UNLIMITED PDF ↠ The Inheritor's Powder, A Cautionary Tale of Poison, Betrayal and Greed - by Sandra Hempel

The Inheritor's Powder, A Cautionary Tale of Poison, Betrayal and Greed By Sandra Hempel,

  • Title: The Inheritor's Powder, A Cautionary Tale of Poison, Betrayal and Greed
  • Author: Sandra Hempel
  • ISBN: 9781780222226
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the eighteenth century it was criminally easy to bump off unwanted relativesA household thrown into chaosPlumstead village, 2 November 1833 Wealthy landlord George Bodle is taken violently ill He dies within hours When his wife, daughter and two maids are also taken ill, there is only one terrifying explanation arsenic poisoning.A murder most foulYet while arseIn the eighteenth century it was criminally easy to bump off unwanted relativesA household thrown into chaosPlumstead village, 2 November 1833 Wealthy landlord George Bodle is taken violently ill He dies within hours When his wife, daughter and two maids are also taken ill, there is only one terrifying explanation arsenic poisoning.A murder most foulYet while arsenic was readily available over the counter in the 1800s, poisoning was almost impossible to prove As the evidence mounted up, a picture emerged of bitter family rivalries, brewing resentment, greed and ill will.A sensationel taleIn this account of one of history s most notorious poisonings, Sandra Hempel tells the story of the birth of toxicology the science of poison and of a mystery which gripped the nation.
    The Inheritor s Powder A Cautionary Tale of Poison Betrayal and Greed In the eighteenth century it was criminally easy to bump off unwanted relativesA household thrown into chaosPlumstead village November Wealthy landlord George Bodle is taken violently ill He d

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    1. This book was a mixture of three elements History the rampant use of poison in the 19thC as a method of disposing of the unwanted who had what the murderer wanted money, hence the titleScience the beginnings of forensic science and poisonsCourtroom drama of several cases.The elements were all linked through the story of the murder of George Bodle, a wealthy landowner, by his grandson Young John, who blamed his father Middle John Although he was not found guilty when he was , with the development [...]

    2. This book is a bit schizophrenic The author traces the forensic history of identifying arsenic as a cause of death and as a untraceable murder weapond an early case of an arsenic murder which actually made it to court even though the outcome was questionable It is a good framework for understanding how the science of forensic medicine developed but the author didn t seem quite sure which story to tellience or the court case This made for rather fragmented reading as she jumped back and forth bet [...]

    3. Just way too much irrelevant though well researched detail It may be that the author considered the core story too thin to be worthy of an entire book and has therefore added a plethora of tacked on side stories to fill out content The reader gets details, often minute details on the history of poisons and the cases, medical profession and even the families of the medical profession Interesting but way too much detail clouds the perception of the tale at hand, confuses the reader and ultimately, [...]

    4. Author couldn t make up her mind whether she wanted to write about arsenic in general or one poisoning case in particular Made for a confusing and annoying read.

    5. This book is little than a series of progressively aggravating digressions, but I will tell you one thing if you are playing a trivia game, you will want Sandra Hempel on your team.

    6. This is a great book Part murder mystery, part courtroom drama and part chemistry lesson It s a very relatable insight into the history of toxicology and it s fascinating Highly recommend.

    7. Sometimes you think of a book as important, not because it s groundbreaking or a bestseller or even an entertaining read, but because it reminds you just how fortunate you are to be living today rather than, say, six or seven generations ago For instance, The Inheritor s Powder by Sandra Hempel has a pretty straightforward premise it s the story of a farming family in 19th century England who are poisoned, leaving many of them violently ill and killing the elderly patriarch, and the search for a [...]

    8. I won this book from a giveaway Technically categorized as science the book was a combination of legal, criminal justice, and science history in England during the 19th century Overall, I liked the book It was an interesting read Hempel demonstrated the problems with the rural and urban justice system and the intrinsic problems that lack of chain of custody, incompetent coroners, and the limited qualification required for medical experts These problems were compounded with limited scientific kno [...]

    9. Sandra Hempel uses the murder of George Bodle in the England of 1833 as a marker for a change in determining whether a death with the symptoms of arsenic poisoning was actually a murder Known as the inheritor s powder for its use by potential beneficiaries of the deaths of people with income or an estate,Victorian England had been in the midst of a wave of deaths suspected to be poisonings.An early source of pigment for artisans in Ancient Greece and Egypt, arsenic, like other poisonous substanc [...]

    10. Fantastic read, full of twists and turns This is a well researched and well written history exploring the prevalence of arsenic poisoning in the 19th century, the challenges it presented to forensic science and the hysteria caused in the general public by the perceived threat.The book traces the murder of a rich older man, and the subsequent attempts to prove who was to blame for his death Using the investigation and trail as a narrative to pull the reader through the book until the very end is [...]

    11. I received this book through a Giveaway I will agree with the other reviews that say this book had a lot of scientific terms, and when it says a history of forensics medicine, it means a history There are tons and tons of detail and names all of which I personally found to be very interesting The book itself is pretty easy to read, but if you don t read true crime or watch shows like Criminal Minds or NCIS on a regular basis, then some of the terminology and procedures will likely be a little ov [...]

    12. For disclaimer purposes, I d received this book through the giveaway.Overall, I enjoyed it It was packed full of information on how poisoning was used, and how it went from continual mystery to something routinely detectable The only real criticism I have of it is that it switches modes from fiction to nonfiction very abruptly My brain would settle into historical fiction mode, and then suddenly we d be into the history and nonfiction area It can be difficult to switch modes that fast, and it kn [...]

    13. It is about early forensic science However, it is also a fascinating source on Victorian society and jurisprudence Sandra Hempel is a British journalist specializing in health news Her book is well researched, yet easy to read I picked it up on a whim from the local library because I thought my husband might like it I shared it with 2 other people before I returned it I would recommend it for mystery lovers, true crime fans, medical history buffs, or students of Victorian society.

    14. The book was a good look at the criminal system of old things have certainly advanced Drunk policeman handing around evidence at the local pub is not likely to happen nowadays The book focused on this then solving the arsenic question and I found it tended to jump around a lot which took away my enjoyment of the book.

    15. A combination of history and crime generally grabs my interest, though there was an intriguing case at the centre with a strange bunch of characters there was also a lot of details about toxicology and forensics.

    16. You sit down to table where a beautiful meal is laid out before you, the delicious aromas delighting your sense of smell A quick prayer of thanks for the bounty your family enjoys, whether by hard work or good luck You re about to begin eating when you pause, looking at the smiling faces of family members, then to the sullen faces of your servants, and fear begins to take hold of you Or, if you ve already indulged, something else could be taking hold of you Mid 19th century England suffered from [...]

    17. To this day I cannot look without a shudder at the big square house in Plumstead village , 9 May 2017This review is from The Inheritor s Powder A Cautionary Tale of Poison, Betrayal and Greed Paperback This true life crime story is well researched and an interesting read.In 1833 Plumstead London , George Bodle and some of his household were stricken with violent symptoms after partaking of coffee Evidence pointed to poison, but who was to blame a disgruntled servant George s feckless grandson Or [...]

    18. 4.5 arsenic packets out of 5This was SUCH a fascinating read It was everything I hoped it would be A look into the difficulties of court and criminal work when the world was a little dirtier, a little newer, a little less scientific I did find there to be too many characters at certain points, which was confusing hence the 0.5 mark deduction Otherwise this would have been a 5 Lots of reviews found the in between stories to be long winded and unnecessary Honestly, I found them incredibly informat [...]

    19. In 19th century Britain, arsenic was cheap, extremely easy to obtain, and, at least at the beginning, virtually impossible to detect In short A prospective murderer s best friend While chronicling one famous case of arsenic poison in particular, the author also branches out into a history of poisons in general and arsenic in specific, including scientific advances made in its detection during the 19th century and the evolving methods in investigating and trying murder cases around this time.An i [...]

    20. 2 1 2 starsAn interesting read about the hysteria surrounding an outbreak of arsenic poisonings circa 1800 s England However, instead of investigating poison s role throughout history and maybe delving into the misogynistic connotations behind why so many women were accused of using it , the book is equal parts a background on the developing science behind the detection of arsenic and the entire life stories of the chemists who studied it Even the main story the Bodle murder felt like a footnote [...]

    21. Nicely researched and written about a famous at the time arsenic poisoning case in England in 1834 that prompted further developments in what has become forensic science The author truly gives a complete picture of what life was like at the time, other similar cases, backgrounds of main players and even where they went afterwards , how chymists tried to test for arsenic, and much almost than enough at times, but the reader can gloss over the extras if not desired But on the whole, a very well [...]

    22. This book was not at all what I expected The timeline tended to jump around a lot, and there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary side stories that had nothing to do with the main plot of the book Overall, not a great read.

    23. Lots of interesting info about arsenic and they ways Victorians tried to detect poisoners A good one for the train

    24. Any of the chapters in this book makes for interesting reading the whole portrait of homicides and the people who sought to solve them makes a thriller.

    25. This book has too much extraneous info and because of that I had a hard time keeping up in certain chapters Overall, the story was interesting, but too much info on people that didn t really matter.

    26. This is a fascinating, unusual and original sort of book, poking as it does into little searched corners of British social and scientific history, in a suspenseful exploration of an 1833 real life poison murder mystery Sandra Hempel has chosen to present both the story of that particular case and the general tale of forensic toxicology in its infancy, beginning the book with the latter and then pulling back into a survey of the state of science and of social s from the mid 1700s into the Victor [...]

    27. So my 2nd non fiction last week was somewhat less exciting pick Which was sad, as the topic seems interesting The book was The Inheritor s Powder A Story of Arsenic, Murder, and the New Forensic Science As you can tell from the subtitle there it s really sort of 3 aspects all tied together in one book One is the poisoning and subsequent trial of George Bodle The second is a history of arsenic and it s perception in the time period The last is really forensic toxicology and talks about evidence [...]

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