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Beast By James D. Horton,

  • Title: Beast
  • Author: James D. Horton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It has been days since Lily killed the vampire responsible for her brutal attack Now she and Wolf have been summoned by the Society to answer for her actions Standing before the Regent, she learns she has tipped the human and supernatural scales A new vampire is required to restore balance.When she hears the penalty for her crime, Wolf protectively steps in and acceptsIt has been days since Lily killed the vampire responsible for her brutal attack Now she and Wolf have been summoned by the Society to answer for her actions Standing before the Regent, she learns she has tipped the human and supernatural scales A new vampire is required to restore balance.When she hears the penalty for her crime, Wolf protectively steps in and accepts a dangerous task in exchange for her freedom He must find the rogue vampire who has been slaughtering citizens in their territory or risk losing Lily to the Society And he only has days to do it.As the night of reckoning fast approaches, Lily finds an unlikely advocate in a centuries old, seductive vampire named Athene who gives her an ominous warning Athene knows secrets about Wolf she won t divulge, which only complicates the mysterious revelation Lily has recently discovered about herself.Screams, growls, and cries echo throughout the darkest, desolate streets of the city The final showdown determines who is predator and who will become prey One thing remains certain no one escapes the night unscathed Beast is the much anticipated sequel to Predator Prey, the thrilling supernatural series of the same name by author James D Horton.
    Beast It has been days since Lily killed the vampire responsible for her brutal attack Now she and Wolf have been summoned by the Society to answer for her actions Standing before the Regent she learns she

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    1. Rating 2.5 5Unfortunately this series didn t turn out to be what I hoped for I liked the first book and it made me want to read but when I got my hands on this one, the I read the I lost my interest It seemed like the things I liked about Lily in the first book were the things that annoyed me in this one The story was still fast paced and full of action but it was really hard for me to care about the characters this time around Maybe it was because I had so low expectations of the first book [...]

    2. Beast continues on where the first book in this series left off I was so pleased to be back in Lily s world I didn t realize how much I love her character until I was able to settle back in with her again The descriptions offered up by James D Horton are so rich and absorbing that you can t help but get lost in the pages of Beast This book is slightly longer than the first, but it still moves at a rapid pace I wanted to immediately reread it after finishing it I m absolutely in awe of this autho [...]

    3. Beast picks right up where Predator and Prey finished and there is only a small spattering of bring you up to date with things that went on.I am still very intrigued by Wolf and Lily and indeed now with the Introduction of Athene I wonder where this is going sexuality wise.The hopeless romantic in me had issues with Wolf in this book, yeah the sensible side of me understood where he was coming from but the romantic side felt lost for words I am very much looking forward to continuing with these [...]

    4. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review I don t know where to begin Beast is a great read It pulled me in just as quickly as its predecessor did, but if book one hadn t still been fresh in my mind I wouldn t have remembered the details of certain behaviors, like the incident with the guy at the radio station Only after I read it I remembered Oh yeah they had an arrangement because as I was reading it I thought What the hell There s also so much to this story I [...]

    5. There is a Beast in all of us, but the Vampires are trying to bring theirs into submission by forming a Society and treating the city s night dwellers like cattle And, in this dystopian, not to far distant future, a night time radio show host finds herself, oddly, befriended by a long Wolf, of the very creatures she has been warning the city s night dwellers about In this second of his Predator and Prey series, James D Horton again enthralls us with an entirely different take on the vampire vs h [...]

    6. The book tells us the story of Lily, a normal girl who gets involved in an intricate situation with dangerous creatures After killing a vampire in self defense which supposedly happened in the first book of the series , Lily is judged by a society of supernatural creatures for her actions Lily is helped by Wolf, with whom she has a relationship Although the book doesn t make it entirely clear maybe the first book of the series gives information regarding Wolf s and Lily s relationship , it seem [...]

    7. Beast is the second story in the Predator Prey series These novellas are not stand alone stories You must know the beginning of Wolf and Lily s relationship to fully understand Beast.Lily is found guilty of killing the Vampire who orchestrated the attack rape of her The Society has passed judgment and the punishment is set Lily must be turned to replenish the loss of one of their own Wolf bargains with Regant to save her In doing so, Wolf takes on a dangerous task to win her freedom.Wolf devises [...]

    8. There s still not too much history on either Lily or Wolf but it still doesn t seem to matter Lily s unusual ability to sense or see the beast within vampires in a way no one else can is interesting I really loved the idea of the visual of the beast or monster being held controlled and caged within the man I d love details if it s her mind seeing these beasts her mind reaching out to touch and test the monsters within and does it actually work sort of as an empathic quality While usually lack o [...]

    9. This book picks up 3 days after book 1 Wolf and lily are off to a council meeting where they tell wolf that she is to be tried for killing a vampire They know that the society is just trying to use wolf, but not why After work lily meets Athene and warns her that the vampires are using her to get to wolf Things go down how they except and wolf goes after a threat to vampires Things take a turn for the worst.I loved Lily even this time She is learning that she is strong and not prey to anyone On [...]

    10. Reviewed for Hooked On Books Forever 5 Hooked StarsIn Beast by James D Horton, Lily is embracing her predator side She refuses to be a victim, even refusing to beg Wolf for his affection Now, she must face the Law of the Vampires and accept the punishment for killing one of their own Beast is honestly one of the strongest sequels I have read, especially to a shorter story Nothing was skimped on, there s enough detail and action to keep you enthralled, but no feeling of dragging on Lily is a grea [...]

    11. A unusual twist on a common theme, yes the vampires have all the power, but they are also constantly battling to keep their beast their baser desires chained up in their minds Lily can sense these beasts, and rather than being the weak, manipulated human, she starts to realise she has a certain amount of power because of this ability, because not only can she feel their beasts, she can touch them.Wolf is the same, uncommunicative chap he was in the first book, but is he really the guy in the whi [...]

    12. I really like Lily Every time I read her,she s a wonderful contrast of brashness and insecurity without coming across needy and annoying She asks Wolf several times Why aren t I good enough , when she can t understand why he won t do something.I also really like Wolf He isn t a good person He isn t necessarily a bad person, either He also has a past and a little bit of this was shown in this book while in the other book it showed how mysterious he was and secretive but now i don t know whats wor [...]

    13. 5 stars Lily does not expect to be summoned by the society to stand trial for killing the man named Stone She does not expect to meet an ally who gives her a warning but also tells her secrets She fights trying to figure things out As Wolf goes about the dangerous task to give her freedom she realizes that he is set on his task and does not care about the little boy that the rogue vampire has taken But Lily does and engages Balthazar s help in getting her to the scene so that she can save the li [...]

    14. Lily knew that her life would be forever changed when Wolf showed up in her life but she never knew to what extent When she makes the decision to immerse herself in his world she does not know the extent of the ramifications this will cause To the people in his Society she is wanted by all For what reason she and Wolf do not know but when she is brought to trial they try and force the issue Wolf refuses to turn her and instead lets himself be maneuvered into a dangerous situation Lily wants to f [...]

    15. After Lily takes care of some business in the last book, now her judgment looms over her and wolf for what she did Lily meets Athene, who I really like She is strong, she is determined, and she is powerful Wolf and Lily are sent on a task, that will determine their fate Can Athene help Will Lily and Wolf survive This book picks up right where Predator Pray leave off I wanted from Wolf, but he is stoic, strong and silent So it s not going to happen and I think that s where it leads to my interes [...]

    16. Beast is a short installment of the Predator Prey series It is a bite sized confection that will whet the appetites of paranormal erotica lovers The novelette s key players are an emotionally conflicted radio show hostess and a lone wolf vampire Beast has the makings of a late night TV script Its narrative brings to mind shows such as Forever Knight, She Wolf of London, and Blood.In all, Beast is a book with integrity that delivers exactly what it promises a harrowing tale of lust, longing, roma [...]

    17. Ehhhhh I picked this up since I read and enjoyed the first book The first book is a novella and this one is not much longer However, I expected plot development and well, just I did not like that this left me with unanswered questions and uncertainties I was ok with the first book being like that since it was of an introduction I don t really like serials that don t have their own stand alone feel, like something significant has been accomplished I won t be continuing with this series.

    18. This engrossing sci fi saga continues with Lilly Lynx and Wolf Dallas Lily s power has increased and characters have been introduced We meet members of the society Athene, Balthazar, the Regent and the Re ord Keeper Wolf must stop the rouge from killing humans endangering the Society Can the rouge be stopped Will the Society be exposed Can Lily be stopped from helping Wolf The action and mystery continues to escalate and reel us in Another great sci fi thriller fromMr Horton Can t wait for the [...]

    19. I was given book for honest review Called before the Regent for their actions Wolf and Lily go on a hunt for answers In the battle it s a question of who is the stronger, faster, determined beast But with all decisions and powers come consequences will Lily have to pay the price and if so can she survive in Wolf s world with or with out him Quick read that draws you further into the underground world of vampire vs men.

    20. To me, in spite of being a novella, this has been a sophisticated Vampire series, particularly in this Book 2 The sophistication being just slightly reminiscent of Anne Rice There for the less mature reader somewhat like myself however, is unfortunately a lot of extra and drawn out description buffering scenes and plot events I just preferred the plot pace of Book 1 Good though.

    21. Strange book but goodThis series is very different but very interesting I was glad to have stumbled upon it I have found the whole concept differentNth and intriguing A very quick and interesting read This is the second series by this Author I have read and I have found them both to be good.

    22. I really liked the 1st Book, but was kind of disappointed in the 2nd.Forgive me but I LOVE when the Girl gets the Guy, not the GirlBut that s not exactly what happens Whoever Luna is pissing me off and I really Hope that in any future Books Wolf Lily find a HEA

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