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Lola Levine: Drama Queen By Monica Brown AngelaDominguez,

  • Title: Lola Levine: Drama Queen
  • Author: Monica Brown AngelaDominguez
  • ISBN: 9780316258432
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Seven year old Lola Levine is fierce on the soccer field She can do a slide tackle although she s not supposed to and even likes gooey worms Nothing scares Lola That is, until she is auditioning in front of EVERYONE for her class play After Lola is overcome with stage fright, she s cast as Squirrel 2, a non speaking part Lola is than a little disappointed, andSeven year old Lola Levine is fierce on the soccer field She can do a slide tackle although she s not supposed to and even likes gooey worms Nothing scares Lola That is, until she is auditioning in front of EVERYONE for her class play After Lola is overcome with stage fright, she s cast as Squirrel 2, a non speaking part Lola is than a little disappointed, and she looks to her bubbe for advice and comfort But on opening night, the curtain rises, and she finds herself smack in the middle of an exasperating turn of events In this fun and heartfelt chapter book, can Lola give Squirrel 2 her own special stamp and make it a play to remember
    Lola Levine Drama Queen Seven year old Lola Levine is fierce on the soccer field She can do a slide tackle although she s not supposed to and even likes gooey worms Nothing scares Lola That is until she is auditioning in fr

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    1. I really like the Lola Levine series She is a fun, spunky character that is enjoyable to read about I love that there is another good transitional chapter book series for kids.

    2. I m always on the hunt for books to suggest to young readers and this one caught my eye because we have some dramatic people in our home lately I am one of them, on occasion, but not as regal as I d like to be I wasn t prepared for the levels of interest that this author could bring to such a sweet little book Lola is just 7 years old, has a pesky little brother with wildly curly hair, parents that are very different from each other and a gift for soccer Lola is all about approaching life her o [...]

    3. Breezy, upbeat easy chapter book 88p with a tight plot, light humor, and diverse characters Lola is bright, imaginative, and energetic and is a walking celebration of her Latina and Jewish heritage Lola is a wordsmith so the writing is clever with a rich vocabulary This is the second book in the Lola Levine series and solidly puts this with must read 3rd grade books like Clementine and Judy Moody Also LOVE the shout out to Dolores Huerte S , se puede Shalom and buenas noches.

    4. This should have been the series opener because readers learn a lot about Lola s personality and her relatives Bubbe is a terrific character and a very supportive grandmother.

    5. I love finding new spunky girl bridge type books, and this is a good one to add to the list that I recommend to patrons I m looking forward to reading the others to see how they fit together as a series I think it will be a big hit with the target audience, but I will say that my critical voice wasn t always the happiest while I read it I can t quite put my finger on why, though Maybe the flow of the dialog Maybe the wording of the thoughts in Lola s head There was something that made me feel th [...]

    6. Brown, Monica Drama Queen Lola Levine 2 , Illustrated by Dominguez, Angela 88 pgs, Little Brown, 2016 15.00 Content Language G 0 swears Mature Content G Violence GIn this second book Lola gets to try out for a play She is very excited and practices her audition, but when the time comes, she gets stage fright She still gets a part, a squirrel with no talking lines But when the day of the play comes her role gets an upgrade and she improvise if she is going to save the day Features numerous illust [...]

    7. Lola is in second grade and she loves soccer She has a rather loud voice and her best friend is Josh, the son of the school principal When her class prepares to put on a play, Lola has some challenges She struggles with stage fright during auditions and is therefore given the nonspeaking part of Squirrel 2 But everything doesn t go as planned and readers will discover that Lola is gifted with improv skills.This book is perfect for readers ready for an easy chapter book The plot moves quickly and [...]

    8. Being seven is a lot of hard work, especially when you re dramatic and loud Lola Levine is doing the best she can, but she goes to school with some girls who are mean to her Fortunately, she has a loving family, and a best friend named Josh When the class gets a special teacher to help them put on a play, everything goes wrong Fortunately, Lola saves the day being dramatic and loud

    9. This was a solid choice for 3rd 4th graders and I liked how Lola came out on top in the end, but as with a lot of recent books targeted towards this age group that feature a precocious female lead, I think the humor would be lost on kids at certain points I did like the seamless integration of cultures though

    10. Cute, fun, and spunky Lola Love the simple straightforward plot of this easy chapter book featuring a diverse family.

    11. Lola Levine Drama Queen, by Monica Brown, is the perfect series book for any beginning chapter book reader Dolores Lola Esther Levine, the protagonist and second grade student, is dynamic, charming, and relatable In this particular book in the series, Lola learns all about how to act from her drama teacher Ms Tinkle, and a little bit about herself along the way Young readers will instantly connect with Lola as she navigates peers that are not always nice, how to be brave, and how family is the c [...]

    12. Lola Levine Drama Queen was a very fun and easy read that would be most appropriate for 8 10 year olds However, I too enjoyed it and know that I would enjoy this series if I was younger Lola is a very innocent child who is quite quirky and often gets on the others nerves However, Lola doesn t realize this so she just continues on Lola is excited to have a new teacher, who will direct the children in the school play Lola imagines herself as the star of the show, but when it is time for auditions [...]

    13. This 2017 2018 Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee is likely aimed at fans of Junie B Jones and Amber Brown Lola is a super high energy, loud, friendly second grader who sometimes gets into trouble when the first two get a little out of hand But she is also a loyal friend, a loving big sister and an all around likable young girl This particular Lola installment has her learning about performing on stage with a new drama teacher, trying to stay out of the path of a mean classmate and being a good frie [...]

    14. This book is about a little girl named Lola Levine who is in second grade, loves soccer and her best son is Josh, the school principal s son Her class is preparing for a play in which she gets to try, but she has some challenges like struggling with stage fright during auditions and still getting a part in the play as a nonspeaking part of Squirrel 2 However, everything didn t work as planed and audience will discover that she possessed improving skills This book is appropriate for children 5 to [...]

    15. This is my first Lola Levine book but I look forward to reading the rest in the series Kids who are afraid to read chapter books will flock to this one and quickly request Loved Lola s spunky character, the not so obnoxious brother, Ben, and the supportive family including Grandma who is lovingly known as Bubbe That s the only word that stumped me, because I gave it a totally different pronunciation Glad my friend, who had used that endearment for her Grandma, set me straight or I would not hav [...]

    16. Lola Levine is such a fun character Written in first person as well as letters to her diary, readers experience 7 year old Lola s world In this book, her class is putting on a play, and although she s very outspoken and loud the majority of the time, when it comes time to audition for the play, she gets stage fright Her loving and supportive family help her through her disappointment, and let s just saye show must go on This is a great series for beginner chapter book readers.

    17. Like an older, multicultural version of Junie B Jones Readers will benefit from reading the first installment Lola Levine is Not Mean before this one to get a complete picture of the main character.

    18. I LOVE Lola Levine She is so spunky, wiggly, and loud just like many second graders I loved her affinity for words and how she likes to rhyme when she talks and writes I love her unique family that whispers to the reader about diversity, family, and staying true to yourself Loved it

    19. Great transitional chapter book for the 2nd 3rd grade crowd Putting the series on my order list I love Lola s Latina Jewish heritage

    20. It was a fun book I enjoyed it than Junie B Jones because while the little girl had challenges of being outspoken, she was not clueless.

    21. My favorite thing about Lola is that she is flawed like me especially when I was a kid when I didn t know why the way I was bothered some people We all love characters that we can relate to

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