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Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad By Liz Climo,

  • Title: Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad
  • Author: Liz Climo
  • ISBN: 9780316277280
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Rory, the dinosaur He loves spending time with his dad, but today he wants to go on his own adventure and explore his island home He can t wait to tell his dad all about the things he can do all by himself, from crossing rivers to finding shelter from the rain Little does Rory know, his father is never far behind There s nothing Rory s dad won t do for his intrepiMeet Rory, the dinosaur He loves spending time with his dad, but today he wants to go on his own adventure and explore his island home He can t wait to tell his dad all about the things he can do all by himself, from crossing rivers to finding shelter from the rain Little does Rory know, his father is never far behind There s nothing Rory s dad won t do for his intrepid son he ll even let him think he s made the journey all by himself.Comic artist Liz Climo celebrates the bond between father and child with her adorable, deceptively simple illustrations and her timeless story of a child s quest for independence.
    Rory the Dinosaur Me and My Dad Meet Rory the dinosaur He loves spending time with his dad but today he wants to go on his own adventure and explore his island home He can t wait to tell his dad all about the things he can do all

    One thought on “Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad”

    1. I love everything about this book, from Dad needing quiet time, to Rory remaining on friendly terms with the wild pig he thinks he scared Cute art, cute story, woohoo

    2. Charming story about an adorable dino and his dad The story is cute and funny and heartwarming The illustrations are simply, but packed with personality and humor A fun little adventure story.

    3. Rory is an energetic dinosaur who lives on an island with his father in Rory the Dinosaur Me and My Dad 2015 by Liz Climo.When Rory s dad needs quiet time, Rory sets out to find some adventures all by himself Little does he know, Dad is there every step of the way to make sure that nothing goes wrong.Bright, bold colors and clean lines help bring these whimsical characters previously seen in Climo s comic Tumblr and her book The Little World of Liz Climo to life.Climo s hand lettering lends a fo [...]

    4. This book is most definitely meant for children under the age of 8, but I am a huge fan of Liz Climo s art Such a cute story about a rambunctious little dinosaur named Rory and his dad I really enjoyed this children s book, despite my age.

    5. Rory Rory Rory Rory Rory Rory Rory Rory Rory Rory Rory Rory What I Like A Tale of Two Dinos A Tale of Two Cities Jurassic Park Jurassic Park Roar and Peace War and Peace One Flew Over the Dodo s Nest One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest

    6. When Rory decided to run away or go on an adventure by himself, I cringed It seems Rory doesn t tell his dad about leaving on the adventure because he doesn t want to disturb his dad yikes The entire book seems to be conveying that children can just head off on their own, without telling anyone, and the people who love them will still protect them by following closely and solving their problems instead of doing the work they had intended to finish Not a book for my collection.

    7. I m now an official FAN of Rory and his marvellous dad.My love affair started with the recent Christmas book, which to my mind, is the best of the three books, but this, the original story, is pretty fabulous too, I m just not sure I can completely condone such helicopter parenting

    8. Cute and simple book for the young one I read this with my 8 and 9 year old boys and they both loved that they could connect the story to things they have done with their dad

    9. This was a cute book but i was sad that the little one ran away in the first place I think little readers will have fun finding the dad on each page.

    10. 4.5 stars I never heard of Liz Climo before, but I found out about her fun good art when my boyfriend was browsing Reddit and stumbled upon her collection of Halloween comics, which he showed to me I was instantly in love, and went to search for this artist to see if she had works And she did After reading some of her other work, I just kept falling and in love and also falling of my chair laughing , I decided to check I found out she had 3 books, 1 was a pre order and the other 2 were publis [...]

    11. Rory and his dad have many adventures together, but when Rory s dad needs a little alone time to read and relax, Rory decides to have his own adventure He packs himself a lunch and some other supplies peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich, toy shark, yo yo and sets off Rory s dad ever vigilant keeps an eye on his son s adventures, but secretly, so that Rory gets a taste of independence doing things all by myself Never in any serious danger, but pumped up by all of his accomplishments, Rory r [...]

    12. I just discovered the talent of Liz Climo and the moment that happened, I checked out every book of hers I could find at my local library I didn t realize that Rory the Dinosaur Me and My Dad is a children s book but I enjoyed it just the same It s the story of Rory, who decides to go out on his own adventure and do things by himself, but it s the surprise encounters along the way that make this story really special and sweet It s not often that I see books that are simply about father and son a [...]

    13. Rory s Dad has declared quiet time, which is way too boring So Rory decides to go on a grand adventure all by himself Or at least he thinks he s all by himself Readers will notice that someone is following him the entire time and looking out for Rory on his grand adventure.I m sure young readers will love trying to point out to Rory the various ways his Dad is secretly helping him on his grand adventure It s a sweet look at the unnoticed loving actions of a father Would be a great Father s Day r [...]

    14. This book is adorable It s about a baby dinosaur named Rory who loves to do everything with his dad Sometimes his dad needs some quiet time to himself and this particular time Rory decides to go on adventure alone Little does he know that his dad is there assisting him the whole way In the end Rory decides that he wishes his dad was with him on his adventure and runs home to tell him all about it The moral is that the best adventures are the ones we have together Liz Climo creates simple yet bol [...]

    15. This is probably one of the best family bonding picture books I ve read this year I like how, even though Rory is going on an adventure, he still listens to his dad Rory isn t allowed to swim without his dad and follows his rules Rory is a good kid The illustrations include some humor for adults older readers like the titles on the books Rory s dad reads Roar and Peace The book is a great story about parents watching our for their kids but still letting them have an adventure All in all, it s a [...]

    16. So cute Cute story about fathers and sons, and all the things parents do to keep their kids safe, just because Bright colors and adorable illustrations will keep kids engaged, while some details will make adult readers chuckle Rory s dad is reading Roar and Peace and One Flew Over the Dodo s Nest for example Rory and his dad get along great But when Dad needs some quiet time, Rory sets off on an adventure all by myself Fortunately, Dad follows, and helps keep Rory safe, without Rory ever knowing [...]

    17. Read this every few weeks with my son Good reminder to me about what it means to be a dad to 2 growing boys And they love it

    18. Very cute book celebrating dads Rory the dinosaur decides to go on an adventure while his dad sleeps He thinks that he is being brave and resourceful by himself, but his dad is following along and offering hidden help For example, when Rory needs to cross the river, he finds a path with rocks, but it is really his dad s stegosaurus back poking up When Rory needs a drink he finds a coconut, but only because his dad has climbed a palm tree and shaken down a coconut for him At the end, Rory is quit [...]

    19. Rory is a handful and heads out on a solo journey or so he thinks Dad tags along secretly and helps him along the way all the while Rory gains confidence in his abilities as he believes he s managed his own needs.I love the Dad as wind beneath Rory s wings vibes this book has I also really liked the page in which Rory improves his father s reading materials with his own original artwork This page establishes Dad as a reader, which does not go unnoticed Highly recommended read aloud with PreK 2 a [...]

    20. Age PreschoolFamily Dad and sonRory decides to go on an adventure all by himself As he watches Rory leave, his father decides to follow him, helping Rory during challenging situations like scaring away a wild pig and getting a coconut to drink A little touch of humor is added as we watch Rory s dad gradually gather mud and leaves as he completely goes out of his way to help Rory and so that Rory does not see him.

    21. So we are doing a dinosaur story time today and this is the first book I have evaluated that I really liked Rory, the little dinosaur decides to go on an adventure by himself He doesn t notice that his dad has followed him and is going through quite a lot of trouble to keep the little dino safe without shattering the illusion that he s accomplishing these many things on his own.

    22. Rory is bored when his dad wants alone reading time so he decides to run away to have an adventure by himself He knows everything his dad taught him so with each obstacle, he does what he thinks is best A loving and sweet picture book about how far parents will go to protect their kids.Written and illustrated by Liz Climo Published by Little Brown Company PB dinosaur adventure

    23. Simple, clean, digital illustrations depict an adorable story of Rory s adventure Rory s thinks he is able to do all kinds of things without his dad, but little does he know, his dad is helping him all along.The illustrations are not stylistically my taste, but this picturebook is constructed thoughtfully and effectively for maximum enjoyment.

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