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Espera Por Mim By Gayle Forman,

  • Title: Espera Por Mim
  • Author: Gayle Forman
  • ISBN: 9789722354080
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Passaram tr s anos desde que o amor de Adam ajudou Mia a recuperar ap s o tr gico acidente que vitimou a sua fam lia e tr s anos desde que Mia decidiu afast lo da sua vida sem lhe dar explica es Quando uma noite os seus caminhos se cruzam na cidade de Nova Iorque, ambos t m a oportunidade de se confrontar com os fantasmas do passado e de abrir o cora o ao futuro.
    Espera Por Mim Passaram tr s anos desde que o amor de Adam ajudou Mia a recuperar ap s o tr gico acidente que vitimou a sua fam lia e tr s anos desde que Mia decidiu afast lo da sua vida sem lhe dar explica es Quand

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    1. I wonder if it is ok that I liked Where She Went so much than its predecessor I mean, If I Stay was all about people dying and lying in coma and there were hardly any tears in my eyes and here I spent hours sobbing over a guy s broken heart Am I that much into emo guys Don t think that s the answer though Super emo Shiver s Sam and Beautiful Creatures s Ethan didn t rock my boat and how could they with their obsessions over puffy coats, Scarlett O Hara and leaky womb type poetry Adam Wilde is e [...]

    2. I understand why so many people like this book, but it just wasn t for me I will say that Gayle Forman is a fantastic writer and I will continue to pick up books by her.

    3. I liked If I Stay, but I absolutely loved Where She Went I m having a hard time trying to compile my thoughts on the novel because I m still reeling from the deep, heartbreaking effect it had on me.Tatiana s review said what I ve been thinking most of all I mean, If I Stay was all about people dying and lying in coma and there were hardly any tears in my eyes and here I spent hours sobbing over a guy s broken heart That about sums up the reaction I had If someone asked you which would upset you [...]

    4. Undeniably 5 Shooting Stars Adam s Promise If you stay, I ll do whatever you want I ll quit the band go with you to New York But if you need me to go away, I ll do that too And that would suck, but I ll do it I can lose you like that, if I don t lose you today I ll let you go If you stay.Fans of If I Stay who thought the story concluded after Mia s choice will experience the post trauma that not only changed her life, but altered Adam s happiness In Where She Went, we face the aftermath of the r [...]

    5. Right, so I never rate a book unless I at least like it, and I almost never leave text reviews.but Where She Went is impossibly good If I Stay was good, of course, but Where She Went Good God I can t remember the last time I fell so hard for a couple My heart physically HURT throughout this book Adam, oh Adam How you and Mia make me cry

    6. I needed to hate someone and you re the one I love the most, so it fell on you You were so busy trying to be my savior that you left me all alone This is the conclusion to Mia and Adam s story, one that captivated me until the very last page The story follows our dear characters three years after Mia awoke from a heartbreaking coma In this continuation, we have the privilege to read from Adam s point of view that is as endearing as Maia s was It also contains the same calm and out of this world [...]

    7. I loved If I Stay LOVED IT It was one of those books that made my heart and soul ache It moved me and surprised me and lingered So much so that I kept mentally comparing the way I felt reading the two books, and I admit to being a bit disappointed by this follow up.This is Adam s story I loved Adam in If I Stay He was this incredibly supportive and sensitive and wonderful guy who loved a girl so much that he would do anything for her, who accepted and honored her for being the unique and oddball [...]

    8. Once in awhile comes a story that has touched me in a way that I will never forget.It s a story about one girls journey and her ultimate decision about life and death, to let go or to move on It was both heartbreaking and heartwarming.That story was If I Stay, and after I closed that book, my first and only thought was You know I thought about that a lot these last couple of years, she said in a chocked voice About who was there for you Who held your hand while you grieved for all that you d lo [...]

    9. Where She Went is the successional addition to Forman s spectacular If I Stay If the seminal theme of If I Stay were about finding a reason to continue living, then Where She Went s theme could be construed as finding what makes life worthwhile and livable.Adam, an infamous badboy rocker, has been in a perilous emotional and mental state since his longtime girlfriend, Mia Hall left him Chance brings them together for one night and this novel chronicles those precious twenty four hours together [...]

    10. STAYIf you stay, I ll do whatever you wantAnd that would suck, but I d do it I can lose you like that if I don t lose you today I ll let you go If you SHE DECIDED TO STAYWhere She WentIt s been three years since the devastating accidentree years since Mia walked out of Adam s life foreverThis book, to me as a HOPELESS ROMANTIC, was a dream come true This story is set in New York City, where by chance fate destinyAdam and Mia are brought together again where they have a chance to open their heart [...]

    11. 4.5 stars Needle and thread, flesh and boneSpit and sinew, heartbreak is homeYour suture lines sparkle like diamondsBright stars to light my confinement Wow, I really liked the first book in the series but this one kinda blew me away It was way better than the first The emotions, the tears, the heartbreak.I swear I nearly went to Youtube, trying to find the bloody band so I could hear the songs Had to use my imagination This author could definitely become a songwriter The bow is so old, its hors [...]

    12. Visuals for Adam irresistiblereads She kissed me good bye She told me that she loved me than life itself Then she stepped through security She never came back Note My review is not going to do this book justice I don t think I can possibly express how awesome Where She Went is.Wow Where She Went is an intense and breathtaking read I have to admit I enjoyed If I Stay but I wouldn t say I loved it But Where She Went is one the BEST books I have ever read It made my heart ache, it made me smile an [...]

    13. This review was difficult to write I didn t even know where to start All I wanted to do was pick up the book and reread it Because it was amazing, heartbreaking, and beautiful I loved it even than If I Stay She kissed me good bye She told me that she loved me than life itself Then she stepped through security.She never came back I loved reading from Adam s point of view The writing was so, so good Some moments were really intense And I felt like I could feel everything he was going through His [...]

    14. This was less of a book and of a roller coaster You know how you sometimes get off a roller coaster, and your legs feel like jelly and your middle feels like someone s wringing you dry I m not going to give you plot synopses I m not going to give you my favourite quotes I am, however, going to tell you a story I knew I would love Where She Went before I ever read it I read a review of the book about a month ago, and it inspired me to stop procrastinating and pull If I Stay out of the TBR pile I [...]

    15. Este libro me sorprendi desde la primera p gina, imaginaba que pod an pasar muchas cosas despu s del accidente de Mia, pero no esperaba nada de lo que este libro me cont Cuando por fin tuve todas las respuestas que necesitaba me sent igual que Adam, lo entend todo y comprend muchas cosas sobre Mia Rese a Completa bastvilard 2015 0

    16. 4.75 Adam makes this book Stars Where She Went turned out to be a better book, for me, than the first book If I Stay is the first book in the series and I ended up giving it 3 stars I had a hard time connecting with the first book but this book being told from Adam s POV was captivating Three years have passed since the accident and Mia and Adam are no longer together Both have moved on with their personal and musical lives Adam happens to stumble upon one of Mia s concerts and from that concert [...]

    17. A n no decido porque este libro me gusta tanto No se si ser porque es desde el punto de vista de Adam, me encantan los libros narrados por los hombres, ser porque deja al descubierto todo su sufrimiento cuando Mia le abandona O mas bien porque es la perfecta historia de romance Lo dejo como que es todo lo anterior Es una historia desgarradora y hermosa.

    18. This book was so, so, so painfully beautiful And it was perfect I couldn t stop reading I never in my whole life imagined that THIS was what happened after Mia wakes up I mean, I knew there wouldn t be a happily ever after and that they she and Adam would have to face so much difficulties, BUT I NEVER EXPECTED that they would just break up Stop seeing each other It was so painful to read, Adam was suffering so, so much.I really liked the fact that they both achieved their musical dreams Adam was [...]

    19. Wow what a ride I loved this book so much It was much better from the first I adored the first and I wanted to know if these characters will have the ending I wanted The emotions were so intense in this book I could feel Adam s pain and anger like I was in his shoes In this book like the previous,memories are include from back then,sad and happy moments.This book was so realistic Ifelt like these characters excist in real life This book is about three years since the end of IF I STAY We can see [...]

    20. Every morning I wake up and tell my self It s just one day, one twenty four hour period to get thorough A day might be just twenty four hours but sometimes getting through just one seems as impossible as scaling Everest If you haven t read If I Stay, there may be some spoilers Where She Went is Adam s storyIt s been three years since Adam s life was forever changed Three years ago he almost lost Mia, the love of his life Well, he did lose her, but not in the ultimate way Three years ago she went [...]

    21. After reading and loving If I Stay last year, I didn t really wanted to read this one I just felt that the end of If I Stay was really good, and adding anything to the story would just ruin it Boy was I an idiot I ended up loving it than the first one I just loved every single thing about this book Especially flashbacks with Mia s family, and the whole ending I did not expect it to end like it did, and that made me like it even .In conclusion, amazing book, and I would recommend it to anyone wh [...]

    22. I loved this book, I found it hard to put down I enjoyed it better than the first It was great hearing it from his perspective, I wasn t expecting that would highly recommend

    23. It s been three years since Mia woke up from her coma and since the car crash that killed her family It s also been three years since Mia left Adam s life forever One fated night, Adam walks into Carnegie Hall when Mia is doing a concert, and it seems like destiny had brought them together again But when old wounds open up and constant questions are rolling, any hope of rekindling their relationship is broken Told from Adam s perspective, this is a book about despair, heartbreak, music, sex, hat [...]

    24. My brain hurts My heart hurts My everything hurts I had not started it yet, but already I was upset with Mia It s been a little over a month since I read If I Stay, so I know what she went through I also know what she does to Adam And like Adam, I didn t know why Like him, I wondered Like him, I was angry But once I got started on this, I saw quite clearly what losing her did to him Then I felt a little angry and heartbroken for him And still I wondered, as he did, why Like If I Stay, this stor [...]

    25. My heart gushed rivers of love when I reviewed If I Stay I listened to the audiobook and just adored it because it felt like Gayle Forman tapped into my heartbeat and the rhythm beat right through to the end I put off reading Where She Went because I wasn t ready for another heartache As it turns out, this is a rare instance where the sequel or companion has an entirely different tone than its predecessor Rightly so, as Where She Went is told from Adam Wilde s point of view, whereas If I Stay wa [...]

    26. Category A book and its prequel sequel5 StarsI never would have guessed that my first 5 star of 2016 would be a YA novel, and a sequel no less, but here we are Grief Grief can be one of the most segregating things in the entire world Some people grieve in packs, like wolves, striking out with ferocity at the pain and demanding comfort from the warmth of each other While others melt quietly, shattering beneath stoicism and distance Some get angry, some get sad and some, some just get so numb that [...]

    27. CLOSURE GLORIOUS CLOSURE I think I liked this better than If I stay for that reason alone But I did love both of them a lot.

    28. She kissed me good bye She told me that she loved me than life itself Then she stepped through security She never came back I ve come to realize there s a world of difference between knowing something happened, even knowing why it happened, and believing it One of my fav quotes is by Jon Basoff There is no free will Choices aren t made And I have used it many times before and it always reinforces itself This idea, the quote, it keeps proving itself to me I mean picture this, I am having a chat [...]

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