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#omegaproblems By subnivean,

  • Title: #omegaproblems
  • Author: subnivean
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 500
  • Format: ebook
  • SterekStiles didn t need an alpha He might want one, though.Words 12539 complete
    omegaproblems SterekStiles didn t need an alpha He might want one though Words complete

    One thought on “#omegaproblems”

    1. Stiles, an omega, is babysitting a newborn who likes to chew on his man nipples This causes some temporary lactating and a mini heat Will alpha Derek help a guy out Spoiler Don t be ridiculous, of course he will.This one was interesting It s canon up to 3A though Stiles is now in college but also ABO I can t think if I ve ever read an ABO that wasn t AU I was convinced I wasn t going to like it, but, shocker, I did.Oh And there s lactating Wait, I think I said that already Whatever Which isn t m [...]

    2. Unexpectedly, Stiles goes into heat after babysitting triggers his omega hormones Derek being an alpha, of course has the compulsion to provide all sorts of services Yep.I could have totally gone without the whole lactation aspect of this fic but it s A B O and you know how I feel about that Despite a rough beginning and ending, the middle part is what counts the most and it was hot with KNOTTING.

    3. Hey, he murmured You found your words again Thought you were gonna go perma cave man leers This was cute, smutty and erotic Stiles goes into pseudo heat Derek helps with KNOTTING dat ass I wish there weren t lube and condoms despite this pseudo neat business.The author tried to create a different kind of A B O universe not the best but nothing to complain B for effort salutes

    4. 3.5 starsOmega Stiles and Alpha Derek Stiles goes into heat, Derek helps him with that 3.5 stars because the lactating was a bit weird

    5. Gah Super hot Stiles as omega get it on with his pseudo heat by way of Derek s knot Gah Slow build, but when it gets there HoT

    6. The lactation was a little weird, that s not a big thing for me However, this one didn t make me feel ehew gross.

    7. Sterek,Knotting,Hot,Knotting,Cute baby moments,Knotting,lactating Knotting.Very nice sex scenes, and did I mention the knotting

    8. Cute short story, love Alpha Derek Omega Stiles Loved how Derek liked Stiles all along who was oblivious then he heat hits and who does he call Very sweet the oh, I love you too at the end on Stile s part was a bit rushed though I get Derek being in love all along but Stiles truly didn t seem to be aware till it Derek said it.

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