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Dark Lord: The Early Years By Jamie Thomson,

  • Title: Dark Lord: The Early Years
  • Author: Jamie Thomson
  • ISBN: 9780545552233
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • Greeting, Puny Humans In your hands, you are holding a tome of staggering evil genius It is for those willing to serve as my devoted minions while I plan my greatest feat yet surviving life as a human boy and returning to my rightful place as ruler of the Dark Lands Before I can exact revenge, I must infiltrate this world and learn its ways.How, you might ask, is it posGreeting, Puny Humans In your hands, you are holding a tome of staggering evil genius It is for those willing to serve as my devoted minions while I plan my greatest feat yet surviving life as a human boy and returning to my rightful place as ruler of the Dark Lands Before I can exact revenge, I must infiltrate this world and learn its ways.How, you might ask, is it possible that I, the Dark Lord, the Master of the Legions of Dread and Sorcerer Supreme, could be reduced to human form And how is it possible that the Lord of Darkness could be forced to attend school and befriend such pitiful life forms Only by reading my tale will you learn the truth behind the cataclysmic defeat that left me stranded on this accursed planet, Earth But make no mistake, revenge will be mine soon as I finish my homework Mwah, ha, ha
    Dark Lord The Early Years Greeting Puny Humans In your hands you are holding a tome of staggering evil genius It is for those willing to serve as my devoted minions while I plan my greatest feat yet surviving life as a human

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    1. I really wasn t sure about this book, the blurb sounded quite funny and made me giggle a bit but it s not my usual read We have the author coming to do a talk at our library tomorrow so I decided I should try it I started it at break time at work and managed to read about 35 pages in 15 minutes It s actually a really easy read I got home from work today and decided to carry on, I was only going to read for about an hour and see how far I got but in the end I got so into the story that I had to f [...]

    2. I feel like my review needs to start off with an evil laugh After all this is a review for Dark Lloyd, or as he s known in our world Dirk Lloyd Known as The Dark Lord, Dirk Lloyd is now a human, in our world and has no powers Once the powerful ruler of a dark world, Dirk some how fell into our world and without his ring, and his power, he s unable to get back into his world Forced to live life as a human, Dirk goes through various tests, and his given a foster home to stay in, since no one knows [...]

    3. I was intrigued by this book I am a school librarian, and this book popped up in the booktalks list provided by to promote their book fair It has an interesting cover and just sounded so unusual Who wouldn t want to find out about a powerful, evil dark lord trapped in a human boy s body and forced to attend school So, of course it is the first book I read off the fair even before it ended I liked it it definitely is unusual The story begins with Dark Lord crashing into a parking lot and being m [...]

    4. El m s temible villano ha sido desterrado de sus dominios Condenado a vivir en el debilucho cuerpo de un puberto de 13 a os Qu clase de villan a es esta para el m s Grande, el m s Temible, el m s Oscuro, Dark Lord Corto, gracioso de a ratos, denso en otras partes Ingenioso, temible y encantador No creo que contin e la serie, pero me gust bastante La portada es una preciosidad

    5. MILD SPOILERSI ve been reading quite a few children s books recently The other day I picked up one called Dark Lord The Teenage Years and proceeded to devour it over two long train journeys.I quite enjoyed the book in a easy to read pass time sort of way, but I was intrigued by the similarities and differences it bore to one of my favourite kid s TV shows, Invader Zim The two are relatively similar in story, style and at times, tone Firstly and most simply is the story In one, an alien is sent [...]

    6. What if Voldemort from Harry Potter, Sauron from Lord of the Rings or some villainous character showed up one day except they had been stripped of their powers and put into the body of a teenage boy Well then you would have a situation like the one the Dark Lord, the Master of the Legions of Dread and Sorcerer Supreme found himself in one day Dark Lord, who started to be called Dirk Lloyd once the police found him in a parking lot because who s name is Dark Lord he must have said Dirk Lloyd stuc [...]

    7. I went into this with virtually no expectations so there wasn t much room for disappointment But even soTo start Dark Dirk was supposed to be this age old, evil overlord which he most definitely was not His narrative voice was that of a 10 year old, attempting to be the evil genius mad scientist He was almost cute And that fit the atmosphere of the book but not what the book kept saying he was supposed to be.A blooming crush love triangle among 3 KIDS Christopher Eh Jealous of Dirk and Sooz Skep [...]

    8. I really liked the idea of this book, but it just wasn t as satisfying a read as I thought it would be It s supposed to have been written by the narrator the author as a ghost writer , but it switches back and forth between third person and first person journal entries, which just didn t make sense for the story and for this particular character there is no way he would have written in third person.It ends abruptly, just as something interesting actually happens, without doing much to resolve th [...]

    9. Wow, well this was not at all in the style that I was expecting and so I cannot say that I really enjoyed it I was hoping for depth and meaning to Dirk s character and his being sent to our world Instead, while amusing at times, the story is unremittingly shallow and onerously modern in its tone and sensibilities The Goth Vampire Groupie and the cliques at the school Everything conspired to make this an all too forgettable book that had the possibility to really be something special had the aut [...]

    10. Dark Lord The Early Years is about a Dark Lord, Dirk Lloyd Who fights, battles, and cast spells in The Dark Lands, a place of death and war He wakes up in an unfamiliar place called Earth and this time, he has no powers, spells, and is in the body of a little boy He struggles to fit in with other people because he doesn t know the Puny Humans lifestyle and try s to get back to his original world He gets the help of a couple new friends and they don t believe he is a dark lord and just go along w [...]

    11. S que es un libro que esta catalogado como infantil, lo que no tiene nada de malo, pero dios Es tan divertido y gracioso Tenia que releerlo, necesitaba algo fresco, sencillo y divertido Y este libro cumple con todo eso Una vez m s me ha encantado y lo recomiendo mucho para quienes quieran despejar su mente un poco y leer algo r pido y fresco.

    12. I loved this book so much Dirk Lloyed is not your average middle schooler he is a Dark Lord His friends Chris and Sooz get into major trouble while they try to send dirk back to the darklands The catch is that Chris and Sooz don t believe dirk is really the dark lord, they go between believing him and not believing him Will dirk ever get back to his home You must read to find ou

    13. My dad loved jokes and pranks, and I am my father s daughter The difference between us is that my dad could keep up a joke quite a while my jokes have to be quick, or my face gives me away and at my victim s first sign of doubt, I cave One year, when a disappointing winter yielded no school cancellations, I woke them up on April Fools Day with Guess what It s a snow day today After a couple cheers, Alex a champion at making jokes himself and thus a bit leery of the attempts of others complained, [...]

    14. Dark Lord The Teenage Years won the 2012 Roald Dahl Funny Prize, and it doesn t disappoint The premise is brilliant the Dark Lord, Incarnation of Evil, World Burner, master of the Iron Tower of Despair, has been sent to another plane by an incredibly powerful spell cast by the White Wizard, Hasdruban In fact, he has been sent to our world, in the body of a puny teenage boy No Gauntlets of Ineluctable Destruction on his hands, no tusks, no fangs, no spell of Agonizing Obedience.The Dark Lord appe [...]

    15. Falling down down down it taking long the ground hurts open my eyes and where I am I My book is fiction it about a kid name Dirk Lloyd aka The Dark Lord , then he wakes up in a place he calls the human world My opinion of this book is that it really good it weird that he think the from a different plain and he not a human boy This story s about how a kid name Dirk Lloyd think he is from the nine never worlds he is found in a parking lot very weak a ambulance come and take him to the hospital he [...]

    16. A few weeks back I won a copy of Dark Lord The Early Years from Jennifer Hoffine I finally got a chance to read it this past month, and I LOVED it.d assets books 13341736A boy is found in the parking lot of the local superstore When police officers come over to help, the boy insists that he is the Dark Lord, ruler of his realm, ruthless and cruel The police officers assume the boy has had a psychotic break and take him to the station to try to locate his family.But no family can be found The Dar [...]

    17. Check out all my reviews at Kenn s ReviewsDark Lord was, I believe, written for children between the ages of 8 and 12 However I decided to read it anyways and I am glad I did I found this book compelling as I was thrown into a Dark Lord s worst nightmare The author s writing drew me in and I loved feeling like I was part of the action The Dark Lord was thrown from his plane of existence by the White Wizard and deposited on Earth, either by accident or as a punishment On Earth his soul was incarn [...]

    18. Curses on the White Wizard, Hasdruban the Pure In a battle that the Dark Lord was surely winning, Hasdruban managed to send the Dark Lord into our world, where he was turned into a puny human boy Beset by social workers and pyschologists, he is mistakenly called Dirk and sent to live with a doctor and a minister and their son Christopher Even his Ring of Power is dull and useless At his school, he manages to make friends with Sooz, a Goth Child of the Night, and gives the Ring to her when she ad [...]

    19. Der Dark Lord wurde verflucht und findet sich pl tzlich auf der Erde wieder Sehr zu seinem Leid hat er an Gr e und Macht stark eingeb t, denn er lebt nun in einem Kinderk rper Auch seine magischen Utensilien funktionieren nicht mehr Sehr zu seiner berraschung gibt es zahlreiche Menschlinge, die, anstatt ihn zu foltern, versuchen ihm zu helfen Psychologen r cken dem Dark Lord auf den Leib und sind sich ganz sicher, dass der kleine Junge ein Trauma hat Dark Lord oder wie er auf der Erde hei t Dirk [...]

    20. I picked this up because another reader couldn t stop cracking up while she plowed through it one afternoon Dirk Lloyd is a Dark Lord wizard He just happens to awake from the climatic moment of a battle with the White Wizard to find that he has been thrown through some inter planar portal, landed in the body of a pudgy 12 year old human boy on the planet Earth, and forgotten his true name Middle school hijinx and black rituals ensue.Here s the passage that sold me Ah, I see Musicians Hmph What a [...]

    21. Was f r ein unglaublich tolles H rbuch Ich habe mich in den ca 214 Minuten Und wieso eigentlich CA 214 Minuten Wenn sie schon ca schreiben, dann k nnen sie auch aufrunden und ca 215 Minuten draus machen Die eine Minute spielt dann ja wohl keine gro e Rolle mehr keine Sekunde gelangweilt Alleine schon die Idee, aus einem Sauron artigen Dark Lord einen elfj hrigen Jungen namens Dirk Lloyd zu machen, ist schon echt fantasievoll, aber das Ganze auch noch so zu verkaufen, dass es tats chlich plausibe [...]

    22. Lord Voldemort Sauron The White Queen of Narnia They all had to start somewhere This book plays with the evil genius idea in so many delicious ways it s hard to know where to start For one thing, the cover is fabulous dead black with just a hint of color and that cruel parody of a smiley face to catch the eye Then there s the premise of a dread dark overlord being cast into the body of a puny human boy Dirk Lloyd is a fabulous creation, funny when he doesn t intend to be , ruthless, scheming, br [...]

    23. El temible Dark Lord fue expulsado de su mundo por su archienemigo y ahora esta atrapado en un mundo donde todo es extra o Hay cajas met licas m gicas, un mo bastante vil y torturas que no duelen, pero lo peor de todo no es eso Lo horrible, es que esta atrapado En el cuerpo de un adolescente No puedo decir con exactitud lo divertido que fue leer este libro Ten a muchas ganas de leerlo desde que sali y aunque parec a una novelita insignificante, la verdad es que la he disfrutado mucho.Me gustaron [...]

    24. This book started out really good, with a nice sense of humor I thought I m gonna like it than I actually did in the end, because the beginning and the idea for this story was so promising.The characters are all very adorable in their individual way, even the dark lord is someone I can t help but want to cuddle and pet on the head saying there, there a few times throughout the book.What I didn t like so much was the enlenghtened description or imagery sometimes The dark lord of course has his o [...]

    25. HILARIOUS This book makes me want to invent a new work like nerdlarious to describe just how geeky and hysterical this book is Thomson just takes his concept and commits 180%, taking it to ridiculous places.The premise is this The Dark Lord has been building his power and wreaking vengeance in his land for millenium Yet one day is is on the battlefield about to decimate the white wizard and the paladins of purity or something like that when the wizard pulls out a crystal that banished the Dark L [...]

    26. I got this because a friend with a 12yo son recommended it her son found it laugh out loud funny I intended for my 12yo to read it, but the 9yo asked for it to be our bedtime reading I thought it was patchy, although it s hard to pin down why Partially because the intended audience was not clear also because it seemed to have too many loose threads plot elements that would pop in and go nowhere Parts especially at the beginning were really funny, but they were much funny to me than to my 9yo th [...]

    27. The Dark Lord wakes up confused, where is he, why is the sky so blue, what are those repellent fresh smells not flower he hopes , where is the smell of munitions explosions and the sounds of thousands of his battling orcs reaping destruction throughout his lands The Dark Lord is disturbed to find that he has somehow ended up in the pit of despair , otherwise known as earth To make matters worse he is stuck in the body of a thirteen year old boy Now he has to deal with a bunch of meddling do good [...]

    28. Realmente me ha encantado este libro y si, he sacado a la ni a peque a que vive dentro de mi al leerlo y ha muerto de risa junto con mi parte racional y madura cu l Dirk definitivamente se volvi de mis personajes favoritos, es tan malvadamente malvado que se vuelve cool para todos que lo rodean aun que claro todos creen que tiene severos delirios o una inmensa imaginaci n y Sooz dios quiero saber mas de ella en el segundo libro.Todo el libro es c mico, y bastante infantil, pero eso es lo que lo [...]

    29. For those that think that the teen years are scary, Dirk has a message for you The Dark Lord has been stripped of his powers and sent to a world of normal people where he is just a normal eleven year old Dark Lord The Early Years follows the Dark Lord, now known as Dirk Lloyd, as he attempts to recover his power, finding out that the regular world is far tougher than one would think This is a series that kids will love, regardless of age.The All Ages classification is full of books that have lit [...]

    30. Dark Lord, Se or Tenebroso, ha sido desterrado a la Tierra y confinado de una forma totalmente cruel en el cuerpo de un enclenque ni o humano Los servicios sociales lo encuentran abandonado en un aparcamiento y creen que su delirio es fruto de alg n tipo de trauma o accidente Pero l sabe la verdad Hasdruban, el mago blanco, tiene que estar detr s de todo este enredo Porque c mo va a ser mentira todo lo que l re cuerda Es posible que su imaginaci n le haya jugado una mala pasada Realmente provien [...]

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