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On Becoming Fearless By Arianna Huffington,

  • Title: On Becoming Fearless
  • Author: Arianna Huffington
  • ISBN: 9780316166829
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • Observing that her own teenage daughters were beginning to experience some of the same fears that had once burdened her how attractive am I do people like me do I dare speak up Arianna Huffington began to examine the ways in which fear affects all our lives In stories drawn from her own experiences and from the lives of other women, she points toward the moments of eObserving that her own teenage daughters were beginning to experience some of the same fears that had once burdened her how attractive am I do people like me do I dare speak up Arianna Huffington began to examine the ways in which fear affects all our lives In stories drawn from her own experiences and from the lives of other women, she points toward the moments of extraordinary strength, courage, and resilience that result from confronting and overcoming fear And she outlines the steps anyone can take to conquer fear Her book shows us how to become bold from the inside out from feeling comfortable in our own skin to getting what we want in love and at work to changing the world.
    On Becoming Fearless Observing that her own teenage daughters were beginning to experience some of the same fears that had once burdened her how attractive am I do people like me do I dare speak up Arianna Huffington bega

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    1. I love this woman While I could go without the vignettes from Diane Keaton, I trust Ms Huffington s take on the world I mean, she started a blog when she was 52, without the aid of trendy black rimmed glasses and an unhealthy preoccupation with pop culture While I often real from books written exclusively for women, I think it s important to have female role models women who are strong, feminine, powerful and not Hillary Clinton Women are still struggling to find a voice if we ignore that strugg [...]

    2. Huffington has always interested me Like her, I m a former republican who became a progressive populist This book isn t ground breaking, but there are helpful lessons to be found I liked Huffington s child raising ideas She believes that it takes a village to raise a child, and Americans should involve the entire family and neighborhood, in child raising She also advocates volunteerism to move children past their fear of unpopularity, to a desire to become useful in society.Other sections I like [...]

    3. Having recently waxed enthusiastic about Sheryl Sandberg s book, Lean In, it seems only right that I should give a bit of a shout out to Arianna Huffington, who struck a very similar cord with this one in 2006 While Sandberg s theme is a bit broader, speaking to a variety of internal and external factors that hold women back, On Becoming Fearless focuses on one of the biggest contributors fear We women don t put ourselves forward don t lean in as often as we might because of our fears Huffington [...]

    4. So far, not too impressed Seems like a self justifying excuse to feel good about things you aren t proud of and maybe shouldn t be I disagree with a lot of her principles and philosophies and so far haven t learned anything about becoming fearless, but rather why she has justified certain decisions in her life and called them good Focuses on the obvious, like get enough sleep, exercise,drink water And also some confusing contradictions the feminists have created for us like be a good person alth [...]

    5. Only made it halfway through the audiobook version The half I listened to seemed like a collection of thoughts and opinions that were neither original nor thought provoking Many references and anecdotes scattered throughout but the only thing that seemed to loosely glue it all together was the frequent repetition of the word fearless.

    6. I listened to this book while commuting I enjoyed parts of it and thought that she had some good point However, a lot of it was fluff so it wasn t as instructive as I was hoping But it was a quick read listen I admire the author and enjoyed her insights.

    7. Oh Ariannaa lot is said with this book that has been said before, and in my opinion, with depth and less tendency to the cheesy group therapy feel If I had read this without having previously waded through than a few self help books, articles on living well in feminist magazines, and a college course in Women s Studies, I might have a favorable review As it isWell, there is preaching to the choir, and then there is putting the choir to sleep However, if you the plural you of anyone who reads [...]

    8. I had to work to get through this book What I found was a collection of contradicting thoughts and vignettes from Huffington s life She comes across being self congratulatory and unapologetic for taking strong and vitriolic stands and seems almost proud of the relationships that she has lost as a result of her strident and public views Yet, the final chapter, Fearless in Changing the World, has a message of using your inner power to overcome fear to change the world It is all about being part of [...]

    9. A well principled book about women mastering their fears Lots of references but the one I liked best was from Louann Brizendine s The Female brain in midlife due to changes in hormone levels and brain chemistry, women start to care less about others opinions and about what matters to them During childbearing years, a woman s brain is programmed with a delicate interplay of hormones, physical touch, emotions and brain chemistry to care for, fix and otherwise help those around her Also a drop in [...]

    10. Don t get me wrong, I think Huffington s writing is concise and emotional, but she tried to give too many how to s that I found kind of useless My personal preference would have been for her to have stories about her mother, and testimonies from all kinds of women, not just famous ones.However, I d recommend this book to women looking for some words of encouragement in following their life s dreams It was really well written and put together, and actually, gave me what I was at first looking f [...]

    11. Love the writing style and composition, full of helpful inspirational anecdotes and tidbits.Books recommended in this book Little Women Louisa May AlcottThe Female Brain Louann BrizendineJane Eyre Charlotte BronteMadame Bovary Gustave FlaubertThe Second Stage Betty FriedanMythology Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes Edith HamiltonThe Scarlet Letter Nathaniel HawthorneA Doll s House Henrik IbsenTo Kill a Mockingbird Harper LeeReviving Ophelia Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls Mary PipherThe Te [...]

    12. Fabulous book I wish it would have been written when I was 18 and someone would have forced me to read it Huffington, a well educated and articulate women writes about her fears and obstacles throughout her life thus far Most importantly, she tells us why we showed push forward through these fears to become strong women who are the best they can be in love, work and our owns lives.A book I will buy for my library It will be read regularly.

    13. Neither loved nor hated this A favorite high school teacher gifted me this book when I visited her a couple years ago during a stressful time in my new job, but clearly I was too afraid ha to read it until now Started it on the plane home from my company team meeting, and read 50 pages in one sitting, a rarity these days My main issue with the premise of the book was serious flashbacks to the patronizing fear vs love lifeline scene from Donnie Darko You can t just lump things into two categories [...]

    14. Arianna Huffington is a great example of how a woman neither beautiful, nor talented gets popular and powerful And the secret is when talented and beautiful women are tortured by their fears, she just moves forward She found her harmony in this perpetuum mobile weak politician bad writer don t worry, just push forward and they will understand.The book contains a mix of her reminiscences, education, experiences sleep deprivation, please, not again , rather weak voices of other women It s not th [...]

    15. This is definitely a book designed to encourage women to find their fearless self in love, work and life Whether it delivers on this might take a woman to read it My own perspective finds it lacking since it doesn t present a biblical perspective of fearless living I desire hope for my wife and daughters, and all women in general The first section of this book does present some information that is intriguing, but after that it does not sustain a sense of hope I would be interested to know what [...]

    16. I listened to this as an audiobook and was hoping it would be inspirational and interesting, but it wasn t I didn t learn anything and was constantly irritated by Arianna s knowing tone and arrogance Maybe this is for older women, but it didn t do anything for me and it was a waste of precious driving listening time.

    17. This was a great read, especially for someone like me who is very timid and fearful in a lot of areas of life There were a lot of insightful and inspiring passages This is going to be a book I revisit from time to time when I need a refresher on how to live my best life.

    18. The stories and quotes were entertaining and insightful However, I felt it could ve been slightly shorter Some chapters seemed dragged out with examples Overall, a warming and empowering book.

    19. I didn t really know what to expect when I picked this book up I know a little about Arianna Huffington mostly because I m an avid reader of Huffington Post but not enough to really have a solid opinion one way or another On Becoming Fearless seemed like an interesting enough book, so I decided to give it a go and I m really glad that I did Having read a lot of inspirational literature, I can say definitively that this is self help done right While some of the novel is autobiographical, it s wel [...]

    20. At first I thought this book was going to be trite, but I was curious about Ariana Huffington and decided to give it a listen There are definitely some aspects of the book that made me roll my eyes A lot of personal stories, a bit too much self promotion, and some worn out stereotypes about women such as we are feeling or we are bad negotiators Both of those tropes are nuanced if you dig into the research I still think this book is worth a listen, and here s why the sections about being fearle [...]

    21. This book honestly surprised me with how much I enjoyed it and was encouraged by her advice Would definitely recommend so to my female friends since she offers a lot of encouragement about pushing through as a woman in a male dominated world when you re needing an easy pick me up Fearlessness is the not the absence of fear, rather it s the mastery of fear There are things we should be afraid of, we want to stay alive after all We will never completely eliminate fear from our lives, but we can d [...]

    22. I ve listened to this abridged audiobook over the last few months I can t remember how I found the book or why I purchased it rather than Ms Huffington s other books but I did She personalized the search for acting fearlessly, sharing anecdotes of her own fearful moments and how she did or did not combat them She then spreads the net wide by sharing examples of other women who acted boldly for the right in the face of fear Why should we For ourselves, yes, but also for our daughters, nieces, fri [...]

    23. This is the first time reading or listening to audiobook from this author The title is what piqued my curiosity, and states she is 2007 Audie award winning author However as soon as I hear the book, I was not convinced Sadly the first few chapters were a bore to me I am hoping the second or last half of the audiobook will be better She did touch on some topic areas of interest art of negotiation it does seem like women misconstrue the meaning of negotiation or are afraid to do it because we seem [...]

    24. A random choice from , summoned up by Customers who bought this also bought When browsing, at least, I was attracted by the copy and the connection that Huffington made between her daughters experiencing some of the same fears that once held her back I also have a teenage daughter and identified with that lineage of fallibility Huffington is very readable Most often the book reads like a glossy magazine blended with a business book, but the banal also shifts gears at times into the insightful an [...]

    25. 3 stars.If you ve read Arianna Huffington s latest book, Thrive, then you ll get a much expanded conversation on many of the points she makes in this little volume This book is directed at women especially mothers and wives or the newly divorced While some of it was thought provoking, as a single woman who s not planning on having kids any time soon if at all , much of her emphasis was utterly lost on me.While there are some gems of wisdom, like getting yourself comfortable with mortality so th [...]

    26. Aphoristic in nature, this book offered many gems but also disseminated ideas that weren t terribly groundbreaking Equally, I wasn t crazy about the section that pressed the value of believing in God over a secular humanist point of view That said, I have a lot of respect for Huffington, and found when she focused on reinforcing the value of women, using that to engender self respect and self empowerment in her readers, then her message was stronger I would be than willing to give her other boo [...]

    27. I liked this book of course I skipped over the parts about becoming fearless in parenting but most of the book was very good I love how she shares her experiences and tells the whole truth you can see that this is someone not trying to please every reader, not trying to walk the fence.I see this as admirable Too many people don t want to write or say something because they worry that it might upset or ruffle feathers, just tell the truth Your truth, your views and stand for that I love that Aria [...]

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