right from the start They were the type of characters that you can completely relate to, and who you really want to succeed This novel had me hooked right from the beginning with the great writing style, and the compelling story that is told The adventure that the three characters embark on after a couple narrow escapes will keep any reader interested in this book A [...]

    11. A uniquely interesting and intriguing story during a time of bitter turmoil in 1815 Louisiana, in America It deals with slavery, mixed marriage, passion, the underground railroad, romance and the power of love The main characters cross from Louisiana to Tennessee to Canada to, yes, England, where they encounter prejudices, injustices, sacrifice, acceptance and help in getting safely to England An enjoyable, enlightening tale, filled with emotion, forgiveness, healing and finding happiness Well w [...]

    12. I ended up loving the book because, oh that ending , but the pacing seemed off to me for much of the first two thirds of the story It could just be me I m not much for travelogue type books, and these characters trek all over the United States and Canada, and then journey on to London But the romance suffered a bit in all that traveling around Readers who enjoy travel stories and adventure should eat this one up, though, because the writing is so lovely All the details one would want are brought [...]

    13. This was not quite the book I wanted In that book, Jeannette is the heroine, not the supportive sister, as she is far interesting than the rather conservative Therese That book also concludes with our protagonists settling into Little House on the Prairie domesticity, not battling the ton for a place in London society Those complaints aside, I love this new turn Fraser has taken with her historicals Mixed race Creole heroines I love Jeannette meet wounded British soldier left behind after the B [...]

    14. Quite good I put off reading this for months, for various reasons, but I m really glad I finally read it Like everything else I ve read by this author, the people and the populations felt real to me.

    15. It would have been a four star, surely, except, some very important things were passed rather too softly Don t feel writing like a review now, hopefully will write a detailed one later.

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