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Alex the Mutt: From Death Row to Cozy Home By Brenda Perlin Arlene R. O'Neil Dianne Gardner,

  • Title: Alex the Mutt: From Death Row to Cozy Home
  • Author: Brenda Perlin Arlene R. O'Neil Dianne Gardner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alex the Mutt was the love of my life, but she could have been euthanized before having had a chance to live Please join me on my journey to find love, and the emotional conflict I endured when forced to leave a dog behind These strays deserve All it takes is compassion and understanding Too many animals are killed before their time, and this has got to end now IAlex the Mutt was the love of my life, but she could have been euthanized before having had a chance to live Please join me on my journey to find love, and the emotional conflict I endured when forced to leave a dog behind These strays deserve All it takes is compassion and understanding Too many animals are killed before their time, and this has got to end now If only people would stop and think first before going to a pet store or breeder Instead, visit a local rescue, pound, or shelter It s time to be their voice please help spread the word Will you join the cause
    Alex the Mutt From Death Row to Cozy Home Alex the Mutt was the love of my life but she could have been euthanized before having had a chance to live Please join me on my journey to find love and the emotional conflict I endured when forced

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    1. I think I mostly cried from the beginning of this book until the very last page because this was a story about things that are so close to my heart Brenda Perlin has done it again Brought an important message before the reader, wrapped it in a beautiful, heart warming package and claimed us to open our eyes for the wonderful animals around us before rushing to the nearest pet shop I absolutely loved, loved this story as well as Arlene R O Neil s short opening in the beginning of the book An open [...]

    2. Brenda Perlin never fails to engage her readers I love the way her writing makes me feel like we are sharing a cup of coffee and life stories, one on one Alex the Mutt is another wonderful peek into the author s life that will bring tears smiles, and a fullness to the reader s heart Arlene O Neil s forward brought tears to my eyes Both authors have a talent for tugging on the heartstrings.I love Alex, too The good, the bad, and even a little ugly, it s a must read for dog lovers, or anyone inter [...]

    3. This touching memoir is full of love, compassion, and discovery Before Alex, the author liked the idea of having a dog, but never truly understood how fulfilling the relationship between a dog and his human can be She learns a dear lesson which she strives to share with her readers Do not give your money to pet shops and breeders when there are so many wonderful animals in shelters who are desperate for a good home There was so much I could relate to in this book If you re an animal lover, you l [...]

    4. From the first pages, anyone who has ever volunteered or worked at an animal shelter and I have done both will find their heartstrings touched and will recognize the fact that this is a very special book After the heart wrenching Forward, Ms Perlin simply tells us, in brief vignettes, of how Alex and the other dogs she encounters became interwoven into of the fabric of her life.But this is not just a sweet memoir No, the author has an important message to convey about the importance of animal re [...]

    5. A Charming StoryWith a Wonderful MessageIn this charming well told short story, Author Brenda Perlin shares her love of dogs and the impact that owning dogs has had on her life Readers are given a preview of the purpose and message behind this story when she writes in the book s acknowledgements, Life works in mysterious ways One thing is for certain, the love of an animal brightens some of the saddest days Readers applaud author Brenda Perlin s ability to write passionately about topics near an [...]

    6. Finding Love From Dogs Looking for Forever HomesThis is a short story of the experiences which author Brenda Perlin has had adopting needy dogs As a canine lover, I know how important it is to be a responsible dog owner If one is looking for a dog, the first place should be at a local animal shelter or a specific breed s rescue facility Most pure breed dog associations have websites featuring the dogs looking for life time homes When a dog comes into your home, it is like providing a loving home [...]

    7. This review is from Alex the Mutt From Death Row to Cozy Home Kindle Edition ROBERT K SWISHER JR.All of my dogs have been pound dogs toy poodles, bulldogs, boxers, and an assortment of mutts picked from the multitude of orphans for some inner reason that is beyond rhyme or reason all of them were friends through ups and downs and all the in betweens of life when most of my so called human friends were nowhere to be found ALEX THE MUTT is a happy sad story of pound dogs and the life changing effe [...]

    8. I am a dog lover and my dogs have always been rescue pups I love Brenda Perlin s workse is honest and refreshing in her books This is a great memoir of sorts about her dogs and journey to having rescued Alex The book is well written and concise in it s message She is able to encourage the reader to adopt their pet dogs from shelters and rescue organizations rather then through puppy mills This book will make you laugh and cry as any pet owner knows the trials and tribulations of owning a dog Her [...]

    9. The author shares her experiences with dog adoptions, and the plight of unwanted animals in shelters Ms Perlin reminiscences about her relationship with her dog, Alex, revealing emotions that dog lovers can relate to Also commendable is the author s request that people find dogs through rescue shelters instead of frequenting puppy mills A delightful, heartwarming story.

    10. This is an excellent book for dog lovers I had a dog when I was a child but it was nothing like the relationship the author describes in the story Nevertheless, if you have the capacity to love and had ever been in love, be it human or animal, you will no doubt connect with the characters in this story Hurrah to Perlin

    11. ALEX THE MUTT is a short story about a rescue dog wishing to find her forever home Having been abandoned at the local pound, she is desperate to find someone who will save her from the fate of death It is a cute story, told with love and happiness of how Alex s life and personality went on to continue to influence the author even after death Not very long, but well worth the five stars and also well worth a read Be prepared to cry, but also to see the world of rescue animals in a different light [...]

    12. This is a book written from the heart The author describes her experiences as she makes the decision to take a rescue dog, rather than a cute puppy, into her home.It s a short book with an innocence about it that I enjoyed Perlin s intimation, and one I share, having taken on rescued cats myself, is to encourage would be pet owners, to steer clear of breeders and pet shops and welcome an animal who needs a loving home into their lives Heartfelt and heart warming, Alex the Mutt is a little book w [...]

    13. I m in LOVE with Alex too This short story will fill your heart to over flowing I was hooked from the beginning The journey to being a responsible pet parent is tough at times, but always rewarding, and Brenda Perlin shares her journey wonderfully Brenda has a real knack for invoking in the reader the same emotions she herself experienced I cried, I laughed, and I felt the warmth that can only come from the love of an animal.I recommend this book to young and old alike I hope she gets another pe [...]

    14. Being a dog lover myself, this short story made me smile I completely related to all of the points that Ms Perlin brought up, and think that they re actually quite important to the future of dogs My own was on death row because no one wanted him, so the emotion written into this story really resonated with me Final words Got a dog Get this book

    15. This was a heart warming book of a dog loved so much that aurthor wrote about how Alex changed their lives Animals are powerful loving creatures and can certainly get into your heart as no other Their unconditional love and warmth and the joy they bring into our lives Had a dog named Rumor for years after her death I couldn t bare to have another so traded dog for a cat Now I have two dogs and one cat Don t know what I d do without them all I agree with Brenda that adoption is needed and puppy m [...]

    16. As many of you know, a percentage of the proceeds from the Astro s Adventures books goes to my local animal shelter It s not much but it helps Before I was a full time author and illustrator, I trained dogs and helped people assimilate rescue dogs into their lives as canine behaviourist When I found out about this book I couldn t wait to review it and share it with you all because the theme is so close to my heart.Alex the Mutt from Death Row to a Cozy Home is a delightful tale of the kind of lo [...]

    17. An Important JourneyWith Alex the Mutt, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts It is a great story a dog, but it s much than that.It also chronicles a journey The author starts as a non dog owner, and ends up a dog owner Through that journey, the reader is given a unique insight into the author s life Her childhood, her relationships with her dad, and even her awkward teen years are part of that journey Along the way, we also meet people who should never be allowed to own dogs Grrr And [...]

    18. Those who love dogs will understand the deep connections we form with our beloved pets Alex The Mutt chronicles the relationships of the author with a few of these members of her family, all rescue animals The first ones set the pattern for the level of commitment, and the joy that results when we welcome a rescue dog into our homes The last one, though, becomes a greater challenge, turning to heartache when Perlin has to admit that Ty cannot remain with her Don t let that deter you from reading [...]

    19. The plight of lost, stray, unloved dogs is a subject close to my heart There are so many dogs and cats sitting in shelters waiting for someone to love them This heart warming story written by Brenda Perlin echoes my experience with rescued dogs The love and devotion from these four legged children is honest and sincere It seems that rescued pets seem to knowThis story is well written, and a joy to read A person can t go wrong taking a few minutes to read this short story You may not agree with t [...]

    20. What first caught my attention was the unmistakable Perlin voice I recognised it from her previous substantial works Not often does a writer bare her soul as much as this author does This little book, and it is little, complete with delightful pictures of the dogs, gave me a whole new insight into Animal Shelters and their procedures Now I can see clearly how Perlin s heart was so easily drawn toward the rescue shelter dogs as opposed to those for sale in pet shops Having owned boarding kennels [...]

    21. Alex the Mutt by Brenda Perlin is a wonderful, charming and bittersweet real life and love story of one woman s dog I m a dog lover and thread the moment when it will come to say goodbye to one of my dogs This story tells you how much the dog meant to the author, showing how important and healing a dog can be Beyond the personal journey with her dog stands a wider context, the appeal to her readers to think of stray and rescue dogs Once again Perlin writes with depth and an innate humanity that [...]

    22. I am both a fan of Ms Perlin and a huge animal lover, so I couldn t resist snatching up a copy of this children s book I have also read her other children s book Ty the Bull and just knew this one would also be a winner My instinct was right Alex the Mutt From Death Row to Cozy Home is a tender story about a sweet pup finding a home It is a wonderfully touching tale, with heart warming moments and bittersweet ones as well Adult or child, you just can t go wrong with this story

    23. This is another amazing book by an amazing author The writing style pulls you into the book and you can feel the emotions the author set out to do in this wonder piece of work Any animal lover will love this book I m a big fan of Brenda Perlin and love her writing style She s a amazing talent.

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