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In Real Life By Chris Killen,

  • Title: In Real Life
  • Author: Chris Killen
  • ISBN: 9781847672629
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • STILL FRIENDS A DECADE ON WHAT ARE THE CHANCES For a while, Ian, Lauren and Paul shared the same friends, the same university, the same dreams and the same potential Ten years on they are worlds apart Call centres, charity shops and bedrooms that smell like cabbage were never part of the plan The real world doesn t look quite like any of them imagined But when Lauren,STILL FRIENDS A DECADE ON WHAT ARE THE CHANCES For a while, Ian, Lauren and Paul shared the same friends, the same university, the same dreams and the same potential Ten years on they are worlds apart Call centres, charity shops and bedrooms that smell like cabbage were never part of the plan The real world doesn t look quite like any of them imagined But when Lauren, in a moment of nostalgia, cracks open a long forgotten Hotmail account, she comes face to face with the people these three friends used to be .For two of them it will mean a new beginning to an old love story.Hilarious and heart breaking, In Real Life paints a searingly honest portrait of a generation and captures a world where human connection is easier than ever before but where relationships remain just as tricky.
    In Real Life STILL FRIENDS A DECADE ON WHAT ARE THE CHANCES For a while Ian Lauren and Paul shared the same friends the same university the same dreams and the same potential Ten years on they are worlds apart

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    1. Well that was super depressing I normally like depressing books is that weird , but this was in a whole notha ballpark It was depressing simply for the sake of being depressing Nothing happened, and really apart from the single benefit of making you feel like you were less pathetic than the main characters of the novel, I am not really sure what the point of it all was.It follows a few people, going back and forth ten years, and justllows them going about nothing I don t know, perhaps this novel [...]

    2. I received this book at work in exchange for an honest review and I am so glad I read it, it was just what I needed in my current reading mood I haven t been finishing many books despite being in the middle of several but this one just hooked me in and I finished it in just a few days.If I was to compare In Real Life to any other book, I would definitely choose One Day by David Nicholls The tone is very similar and, although the structure and characters are completely different, I have some simi [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book a lot, it s a speedy, light, funny read with realistic, flawed but mostly likeable characters with the exception of Paul who is just a total d ckhead, but realistically so and with enough truth and feeling beneath it all to make you care about the characters and want to find out what happens to them.The story follows three friends Paul, Lauren, and Ian and skips between 2004 when they were uni students and 2014 when they are adults, or trying to be adults, each in lives very [...]

    4. When you reach thirty, you are supposed to live an orderly life, earn a regular income and, ideally, have a spouse and children It can t be that hard, can it Until 2004, Lauren, Ian and Paul went to university together but a lot has changed since then Now, ten years later, their lives aren t what they imagined them to be Lauren has to convince her friends that she s not interested in blind dates any, Ian is broke and Paul s life is a lie.When I started reading In Real Life, I didn t know what to [...]

    5. Yet another book I can t recall having queued But here we are Unlike Juggling my last mystery meat library hold , this one was a disappointment However, I slogged on, determined to finish it because I ll be damned if I don t make my GoodReads Challenge this year This book was just lethargically paced and grim There were the occasional bright spots though the book is set in England, one character unexpectedly spends time living in Vancouver, and there are all sorts of local details that were deli [...]

    6. I borrowed this from Kindle Unlimited and it s safe to say this is really not my sort of book, reading is my escape and if I wanted to be bored and miserable I can manage that just fine without assistance I couldn t really get invested in the characters and felt than a little depressed by the story Jumping between the two time periods was a slightly strange approach and I am not really sure it worked In my opinion, it felt unfinished I wanted to know what happened with Lauren s Mum I wanted to [...]

    7. If only I could reclaim the lost hours I spent reading this book and picked a different book I totally would It was a boring merry go round ride where I kept checking how many pages left before I caould finally click on the I m finished button Why finish it then Because it was an easy read no complex plots or philosophical meanings I had to figure out AND kept emailing me about not reaching my GR challenge so yes I needed to finish the book Other than that, it s safe to say that you re not missi [...]

    8. I immediately settled into this book and being a similar age to the characters could relate to a lot of their thoughts expectations after uni.This book made me laugh and at times feel very sad,but so pleased with the ending I enjoyed the style with emails and chapters for each character I have to say Paul was awful and made me cringe with some of his choicesbut I really liked the characters of Lauren and Ian Very enjoyable and has reminded me to listen to Elliott Smith Would recommend to people [...]

    9. It s hard to write a review of a book when you don t really know how you felt about it I read through some of the other reviews and none of them jumped out at me with the YES THAT S HOW I FELT revelation I didn t hate it far from it I started reading it late one night and pretty much all of my spare time was spent finishing it Considering that I haven t had time to start and finish a book apart from one by my fave author in the last year maybe two that s pretty good going Yet I didn t love it ei [...]

    10. A very funny novel about call centres, charity shops, Tesco Meal Deals, the creepiness of social media, Babybels and Jonathan Franzen It s also about love and relationships and struggling to find out what the fuck you re gonna do with your life in the twenty first century Written with a brilliant sense of character and a Peep Show style of self aware humour, this book left me with a massive grin when I finished it.

    11. I got this boom from the library based on the Josie Long quote on the front the characters also went to university at the same time studying history as I did so I thought it would be interesting However I found it a depressing read and though it was really trying to be like Generation X but failing Also I didn t find as funny as I thought it would be a quite disappointing holiday read.

    12. I didn t really understand the point of this book Was it to show how depressing adulthood is Or maybe there was something about social media vaguely hinted at I don t know, dudes.

    13. Originally published here heatherreviews.wordpress ______________________________I was really intrigued by the premise for In Real Life and I was excited to pick it up In the end though, it fell a little short of my expectations.The story follows three people Lauren, Paul, and Ian They were friends during their university years and drifted apart Through flashbacks to 2004 and present day, we follow the three to discover where they ve gone with their lives.Lauren is still trying to find herself a [...]

    14. This is a novel of bad choices, missed opportunities, lost causes and fumbled second chances In 2004 Ian and Paul were flatmates Paul was living with Lauren but they broke up she wrote a pros and cons list and the cons won hands down Paul and Ian drifted apart as often happens after uni Lauren flies off to Canada for a while to try to get her life together it doesn t work out Ten years later we meet up with them this is a few months before they run into each other again for the first time in ten [...]

    15. I read this book as the author is coming to talk about it and then we are discussing it as our reading group book I struggled with the style at first and then became irritated because I think some of the headings were wrong one in particular was marked 2004 when it was definitely 2014 which didn t help Yes, I smiled at one or two things but I really didn t find this book particularly funny and if Real Life has all your main characters unhappy, unsuccessful and with no direction in life I think i [...]

    16. IN REAL LIFE traces a love triangle from the desktop days of internet in 2004 into the social media of 2014 The trio comprises of Paul, a young creative writing tutor struggling to write a second novel about his univeristy girlfriend, Lauren, now working in a charity shop, and their mate Ian, a failed musician of no fixed abode You quickly get the feeling that the story might not be a million miles from Killen s own experience, in this, his second novel albeit with some added cringeworthy comedy [...]

    17. This novel is set partly in 2004 5 when Lauren leaves Paul very strong opening chapter , goes to Vancouver and email Ian, and partly in 2014 when Ian, between jobs, moves in with his sister, Paul is lecturing and trying to write a second novel and Lauren is managing a charity shop and trying to avoid going on blind dates It was an easy read and the shifts between the two time frames were well managed, but it wasn t a terribly original book I feel like I have read several novels like this recentl [...]

    18. Tant qu on r ve encore est un roman sans r el int r t Il passe en revue la vie de trois personnages, des vies qui ne sont que banal, qui ne bougent pas, qui n voluent pas ou de mani re si anecdotique que a n avance rien Ce n est pas ce qu il me pla t de lire et au vu du r sum , on pouvait s attendre des r flexions sur un pass que tous regrettent plus ou moins et ce n est pas le cas M me si c tait cens arriver avec un personnage, la femme, et vu ses liens avec les deux autres, il aurait pu y avoi [...]

    19. Moving between 2004 and 2014, In Real Life is mired in the grit of everyday reality in contemporary Britain It s a fast paced, highly readable story about what happens when you smack reality head on in the face and com face to face with that thing called real life Centred on three friends from university, Ian, Lauren and Paul, we follow them through ill fated love affairs, dead end jobs in call centres and nights in front of the TV.Lauren s working in a charity shop, trying to forget Paul, her e [...]

    20. In Real Life is a funny, powerful novel about growing up and growing apart, and the slog that early adulthood can unravel into, especially in post credit crunch Britain In beautiful prose Chris Killen precisely captures the sharp, quiet sadness of Wetherspoons and Tesco Meal Deals and watching repeats of Grand Designs with your dinner on your knees.But the book s real subject is the Internet and the way it s changed our lives without us noticing and not entirely for the better In 2004, for the t [...]

    21. Chris Killen has kept us waiting for his second novel for six long years In Real Life does not disappoint Killen s sopho effort shows both growth and maturity from an already outstanding writer No one captures the irony, wit, sadness, and passion of the lost 30something generation better than Killen IRL will get you longing for your college days, missing your friends, and realizing that maybe, just maybe there is some hope after all I loved this book I hope Killen doesn t keep up waiting another [...]

    22. This book repeatedly showed up as a suggestion in Overdrive, and so I finally gave it a try I got about 25% of the way through before realizing that it wasn t worth my time The premise sounded interesting, but I didn t feel like the story stories, 6 total between three characters and two eras flowed I also found the characters to be uninteresting I felt like I was in Paul s novel, the one he couldn t write Anyway, I just couldn t make myself finish it.

    23. great writing style unique features i.e emails aspect of real life so easy to relate to easy and quick read targets age range 20 30s smaller sub chapters no real story to it don t really know much about characters doesn t hook you doesn t leave you wanting quite miserable didn t stir my emotions lack of humour no good quotes Overall Boring, but a fascinating quick read.

    24. Steeped in nostalgia, there s a melancholic ache running through the heart of this book Not so much life s failures, like life s underachievers I immediately associated with them, as they reminded me of people I grew up with As a result, I found myself urging them on to be better versions of themselves and to grab life with both hands Really enjoyable read, filled with cultural references that made me think back about my own student days.

    25. I find it baffling that anyone could read this book and think it depressing In Real Life is a wonderfully touching, wonderfully real without being pretentious book with a wonderfully happy ending A very good book, and one of the few in recent months I ve actually wanted to finish instead of getting bored partway through.

    26. It wasn t terrible I enjoyed the story and the characters but the whole point of the novel the fact that it all hinges on the fact that one character reopens an old email account wasn t immediately clear and so the chronological aspect seemed a little half assed ultimately it left me unsatisfied.

    27. A sweet, likeable story about missed opportunities, about working in a call centre when what you really wanted was to play in a band, about online versus real lives, about whether or not to settle for what or who ever is in front of you when it isn t really what you hoped for Easy to read, poignant at times, with believable characters and a cautiously optimistic ending 3.5 stars

    28. Lovely read the story is full and satisfying and while hinted at, you never quite know where it ll end up There s some great observations, both now and in the past throughout the book, and all of this detail really adds to the story Highly recommended if you re around the age of the characters, you ll get a load out of it, but even if you re not, you ll still enjoy the ride.

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