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One Night in the Hill Country By Felipe Adan Lerma,

  • Title: One Night in the Hill Country
  • Author: Felipe Adan Lerma
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: ebook
  • Thriller Suspense Novella.Approx 30,000 words.Approx 120 pages.Story OverviewIn short swift moving chapters, Sam Samantha takes four young cousins out to the Texas Hill Country The two boys are looking for a lost kitten The two tween girls are looking And Sam is, well, isn t sure what she s looking for But she s going to find it.Humorous, touching, suspenseful.Sam isThriller Suspense Novella.Approx 30,000 words.Approx 120 pages.Story OverviewIn short swift moving chapters, Sam Samantha takes four young cousins out to the Texas Hill Country The two boys are looking for a lost kitten The two tween girls are looking And Sam is, well, isn t sure what she s looking for But she s going to find it.Humorous, touching, suspenseful.Sam is featured in numerous short stories, including the crime mystery, Dirty Sixth Street, Austin Four of the young cousins from that story are in this novella.Sam also narrates some of her own early years to the children in several short stories set in Vermont, including the mystery, Hello, Darling In this story, a novella, Sam encounters her first true challenge in Texas Probably than she wanted smiles
    One Night in the Hill Country Thriller Suspense Novella Approx words Approx pages Story OverviewIn short swift moving chapters Sam Samantha takes four young cousins out to the Texas Hill Country The two boys are lookin

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    1. What do you get if you mix a bit of Deliverance with a sprinkling of Wrong Turn and then lightly season with the short sharp staccato style sentence structure of Ellroy circa LA Confidential You get One Night in the Hill Country, that s what you get.It is almost always difficult to write a review of the suspense genre, or certainly an exhaustive or extensive one, without referring to the plot and subsequently inserting spoilers left, right and centre.I find with the thriller genre it is quite of [...]

    2. One of the significant advantages of self publishing is that the author has the freedom to write the book that he or she wishes, rather than conforming to a formula that a publisher rightly or wrongly has decided the marketplace will buy Felipe Adan Lerma has taken advantage of this freedom to craft a fast paced novella that explores current social issues and juxtaposes the vulnerability of innocents to those who have suffered the consequences of innocence lost.The setting is the Hill Country of [...]

    3. At thirty thousand words this is a short story just a tad short of novella length, but one that punches well above it weight, holding its own against the depth and intricacy of longer works It tackles the controversial issue of child trafficking and abuse as the vessel for the main story, namely that of the misguided but presumably well meaning efforts of a brother and sister, Rolf and Tara, in using illegal immigrant children they have abducted in order to lure the same sort of men who once hur [...]

    4. A highly original book I would recommend to lovers of suspense, other writers and anyone interested in the structure of language and how it can be manipulated Despite being a novella of 30,000 words the book has a vast array of distinct characters, a building tension and a complex plot Sam takes 4 young cousins on a day trip to visit vineyards during a wine festival They encounter the local sheriff, with an interesting past, on their arrival Their last planned stop of the day is at a vineyard ow [...]

    5. Lupita who goes by Janee for about five seconds is not always the main protagonist in One Night in the Hill Country by Felipe Adan Lerma, but in the sense that she directly or indirectly touches every person who passes through this story it is hers Ever practical, like Sam who has appeared in other books by the author, Lupita knows how to play along to get along until she can take action In many cases, the author s writing style in this book is succinct, flowing along like free style verse than [...]

    6. This is a quick read as it is a novella and yet it covers some important social issues, such as child abuse and discrimination against immigrants.Sam, a recently ex police officer, is called by Katarina because her son Zilker has lost a kitten Although Sam knows there s little chance of finding the kitten, she offers to take Zilker and his brother to Central Texas to search for it, and she ends up taking their two cousins as well.It is a pleasant day out and the party bump into Sheriff Mike Sull [...]

    7. This book felt really special to me, and I cannot even explain why It kept demanding my attention, pulling my sleeve, and asking me to skip a couple of thing I was supposed to do read and write and just go ahead and start reading it I admit I was a little uncertain about it, because I didn t want to be disappointed, but let me tell you it blew me away I loved the characters and the story, but if there was one thing I d have to emphasize, it would most certainly be structure and style The short c [...]

    8. One Night in the Hill Country, by Felipe Adan Lerma is a short and dark thriller about a woman and her four young cousins Out on a harmless journey they are getting into serious trouble when stopping at the vineyard of two somewhat dubious siblings Under their influence our young heroes end up being used as human baits in an attempt to catch child abusers Tackling issues such as child abuse and illegal immigration the book throws in some interesting thoughts and reflective notes while keeping th [...]

    9. Felipe Adan Lerma has written a fast paced book that will keep you engrossed and entertained My only issue was that at the end, I wanted so much Well, I guess it s a good thing he has books out there for my reading enjoyment I love a book that allows the author to take us on a journey, and Felipe does just that.I have to admit that I devoured this book in one sitting I couldn t put it down It was unique, different, and thought provoking If you want a quick read, here s a great book for you I m [...]

    10. Short and to the point sentences Touchy story line, much like Hemmingway when he was a reporter.Keeps you guessing Keeps you intrigued A LOT GOING ON FOR A SHORT BOOK Don t know if it needed to be double spaced but creative writing is creative writing Take a read on the dangerous side Mr Lerma has his own distinctive style I like and enjoy it A mystery to the end.

    11. I can t do a better review than the two already posted So, I ll just add that I enjoyed this fast paced story and its characters I especially liked that the children were integral to the plot and the action They were smart, brave, and ready to help each other in a terrifying situation.

    12. I borrowed this from Kindle Unlimited and read it in one sitting.In a nutshell, a cop and her family go off in search for something, and they find mystery and darkness that questions the reader s conscience What is right and wrong, what is justifiable The story brings with it some very real social issues of immigration, discrimination, child abuse, and even what consequences should be given at the hands of a victim When the book closes, you may indeed question yourself as thoughts of real circum [...]

    13. This author likes to experiment with writing styles and push the boundaries of language Love it or hate it, it should always be admired This is my second book by this author and so far my favourite Felipe Adan Lerma explains his motivation and background to the book in a prologue His decision to go for very short chapters and an almost staccato style of writing, works well in this case The chapters are told from a different perspective each serve to build tension As Sam and the children drive in [...]

    14. Thought relatively short, about 120 pages, it is dense with characters, point of views, and settings all of which work their way to one location, where all the main characters are involved Slightly disturbing due to sexual, violent, and abuse content most of which is suggested without graphic detail, creating a suspense Humor and a number of touching scenes set off the dramatic moments, and round out the book s experience.

    15. This is my first novella thriller Short chapters, lots of the same characters from my own fiction Suspenseful, touching, and humorous One of my favorite works to create to date Hope you enjoy also smiles.

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