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Riding it Out (The Storm) By Jennifer Foor,

  • Title: Riding it Out (The Storm)
  • Author: Jennifer Foor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • This beginning of this book was originally released in an anthology called AMERICAN HONEY, THE STORM, that is no longer available.Riding it Out is the whole story told in two parts.The Storm.The Hurricane.One womanOne manAn empty bed and breakfastA summer stormOne night they ll never forgetCan two strangers find happiness in each other, or will past secrets make it impossiThis beginning of this book was originally released in an anthology called AMERICAN HONEY, THE STORM, that is no longer available.Riding it Out is the whole story told in two parts.The Storm.The Hurricane.One womanOne manAn empty bed and breakfastA summer stormOne night they ll never forgetCan two strangers find happiness in each other, or will past secrets make it impossible
    Riding it Out The Storm This beginning of this book was originally released in an anthology called AMERICAN HONEY THE STORM that is no longer available Riding it Out is the whole story told in two parts The Storm The Hurri

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    1. One night changes everything.Wow was this a good read Nothing by Jenn Foor would be complete without the proper amount of angst and this book had it s share This is a story about lies and betrayal but also love and redemption.Reeds got secrets that catch up with him in a pretty huge way and Ericka is floored by the things that she finds out about the man she loves As Reed s past unravels truths are revealed and heartache and emotion take over Is Ericka willing to put aside Reed s past and be a p [...]

    2. Hot read part of America Honey anthology Chance storm meeting, Reed is stranded and both end up holed up in Ericas inherited bb with no powercheesy, hot quick read

    3. Erica is youngish career focused woman who has inherited her beloved aunt s B B on the Maryland coast She plans to sell the sprawling house and return to her job in Balti, but must check out the property, first Erica is isolated when a tropical storm blows in.The house is battered and loses electric with the ferocity of the storm, and Erica is even spooked to find a soaked stranger on the doorstep Reluctantly allowing Reed a room, she s lucky to learn he s got the skills she needs mainly carpen [...]

    4. KIM S REVIEW Erica thought she was happy with her life She was single and wasn t looking for love at the moment because she was always wrapped up with her job However, a wrench is thrown in her plans when she finds out that she has inherited her aunt s Bed and Breakfast She assumes she ll just sell it because she s a city girl and has no time to be by the beach and run it.The day Erica takes ownership of the BB a storm blows into town and with that storm also blows in Reed Reed shows up to the B [...]

    5. I loved Erica Shawn s story a love story in Riding it Out Jennifer tells us that the beginning of this book was originally released in an anthology called AMERICAN HONEY, THE STORM, that is no longer available Now there are 2 parts to Riding it Out Erica Part 1 The Storm Reed Part 2 The Hurricane Erica inherited her aunts old house and she just moved there to get things fixed up to sell the place There is a summer storm and Shawn Reed is on his motorcycle and needs to find a safe place to stay A [...]

    6. You done it again Jenn this story is great I don t know how you come up with the stories you writeall i know is you are a great writer and i enjoy everything you write I think Reed is hot and Him and Erica are good for each other I m glad that they found each other no matter what the problems are they will stay by each side.5 Stars

    7. Part One What a breath of fresh air this book was We both had grins on our faces from start to finish.Erica has inherited a bed and breakfast after losing her aunt to cancer After singing the papers with the lawyer she returns to the home to put this in place for selling What she doesn t realize is how many memories will come back to her once she starts looking around In the midst of a storm, and being in such an old house, Erica is on her toes What she doesn t expect is a visitor.When Shawn, be [...]

    8. Let me just first say, this book wasn t at all what I was expecting it was better I was expecting a fluff book It wasn t It went much deeper than that There were some hard truths in this book some hard times in this book It wasn t all just jump in the bed sex and fun.This book finds one sexy, hard headed, workaholic woman, who thinks she knows what she wants in life meeting one sex on a stick retired marine searching for what he does want in life At first you think it is going to be two people c [...]

    9. Told in two parts, Riding It Out starts with Erica ,whom has headed to her Grandmother s Bed and Breakfast to prepare for it s sale as her Grandmother has died and left it to her She is not the type to run a B B and prefers her fast paced working life in the big city While she is there, preparing things two things happen, the first is that a stranger knocks on the door It is pouring with rain and looks like thunderstorms are to be rolling in and he needs a place to sleep Erica could turn him awa [...]

    10. Alright Now, I was given the opportunity to check out Riding it Out by Jennifer Foor and for the most part I thought it was a decent quick read Here s my synopsis Erica just inherited a beach side bed and breakfast from her deceased Aunt In town for only a few days to sign paperwork and check the place out, Erica is in a rush to get back to her job and life She is startled by a knock on the door and greeted by a handsome stranger seeking shelter from the coastal storm that just touched shore Rid [...]

    11. Jennifer mentions in the blurb that the beginning of the book was previously released in an Anthology Riding it out is broken up into two different parts Erica part 1 The Storm and Reed part 2 the hurricane As you might have guessed the first part is told from Erica s POV and the 2nd is told by Reed.Erica inherits an old bed and breakfast from her aunt after she dies When Erica goes to her lawyer to start the process of putting everything into her name a storm starts right when she enters the em [...]

    12. Okay, so let me start by saying that yes, this isn t a very lengthy read so, for those that are expecting that please do not be disappointed That being said, it was phenomenal I mean, definitely one of my Foor faves It had everything I wanted in a good romance And the heat holy crap, was Reed hot I loved that he was so confident and comfortable with his sexual needs that he was able to coax Erica out of her prudish shell, and finally make her see that she was a sexual being She needed that, trul [...]

    13. Riding it Out is a quick and steamy read My interest was piqued with the premise of the story, and I liked the way it started out even though I have a hard time thinking that a single young lady would allow an unknown man into her place with no one else there But setting that aside, I like the setup of the story and the heat between Reed and Erica but I m surprised at her immediate acceptance of the things Reed does with her right off the bat.Erica, while not necessarily making smart decisions f [...]

    14. My Thoughts For me, Riding It Out is a sweet and quick read with all the steam that we love from this author I am sure that Jennifer Foor could write an instruction manual and I would still feel the need to fan myself Great storyline, relatable characters, and exception writing that had me finishing this book in one sitting I highly recommend this to everyone looking for a spicy little read with some emotional twists This one will not disappoint My Short Synopsis In Part One, we see the immediat [...]

    15. Do you like a book that has you having to think and wonder what is going to happen next Do you like a book in which the bedroom is on FIRE Do you like reading anything by Jennifer Foor If you do, then get this book First off, it s a standalone with a dual point of view for each book This is a two part book in one book Two strangers found each other during a storm The sex was off the charts Erica had always been sort of a prude Reed a sexy biker stumbled upon Erica s bed and breakfast during a st [...]

    16. Erica drew me into the story from the very beginning Her aunt left her the beach BB where she spent several summers as a child Her intention was to sell it, but I hoped she would change her mind For some reason, it just seemed like the right place for her to be Somehow the business world didn t seem to be a good fit for her Shawn is a kind ex marine who has fallen on hard times He s no longer in the military and needs to find his niche in life now He and Erica hit it off from the beginning What [...]

    17. Erica and Reed meet during a terrible storm at the BB she just inherited from her aunt Erica is unsure what she wants to do with this unexpected inheritance and Reed shows up to get out of the storm and helps her when a tree collapses on part of the roof Erica and Reed find themselves instantly attracted to each other but Erica is than reluctant to see where it goes Reed tells Erica that he is insanely attracted to her and finally wears her down Reed them leaves after Erica confesses she doesn [...]

    18. This was my last read for 2014 and what a great choice I made This was a quick read a great steamy romance with a secret I didn t see coming I loved their story, the story of Reed and Erica.Erica inherits her aunt s water front bed and breakfast Erica is a workaholic and only has plans to sell the place and get on with her life After signing the papers legally making her the new owner, Erica is driving back to the BB in a horrific storm Alone in this big house, that she has the fondest of memori [...]

    19. Who better to be trapped in a storm with than a stranger Part One The Storm is a great introduction to the story of an uptight office worker and a former soldier She has just inherited her aunt s bed and breakfast and he is looking for a purpose Wonder what will create a bigger whole the tree crashing through the roof or the void in her heart when he rides off on his Harley.Part Two The Hurricane takes us a year into the future when things are about to change dramatically Hurricane Melissa accid [...]

    20. Hello Reed Sexy military man, wet and dripping on my front porch, needing a place to stay for the nightlet me find you a nice warm bed to sleep inMINElol This was a great quick read I liked that the first part of the book was from Erica s point of view and the second was from Reed s The two meet by accident during a tropical storm and the heat between them is electric than the summer storm raging outside But Reed has a past that the wants to forget about and when the past comes slamming in, Eri [...]

    21. Jenn Foor is one of my favorite authors She s one of the authors that no matter what it is I automatically want to read the book that s coming out This was a perfect story with some pretty awesome twist and an ending that made my heart happy Reed was unbelievably without a doubt the man I d love to come knocking during a storm He is strong, hot, and well let s just say knows how to take care of Erica I read this is one setting and I stayed up way into the night to finish it knowing I had to go t [...]

    22. WOW What an incredible way to start 2015 Part 1 starts with The Storm raging outside and inside with Erica and Reed Hot and fall in love romantic Part 2 The Hurricane OMG I did not see this coming There are secrets and then there are SECRETS I was so afraid Erica was going to just flip out I Loved Reed and just wanted him to get to tell his story SO good absolutely Loved it Pages just turned themselves could not put it down.Jennifer Foor is one of my Favorite authors

    23. Enjoyed the concept, the characters are decent but could ve had development Sometimes I just want the story to take off and everyone fall in love but this was a bit too fast Not enough that it ruined the story but I didn t connect with the characters much and sometimes found that I really didn t like Erica I really liked Reed, when his secret came out I just wanted to hug him and tell Erica to get over herself It does end with a HEA, and everyone is happy.

    24. Reed came in like a knight in shining armor They needed each other than they realized As I read this all I could think was talk about jaw dropping Jennifer Foor is one of my favorite authors I loved this book

    25. Great story but rough editingShawn and Erica an unexpected meeting leads to a whole new life of possibilities.I probably would have given this book 5 stars if not for the really rough editing.

    26. 2.5 StarsI finished this book but I can t say that I truly enjoyed it I feel like it had potential but it moved way to quickly and I never connected to the characters or the story I recieved and ARC from the author publisher in exchange for an honest review

    27. Never disappointsYet another great one by Jennifer Foor I am a sap for happy endings but would love to see what the future has in store for Reed Erica Maybe a BB series.

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