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Emily Ever After By Anne Dayton May Vanderbilt,

  • Title: Emily Ever After
  • Author: Anne Dayton May Vanderbilt
  • ISBN: 9780385514637
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • A quirky and quick witted girl moves to Manhattan and holds on for dear life.Emily Hinton needs out She comes from a small town in California where the church handbell choir concert passes for a decent way to spend a Saturday and she s known all the boys since kindergarten She dreams of sophisticated people, love, and Louis Vuitton When she lands a job at the world faA quirky and quick witted girl moves to Manhattan and holds on for dear life.Emily Hinton needs out She comes from a small town in California where the church handbell choir concert passes for a decent way to spend a Saturday and she s known all the boys since kindergarten She dreams of sophisticated people, love, and Louis Vuitton When she lands a job at the world famous publishing house Morrow Sons in New York, she knows that she is finally on her way She packs her bags, says good bye, and sets out for Manhattan, where she will fit in, even if it kills her.In spite of her na vet , she quickly becomes friends with the girls at work and begins to learn a thing or two about how things are done in Manhattan She soon attracts the attention of the handsome Bennett and is swept into a whirlwind romance, but an overnight visit to his parents home at Thanksgiving and his seemingly idle flirtations with one of her colleagues give her second thoughts about what Bennett really wants Her uncertainty about her feelings escalates when one of the hometown boys she left behind reappears in her life Emily s days at the office are also becoming complicated an ambitious editor is breaking all the rules to publish a controversial book that demeans everything she believes in Will she stand up for what she knows is right and risk losing it all Balancing her passion for the glamour of New York City with her determination to live by her morals turns out to be much difficult than Emily ever imagined Her roundabout quest for happiness will endear her to anyone who has ever dreamed of making it big, and faced than a few pitfalls along the way.
    Emily Ever After A quirky and quick witted girl moves to Manhattan and holds on for dear life Emily Hinton needs out She comes from a small town in California where the church handbell choir concert passes for a decen

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    1. This book was not my cup of tea at all This is Christian chick lit, which I was unaware of when I started Once I found out, I opened my mind as I am always looking for a new story to be told The only problem with this one was the main character Everything was about being Christian, only in the next sentence she would judge someone and make fun of them, or look down on them as being inferior Not very Christ like I cannot stand reading that demeanor for fun Where the book really lost me was when t [...]

    2. Hmmmm, I had a hard time deciding whether or not I liked this book As a Christian myself, I thought it was a pretty good read and really did depict the struggles that young Christians have in an era where our morals are constantly challenged I thought the author did a really good job in incorporating some of the different facets of Christians including those who say they are Christians because that s what their family has always been but don t actually believe In the end though, there are a few [...]

    3. Okay, let me first make a disclaimer I am not a reader of chick lit I don t have a problem with those who are, but it s not really my genre Why, then, did I read this book Excellent question I got it for a dollar at the library near where I work In a moment of boredom I decided that it might be funny to read a book about a girl with my name working in Manhattan Mostly I wanted the book for the cover, which I thought would be cute on my wall I mean, I look like this girl, minus the emaciated figu [...]

    4. Had no idea this was a Christian novel considering the description on the book jacket made no mention of it, however after the first chapter I knew there was something different about the book I continued reading, deciding to give it a chance It was definitely an easy, light hearted read As a New Yorker, I enjoyed the various references to the City and as a 20 something female, related to the main character But as someone who is not Christian, the religious references definitely threw me for a l [...]

    5. Emily has wanted to live in New York her whole life The hustle and bustle of city, the glitz and glam, and of course the big editing jobs But they ve not really been attainable considering Emily lives in Jenks, California Yeah, I hadn t heard of it either, but apparently it s about the size of my hometown, bite size.Emily doesn t get to follow her dream to New York in college, the money just isn t there, but she bides her time and finally gets the opportunity as an assistant to a neurotic editor [...]

    6. I am so torn on this book Overall, very cute, fun, clean story I love Christian Chick Lit I love fun fluff This book would have easily gotten 5 stars, but I had trouble with the drinking references and no, not what one might think I don t have a real problem with characters in Christian fiction socially drinking and like a previous reviewer stated the one time she did get drunk, she regretted it and it never happened again but the problem I had was how acceptable and OK it was for them all to ma [...]

    7. I really loved the Book of Jane by this author, so was excited to read Emily Ever After Sadly, I was really disappointed with this book.There were a lot of things that I just didn t like about this book First, they made Emily sound like a backwoods hick, and anyone NOT from New York a backwoods hick Now granted, I know New York is a whole different worldbut come on, just because we don t hail from the east coast doesn t mean that we are naive to the rest of the world.Second, for someone who had [...]

    8. Though written as a Christian book, this story would appeal to any chick lit fan It s kind of like a Sex in the City book without all the sex, drinking, and bad behavior Okay, there is a little drinking But these two authors make a great team and should be writing Read of my review at Examiner where I write about Christian fiction.examiner christian fic

    9. Really liked the Book of Jane , but Emily Ever After fell a little short It had a really quick read unbelievable romance, and I ended up being a little disappointed Still had an pretty enjoyable storyline, and was an easy read.

    10. I liked that it wasn t over the top, in your face preachy in the fact that it is Christian fiction, however, I felt like it didn t go far enough if it s going to be labeled as such I liked the locations.NYC and San Diego Emily is what I would refer to as a carnal christianwhen you fit into the world around you without taking a stand for what you believe in Of course, at the end she did, so it wasn t a total loss I felt like the authors tried to walk a tightrope between two worlds and didn t real [...]

    11. Emily Hinton loves books and wants nothing than to work with books and people who love them as much as she does Her goal was to get out of her small California town and make her dream a reality someday Finally, with the same fearsome drive of any college graduate, she packs up her things and trots off to New York, the book publishing capital of the world You can t help but love her determination.In the beginning, it was easy to relate to Emily s new girl in the city routine illustrated by her c [...]

    12. A young, single Christian leaves small town life behind to head off to the Big Apple and make her way in the world Such is the premise of Emily Ever After, a novel by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt.Unlike most Christian literature, the authors have taken care to paint a worldly character Thus, Emily the protagonist shuns many of the conservative Christian tasks, remaining tounge in cheek about them She strives to live in the world without being of the world Thus she is likely to be found clubb [...]

    13. After years dreaming of living in NY, small town girl Emily Hinton s dreams are finally realized She moves to New York, and even manages to get a decent job at a large NY publishing firm Desperately wanting to fit in and concerned that her co workers won t accept her beliefs, Emily doesn t mention her Christianity to them, and often goes along when they go out for after work cocktails Thrilled to find a cute Christian guy Bennett at work, they start dating, but somehow things don t seem quite ri [...]

    14. On the surface, Emily Ever After seemed to be another tale of good girl gone bad in NYC Fortunately, it turned out to be individual and completely different from any of the tales of New York I have read before Emily struggles to fit in with the other assistants at work, and finds herself in places she d never imagined she could ever be She got laughed at when she ordered a Diet Coke on a night out, and tried to counter that by drinking too much at a book party, resulting in her first ever hangov [...]

    15. The main character, Emily, moves to NYC after graduating from San Diego State to fulfill her dream of living and working in NYC She finds a job as an assistant at a publishing company Emily really wants to fit it and find cool new friends, yet she wants to stay true to her Christian faith Her new friends at work are not Christians, and seem both clueless about Christianity and almost antagonistic towards Christianity in general But Emily still wants them to think she s cool, so she does not real [...]

    16. I ll admit, I was biased from the start against the authors plural, there are two focus on a Christian protagonist I was raised Lutheran and have nothing against Christianity, I was just afraid it would make this book predictable I was right No surprise here that the two authors work in the publishing industry The whole book feels like a fill in the blanks for a successful romance novel except for the usual sex on page 265 blank I m sure young high school and college Christian readers will appre [...]

    17. This book is described as a modern day take on the Book of Esther Instead of ancient Babylonia the setting is Manhattan in general and the New York Publishing industry specifically The general premise is will small town California girl, Emily, be able to maintain the principles and morals of her Christian Faith in Godless NYC I would say that this book fits well in the Easy Summer Read canon Not sure that the writers articulate what Emily believes makes her Christian outside of abstinence and go [...]

    18. 8 31 07 at the moment, I m not sure how I feel about this one The pretty and interesting cover sucked me in I m about 2 chapters in, and I didn t realize it could be in a Christian bookstore Don t get me wrong, I LOVE Christian fiction but only when I m EXPECTING it to be so Plot devices thus far are a little obvious and seem like they re trying too hard But we ll see how it goes 9 1 07 ok, I m done The book ended just like I thought it would The obvious plot devices combined with the back cove [...]

    19. Growing up in sunny California, Emily always knew that she belonged somewhere else New York City She finally makes her way to the streets of Manhattan when she lands a job at a big publishing house Rarely does life live up to our fantasies, though, and between being across the country from her family, her crazy boss and trying to be true to her faith without seeming too different, Emily s new world is a big adjustment Emily has a lot of lessons to learn about who she is and what she really wants [...]

    20. This book was absolutely awful I don t even know how it could be classified as a Christian book It really opened up my eyes to how far the church and Christians have slipped over the years and it made me aware that I need to stand up for what I believe in There is one point in the novel where Emily is talking about how this guy is the perfect Christian guy because you wouldn t even know he was a Christian at first Isn t one of the points of being a Christian for people to be able to tell that w [...]

    21. The story seems very real to me, even though some of the characters are wacky Emily finds her romantic vision of NYC challenged when she experiences the real thing, and she has to make a decision about how far she s willing to go to fit in.It also has an unadvertised, non preachy Christian angle, as one of the issues Emily has to grapple with is how to be true to her Christian faith around people who don t understand it Her fun friends think she s a little weird for being a Christian, but when s [...]

    22. Unfortunate The idea of this book could have been so cute It almost felt like there was some message the author wanted to get across, some story from her own life, a lesson she felt she had to share but it didn t come across than a huh, she sounded like she wanted to say something and used a whole lot of words NOT saying it Ironically, the book could have used some major editing Ironic because the main character, Emily, gets a job working at a publishing company as an editor s assistant.It was [...]

    23. I had no idea this was a Christian novel until I started reading it There was no indication in any of the summaries I read on booksfree or Now, I ve read Christian novels before and liked them very much But this onewellI felt like the main character didn t really have much in the way of personality Her whole identity was I M A CHRISTIAN Really What are you doing that s so Christianlike All she seemed to do was be prim and prissy about things that really weren t a big deal The I M A CHRISTIAN thi [...]

    24. This was not at all what I was expecting I thought it would be one of the many in the funny chick genre It turns out it is a Christian book with a quirky main character who comes from a backwoods little town and wants to make a sophisticated life in Manhattan without compromising her values It is funny, enlightening, and off beat I would have loved it most likely if i had been set up for the type of book it was The Christian overtones were not at all heavy I would recommend this to anyone who do [...]

    25. I found this book on a website that I go to to get recommendations for chick lit books to read It actually ended up being a Christian fiction book, which I wasn t aware of but didn t mind, as I am a Christian I have never read Christian fiction before, so I can t compare it to other books in the genrebut, while this book did have it s endearing moments, and was a quick read, I found it to be VERY corny and over the top with the Christian references It just felt like they were forcing it to be a [...]

    26. I didn t realize this was a Christian book when I started it, but I was on a plane and had nothing else to read and once I start a book it has to be really miserable for me not to finish it It was actually pretty good Typical chick lit, but with the added dimension of the main character struggling to stay true to herself and her beliefs while living in NYC It wasn t preachy, except for a couple short places, and I found it interesting to see how a Christian as she refers to herself hides who she [...]

    27. Emily leaves Jenks, a small town near San Diego, in search of a different life and to fulfill her dream of glitz, glamour, riches living in New York She gets a job with a major publishing company and struggles to fit in despite her religious views As many chick lit books, the main character changes who she thinks she is supposed to be She buys expensive clothes, drinks, parties, and tries to find love What was interesting about this book is that Emily quickly realizes what is important to her, b [...]

    28. Dreadful, Horrible Stay away I absolutely hated the main character in the beginning and I loathed her in the end She is a hypocrite who is judgmental and believes her Christianity gives her a free pass to look down on others who may have different life choices This book hits you in the head with the Christianity on every page I get it already Believe me, I have nothing against Christians I am one , but I don t feel that everyone else is inferior for their beliefs I only finished this book becaus [...]

    29. It was refreshing to read a chick lit book with a Christian outlook, but the ending was SUCH a let down The girl gets a promotion, starts to maybe even mature in her outlook and faith and she runs home to be with a guy Really When was this written, the 1950s Yes, finding the love of your life is big, but so is finding a career you are passionate about and can actually make a difference in I don t buy that the guy can t leave HIS home for HER S.It was a cute book overall, but none of the characte [...]

    30. I was stuck in an LDS Romance rut and wanted something new So while in the bookstore Borders I was looking in the religious novels and found these authors and sat down and started to read I decided I wanted to read it, not buy it, so I went to the library and they didn t have anything by these authors, so I suggested it I am now on my second book by them Emily ever after is a good clean fun read about a Christian girl striving to live in the world without being of the world I really enjoyed this [...]

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